MMZ – Darkness Bends To Light (SS – Part 8)

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Here is the next episode,


Radhika makes kushi sit for studies and they spend around 2 to 3 hrs for that. Kushi becomes tired of studying continuously and she literally pleading radhika to give a break. Rads sees her pout face and thinks to continue it later in sometime. Kushi jumps off from the Sofa and runs out to play. Radhika smiles and goes to her room but on d way..she sees the servants are decorating the house with lightings n all.

She goes to Shanti and asks, “Shanti di, what is the function? Why all these decorations are?”

Shanti, “I don’t know beta..Arjun sir told us to decorate the house and we are doing it”

Rads nods and goes from there to her room but on d way she meets Arjun crossing her but he is on the call…she smiles seeing him but he did not notice her and this makes her upset…she sees him climbing the stairs and still on call. She stomps her foot on the floor and goes to her room and locks the door. Arjun stops there and looks at her with a mischeivious smile on his face.

Radhika starts biting her nails of unable to bear his ignorance and gets restless thinking how he went without seeing her. She couldn’t sit in her room peacefully…

she comes out and marches to Arjun’s room and stops at the door. She stares the room for sometime and after a long hesitation she knocks the door and gets inside after hearing his approval.

Radhika enters inside and looks for him…but she finds him nowhere. She moves forward and looks everywhere…Arjun stands behind her and smiles seeing her activities.

He comes closer to her and whispers in her ears, “Are you searching me?”

Radhika turns with a jerk hearing him so close and blinks looking at him. Arjun raises his eyebrows saying, “I asked you something”

Rads comes to her sense and stammers, “Woh…woh..actually…i…i.. have to ask something”

Arjun starts walking towards and she is stepping back seeing him coming to her. Arjun looks at her going back asks, “Why are you moving back? Are you scared of me?”

Rads stares him with her big browny eyes saying, “Scared? Me?..ha ha ha…no way. By the way y i should get scared of you?”

Arjun smirks and says, “Then y r u moving back and stammering”

Rads, “Woh…that is my mannerism”

Arjun, “Stammering?”

Rads rolls her eyes and looks down thinking that she knows that she can’t win over him by talks and decides to ask him the reason for the decorations. She adjusts her throat and lifts her face to ask him but stuns seeing him so close and she stands on the support of wall. There is just an inch apart inbetween them..she forgets to blink her eyes and stares his charming face so close to her. She inhales his perfume and breathes heavily of unable to have his proximity.

He smirks seeing her and waves his hands infront of him to get her out from the trance. Arjun, “Miss.Radhika, i remember i asked you something”

Rads comes to her sense and says, “Actually…i came here…because..” she stops seeing him starring her and he continues, “Because?”

Rads, “mmmmm…be…coz, just to know the reason for the decorations in home” some how she managed finishing it.

Arjun rolls his eyes on her and moves back saying, “I guess…that’s not necessary for you to know”

Rads widens her eyes and says, “Y not? I mean..i am also staying her but y…i should not know about that?”

Arjun turns and shows his back to her, he smiles mischeiviously and says, “Miss.Radhika, i should remind you that you are a governess here and your duty is just to take care of Kushi. Not to know what is happening in this house”

Rads really gets hurt by his words and she is about to drop her tears…but she managed to control it and says, “Sorry sir for crossing my limits and Yes..thank you for reminding me my job” she immediately goes out from his room.

Arjun to himself, “I am very sorry radhika…but i want it to be a big surprise for you and i m sure you will”

Rads really feels bad and cries in her room, but wipes her tears when kushi comes there. She forcefully gets radhika out to play with her. She spends sometime with her but all the while she keeps silent and not showing much interest in games.

Kushi observes her moody and questions her but she said she is tired and goes to her room. Kushi looks the way rads going and feels Arjun stands behind her. She turns to him and says, “Papa…y radhu is upset?”

Arjun lifts her in his arms saying, “Your radhu is upset becoz of me”

Kushi, “Why? You scolded her again?”

Arjun, “Y i should scold your radhu…i simply deny answering her question and that’s y she is upset?”

Kushi, “what she asked?”

Arjun, “She asked the reason for this decorations…how can i tell when it s a surprise for her”

Kushi smiles by keeping her forefinger in her chin and says, “Ooooooooooooohhhhhhhh….that’s the matter”

Arjun pulls her nose and says, “Yes..that’s y ur radhu is upset”

Kushi, “It’s ok papa….let her be. But she will really get surprised knowing it is actually for her and till then i will manage her”

Arshi gives hifi to each and he sends kushi to radhika’s room.

The whole day radhika maintains her silence and avoids talking to arjun. Arjun also did not try to talk her and smiles seeing her.

Next day also, she avoids him and just talks to kushi and does her work. Arjun also purposely avoids her and thus makes her more hurt.


