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Chapter 4
Malhotra mansion
Prerana was busy arranging for dinner she made all favourite dishes of jyo. Sam,neil and jyo reached home from glimpse,jyo moved towards kitchen wished prerana and praised her cooking skills.
Neil -“hi mom is everything is ready for dinner or you need some help ”
Prerana- “it’s all most done only dessert is left, what you want me to prepare??”
“gulab jamun!!!!” said sam and Neil together
“ya I’m ok with that “said jyo

Prerana- “ok then I wll prepare that by the time you three go and freshup, neil where is radhika and arjun ”
“auntie rads will be hear soon she started already, about bhai he is having some meeting it seems he wll take 1hr”said sam left with jyo to radhika room and Neil to his room.

Sam entered radhika room and picked shiny in her hands and moved towards bed. Jyo-“woww… It’s so cute Sammy pass that puppy to me and what you named this one”
“this is gift to radhika from bhai she named it as shiny”said sam passing the puppy to jyo “I wll freshup and come till then take care of that jyo”
Radhika returned from hospital “mom I’m back and you know I’m so hungry for me now this smells as heaven ” she said taking the chicken piece from the bowl which prerna was setting on dinning table. Prerana held radhika ear and said “you better go and freshup then only enter into dinning room now keep that here and leave ”
Radhika pouted and said “mom what’s the need to freshup I was hungry, I have already sanitised my hands so I’m having this, please mom by the way you made mmmm(taking a bite) this yummy chicken how can I resist” prerana laughed for her daughter antics and left to kitchen to arrange remaining dishes on dinning table.

Radhika took one more leg piece from the bowl and started moving to her room humming her fav song. Neil who saw this came to her without making any noise held her hand taking a bite from other piece in her hand “Hmmm devil how many pieces did you had till now ahh if I don’t have any thing left to eat then your dead ” saying he took the piece from her hand which angered radhika “you idiot have this also ” she throwed the piece she is eating towards him Neil caught that and said “muahh thank you my baby I know you love me so much don’t worry I wll have all your pieces in the dinner “he winked towards her and moved to kitchen to help prerana.
Radhika entered her room and frowned seeing shiny in jyo arms then she smiled mischievously and whistled to which shiny jumped into radhika arms from jyo, radhika patted shiny lovingly and greeted jyo” hi jyo nice to meet you after so long time”. Jyo -“me to rads I missed you so much ” saying she hugged rads. “Ohh let me also join in your hug” said sam who just returned from shower rads smiled and extended her hand they shared hug
All the three got ready for the dinner rads wiped shiny body and put the puppy clothes she bought for her and they moved down stairs. Sam -“rads did aru called you?? where is he still now didn’t reach home “.Rads-“no he didn’t. Ok let me try once” she grabbed her bag in the living room picked her phone along with shiny she moved towards garden.

AM enterprises
Arjun was busy in his meeting with bijlani group of companies . Which was suddenly planned it should be handled by his dad as it is for birdsong but samrat being busy he called arjun for the meeting. The meeting was all good they won the deal with bijlanis which will be contracted for 3months.

He wished the ceo of bijlani and was about to leave his phone started buzzing he picked it aru-” sorry… sorry… I’m starting from offce drlng don’t be mad at me, I wll be there with in 10 mins”. Rads-“listen your sorry is not accepted and I will not be mad at you.. If your late then I wll have your dinner along with mine no probs “arjun chuckled and replied “I know auntie loves me more than you so she wll keep my food safely by hiding from you” saying this he started laughing and started his car.rads-“not so funny come fast or else I will start my fight with jyo”. Aru-“no please don’t do that I’m happy that still now you didn’t fought with her “.Rads-“shut up this is all because of you and Neil you said not to shout at her atleast for today “.aru-“really I’m pleased that Radhika malhotra listened to my words and agreed to do it”.Rads-“ofcourse I wll along with that she is good till now so am I”. Aru-“Ok is she with you know “.Rads-“no I’m in the garden “. To which he hanged the phone leaving radhika all angry. “stupid…….idiot…. How dare he to hang phone without any reply” saying this she patted shiny to which she licked radhika face bringing smile , rads started moving towards entrance but forced to stop by two pairs of hands “come let’s move “arjun said placing choco vanilla crust in her hand to which radhika squealed and hugged him they both moved towards dinning hall.

