Thank you so much for your appreciation I wll try my best to keep it in good way…..if any mistakes are there please let me know I will improve my self…..Let’s start with our journey of mmz:-)… Here is the link of intro
The rays of sun was covering the darkness around the beautiful Mumbai city with its light of hope……. The rays of energy for the people to start their day with new hope….. The people where jogging in the parks where sun is going to peap with its rays….now the sun rays was falling on the beautiful building surrounding with garden…. One of the room in the building having the colleagues of the family and bffs… rays are peaking through the glass into that room and falling on the bed disturbing the sleep of our beauty…. She hided from the rays by covering her self in the back of a person by exposing him to the sun…… His sleep was disturbed by sunrays… He turned and looked towards the sleeping beauty and then saw the time the clock was showing 7.30am….he asked her to wake up as she is have to attend hosp… But she is not ready to wake up….
Girl: what yar I let you sleep in my room that doesn’t mean you can wake me up early in the mrng… I’m feeling sleepy let me sleep for some time… By the way I told That devil to wake me up while going to work out…so now don’t waste my time Let me sleep by saying this she kept her head on his shoulder to sleep
Boy:you should have taken eating and sleeping clases instead of cardio….. I wonder how you passed your mbbs and ms in cardio with first class…..and your devil that Neil has left to jogging already it’s going to be 8.00… Now wake up or else you wll miss your class
That girl is non other than radhika and boy is arjun now other man entered to the room sweating…
radhika -what the hell I’m not that sleep loving I just slept for 8hrs Bcz of you I skipped my 2hrs of sleep today….if you and tht devil wouldn’t had come to my room last night I would have woken by this time….and why this devil didn’t wake me in the morning… Today if I miss my ward round I’m going to hang you both… Be ready for that..
Neil by sweating… Hey you are the blo*dy sleeping creature…. How should I wake u… I tried for half an hour but of no use… Even I sprinkled water but no response from your side…from now on stop dancing in rain… Due to this habit you are not even waking by sprinkling water also…by saying this he has taken the water bottle and started gulping it…arjun was laughing madly by listening this….radhika who was irked by this started throwing pillows on neil
Arjun-ok yar now get up or else you will hang both of us for missing your prince prof.Rajeev khandelwal ward rounds. ..
Rads-yeah ofcourse dude….such a handsome prof I should say he is one of the best heart surgeon in the country … I just hope I should be his assistant in the surgery….. I hope I wll do my DM under his supervision if he is of my age I would have proposed him but my bad luck he is already married
Arneil together… His good luck that he got saved from you by saying this they did hi-fi….rads who was angry walked to them she took bottle from Neils hand and poured on both of them and said…njoy yourself till evng then sam will be here we will see you by saying this she went to fresh up
Neil-wt yar arjun by coming here you are also being lazy like that idiot… You are not doing your workout?? By then prerana entered the room… Enough my dear he is fit and perfect … Now aru go and freshup I wll arrange breakfast by then
Arjun-ooo such a sweetheart you are… To be frank I will stay nights here to have your hand made breakfast I just love it….Neil who was listening this punched arjun
all the three got ready and came down to the dinning table… Prerana served them parotas….radhika is enjoying them… Arneil together being a cardio she will have lot of food for god sake how she wll council her patients…. Rads….yeah I’m cardio doesn’t mean I should starve… I should make the people who have heart problems to starve by reducing their oily and salt content in the food by saying this she took the plates in front of arnEil and said now you both had enough… If you had more I have to treat you both I don’t wanna do it….
Arneil.. Together what the hell….you had more than us why should we starve…. Rads -to keep your heart healthy.. Mom if they want more to eat serve them oats and eggs…by saying this she kissed her mom picked her car keys and left leaving both of them shocked
Prerana.. Don’t worry I wll serve you… But both of them said they are full… Neil left to glimpse and arjun to AM
Kiims… Radhika working place… She attended the ward rounds with Rk and went towards her friends gang….where all of them are waiting to know about prof Dr who are going to monitor them…..radhika came to know that her mentor is RK(rajeev khandelwal)…. She is so happy…
AM…. Arjun has client meeting to attend he is so busy that he ordered his secretary not to forward any calls to him or to allow any person to meet him till the meeting ends
…..rads who was so happy picked her phone dialed to his devil…Neil picked the call by knowing she would have placed in Rk team to share that happiness she called him….he said…hey Congrats dude… Rads-you ar really a devil how you knw tht I am in rk team…Neil-aah as you called if you ar not in his team you directly would have come to glimpse to hang me… Rads…..yeah rite ok byee
Rads… Kept the call and dialed to other no.. The other side they have received the call…rads..hey guess what I’m in Rk team… Once you ar in Mumbai we both are going to rock the night….the other side girl is sam… She was so happy… Ok done buddy more 2hrs I wll be thre infront of you…by the way where you wll be Kiims or at home…. Rads..not at Kiims as my work starts from tomorrow I wll go to aru and from there we wll go for Oldage home….sam ok done after that be at my place I wll join and I wll inform this to neil also…rads-ok cool byee see you soon….by saying this she said bye to her friends and went to rk cabin and wished him….asked him about Nxt day her plan she took the instructions and left the Kiims in her car while going she was continuously calling arjun but his one is in silent…rads-hmm now on whom he is showing his anger hope that the person is safe…she drove towards Am
