MMZ – Darkness Bends To Light (SS – Part 11)

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Saral is giving a devilish smirk to Radhika who is holding Kushi tightly in her arms. He gives a time for her to think and leaves from there.

Radhika lost in thoughts and looks at Kushi who hides her face in her chest due to fear. She then decides something and kiss Kushi’s forehead. She pats her gently and makes her sleep in her lap itself. Once she slept, she takes kushi with her and goes to Saral where he is enjoy drinking alcohol. He smirks seeing her and says, “Guess, you agreed for the marriage?”

Radhika looks at Kushi and replies, “Before that i want kushi to be with Arjun safely”

Saral gets up and moves to her saying, “I like it. Don’t worry i will tell my man to handover kushi to Arjun…..SAFELY” he press the word safely and observes her keenly.

Radhika didn’t even mind him and says kushi, “How can i believe you?”

Saral, “What you want me to do?”

Radhika looks straight to his eyes saying, “I want to talk to Arjun one last time, after kushi reached his arms safely”

Saral feels some boldness in her eyes and nods saying, “Well…permission granted. I will make you talk to Arjun”

He asks one of his men to take kushi and tells him to take her to Arjun’s home. Radhika feels her life is going away from her hands, she kiss her with lots of love and gives her to that man.
Saral’s men puts kushi at the car back seat and drives to Arjun.’s home. He parks the car little far from his home and informs saral about this and leaves from there.

Saral smiles and dials to Arjun. He gives the call to Radhika to speak, she heistatingly gets the mobile from him and waits for Arjun to pick up the call.

Arjun finds an unknown number in his mobile and attends the call.

Arjun, “Hello”

Radhika feels so emotional hearing him, “Arjun”

Arjun finds it is Radhika, he too gets emotional and nervous, “Hello Radhika…Radhika speak up. WHy r u silent? Where is kushi? You both are safe right?”

Radhika silently cries hearing his voice, “Arjun, there is a car parked little far from the house. Kushi is there..pls go and take her with you”

Arjun immediately starts running outside madly, behind him his guards are following him. He still on the call and reaches the car and he finds Kushi there sleeping.

He again talks to Radhika in the call, “Radhika…i got Kushi. But where are you? Where is that bastard Saral?”

Radhika with a firm tone, “Arjun, I am gonna marry Saral. Pls take care of Kushi. Bye”

Arjun gets shocked hearing this and he tried again to the same number but it did not get connected. He tells Avinash to contact Police department to inform about this chaos and gets help from them to track the address by the call.

Arjun and Avinash gets help from police and soon they trace the address and rushes out there. Arjun puts some more guards and police for Kushi safe and goes out to search Radhika. Finally they reached the place and enters inside the gowdown kind of place. Everyone rushes inside and gets shocked seeing the scene there.

Saral is on the floor lifeless…he is in pool of blood. There is a knife stabbed in his stomach and blood is still oozing from his stomach.

Arjun’s eyes are searching for radhika, and finds her at one corner holding the knife in her hands which is covered with blood. Arjun goes to her close and hugs her tightly in that position itself.

Arjun cups her face saying, “Radhika…i was so scared of hearing your words. Why they hell u have to bear this pain and all?”

Rads looks at him, her eyes shows some pain, “Kushi is safe na?”

Arjun, “Kushi is safe. She is in home. Come with me now” she screams in pain when he is trying to lift her. That time only he noticed her, she gets injured…she got stabbed in her stomach. Arjun panicks and ties her stomach with a cloth to stop the blood, he lifts her in his arms and rushes out to the nearby hospital.

Arjun is walking tensedly in the hospital corridor and waits for the doctor to come out from OT. Kushi also comes there with Avinash and cries hugging Arjun and she repeatedly saying that she wants to see Radhika right now. Arjun some how manages to calm her down and soon the doctor comes out and informs, “She is out of danger now and you can see her once she gets shifted to Special ward from OT”. Arjun thanks god and gets relaxed after hearing it. He sits in the chair and waits to see radhika eagerly.

