mmz…DARK:An action flick…chapter 6

DARK: Chapter 6

Hello all readers…m very thankful to u for reading this ff n liking it…here the next one…do let me know how is it…
P.s.there’s some rules n norms for working under some organization n u have to follow it…but sometimes are there u will not satisfy with all that…if u violate that norm,what future will u going to face nobody can say???

All were busy with their serious discussion how to give justice to Maya…this is not an easy task and they all aware about it…the recent assault they faced that was the beginning…still they have more to face as it’s involved with some facade behind white mask…they planned to help each other by staying each other side…

Arjun suggested, ” we can keep the same tracking device with us,GPS should b on every time,so when anyone will be in trouble we can reach them for their rescue”…

Neil n radhika thumbs up for him…radhika said,” bravo my dear agent,look like u have a good functional brain”…
Sam said,” good presence of mind”…

Arjun stopped them n said to Neil,”we have to get that evidence by hook or crook”…

Neil said,” I know but the thing is how n where he kept that…it’s not like if we visit him,he welcomed us hearty n hand over us that n admit his crime”…

Radhika n others laughed at his statement while Arjun give a angry glare to Neil…

Radhika saw the tension arises she interfered n said,” looks like both of u lost ur brain…why so stress…ask Maya…she knows the place”…

Maya told them the place n they made a plan how to remove security from minister place n broke into house n get the evidence…sam n teji should initiate the move…

But they didn’t know another danger awaits for them u can say a trap in other words…before they move their first card opposition played their card n awaits for them…coz this is not something only related to s*xual harassment or human trafficking…it’s a more deep matter which holds a chance to reveal through Maya matter…

The next morning was a biggest shock for all…there was a news that again chaos at border area but the operation continue,nobody had been caught till that time…PM got the death threats which worried DM a lot…even there’s no trace of messenger who left those news…as Arjun,Neil n Ankush reached at office DM called them urgently…he ordered Neil n Ankush not to leave PM for a moment else consequences will not be good…He sent Arjun to check border area as he is more experienced…Arjun n Neil informed radhika ,” now everything depends upon u,but we don’t want to sent u there alone,its best to cancel our plan for some days”…radhika also agreed n told about her helplessness how nandini gave her a task which will b supervise n assist by jai…everyone felt helpless,due to their commitment to job they can’t help Maya…it was a plan..if they will late to prove,people also lost their interests n deviate…matter will be closed easily…

Sam received a voice mail from Neil regarding plan changed n asked them to meet at a place with maya n said her to switch off her mobile as opposition could trace them…but teji doubted n said ,” why should Neil told about this when he informed us few moments back that we have to wait for some days until they finish their work”??but Sam was not ready to listen anything as it was a msg from Neil…they all went to the place n entered the building by back door as front was locked…as they entered somebody came n put a board saying that building under renovation in front door…radhika was irritated with jai n his constant chanting…the place where they tried to do their work,anyone can say there is nothing to do…she tried to find ways escape from there but jai always stopped her…jai got some messages n replied the work is done…meanwhile Neil n Ankush got to know the threat is fake for that time…neil guess the news was to stop them …he sensed danger when he checked samaira n teji gps n mobile turned off…

Neil took the permission from DM after confirming the fake news…he rushed out while informing Arjun about the real matter…Neil remembered Arjun put a micro chip inside teji watch…he traced that ,when Neil reached at the building n went inside he see somebody already cut the wires which connected to elevator…at the mean time he stopped the lift n jumped inside from top of lift having a rescue rope…all were near to choked to death but got saved…when Sam told about he called her,Neil nodded in negative…Sam was stunned…all came outside…when Arjun heard that he told might be someone scrambled Neil’s voice…Arjun was on way back…he warned all to be alerted…

But bad luck continued….the opposition set everything n fully prepared if one plan failed then carry another immediately…neil got an call from his office n went,but after leaving them in a cab…in mid way all are kidnapped without any trace…this time when in the dark room they came to their senses Maya recognize the minister son but she started trembling when she saw the person behind him…that man showed his 32 with a devil smirk n ordered everyone to check outside properly…

he came near samaira n held her cheeks n said ,” I thought some ugly reporter must spread out about my filthy kingdom but u r too good for my business,u can warm anyone’s bed very well “…

Sam felt disgusted,” so u r behind all this,how could u stoop so low,u were one of the best army officer in ur time,how could u betray ur mother land”….

