Hi Girls….i am back again with an OS this time. It is taken out from a tamil movie and i thought of giving it for Ardhika. Pls read and enjoy the cute love between them.



Radhika is a bubbly, charming and naughty girl who is doing her final semester in MBA – Human Resources. She is staying in her college hostel with two of her classmates Bonnie and Kritika. Radhika doesn’t believe in love and always used to advice to her friends to not to fall in love which gives only pain. But her both friends Bonnie and Kritika..just for her sake they used to listen her but they never taken any of her advice seriously.

One day, Radhika and Bonnie is having a chat and Bonnie tells her that she is in love with a guy. Rads, “What? Are you in Love?”

Bonnie answers shyly, “Yes. But am sorry yar for hiding it from you”

Rads makes faces, “What’s his name? And how long you are in love with him?”

Bonnie, “His name is Arjun. I know him for a week and he proposed me yesterday only”

Rads is speechless and she is like jaw dropping, “JUST A WEEK? Have you gone mad Bonnie? You know him only for a week and saying he proposed you within a week. Are you guys crazy? How can you believe him so easily? I am sure he is upto something”

Bonnie doesn’t understand anything and blinks at her. Rads gets furious seeing her, “I am talking to u only. Why are u keeping quiet?”

Bonnie blinks saying, “What should i say?”

Rads, “You are asking me? But y u did not ask him…what he knows about you or what you know about him in this 7 days that you both fallen in love? I am sure that he is just a flirt and is using you. Pls Bonnie am saying you that don’t believe him. Definitely he will cheat you”

Bonnie, “Radhika…i know you are thinking about my safety..but believe me..he is too good. A perfect Gentleman. He loves me so much Radhika and you know what he promised me that he will make me meet his parents next week. If he is thinking to cheat me then y he makes the arrangement to make me meet his parents?”

Rads casually tells, “Ha ha … that is also one of his plan i guess. Well as a friend i tried to make you understand but if you want to experience it on your own means…well ur wish” by saying this she goes from there to her room.


Bonnie believes Radhika but at the same time she trusts her boy friend Arjun more than her and that’s y again she meets Arjun and tells him everything what her friend Radhika thinks about him and adviced her not to believe him.

Arjun leans on his chair and asks, “So you believe your friend and doubting on me?”

Bonnie worries and immediately reply, “No way Arjun. I trust you and that’s y i came here with you. I just shared you what Radhika told me about her opinion on you”

Arjun, “What she knows about me? huh? And what’s her name….RRRRRADHIKA…GOD…such a ordinary and old type name and i am sure that she is also a very ordinary girl like her name. I think she is jealous of your beauty…that’s y she is stopping you and filling your ears against me. I am telling you now..don’t believe her and just break your friendship with her…that’s good for you”. Bonnie blinks at him of not knowing what to say.

After some days, Arjun calls Bonnie…Radhika is reading her books and looks at her Mobile since Bonnie went to washroom. It says some girl’s name so she attends the call, “Hello”

Arjun, “Hey Bonnie”

Rads, “I am not Bonnie…am her friend. Bonnie is in washroom…You call her later”

Arjun, “Friend? You are that Radhika who fills her ears against me?”

Rads is shocked and with doubtful, “ARJUN?”

Arjun grinning his teeth, “Yes…The same Arjun” Radhika is about to disconnect the call and he shouts, “Don’t cut the call”. She again keep it in her ears but stays silent. Arjun continues, “What are you thinking about yourself? Huh? How dare you can badmouth about me to Bonnie? Who the hell are you inbetween us? You told her that not to trust me is it? Who are you first of all?”

Rads gets furious,”I am her friend and i have all the rights to safeguard my friend from you..because you are such a flirt..i got to know that when she tells about you to me..but she is such an idiot till now she did not understand your true face”

Arjun gets angry, “SHUT UP. I am warning you now..Just stay out of it. Otherwise i don’t know what i will do to you. DO YOU UNDERSTAND RRRRRADHIKA?” he shouts at her for the last lines. Rads jerks and disconnects the call silently. She simply stares the mobile, while Bonnie comes out asking, “Is Arjun on the call? What he told?”

Rads angrily, “Nothing for you”. She goes from there angrily. After that she stops interfering in Bonnies’s matter and avoids whenever Arjun’s topic comes.

After a week, Radhika finds Bonnie crying in her room, she gets panicked and enquires about her. Bonnie cryingly, “Whatever you told about him is cent percent correct Radhika. He cheated me” she cries vigourously. Rads also equally shocked but she smiles slightly and says, “That’s what i told you that day only. OK leave it…anyway it’s just short time only na..good that you are not with him for years..otherwise you will be more hurt” Rads consoles her somehow and cursing Arjun badly.


After a month, Radhika finds her another room mate Kritika, is talking on her mobile blushing. Rads gives her a wierd look and but did not ask her anything. Kritika goes and sits beside her saying, “Hey Radhika…you know the guy who Bonnie used to talk remember him?”