And the day comes, Kushi is wandering the whole house happily and goes to Arjun’s room. Arjun hugs her and place a kiss on her cheeks asking, “My angel is so happy today”

Kushi also kiss him on his cheeks saying, “Yes…today’s is very special day na papa”

Arjun, “Hmmm…so that’s the reason for my barbie’s happy”

Kushi nods her head fastly and hits her forehead with his. Then he gives her a bag with a dress and tells kushi to give it to radhika and tells her to wear it for today’s party. Kushi takes it from him and runs happily to radhika’s room.

Kushi finds Radhika combing her hair after taking bath…she jumps on the bed and calls her name.

Rads smiles seeing her and her beautiful dress, “What special today? My teddy is looking is gorgeous today”

Kushi smiles, “Yes is special day but i wont say the reason. You first have this and wear this dress for today’s function”

Rads, “Dress for me? But y kushi?”

Kushi, “I don’t know, Papa only gave it and told me to give it to you”

Rads faces gets dull hearing it and says, “I don’t want it kushi. Anyway..y i should attend the function at first place. I am just a governess here”

Kushi smirks seeing her and puts the dress pack forcefully in her hands saying, “I don’t know that…you have to wear this today and it is swear on me”

Rads couldn’t deny her and accepts it. Kushi happily hugs and kisses her with lot of love.

Evening, the Mehra mansion is glittering with all the lightings in that house. Arjun’s manager Avinash welcoming the guests one by one. Soon Arjun gets dressed and comes down, he too welcomes the guests and looks for the arrangements..he looks at the locked door of rads and signs kushi about her. Kushi also nods positively and signs him to wait.

Soon, the orphanage kids, mother and other staffs also comes and joins the party. Kushi gets happy seeing the kids and plays with them.

Arjun smiles seeing kushi so happy and his heart automatically saying thanks to radhika who makes their life so beautiful with her presence. A guest approaches him and asks, “Mr. Arjun, i remember sometime back only you celebrated your daughter’s bday and again you arranged a party today..but we are out of clue for what you have kept this party.”

Arjun smiles and says, “Mr. Sharma… is for…” he pauses listening the door opening sound and he turns his gaze towards radhika’s room and gets stunning seeing radhika coming out from her room by wearing the dress he gave.

She looks bootylicious and very impressive of his choice of dress. He gets happy seeing her and she too stares him and without her knowledge, her eyes waiting for his consent about her looks and he too gives her the sign through his eyes. She then lowers her gaze and shocks seeing the kids and mother there. She did not understand anything at first and goes to them. She holds her hands and asks, “Mother, you here?”

Mother is about to say but Arjun interrupts saying, “Happy Birthday Radhika” and Kushi too follows him saying, “Happy bday Radhu”. Kushi runs to her and pulls her down, cups her face and kiss on her cheeks.

Radhika is dumbstruck and really don’t understand what is happening. She looks at mother and she nods positively and kiss on her forehead saying, “Happy bday my dear child”. She understands that this party is for her and looks at Arjun by giving an accusing look and he reply with a cute smile saying, “Just a surprise”

She smiles seeing and now the kids are all started wishing her one by one. The guests looks at each other and they are not seems to be happy coz all are from a very rich society and makes faces seeing the kids and gets confused why Arjun is giving more importance to that girl and one more questions arises that who is she first of all.

Mr.Sharma is about to ask the same question but before that he moves to radhika and takes her hands in him..takes her for cake celebration. He invites others also and they did the cake cutting. Rads feeds the first bite to kushi and followed by other kids, then to Mother and atlast she takes a piece and extends it to Arjun. He takes it from her and is about to eat it but Kushi asks, “Papa…bad manners”

Ardhika blinks at her and she continues, “First you have to feed the cake to the bday baby and then you should eat”

Arjun blinks at her and looks at Rads face who has the same shock in her face. He knows it kushi will not leave it easily…so he extends the cake to her and feeds half to her and takes another half. Rads face becomes red coz of his gaze on her and she completely avoids looking at him. Later, he orders the servants to distribute the cake to everyone.

Rads goes to do seating arrangement for the kids and making them to sit comfortably. Kushi is also with him and Arjun involves in a serious discussion with some other guests. Kushi goes to get some other cakes for the kids..while doing so she overhears some guests talking about the kids and Radhika.

Guest 1, “What happened to Mr.Arjun? I never seen him behaving like this. How can he allow these orphans here and see them how disgusting they are?”

Guest 2, “Yeah…i thought it will be for some business party but i am really disappointed after coming and seeing the happenings here. But who is that girl whom arjun is giving more importance”

Guest 1, “I think..she is the one who works as a governess for Kushi. But she don’t look like a governess instead she looks like to trap Arjun”.

