MMZ – Darkness Bends To Light (SS – Part 7)


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Here is the next episode,


Radhika walks towards to her room with so many thoughts running in her mind. Yes, this is the most shocking news for her about Arjun…she is overwhelmed seeing Arjun’s love for Kushi. She reaches her room’s doorstep and feels something at her back..she turns to look at it and gets surprise seeing Arjun standing at his study room’s doorstep and stares her. Her heart beats faster than before seeing him starring her, she gets nervous and immediately goes inside her room and locks the door.

Arjun smiles looking at her tension and goes inside, he leans on his chair and remenisces his first meet with her on that house, all the moments of her flaunting his heart, a small smile appears on his face unknowingly and he gets restless thinking about her hug also. He losts himself in thinking about her and sleeps there itself.

Next Morning, becomes a fresh and happy for ardhika…radhika wakes up with a smile and gets freshen up. she gets ready and goes to Kushi room to wake her up but while going she finds arjun’s study room is opened, she hesitatingly peeps in and gets shocked seeing arjun sleeping in the chair itself. She gets confused whether to wake him up or not. She moves to him and is about to pat his shoulder but before that his mobile rings and he gets disturbs hearing it. Radhika gets tensed and before she moves from there, arjun wakes up and finds her standing with a tensed face. He gets up and brushes his eyes and attends the call while starring her.

Arjun, “Hello”


Arjun, “Hi Mother…Anything you need?”


Arjun, “Oh is it? Mother…do you really need her?”


Arjun, “Fine mother…i will send her”

He disconnects the call and looks at the place where radhika was standing but now she is not there….he comes and looks for her but she is nowhere and he knows where she would be now. He gets fresh in his room and goes to kushi’s room….there he finds her making Kushi to get ready. Kushi looks at Arjun in the door and runs to him.

He lifts her in his arms and place a morning kiss on her cheeks and sends her out. Radhika is about to follow kushi but he stops her and says, “Mother called me”

Rads gets excited, “Mother called? What she said? How is she?”

Arjun gets seeing her excitement, “She is fine but she needs you”

Rads did not understand anything and blinks at him, he continues, “She needs you there for two days…other staffs went on leave it seems…you need to go there for two days to take care of the children”

Arjun looks at her face to know what she feels about it whether happy or sad…but he couldn’t see any reaction since she is also confused now and has mixed emotions..One side she is feeling happy to meet Mother and the kids and at the same time she feels bad leaving Kushi for two days…not only for Kushi. She looks at him and asks, “What did you say?”

Arjun did not expect this question from her and stammers, “How…can..i..stop you? If mother is asking you means, you should go there right”

Rads don’t know what to say but simply nods her head and goes from there. Arjun stands at the same place and gets restless thinking about her absence.

Radhika takes kushi and tells, “Kushi, you will do what i say right?”

Kushi finds her tone is upset and asks, “WHat happen radhu? Y u look sad? Papa scolded you is it?”

Rads gets shocked and at the same time arjun also comes there and hears what kushi said, he also gets shocked. He comes to them and asks, “Oh nowadays…i became the
reason for everyone’s upset is it?”

Rads smiles and says, “No Kushi…actually i have to go to my home and stay there for two days”

Kushi’s face reaction changed, “Your home? This is your home right then which home you are going?”

Ardhika gets shocked and looks each other and shares a wierd look. Arjun lifts kushi and says, “Kushi, before coming here, radhika stays in some home right, she needs to go there”

Kushi, “Why she has to go there?”

Arjun, “There also so many kids are there like you. No one is there to take care of them. Radhika has to go there to look after them”

Kushi gets worried and is about to cry at anytime saying, “Then who will take care of me? I will be alone here na”

Rads feels bad seeing her takes her from him and pecks her cheeks saying, “Kushi, you will never be alone till am with you. I am going there for just 2 days and after that i will be back here. Just for two days…there also we have so many small kids…even they are very small than you. You tell me, who will take care of them if no body is there. That’s y i am going”

Kushi cups her face and says, “Radhu…you will come back to me right.”

Rads kisses on her palms and says, “Pakka…i ll be back on 3rd day for sure. So shall i go now?”

Kushi looks at Arjun once, he signs her positively and she looks back at Radhika saying, “Ok you go but if you are not coming on 3rd day morning…then i will come to that home and kidnap you here”

Ardhika laughs hearing her and radhika pecks her forehead and gets ready to leave.

Arjun offers her a drop to her home, initially she refuses it but Arshi compells to go in car itself.

There is a dead silence inside the car…Radhika looks outside through the window and Arjun often looks at her.

Arjun then breaks the silence and initiates the chat, “Any promise you made that not to talk to me?”

