Mmz-Depths Of Hatred And Heights of Love(SS- Part 3)

I entered my room lost in her thoughts… Her fruity scent was still lingering in my nostrils….her hair smelled feminine… Shut The f**k Up!!!…Arjun you need get your head checked…. But I gave a inner groan of displeasure seeing Susan sitting on my bed with her long slender legs exposed to my eyes….Why z my testosterone not running wild?!…Why am I not aroused?!…She was sitting in a thin bodice revealing her curves to me and here my brain z running wild to send her back….Arjun you are an ass….She threaded towards me and buried her petite form in my hard and large one…Even the touch couldn’t turn me on….I grabbed her by shoulders and pushed her back gently….Her hands reached my shirt buttons to rip my shirt off….I always loved her wildness but today something was different… I couldn’t get Radhika out of my thoughts… I wanted to be left alone….

Susan tried to unbuckle my belt to get me off my jeans but I caught her hand and jerked it off…What the hell z wrong with me?!….I and Susan always tried to have a edge over each other when it comes to ferrous s*x….Then why am I restraining it now?!…She z trying her best to arouse me but here I am thinking about those doe like brown eyes full of mysteries…As I have got this newly discovered Radhika fever….I bend down and picked up my shirt which was lying on the floor….buttons were broken owing to Susan’s fierceness to get me nude in front of her….No I don’t want this…I am tired maybe….I looked into her eyes which were full of need and spoke,” Let’s just abstain.”

Her face fell hearing my words….she looped her arms around my neck and rubbed her nose to mine,” Baby…. I have been waiting since yesterday…. Are you bored of me?!”

I took a step back to create ample of distance between us and said defiantly, “ Susan….I can never be with one girl at a time…maybe I am bored…I don’t know…But right now I want to sleep….please leave me alone.”

She stared at me irritably and stomped her foot and left closing the door with a thud…

I jumped on my bed and slept drowning myself deep in Radhika’s thoughts… If there would be some award for stupidest act ever… I would have surely won it….First I crossed the path of a girl who didn’t fit in my eligible criteria for the girls I date….Now I haven’t had any woman in my bed since last 7 days….I have seriously messed up….I feel like banging my head somewhere to get it fixed….

I dressed up in a white chudidar…I left my long hair free to sway on the rhythms of air….Sammy didn’t join me today as she was still in bed…I guess we both have a soul swapping on Sundays…Other six days she z workaholic and on Sundays she hates stepping out of her bed…On the other hand I am always juggling with my work…Sometimes its a hit and sometimes its a miss…But still I love my job…my life…Whatever it z the only satisfaction I have z that I am independent….Today z Sunday…I visit temple on every weekend…. I believe God gives me strength and courage to face whatever that comes in my way….I trotted towards the temple near my apartment….But suddenly I felt my eyes will pop out of their sockets…

Arjun Mehra was standing in front of me holding a big designer board embroidered by roses on all four edges and a big ‘SORRY’ inscribed in the middle… I furiously glared at him and tried to walk pass him but he caught my wrist and pulled me back….He caged me in his arms…He smelt like a alpha male….his cologne teased my senses…His breath had a warmth which I ached for…I felt secure protected…away from the evil eyes of the world…His proximity was new unwelcome unexpected still it raced my heartbeats until they skyrocketed…I have never felt this attraction towards any man…. Stop it Radhika!!!!… He z not any ordinary man…He z Arjun Mehra…a womaniser…. A playboy who changes girls like shirts….He z a crude heartless shameless pig…

He took his hands back as if abstaining them from touching me and shoved them into his jeans pockets…He took a step back and whispered, “ Miss Radhika… I am here to apologize for whatever happened that day.” He paused and stared back into my eyes with such intensity that I felt he was about strangle me but he spoke softly,” I don’t know what z there between us….But since the day I saw you….I am unable to get you out of my thoughts… “ He again took a brief pause and stared at me from top to bottom…He took a step forward and cupped my face with his one hand,” Radhika honey you are wearing two different footwear in each of your foots.”

What!!!…I hurriedly looked down at my feet to check whether he was saying the truth or pulling my leg…Oh God!!!!…He was not lying…I was wearing a red sandal in my right toe while a white one in my left toe….Such a blunder!!!….Then a thundering laughter made me look up…There he was laughing like a kid….I cursed myself for my negligence and angrily blurted out,” Arjun Mehra…you are such a dog.”

He finally stopped giggling and held his ears and made lip movement of Sorry….How cute he looked…I brushed away those thoughts and tried to walk away from him But he had some other plans….He crossly gawked at me and spoke in a furious tone,” I have never apologized to anyone even once….And I did it twice in front of you still you are throwing attitude on my face.”

I glared at him,” I never asked for any apology… Anyways Mr Mehra what do I owe to this sudden surprising visit. “

He knelt down in front of me and shoved his hand deep inside his pocket and drew out a bouquet of red roses…What the f**k?! was all I could mumble that time….He stared back into my impassive eyes and spoke,” Radhika honey, it does not need to have Einstein’s brain to understand that I really like you….And I want….”