Soon radhika gets shifted to Special ward and kushi is the first person who rushes inside to see her. She stands beside radhika and cups her face softly, “Radhu, Radhu…open and see me radhu. radhu open your eyes” she cries seeing her not opening her eyes.

Arjun also comes behind her and gently rubs her face saying to kushi, “Kushi…she just came from Operation na. Don’t disturb her now”

He takes kushi with him and sits in the chair beside her bed and waits to see his radhika conscious. After an half an hour wait, Radhika gets conscious and slowly she opens her eyes. Kushi runs to her and starts chanting her name. Radhika slowly opens her eyes and she sees kushi first and then Arjun who holds her hands for support.

She smiles seeing them and extends her hands to kushi and nods her head to come close to her. Kushi leans on her face and Radhika places a soft kiss on her cheeks…Kushi inturn gives her a sweet kiss on her cheeks too.

Arjun smiles seeing them and looks at Radhika with fake anger, “You scared me Radhika. I feel like i got my life back”

Radhika looks at him smilingly says, “I told you right..till i am alive no one can harm kushi. I fulfilled my responsibilty you given to me”

Arjun gets stunned by her reply and he feels that his hand is urging to her in his embrace. He controls it and says, “Kushi, i have to talk to Radhika something important. Can you stay outside for some time?”

Kushi hugs her saying, “No..i wont go anywhere leaving her”

Rads understand and tells kushi, “Kushi…for few mins…after that you can stay with for long time”

Kushi just nods and runs out leaving Arjun shocked. Rads laughed seeing Arjun’s shocking face. Arjun turns to her says, “I couldn’t believe it still that she obeyed only you and not even me”

Rads, “Not my mistake”

Arjun laughs and sits beside her, he takes her hand in his arms saying, “You brought my life back to me. But you forgot that you are also important for me and without you i can’t even imagine my future. How can you keep your life at stake? I was not relaxed when i find kushi..coz i have the same tension with me till i found you but you were bleeding and stabbed. For a sec, i think i have lost you. Now i am really happy to see you back and you know i feel so excited thinking about our future with kushi”

Radhika feels so emotional and tears rolls down from her eyes, Arjun extends his hands and wipes her tears saying, “From now, i should not see this tears in your eyes. It is so precious and i don’t want you to waste it. Keep it safely whereever it is”

Radhika smiles at him and suddenly she remembers, “Arjun…Saral?”

Arjun, “He died. And his postmortem also happened”

Radhika, “But i only killed him”

Before she completes her sentence, he closes her mouth saying, “Don’t say that again. I have managed it. Now you are not at fault.”

Radhika, “Managed? How?”

Arjun smiles, “I have some influence with higher officials. I used my power..that’s it”

Radhika, “It is wrong na”

Arjun, “You killed a bad person. You did a it is not bad. We made the case as Self rescue attempt and since he was already been in jail with bad the inspector who is friend of mine take over the case and closed it as Self rescue attempt. Whatever it comes on higher level i can handle don’t worry..becoz i am ARJUN MEHRA and you gonna be Mrs. ARJUN MEHRA soon.”

Still Radhika was not satisfied and gets confused, he gets up and plants a strong kiss on her forehead giving an assurance of his love to her.

It’s been more than 10-15 days Rads is in hospital for treatment and gets cured. Arjun takes her home and makes her stay in kushi’s room itself. He shifted all her things to kushi’s room. Kushi jumps in happiness seeing her there and gets over excited. Arjun finally gets relaxed of getting out from that Saral’s problem. He behaves so so nicely with everyone and always keeps a cute smile in his face.