Rads jerked off hearing his voice and says, “No..nothing like that”

Arjun, “Then y this mouna vrat..that too only with me?”

Rads blinks at him saying, “Y r u saying like that?”

Arjun, “You are like a chatterbox with Kushi …but y not with me?”

Rads, “Kushi is a kid…but you are not”

Arjun, “What’s the difference?”

Rads, “What i can talk to you?”

Arjun, “Something….well Anything”

Rads, “What is there to talk?”

Arjun, “Hmm…anything…you can say am looking good, handsome, smart etc etc”

Rads hangs her mouth open in shock seeing him, he laughs seeing her reaction and touches her lower chin to close her mouth. Rads glares him saying, “I don’t have habit of telling lies”

Arjun, “Oh so you mean i am not smart enough is it?”

Rads smirks and says, “I never have habit of hurting people by saying the truth to them” she turns and looks outside.

Arjun also smiles seeing her and soon he drops her infront of her home and bids bye to her.

Radhika goes to her orphanage home and greets Mother and other staffs. After that she goes to the kids and starts playing with them. But soon she starts missing kushi and her cute antics. Automatically her mind thinks about her and worries what is she doing now.


@ Mehra mansion,

Kushi sits in the sofa in the living hall by hugging her big teddy and staring the entrance of her home with sad face. The servants are continuously calling her for having her food but she did not respond to anyone and simply stares the door.

Arjun in office, couldn’t concentrate on his work..he don’t what is stopping him but he feeling restless. He calls to his home and checks whether kushi had food or not and gets to know that she did not have anything after radhika left. He rubs his forehead and immediately leaves from office.

He enters inside the house and worries seeing kushi still sitting at the same position. She runs & hugs him tightly, and in sobbing voice, “Papa…i want to meet Radhu”

Arjun, “What? Kushi, it’s not been a day radhika went…ok now tell me y u did not eat anything?”

Kushi still in sobbing, “I don’t want anything. I only want Radhu”

Arjun, “You cannot eat your radhu beta” in a serious tone.

Kushi looks at him and he bites his tongue…she starts beating him.

Arjun, “OK..ok..ok…am sorry. Don’t beat me. It’s paining”

Kushi, “Papa…pls take me to radhu”

Arjun for a sec his face becomes bright and immediately he composes his face and asks in serious tone, “Do you really want to go and meet her?”

Kushi just nods her head up and down by keeping pout face. Arjun pulls her nose and says, “Your wish my command…chalo will go”

Kushi lifts her hands up in enjoy and wraps his neck tightly and place a strong kiss on his cheeks.

Arshi gets so much excited and drives in their car. Kushi smiles continuously and blabbering something in excitement.

Finally they reached the home and kushi rushes to get down. Before that Arjun comes to her side and is about to lift her in his arms but she jumps down and runs inside the home. Arjun just nods his head in unbelievable and follows her with a smile.

Kushi is running inside and encounters a person and she asks, “Uncle, where is Radhu?”

Person, “Radhu?”

Kushi, “Radhika?”

Person, “Oh Radhika…she is on that side” he points at one side and no more wait kushi runs to the side where he points. Arjun with cute smile follows kushi.

Kushi runs inside the room and finds radhika feeding to a small kid. Kushi stands on the door and stares her back and shouts, “Radhuuuuuu”

Radhika is shocked hearing the word radhu and she gets to know Kushi’s voice and turns back with a wide smile on her face.

Rads, “Kushi…you here?”

Kushi runs to her and hugs her tightly and place a kiss everywhere on her face. Rads some how stops her and says, “How you came here?”

Kushi, “Papa” with so much of excitement. Radhika’s eyes searches for him and not to make her wait he comes infront of her and raises eyebrows seeing them.

Radhika handsover the food to another incharge and instructs her to feed the food to the kid and she goes out with Arshi.

They three goes to office room and meets mother there. Arjun explains her about Kushi’s worries of not seeing Radhika. She allows them to spend some time there, Radhika feeds Kushi and plays with her for some time. After an hour, Arjun calls kushi and is ready to leave but Kushi hugs radhika and says, “Papa..i will stay with radhu here itself. I will come with her”

Ardhika is shocked and tries to convince her but she is not ready to accept anything. Finally Arjun gives up & Mother also accepts for her staying, he leaves her with radhika and tells her that he will get her dresses by evening. Rashi gives hi fi to each and shares their happiness.

Arjun waves bye to them and goes to his car, but he stops noticing a black Baleno car halts infront of the home and starts moving when arjun noticed it.

Arjun turns to look at Kushi and gets into thinking…his worries is clearly visible in his eyes, rads notices it and lifts kushi in her arms and hugs her, Arjun looks at rads with a relief and throws a cute smile on her and he leaves from there.