Neil -” atlast you got time to join us?? We all are starving here and mom wll not feed us without you ” prerana laughed listening this aru -“Ok dude give me 5mins I wll be back and be jealous of us”saying he hugged prerana she kissed arjun forehead lovingly . Jyo who saw arjun greeted him by hugging and pecked his cheeck to which radhika was burning. Neil who observed this moved towards rads wrapped his arms around her ” my dolllll…. like us jyo is also his friend it is common you know in friendship, you also will do same with aru so don’t be mad at her. Now come let’s have a look at the dishes” whispered in her ears calming her to which she nodded.
everyone sat for dinner and serving themselves.. Jyo” auntie I missed all these items alot. I used to ask aru to learn from you. He will cook but not this good” aru-” oh miss foodie whenever I used visit you are the who wll beg for me to cook and will have completely without leaving a single grain to me”.jyo-“Ok i agree with you the food is soo yummy when you wll cook so I can’t share that “. To which neil was laughing like mad by seeing rads reaction arjun raised his eyebrow towards neil to which he signaled towards radhika.

Arjun pov
God now I’m so dead whenever rads asks me to cook I didn’t agree as I love to eat her hand made food than my own.that to She wll cook very rarely in the absence of both neil and auntie otherwise she never cooks.rads and Neil cook so yummy which make me to have their food instead of cooking for them.where as jyo she likes auntie cooking but she missed her food as she is staying in abroad so she made me to learn all those recipes so I can cook whenever I visit her. Arjun turned towards radhika and saw her holding the fork tightly he signaled neil to do something.

Neil he took the piece from radhika plate for which they both started quarrelling like kids.prerana -“Now both of you stop your fight I have food “.Rads -“no mom he is the one who started “saying this she kept more chicken and fish in her plate started eating moaning like a kid. Neil smiled as she started eating and placed more pieces in her plate “you have this so I can have biryani to myself ” saying neil winked towards arjun as their mission was accomplished. Rads wll not like to have rice with non veg she prefers to have only pieces it’s her habit from childhood.

As they finished their dinner prerana moved to kitchen to arrange desserts arjun helped her they moved to the home theatre where remaining are watching movie. They handed the bowls to them and prerana left giving her kids some time to enjoy .

All started eating rads got up and walked to kitchen and grabbed vanilla flavour Baskin Robbins bucket from refrigerator, put some scoops into her bowl and started enjoying jamun with icecream. Arjun who followed her placed his bowl infront of her she smiled and placed icecream in his bowl,some more for neil and sam as they both also loved to have this combination. She entered and placed vanilla scoops in sam bowl to which she hugged rads” did I say that you are mind reader before no right now I’m saying I love you I was missing this flavour you brought it ” saying she kissed rads. Rads just rolled her eyes ” drama queen now have or else I will finish this ” listening this sam quickly moved her bowl aside and started eating. When she turned she saw neil already emptying the icecream. Rads-“idiot that is for you only have it slowly no one will take it from you “.neil-” I’m not a fool I know very well about you and your icecream so let me have this” rads”whatever ” she digged her spoon in the bowl and placed large amount in her mouth started enjoying the taste.

Jyo who returned after attending a call saw all of them having jamun with icecream she never had it before but heard it from arjun. she sat Nxt to arjun and said”aru let me taste it I never did “.aru-“have this then” he mixed little jamun with icecream and feeded her. Jyo-” mmmm aru this is so yummy you should have made me to taste this before I just loved it, I want more”she squealed which brought others attention towards them. Sam smiled seeing her as she know that jyo is a foodie and love to savour new tastes.aru-” Ok then have as much as you want ” saying this he started feeding her which fuelled radhika. She got up and brought other bowl from kitchen with jamun and icecream and placed in jyo hand” you can have all this I brought this for you as I heard you loved the taste now this all yours enjoy ” she gave a fake smile to jyo, neil just rolled his eyes at radhika. Jyo-“not a problem I can share with arjun “saying she winked towards radhika. “b*t*h “murmured radhika to herself. Arjun he cannot do anything as both are his best budies he just excused himself saying he has a business call and handed the bowl which radhika brought to jyo “have this you will just love it ” saying he took his bowl with him and moved towards pool along with Neil signalling sam to handle both rads and jyo.

That’s it for today, I know it is little boring and dragging. I promise I wll try to update Nxt one with in a week.

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