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Malhotra mansion
Rads was throwing draggers towards jyo who was enjoying with her jamun and icecream.
Sam pov:-
What happened to these two before they both are so close from last 5 years these two are fighting like tom and Jerry in matters related to arjun other than that they both are normal, jyo used to behave normally infront of everyone but when radhika is around she will make radhika jealous. I need to find out what is going on between these two for that I have to talk to neil as he is the only who nows about these before that I have to settle this two
Sam-“jyo get up I’m feeling sleepy come let’s go to guest room.”
Jyo-“no need sam we two also can sleep in penthouse with rads like during girls out . ” rads smiled remembering those day “ok done you two go and arrange everything I wll be there in some time “.
Radhika moved towards her mom’s room with water bottle and sat on the bed next to prerana “mom we are going to have our girls time in penthouse here is water bottle have your tablets”. Prerana smiled at radhika and got up to take the tablets “ok have your time baby I know you missed your friend so much as she returned after 5 years and your anger towards her is due to you missed her all these years because of your ego issues. now keep your ego aside and njoy your time with her” said prerana. Rads-” I love you mom….. you know what I really missed her you are right during that time due to our childish behaviour we used fight for same things and I used to be so angry at her still I have that problem but I wll try to make up with her for these 5 years” saying she kissed her mom cheeck and prerana wished good night, rads left the room after switch offing the light.

Rads pov:-
Mom and Neil are correct I should stop being jealous of her but I can’t she needs the same thing which arjun will get for me during those days so I used to get angry and one day we fought regarding that after that she left to London with her dad as her family settled in London. from that time she used to call home to talk with mom and Neil and me being me never talked to her, jyo is also like me stubborn so she won’t talk with me. when she will call arjun, if he is with me he will make me to talk to her. Now I think I have to keep my ego aside for our friendship thinking this she walked with out bothering about her surroundings.
Arjun and Neil both are sipping beer lying near pool side aru-“buddy I need your help in one of my deal, I know you will be busy in shoots still I need you for this “. Neil-” Ohh you need my help not bad say what you want me to do to make your coffee?? Or to be slave for radhika ?? “he said sarcastically as these are the helps arjun will ask him to do.arjun smacked his head neil-“ouch what was that for”. Aru-” I was serious man dad is busy with foreign delegates so I have to take care of one of his contract but I have my company so you are the one who will be dealing this contract, I wll send you the details tomorrow “. neil-“Ok dude which company we are going to deal?? “. Aru-” bijlani’s but I have not met that ceo as he is busy in abroad may be he will reach Mumbai to night. so we had meeting with one of his friend he is the ceo of bijlani group of industries in India and we have signed the deal you can meet them tomorrow at birdsong “. Neil-“bijlani’s the name looks familiar ok send me the details I wll go through it”. Aru-“Ok then I wll ask mom to cancel your shoots or if you want you can make the schedule when you are free.” neil-“ok done ” they both are talking and enjoying when they observed one figure moving towards pool.

Both arjun and Neil knew when rads is in deep thoughts She will forget about the surroundings, arjun was about to get up to stop her but was dragged back by neil arjun raised his eyebrow towards him. Neil-” why to spoil beautiful scene we can take the video to blackmail her so you have to keep quite “. Aru- ” no not now neil five more steps she will be in pool what if she catches cold the water will be cold and if she find outs about the video then for sure she will throw you from the top of the building “.saying arjun tried to stop neil from making video and started moving forward. Neil-” yeah if once she catches cold she will stop having that icecreams and pastries ” saying neil again dragged arjun back by closing his mouth and he is giggling continuously as he has one video to blackmail him as he is the victim of all her pranks till now and she has all the videos of those things as they were twins and used to be in same class she will ask him to complete his all the work or she will take his notce to show to mam as it is her book and he have to drink her milk as she hates it and prerana won’t leave until the glass was empty. what ever prank she will pull on others atlast she will say that is done by neil and he have to bare all the scoldings.
Radhika who was busy in her own world jerked after falling in pool. She banged her head at her foolish ness and turned to check if any one has seen her falling in pool as no one was thre she felt relieved and came out. Little did she knows that her idiotic twin has taken her video by hiding behind the bushes. Rads-“thank god no one has seen this now a days I’m being so clumsy.. first I have to change the dress ” saying she left to her room. neil who was trying very hard control his laugh had burst out once she left. Neil-“Now I will show her what can her idiot is capable to do and arjun dare to say to her remember you’re my friend ” aru -“see you’re really an idiot you have agreed it yourself ” neil just rolled his eyes they both left to neil’s room to sleep.