Before he could complete I took the flowers and threw them on the ground and stomped my feet on them crushing them beneath….I stared back at him with death fury and spoke in a thick tone,” You just want to get in my pants….Stop playing cheap tricks….I am not affected even a bit…”

I walked pass him expecting him to clutch my wrist hard and pull me back to him….But Surprisingly he didn’t….I heaved a sign of relief thereafter…But my happiness had such a short lifespan….He blocked my path and pulled me to his chest…Oh God!!!…I wish the land breaks and swallows me….No please I can’t handle this embarrassment…. I could see from the corner of my eyes that almost all people on the road gave us a creepy look as if they assumed that we were making out on road…..I hid my face in his chest and I could feel him smiling against my scalp….He took a deep breath and whispered near my ears,” Honey, this z nothing…. I swear if you don’t sit inside my car next minute I can’t guarantee my actions then.” He paused and spoke breathlessly as if he was holding a lot inside him,” Radhika… Trust me I am not that bad as you think of me..”

I don’t know why I nodded obediently though my heart wasn’t trusting him even a bit…He dragged me to his car and pushed me inside….He locked the door and got in next to me…Oh God!!!!…I am dead scared….I am with a Playboy…. No no I don’t want to lose my….”

Before I could complete my sentence he spoke in a loud ear piercing tone,” Miss Radhika… I am a playboy but I don’t roam ruining girls like you.”
I wondered was I too loud?!
He answered, “ Yes you were.”
Oh Jesus Christ!!!!…Does he know mindreading?!….I kept quiet and eliminated all those thoughts scaring me….

He stopped the car near a beach….he unlocked the door and asked me to step out….I did but I just wanted to elope from here….He warned me,” Dare you run or even think of it.”
When I gazed all around me….my eyes seemed to pop out seeing the sight in front of me….There was a tent which had pearls hung as decorative pieces…. . The external fabric was multicolored and it had exquisite designs. The four corners are supported with wooden poles. He dragged me with him as he walked towards the tent….

I finally freed my hand off his grip and screamed on him that This all won’t help you to take me to your bed….I am not the one whom you can win over by your money and power….

He pulled me harshly to him,” You think I want to bed you….If I wanted that I would have done that long ago….I want something else.”
I asked him,” What the hell do you want from a plane Jane like me?!”
He grabbed my jaw and warned,” Dare you call yourself plane Jane?”
I looked straight in his eyes and replied, “ I am a plane Jane….”
He glared at me,” Have you ever seen how beautiful you are….from head to toe you are bewitchingly beautiful…. Show me a man who doesn’t think you look beautiful and I’ll show you a man who is legally blind…. There isn’t a word in the dictionary to describe how beautiful you are”
He went on his knees but still had a ironic grip on my wrist….He arched his neck to look at me….his words were so immensely charming that I felt he brought the sky down for me…
“ Miss Radhika Mishra….I never indulged myself in TV shows but when I met you….I watched all the episodes of your woman centric show just to know you more….Your eyes full of confidence and dreams created riffles in me….You are feisty but the most adorable person I ever met…. When I look into your eyes I see an ocean…. You look like a dream…you remember that episode when you spoke on success that day…You said success z like a exotic drink….once you have it then you crave for more and the greed for it never ends… “
I remembered that day when I had interviewed a female politician….that was my favourite scene because I didn’t give her script….I wanted to know her true views on the subject… She was tongue tied but she answered stammering….I loved the nervousness on her face….I brushed away those thoughts and gazed back to Arjun….
He continued in his intense manly tone,” Radhika you are a exception and most beautiful girl I ever met….”
How chessy!!!!… This z the line every guy uses to impress.
He kissed my knuckles and spoke again, “ You just rolled your eyes….you know why you are beautiful?!… You have the most appealing voice I ever heard….that’s the most beautiful thing in you.”
Really?!… He finds my voice appealing?!…Sam says I have a crow’s voice.

No Radhika please don’t fall prey to his tactics….he z a Playboy who does not even remember the number of girls he slept with….Well, who remembers this!?….
He got up and cupped my face,” Radhika I really like you.”
I jerked off his hand,” Its lust….you want me in your bed..”

He pulled my hair harshly and brought my face closer to his own,” One more time you use that word and I swear I’ll kiss you hard.”
I pushed him with all my strength, “ Dare you touch me…..I’ll kill you.”
He chuckled, “ Oh please do that….I’ll be more than happy to die at your hands.”

Oh God!!!!….Please someone murder this insane man….
I started walking towards the road but he pulled me back and hugged me from back, “ You’ll accept me in two days….once I want something then its mine.”

I don’t know why I felt protected in his arms as if his embrace was the most safest place in his world….it also crept many sensations inside me…What the hell are you thinking Radhika?!…His touch created waves of shock and desire inside me….I jerked off his hands,” Arjun even if you grow old impressing me than too I’ll never accept you.”

He laughed seeing my annoyance….I hate his amusement…He cupped my face and rubbed his nose against mine,” Honey in two days you’ll say yes to me….I’ll be the one whom you’ll trust the most.”

He dropped me home thereafter…. We didn’t had any conversation in the car….But he use to stare at me occasionally….I wish that I had never stepped out of my house today…

Precap….Charmed by the gift he gave.

Hellooooooo….How are you Dearies?!…Diwali z not my favourite festival… I don’t like fireworks at all….Guyzz pls be careful with them….more than a happy one I wish you all a safe and secured diwali….Ohk so how was this update?!…
Sasha you asked me to write Arjun’s POV….I’ll update his POV after three or four updates….His character z very complex and shady….hope you all liked this one….
Happy bhai dooj to all of u….well today I will have to empty my pockets because today it’s my younger bro’s birthday too….God poor me….Still anything for his smile….Chalo ill take your leave….love u all…tc

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