Avinash comes to him and tells, “Sir…i know the reason behind your extend it more, we started our marriage preparations. Anyway Radhika mam also gets well now, so why to wait. Will start right from tomorrow and i am not gonna ask your permission becos it is all our wish to see you live a happy life. We all are from bridegroom side and we will decide everything for you from now”

Arjun looks Avinash, his guards and servants who stands behind Avinash with a satisfied smile on everyone’s face. Arjun smiles seeing them and asks,”Ok if everyone is from my side then who will be on Radhika’s side”

Kushi comes and says, “I will be on Radhu’s side..i mean bride’s side.” Following her Mother from the home and the kids & Staffs comes and stands behind her saying, “We all are from bride’s side”

Avinash looks at them saying, “Sir..looks like theirs is a very strong side compare to others”

Arjun laughs heartily and lifts kushi in his arms and kiss her cheeks saying, “I am ready…Start the preparations”

Kushi shouts in joy and wraps his neck “Papa..i love you so much. Let me down..i will inform Radhu about this”. He puts her down and the very next moment she runs to radhika.

Kushi jumps on the bed and hugs radhika tightly saying, “Radhu…you know papa tells avinash uncle to do the marriage preparations. I am happieeeeeee”

Rads, “Marriage?”

Kushi, “Hmm…yes. Papa just now said yes for preparations”

Rads smiles and blush, she too hugs her saying, “Me too so happy”

Kushi then seperates herself from her and cups her face saying, “I love you Maa”

Radhika is stunned hearing the word Maa from kushi and gets too emotional saying, “You called me Maa?”

Kushi nods her head saying, “After marriage you will become my Maa right..that’s y i am calling you from now on”

Rads smiles and hugs her, “I LOVE YOU TOO”

Next day, the mehra mansion is decorated with full lightings and flowers and the guests are started arriving to the mansion to attend the Sangeet ceremony of the King Arjun Mehra.

Arjun is getting ready in his room…but somewhere he is feeling so tensed and nervous. Avinash helping in getting ready chuckles seeing him tensed face. Arjun glares him saying, “What? Y r u laughing at me?”

Avinash, “Sir…you look so cute when you are in nervous and tense mode”

Arjun,”Shut up Avi. Don’t tease me.” he pause for a sec and continues, “Actually Avi..yes i am so tensed. Don’t know why”

Avinash, “It happens sir. These moments are the most beautiful days in our life and it will give you a beautiful memories”

Arjun smiles and hugs him. Arjun comes out and looks at Kushi’s room…he knows that radhika is getting ready there. He turns to go there but stops and turn to go down but again he stops and looks at the locked door and hesitates for a sec but he decides something and mvoes forward to the room.

He opens the door and peeps his head inside to see radhika. He goes inside and finds radhika infront of mirror showing her back to him and trying to tie a dori of her lehenga blouse. Arjun smiles mischeiviously and goes towards her slowly without her knowledge.

He takes the dori in his hands and moves her hair aside to one side. radhika feels his touch and lifts her eyes to look at him through the mirror..she gets shocked seeing him and gets nervous. She breathes heavily due to the nervous feeling.

He smiles seeing her and ties the dori of her blouse. He then takes the jewellery and makes her wear it. Radhika gets goosebumps for his touch everytime but she did not stop him in doing so.

He done with the jewellery and stands so close behind her, holding her shoulder and stares her face via mirror saying, “You are looking beautiful”

Rads blush like anything and hides her face by her smile…but soon Arjun gets jerk hearing Kushi’s voice.

Kushi, “ here. All are searching for you”

Ardhika gets embarrassed seeing kushi and Avinash chuckles seeing their blushing face. Arjun rubs his hair and signs Avinash to go out. All goes out except kushi.

She goes and stands between Ardhika taking their hands in hers and walking with them outside to join the function.

Precap: Ardhika romance in Haldi ceremony. Arjun WEDS Radhika. (Last Chapter cum Epilogue)

That’s it guys….next will be the last one and it will be an epilogue also. Hope you all enjoyed today’s part and pls pour your comments for this.

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