rads entered the office as everyone in the office knows her she greeted everyone with her smile and left to upstairs…. The secretary was new she don’t know about radhika… Rads has entered the top floor.. But stopped by the secretary she asked her does she has any appointment… Rads was surprised but she told I don’t need anything to meet him say him radhika is here to meet him…..secretary…mam but sir has ordered not to allow any one until his meeting is over…rads..what kind of meeting is he having… Sec..ha some deal about his restaurants project for which AM and SREYA group of companies was competing she completed….after listening SREYA group of companies she thought Ohh aru’s competitors then she spoke I have to get in….. Sec -no mam you can’t sir has strictly ordered not to allow anyone…. Rads-who the hell you are may be his orders are for you but not for me better you move away my way by saying this she rushed into the conference hall…
Conference hall…arjun was so tensed regarding the project..rads..ahh need something to lighten up your mood by saying this she walked towards him….aru..yeah wt you bought for me as a part of your success treat… ar my best ha I bought by saying this she opened black forest which she brought and placed piece in his mouth…now move I have to take you to some other place.. leave this business here I know you wll crack this deal whom ever the opponent was.. Stop being tensed or else your blood pressure will increase you even know who is competing with us..not now some other time.. I can’t hang out with you right know…rads… Yeah I know sreyas company but I said rite whom ever it is you ar gng to crack the deal…now stop this nonsense I don’t wanna listen to you just walk out with me she spoked….by saying this she dragged him with her… He smiled picked his blazer and keys left the hall with radhika
rads…by the way your new secretary is not that s*xy why you appointed her you should have said I wll select the best one for you….. And she soo scared of you she doesn’t even allowed me to enter.. But I managed
Aru…ahh I thought she wll stop you from entering by seeing her attire…so I need keep some strong secretary who wll keep me away from your chatter box and whom you ar gng to appoint as my secretary ….rads..ohhh is it soo whom ever no one can stop me…ha about secretary the one by seeing itself your adrenaline levels raises and what you said I’m chatter box ok from now I’m not going to talk to you for whole day by saying this she moved towards her car…
Arjun..Ohh stop your medical language.. Nd listen we wll go in my car…but she didn’t even bothered… Ohh I thought you became dumb but now it seems you are deaf by saying he walked towards her car….she sat in the driving seat he sat Nxt to her… He oned the fm it’s her fav song …. He knows that she can’t stay quite for long…she started humming the song and started her talk again ….aru..just now some said that they wll prove as not chatter box see again you started…. Rads….oh just shut up you know it’s impossible for radhika malhotra to keep quite… This 10mins I was dieing for keeping mute you ar talking about whole day… It never happens…..aru…hmm I know one day you wll make me deaf….They reached the Oldage home… Arjun was so happy he hugged rads and spoked you are the best today I wanted to spend time here….rads…ok ok but be ready for punishment for calling me chatter box… Aru…yar it’s true then what’s the need to punish…. Rads…what again you are calling me chatter box as if I irritate you with my talks…. Aru… Ok chill I love to listen your blubbering I can’t tolerate if you keep mute now come let’s go in
Oldage home
arjun was talking to the old people sharing their pain….he spoked to the care takers regarding the arrangements and facilities… Radhika is busy in checking their BP,sugar and warning them strictly to take medicines for correct time daily….. Arjun who was observing this came to her and helping her in work… She told the care takers to provide milk and fruits compulsory for them…. After monitoring everyone’s health she sat their with arjun and started gossiping with them and making them laugh with her jokes… After 1hr they said bye to them while going arjun has given money for the monthly expenditure and asked them to contact him if any problem is there… They left to mehra mansion
Mehra mansion….. As aradhika entered bonzo jumped onto her she is little scared at starting as arjun loves to spend his time with bonzo and he has 4more with him….. Due to this she is also habituated to be with them she hugged it and moved in…. Radhika saw samrat runned to him and hugged him he blessed her by the time arjun said…Ohh with in one day you both missed eachother so much how sad it is better both stay together….rads..hmm I wish….samrat..ok then stay here to night…rads no mom wll be alone at home if I was here that devil also wll come then who wll be with mom….aru…don’t worry my sweat heart wll be here with in an hour by saying this he dialed to prerana and asked join them for night
Glimpse… Piyali is busy in checking the models…. Neil is in photoshot… Sam entered she went to piyali and showed her progress on the project for which she has gone to Delhi…. Piyali is so happy with her daughters achievement she pecked on her cheeck… And asked her to take rest… whre is this neil I haven’t seen him…..Piyali.. Ahh he is in photoshot go and meet him…sam..ok mom by the way to night we are going to ar leaving now rite bhai has texted me to pick up prerana auntie… You ar gng to boutique so while gng pick her in the way..byee mom
Sam entered the hall whre photoshot is gng on….she directly went and hugged neil and said for now it’s enough keep rest for tomorrow… If you are late today I’m sure you wll not be alive by mrng as your cutie pie (rads) wll hang you…Neil..he smiled and hugged her back and said ok now say how was your trip and whre ar v gng nw
sam-I enjoyed alot but missed you three…v ar gng to my place already aradhika ar their.. Mom wll pick auntie on the way to home…by saying this they both moved out and driven towards home
That’s it for today next one will be on Thursday…..
Precap…party.. Family time

Credit to: nita

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