That man said,” I can do everything for money n power,I wanted to rule over India…looks like u r not like any dumb reporter,u have information regarding every one”…

Sam felt irritated,” what are u trying to say,to get power through human trafficking or abusing”…

That man took out his gun but controlled himself n laughed…he said I will fulfil ur last wish before ur death…he said what I can do, that is beyond ur imagination n u will not get any to broadcast this…tsk…tsk…tsk…he pointed his gun but Neil entered clapping his hands…everyone got shocked…

Neil said,” what an acting Mr. Major general…wow…for the world u r dead but u r damn healthy n alive..i doubted much before that…so the illegal weapon trafficking,drug smuggling at border area were controlled by u…most importantly I have some personal grudge against u”… With that Neil held collar of that man …his eyes burned in rage…but before Neil could say anything he said,” I know ur ability n know what u want from me, but this time u came into my cage officer n that’s ur own death wish”…he pushed Neil to his people n ordered ” finish them off,all should not see the next sunrise”… He went away…

But Neil act quickly…he used his brain for fighting by seeing all those people…he first first went forward by fighting to free Sam,teji n Maya from rope binding…so they can be little bit help…but not enough Neil got brutally beaten as no. of people are more but he already smashed half of them…his stamina,energy level getting off,he was exhausted…his vision getting blurred but before another hit on him one person jumped out of nowhere covered with full body n face with a black mask,even his eyes were covered with sunglasses…everyone looked shocked to him…he beaten the rest of the goon ruthlessly…it looks like he was master of all fighting skills…he snaped minister son’s neck n punched continuously him…this time another goon took the chance n shoot pointing Neil but samaira stood in front…….

Precap: One secret revelation….first step to Adarsh justice…shock….shock…shock….

Credit to: Rosie


  1. Awesome episode, I like your precap wonder what the shock will be, and the one who saved Neil could it be Radhika? waiting eagerly for the next update.

    Rosie you nail it, well done. 🙂

  2. Sv

    Awww my twin do you want to make any hart ?? attack man this was a high voltage action flick . Now im scared Sam is she gonna take the bullet for Neil ?? Radhika’s dialogue for Arjun ” Looks like u have a good functional brain . lol The voice message was a fake . Now you made a nail biting update elder twin. Im scared . Update the next part soon before my head bursts in suspense. love you twin sissy bear my teddy hugs darling love you.

    Love you darling bear my hugs and kisses too . Muhaaahh

  3. Gianna

    Wooohoooo full action mode love it so much. This Maya’s matter looks very deep and so eager to know what’s going to be revealed. Why did Jai stop Who am doubting him now. Who is that officer who faked his death? This keeps on getting more and more intriguing. And the precap scares me why shock… Shock…. Shock….? Post soon pls Rosie, love uuuuuuuuuuuu

    • brilliant giu baby..don’t worry…u will know about shock in next chapter…very soon…thanks a million dear ??

      • Gianna

        Am already shocked knowing there will be a shock. How shock will I be when I will read the real shock? But still I want to be shocked with ur shock ??

  4. Gauri

    Rosie!!!!! Awesome marvelous Brilliant…now tell me who is this masked person who saved them in the end …. Radhika or Arjun…and now I am more curious about this shock which you mentioned in Precap…waiting for the next 🙂 loads of love 🙂

  5. aastha

    Oh so many bad lucks back to back……I dnt understand y people go crazy over money ? …….ofcourse it us needed bt out of our smart work………….money ? earned through illegal methods won’t stay with u 4 long…..I wonder when such fools will realize it…………the planning scene and the light moments were nyc……is Jai bad ?????????? Was that last entry Rads ??????????? Ur precap leaves me mre n mre eager to know what’ll happen next…… u…..TC…..muah…..

