Mmz-Depths Of Hatred And Heights of Love(SS- Part 2)

Part 2
I quickly got up cursing the Sun for showing his face so early…I glanced at the cute sleeping figure beside me…I didn’t wanted to disturb Sammy’s sleep so I tiptoed with inaudible footsteps and disappeared inside the washroom…I showered and clothed myself in a simple white top and toned jeans and gazed at the mirror once but I felt no make up would be successful in hiding the panic written all over my face…
I took a deep breath and complemented my look by one stroke of kajal bordering my big brown eyes and a one smudge of lip gloss as in our profession we always need to be presentable…I couldn’t risk my job for anything in this world…I shook Sammy and murmured,” I am going…wish me luck.” Honestly guyzz I haven’t shared anything what happened yesterday with her because I myself was fighting with the constant attacks of fear on my heart so I didn’t wanted to trouble her much…She just showed me thumps up and yawned…I chuckled and kissed her cheek,” Sammy sweety its almost 8 now…get up soon.”
I grabbed my handbag and walked out but unfortunately I had to staircase due to some technical problem in elevator…I took a cab thereafter and stood near the enormous majestic tower of News India in about 20 mins approximately….I was having cold feet by the number of stares I attained since I entered. Many standing gaping at me were present at the party and those who were not there were being updated by others. I was expecting a termination letter actually but my boss couldn’t effort to lose me as I was also the anchor of woman centric show which was the highest grossing show on TRP charts and audience loved me so I kept praying that this love of them saves me….Though I wouldn’t be at loss because I had received two three offers from owners of other channels who were dying to come on top like NI…I pushed the glass door with shaking trembling hands and greeted my Boss…
Well let’s brief you on my boss….He z very strict yet a good natured gentleman and a family oriented man….He sustains no excuses when its about work…For him his work z worship…Now its almost 6 months and we developed a very cordial yet a professional relationship….He was the one who chose me for the prime time slot of 8 pm owing to my outspoken and quirky nature….He recognized my urge to do something for woman in our society and offered me the woman centric show,’ My Life, My rules’. Right now I am at the peak of my career and I don’t want my hard work to go in drains for that reckless monster mehra….My boss gestured me to take a sit and started, “ Ms Radhika Mishra, you and me both know what happened yesterday….So instead of beating around the bush let’s come to the point….Whatever you did was right when i judge it by heart but if I involve mind here then it was courageous yet stupidest thing any girl can do to a man like Arjun….Radhika he z not a simpleton but a man born with a extreme capabilities to nail all of us in just one stroke….I don’t want to lose you so this z my first and last warning to you that you better hold your horses in front of people born with massive fortune like Arjun…” When he saw honesty in my eyes which were pouring he softened a bit,” Dear, I haven’t attained grey hair yesterday I exactly know what happened there in the party though I wasn’t present there… You are like a daughter to me that’s why I don’t want him to ruin you and kill your soul. I would suggest type an apology letter and send him to end this matter right here.”
I clenched my top tightly to suppress the anger I was feeling right now. I won’t apologize to that bastard even if I am hanged to death….I kept reminding myself this and walked out of his cabin shivering and befuddled by what just happened inside.
I took a filter coffee and sat with Aniket, my best buddy….He kept holding my hand and squeezing gently assuring me that everything will be fine though I knew nothing will be fine from today….I was lost in my thoughts when after seeing the person in front of me….my jaw dropped on the floor….Arjun Mehra!!!!….What the hell z he doing here???…Did he asked my Boss to fire me???…Oh My God!!!!….Please someone tell me its a nightmare so that when I wake up this devil won’t be standing in front of me…