Rads changed, took shiny in her hands and left to penthouse she saw sam and jyo talking she laid next to jyo with shiny on her stomach and started patting shiny to make her sleepy and arm hugged jyo “I missed you so much and I love you “being radhika she will never say thank you or sorry to her friends and will not accept if they say. Jyo was surprised she never thought again she can get her radhika back, she to hugged and pecked her head ” me too baby me too “.sam was happy seeing her two friends bonding again ” I think you both don’t need me now you both are busy and left me alone” sam said faking her angry. Rads winked towards jyo” ofcourse we don’t need you”…..after passing some time” but we want our giraffe to be with us ” sam frowned after listening this as they both are the only ones who wll call her giraffe. When she was kid she asked her mom to keep a pet name for her Rads and jyo who heard that named her as giraffe as if they didn’t get any other names. She is 2yrs younger than rads and jyo but she is little height than them at that time so they teased her calling giraffe .seeing sams experience they both laughed and hugged her” ofcourse we love you giraffe ” they both cued in sams ear. They all having a great time copping up the time they were not together.
Rads-” jyo did you find your prince charming??? “. Jyo become sad for a minute after hearing that but she recovered and said ” not yet now I don’t believe in all those stuff,than love I guess trust is more important… Ahh leave about that and what about you both did you find anyone ??”. Rads found something wrong with her but she left and said-” I don’t have to find “. Sam and jyo together ” means you already found him this is not fair you didn’t said to us till now”… Rads -” ohhh girls chill I mean for me neil will find and I will find his bride that’s our deal. Once he will find my groom and me his bride then we planned to have our wedding on same day “. Jyo-” what do you mean by that?? “. Sam-” what if you fall in love with any other guy?? “they both started asking her questions continuously . Rads-” both of you keep quite I trust neil choice and secondly if in case I will fall for someone neil trusts my choice so he have to agree or I know how to make him agree for that”she gave then her winning smile . “ok but what’s with this deal if you can make him agree with your choice “Asked sam. Rads-” when we are kids we both used to fight so much still we will do but at the end of the day we love each other. so, being kids we just made promise to each other that in future also we should be like this for that we should select the best to each other and they should understand us. I agree that’s childish so if we find ourselves also not a problem “. Sighed radhika after explaining about her childhood promise to her idiotic twin. Listening this sam nd jyo bursted into laughing.

” enough of your laughing now sam it’s your turn “said radhika. Sam-” me!!!! what my turn I don’t have anything to say”. Rads-” oh common baby I was observing you from the day you returned from the trip something is wrong “. Sam-” no nothing is like that I’m sleepy come let’s sleep “.jyo-” no giraffe don’t use your skills infront of us and spill the beans “. Sam-” nothing I’m sleepy “. Saying sam started yawning. Jyo signalled rads to take her phone rads acted as if she is going to pull sam up and pulled her phone from her pocket. Sam jerked up and trying to snatch her phone sam-” ok your wish do whatever you want “. Rads-” yeah after keeping passwords you can act if nothing was there ok leave if you don’t want to say means” pouted radhika. Sam-“ok chill I’m not sure once I was then I wll say to you ok now promise you won’t say to bhai”.Rads-” ok we will be waiting don’t worry about your bhai we will manage ” saying she highfived jyo.jyo-” oh common love I think we don’t have to wait for her answer look at these pics ” saying she showed Sam and Neil pics taken in Essel world. Rads-” no problem for me then look they both are perfect ” saying radhika hugged sam. Sam-” hey no just chill yesterday we both went their for shoot may be manager has mailed those pics”. Rads-” so that idiot went Essel world yesterday without me and enjoyed. Ok leave that I have no cases to deal tomorrow how about we and aru go to Essel world without that idiot ” said radhika. sam-” no rads just now I entered to this field I’m having shoots tomorrow so sorry but you people go if I finish my shoot early then i wll reach thre “. Jyo-” ok leave not Essel world but some other place we all will plan for some days only our group .. what say??”. Rads-” I don’t think so it will be possible I have to deal with cardio cases and aru,neil also are busy with their work”.jyo-” yeah I understand ok leave tomorrow we will just roam around as you said you are free”. Rads -“ok done”.
Sam-” Now I’m really sleepy and I have early shoot so good night darlings”. ” Good night” they wished each other.rads placed shiny in her pet house and slept cuddling with her friends.

I wll post next one as soon as possible I know in this aradhika or arneil scenes are not there it will be shown after 2_3episodes till then bare with me.
Jyo character -moni roy here is her pic

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