    • Thanks aasthu dear…people are so stubborn they don’t know money is not that important…u will know everything in next chapter..very soon ??

  6. sammy

    Yaar rosid di who he is the hero who entered …pls update asap …and Neil fighting awesome ….so action packed update love it …:-) 🙂 pls update your other ff also

  7. What an action sequences.. Rosie my action Queen frm where did you get this marvelous ideas yarrr..n that blo*dy minister n his son…but i knw nesam n aradhika will expose him..n i guess that mask person is radhika…don’t my fingers crossed… n precap made me nervous.. shockkk…now which shock is coming there way..ohhh m so excited n eager to knw..its like m watching my hero fighting n tv’s line went my darling pls post

  8. Supriya

    Yippee atlast you updated di……I was thinking abt this one today nd when I saw it my joy knew no bounds…… Di you shud write some suspense movie…..m sure it will be full paisa wasul…..srsly ppl will fight for tickets….. I mean it….you write suspense series better than romance….. well same here…..though I like to write abt romance I love suspense thrillers more…..I use to watch Quantico for many weeks…..even I engaged myself in repeat telecast…..I love it when ppl ask you so much questions and one ans gives birth to 100 more questions….. Srsly di you r doing a wonderful job… very well know I have 3 ff on suspense nd 2 on romance….. This shows my love for suspense….. Thanks for updating soon….. Loads of love…. muaaah…. Tc?

    • Thanks supu dear…writing for movie….lol…m not that much good…this is a huge complement…thanks ?? will update soon

  9. hai darling?? its awesome dear ? i loved each n every lart of ur ff??? i really dont have words to explain it? u r dat much awesome? waiting for dat person who helped neil✌? i like dis suspense ?? pls dont disclose it soon?? coz i like dis trilling moments???love u?

    • Thanks suga dear…u will get to know about mystery man in next chapter…n I promise u I’ll try my best to give u thrilling after revelation…its a short ff dear??

  10. feby

    now again i will kill u ….. u r making me mad with half half story….complete the mystry…ahhhh….scratching my head….. dont kill that bastard… we will kill him inch by inch giving all the pain that those poor girls suffered….well…last part was awesome action thriller…lol…. wooo..tat phone call…i too doubted it as teji…lol…..update asap the next chappy…i cant wait more…..

    • Aweeee…m scared my feby baby…don’t worry I’ll hand over that scoundrel to u…u can torture him till eternity…I’ll update soon…my little cutie pie ??

  11. Jessie

    Awesome… Was like watching a action movie.. All fast execution.. feeling energetic.. I loved it Rosie…tat was superb how Neil entered..And jai.. is tat fellow helping the culprits.. I love it how u brought a connection of illegal activities.. in reality no crime takes place with single motive or aim..great going. Waiting for next punch…love u

    • Thanks dear Jessie for such huge complement…yes with the next chapter it will get more it’s going to unfold all the mystery behind that dirty game…??

  12. Sweetie

    Arey yaar Rosie again suspense.. Why are you giving me adrenaline rushes all the time?? Please pretty please post soon naa.. Keep smiling 🙂

  13. Brilliant…..Rosie…again u rocked it…iam always left speechless after reading ur ff…..outstanding epi…..again full action blast….each an every scenes superb….precap exciting n interesting n trilling…..pls write soon next one….. Keep rocking dear ….love u lot ….tc….

  14. Roma

    Awesome, mind blowing episode. ….loved this action filled powerful epi….the strategy n action very outstanding n your narration awesoooooome. …rosieee my sweeeeeetheart very interesting plot…who is this major general? N the saviour…rads?….Sam came in front of neil to take the shot…cliffhanger yaaaaar. …but loved it to the coreeeee. …precap is very exciting n interesting. …keep it up honeyyy. ..eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads. Muaaaaahhhhhh. …♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ 🙂 😉 🙂

    • Thanks di….ur encouragement is very much needed for me…thanks very very very very very very much…lots of love ?

      • Roma

        You deserve encouragement my sweeeeeetheart. …my all support is with you….keep it up my sweeeeetuuuuu. you soooooooo muchhhhhh. ..muaaaaahhhhhh 😀

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