I scrutinized her from head to toe…She was a exclusive piece…Those brown beautiful eyes filled with fright….I love to see that fear in her eyes….Her red lotus shaped lips…One day I want to bite the bottom one hard….That mole on her collarbone…Its driving me crazy…Why the hell z she so divine…She seems so fragile and fearless at the same time…Those delectable curves are sure to bring my death!!!…Her soft long fingers intertwined against my rough ones when we just do the deed…Same soft digits caressing my dark lock when I just f**k the hell out of her……Stop it Arjun…You are on a mission…Seriously I am an ass at times…Arjun clear your dirty creepy thoughts off your mind…Remember what she did with you last night…my strong manly hands balled in fist as flashes of last night reviewed in my subconscious mind…Who z that guy with her?!…Must be her boyfriend….my jaw clenched at that word…I again gawked her from top to bottom…from her hair to her toe nails…my manly instinct declared her a virgin…My eyes shone with a different kind of happiness….My instinct can never be wrong specially about a girl…I laughed at my shameless thoughts…my eyes still glued on her…why the hell z that motherf**ker holding her hand!!!..I strode towards them and glared dangerously at that guy…He immediately withdrew his hand from hers and walked out…She lifted her eyes and arched her neck to see me… I towered my posture more…There was something in her eyes that was so familiar yet holding mysterious secrets….I wanted to know the untouched depths of this girls…ARJUN SHUT THE f**k UP!!!… mind groaned loudly…I took a sharp intake of breath and erased the distance left between us…She was so terrified that I could see a think flame of water in her eyes ready to pour down her cheeks….Had she known my intensions about her, she would have died of heartattack….I gazed all around us and scowled,” Disperse Now!!!”
Whole cafe became empty in 2 minutes…Silence greeted our ears…I could actually feel her heart thudding faster in her chest…She was shaking with fear now but still wasn’t ready to lower her gaze….I pulled the chair forward and gestered her to have a seat…She was still not ready to leave my eyes even for a second…I understood that she didn’t wanted me to have a winning smirk seeing her trembling in fear…But sweetheart I am too much experienced…I already know how much afraid you are right now…..This fear on your face z your best look…I again instructed her in a grim authorized voice,” SIT, I SAID.”
She was so tremendous that her hand jerked off the tissue carton by mistakenly….I chucked spontaneously…She clumsily started putting the tissues back in the carton…I started helping her, my hands touched hers obnoxiously…She flinched at my touch…Definitely she z a virgin….I didn’t need any confirmation because I was doubly sure of my instincts about her….She pulled her hand away and her eyes warned me to keep my hands off her…I got up and stood behind her…I placed my both hands on either side of her and leaned on her…I inhaled her fruity scent and it turned me on so much…I brushed her hair in front and whispered close near her ears,” I am not going to eat you up….I am a devil not a maneater….About yesterday then it was my mistake but you shouldn’t have slapped me in my own party……”
Before I could complete She got up and glared at me angrily…She shrieked eyeing me with rageful gaze,” How dare you?!..How dare you touch me?!” I spoke in a calm sensuous tone,” Still time for that….I haven’t touch you…” She pushed me away from herself and blurted out in a furious tone,” Stay away from me Arjun Mehra….you can’t bed me because I am impossible and forbidden for you…”
She walked out pushed open the door of cafe exit with a loud thud…She turned and stared at me with fire sparking in her gaze…She tucked her hair strands behind….Her chest was still moving up and down, her breathing was as if hissing in anger…her teeth grazed into her lower lip…God this girl z seducing me without even doing it deliberately…She walked out of the cafe with her chin lifted high in pride…
I smiled,” Sweetheart, nothing z impossible and forbidden for the Arjun Mehra.”
I was about to leave but something caught my eye….Her bracelet!!!..I revised all the events that just happened…it was almost coming off but maybe she didn’t notice in her fear…I picked it up and slide it inside my jeans pocket…I walked out of the cafe with an arrogant sheer look on my face…

Precap- Undisclosed undeclared way of Punishment

Hey Dearies…Howz it??..Hope you liked it…This one z dedicated to Jessie Di…you always support me no matter what…thank u for your abiding love and appreciation….Love You??
I want to finish this SS as soon as possible so if you find regular updates on this one then don’t get surprised…Right now my prime focus z this one so I may be late in updating my ffs….but don’t worry will update at least 2 updates of my ffs in two weeks time….Love you all…stay blessed??

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