He reaches home and calls his security guard, they discuss something and the guard goes out somewhere. After half an hour, he gets something from his guard, it is nothing but a CD of the video recording captured in CCTV camera which is fixed infront of his home. They played the recording taken on the day when kushi fainted.

Arjun gets shocked seeing the same car beside their house and some one is getting down from the car by covering with a long black over coat and the face also covers with a mask. He finds that person takes the gun from pocket and aims inside their house, then that person is going back to the car and drives off. Arjun notices that the car infront of the home and in the video is same. He gets tensed thinking about Kushi and informs his guard to put security in the home.


In the evening, Arjun goes back to the home and handsover the dresses to Radhika, kushi is not with her and he enquires about her. Radhika takes him inside to another room and points over there. He finds kushi is playing with the little kids there and enjoys being with them. He gives a sigh relief seeing and rads disturbs him, “Y r u looking so restless? Any problem?”

Arjun, “Actually…Yes”

Rads, “What is that?”

Arjun, “That day i told you right somebody attacked kushi…they are following us again. I saw a car infront of this home and the same car i saw infront of our house when kushi fainted…we checked the CCTV footage. That’s the reason i am fully tensed”

Rads, “Till i am alive, no one can harm kushi. She is my responsibility. DOn’t worry”

Arjun looks at her overwhelmingly and takes her hands hesitatingly, he holds her hands tightly and says, “I trust you and i am worrying not only for kushi but for you too. You also needs to be careful”

Rads feels something special, she too keeps her one hand on top of his and says, “You are there to safeguard us right…then y i should get worry”

They both shares a cute intense eye lock and it got disturbs by a kid’s cry….radhika goes to the kid and tries to calm her down…and after a long struggle she stops crying and sleeps on her shoulder itself. Rads sits on the bench and patting the kid, Arshi also sits on the bench and both admires radhika’s care on the kids. Kushi smiles seeing her and gets into thinking.

Arjun stays there for some more time and leaves from there with heavy heart, he is very restless of not having Kushi and rads at home, some how he spent his night with lot of difficulty.

Next morning, he wakes up early and leaves early too, he goes to the home and meets Rashi, spends some time with them and goes to office but makes sure about their security. Rashi spends their whole day with all playfull activities with the kids. Kushi never ever played like this in her life…she plays with the kids continuously and gets tired often..but still she goes with them. Rads couldn’t control her and she too gets tired of going behind her and with another kids. They all making mad and Mother laughs seeing the kids plays prank on radhika.

As usual they all spent a quality time, Arjun comes in the evening, stays with Rashi and goes to his house. He waits anxiously for next day to have Rashi with him.

Next morning, Radhika gets ready to leave the home, she greets and gets blessings from mother. Arjun himself comes to home to pick them up, kushi makes radhika sits in the front seat and she too sits in her lap. The trio gets into a chat and Arjun often adores rashi bond.

They reached the house and goes inside, Arjun calls Kushi…but both Rashi stops and looks at him. Arjun smirks and says, “I just called Kushi”

Rads gets embarrases and feels insulted, she stares him angrily and goes to her room and locks the door.

Arjun laughs and sits on the sofa..kushi blinks at them and goes to Arjun, “Papa…y u called me?”

Arjun takes her in his lap and says, “Day after tomorrow, there is a function in our home”

Kushi widens her eyes saying, “Function? Just now my birthday got over na? Then what is that function?”

Arjun, “It is your Radhu’s birthday day after tomorrow”

Kushi squeals in excitement but immediately closes her mouth and whispers, “Really?”

Arjun, “Yes…i got to know from Mother and i remember seeing it in her certificate…so what about a surprise party?”

Kushi, “Yes…super plan…..papa..u r super..i love you papa” she hugs him and kisses on his cheeks.

After sometime, kushi goes to radhika’s room and finds her leaning on her bed and playing games in her mobile. Kushi composes herself and sits beside her. Radhika notices her but did not react it.

Kushi, “What are you doing?”

Rads, “Games”

Kushi, “Y u playing in mobile…play with me na”

Rads, “You were busy with your lovely papa na…all your father daughter chattings over is it?”

Kushi chuckles seeing her angry face and says, “Hmm…yeah…but not completely..papa got some work”

Rads, “ you came here just because your papa got work…now it looks like i don’t have any work”

Kushi giggles and pulls her cheeks saying, “You are so cute when you are angry”

Rads rubs her cheeks and stares her…but soon she too smiles seeing kushi and hugs her with lots of love.

Precap: Radhika’s bday party at Mehra Mansion. Guests insults Rads and Orphanage kids. Kushi scolds them back and announces Radhika is her Maa.

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