Guest 2, “Who knows…she came here as a governess and trapped Arjun in her beauty and that’s y he is giving so much importance. These kind of girls will fall for money anywhere. They will stoop so low than this also just for money…cheapsters”

They both stops their discussion hearing a shout, “NO MORE WORDS ABOUT MY RADHU”. They looks at Kushi who glares them angrily holding the cake plate in her hands.

Arjun and Radhika comes to her hearing her shout. Arjun holds her and asks, “Kushi….y r u shouting like this? and that to with guests? This is not good manners”

Kushi shoves his hands saying, “Papa…do you know what they told about radhu?”

Arjun, “What they told?”

Kushi, “Papa…they told bad about Radhu. They are saying Radhu is bad and cheap” she starts crying with anger and accusing them. Arjun moves the glare to them and asks, “What you were talking?”

Guests, “No Arjun…actually we were talking about some other girl and Kushi mistaken us”

Arjun looks straight to them and says, “My Kushi never lies…so pls tell me what you were talking”

They hesitatingly told what they were talking and asks him to apologise them. Radhika is damn shocked hearing their accusations and tears oozing from her eyes. She never ever think about these kind of accusations in her life and now it came.

Kushi sees radhika crying and tells, “You were badmouthing about my Radhu na…she is not like you…she treats me like her own daughter. You people are scolding her”

She holds Arjun’s hands and says, “She came here to take care of me but she cared me like a mother and loves me unconditionally. You both told that she is my governess na…but she is not..she is my mother”

Radhika gets overwhelmed hearing her and tears oozing from her eyes listening Kushi’s love for her.

The ladies who were badmouthing about radhika gets angry hearing the little kushi’s accusations and one lady talks back, “Hey kid…enough. What are you blabbering?

SHe is your governess only…she can’t be your mother just because she is taking care of you”

Arjun gets angry and replies, “Mind your words Mrs. Mittal….i will not tolerate any more word against my daughter. Enough…you please leave from here”

They both gets angry and walking towards the door. Kushi remembers what they said just before and stops them, “ min please”

Ardhika stares her and she walks to them saying, “Aunty…what’s your problem now? Radhika is can’t be my mother being as a governess right. But she can be my maa if she marries my papa right?”

All are utter shocked hearing her including Ardhika. No body could imagining a 6 year old kid can speak this much..all are dumbshocked and stares her.

Kushi turns to Arjun who is equally shocked and she comes to him, pulls him to kneel down saying, “Papa…i am sorry if i said wrong. But papa…i really don’t like them badmouthing about Radhu…you marry her papa..then they won’t say anything wrong about her na”

Arjun becomes numb and don’t know what to reply…he turns his gaze to Radhika who stands like a statue without knowing what to do.

Arjun pats kushi’s head and signs Avinash to send the guests. Everybody stares them and leaves from there. Kushi still looks at Arjun and waits for his answer.

After everyone left, Arjun is about to go but kushi stops him and asks, “Papa…y u r not saying anything. Say yes na”

This time Radhika interferes by composing her self, “Kushi…just stop it pls. i don’t want any discussion in this again”

Kushi, “No…i won’t stop.”

Rads, “Kushi..pls listen to me. I can’t marry your PAPA”

Arjun gives her an intense look and kushi continues, “Y u can’t marry my PAPA”

Rads, “Because…i came here for a governess role and hope i am doing my duty correctly. That’s it and we should stop this conversation here itself”. she wipes her tears looking at Arjun.

Arjun understands her and tells kushi, “Kushi…leave this topic and go to sleep”

Kushi is at the verge of crying and looks Ardhika alternatively then runs to her room. Arjun tells Avinash to allot the guest house for the kids and mother. After sending everyone..he looks at Radhika who still stands at the same place starring him.

Rads looks at him, “I..i..really did not know that kushi will talk like this. I am sorry for the chaos”

Arjun, “I know that. Will talk about this later”

Rads without even waiting for a second turns to go but Arjun stops, “One question i have”

Rads turns to him and waits for his question…after a heavy breathe he looks at her and asks, “U really don’t want to marry me?”

Rads is shaken by his questions and says, “Yes…i don’t have that kind of thought”

Arjun, “I know you did not have that thought…but really is that the reason? Or you don’t want to make their accusations true?”

Rads, “Both”. She is about to go and he again stops her asking, “Don’t you like me?”

Rads blinks at him and don’t know what to reply. She gives a pause and says, “I am sleepy now.”

She did not wait for his response and runs to her room…locks the door.

Arjun just stares her door and remembers what kushi said.

Precap: Kushi gets miffed with Ardhika and avoids both of them. Arjun proposes Radhika for marriage.

So how is this chappy. Hope you all like it…comments pls.

And yes pls do comment on it….expecting eagerly.

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