Rads face reactions changed and gives her a sharp look, “SO what?”

Kritika shyly, “He is not that bad guy yar. To be Frank, Bonnie is not suitable for him and that’s y he broke the relation”

Rads with full angry, “What nonsense? He told you all this is it?”

Kritika, “Hey cool pa. Y r u getting hyper. Actually…for past ten day we were chatting and he proposed me yesterday”

Rads shouts, “WHAT?”

Kritika, “He really loves me pa. Pls don’t say anything bad about him..i can’t tolerate”

Rads gives her an unbelievable look, “I am saying the truth…he is not good for anyone. He is just a cheater and a big Flirt..a play boy. Are you girls mad? How can you fall for such a flirty guy. Kriti, I don’t care what you feel…but this is the truth. He is not a good choice and definitely you are the victim this time like Bonnie and i am sure you will also come and cry like Bonnie. It’s my promise”

Kritika blinks at her of not knowing what to say. She meets Arjun nect day and tells him what Radhika told. Arjun gets angry inside but did not show it to her and says sadly, “So you are not trusting me right? I know, because your friend brainwashed you like anything”

Kritika worries seeing him, “No Arjun…i trust you. Otherwise y i should come here to meet you even after radhika wa
rned me”

Arjun, “I can’t believe you. If you trust me then you should have told me that you also loves me. But even after i proposed you…you did not even tell those 3 words”
He bows his head down and acts like feeling sad. Kriti holds his hand and says, “I LOVE YOU ARJUN”. Arjun just lifts his head and gives her a warm smiling and to himself he murmurs saying, “RRRRRADHIKA…you are finished now”

Next day, Arjun calls to Kritika and she attends it, “Give the phone to your friend”

Kriti gets scared, “Arjun..why?”

Arjun, “Don’t worry…i wont say anything..pls give the phone to her”

kriti calls radhika and gives the phone to her..rads response without asking who is there on the line.

Rads, “Hello”

Arjun with so much hatred in his voice, “It’s me Arjun. And don’t dare to cut the call. Listen me fully and no interfere”

She keeps silent and he continues,”Don’t you have any other work other than talking bad about me? How come you are saying the same thing to everyone? Listen..this is my life and i don’t like a third person to interfere like you. I already warned you in Bonnie’s case and now this is the last warning i am giving you…Stop advicing her and concentrate only on your work. I wish you should never ever come infront of me otherwise i will really smash your face…that you should never think to talk bad about me. UNDERSTAND RRRRADHIKA?” He immediately hungs the call leaving radhika bewildered.

Rads becomes statue and stares the phone…gives it to Kritika and stares her angrily and cursing him and leaves from there. After that she stops interfering in her friends life and concentrates only her personal.

It’s been 6 months now, she sees kritika crying in her room one day by throwing the things inside the room angrily. She gets shocked seeing her but did not ask anything. She simply goes to her bed and checks her mobile casually. Kritika cries loudly seeing radhika and asks, “Will you not ask me why i am crying like this?”

Rads without moving her sight from her mobile answering, “Why to ask?. It’s been 6 months now..i guess it is a little long period that arjun ever had a relationship.”

Kritika blinks at her and she continues, “He broke up with you is it?”

Kritika again cries vigourously saying, “I should have listened your advice that day only. He is really a cheater and a big flirt. You know what hurts me more…he gives the reason that Bonnie is much better than me is it. I don’t have brains only it seems. He breaks the relation saying he will not waste his time with stupid people and he calls me the biggest stupid”

Rads opens her mouth widely in shock and stares her simply..but soon she started laughing seeing her and remembering her words. After that she consoles her and makes her sleep..then she talks to herself, “Arjun…i wish i should never ever meet you in my lifetime. Otherwise i will kill you definitely for hurting my friends.”


2 years Leap,

The new phase of Arjun & Radhika story begins here.

Radhika wakes up and gets ready for her office. She is working in a MNC company under HR department. Arjun also gets up early in the morning and gets ready for office.
Radhika takes her car and drives off to her office. Here Arjun also finishes his BF and drives off to his office. Unfortunately they both reaches the same office and parks their car in their respective places. Actually they don’t know each other and runs to catch the lifts in different directions. Rads on 5th floor and Arjun on 2nd floor. Both gets settled down in their own places.

Their life is moving smoothly untill the day comes when Arjun refers his friend to HR department and Radhika refers her friend to Development team where Arjun belongs to Development. And after a long recruiting process, fortunately Ardhika’s friends got job in the same company and joins there at the same day. They both meet each other in the Induction process gets introduced each other.

Girl, “Hi, i am Samaira”

Boy, “I am Neil”

Together, “Nice to meet you”. They both spend time together till the induction gets over and moves onto their respective floors. Sam to 5th floor on HR dept and Neil to 2nd floor on Development section.

Sam settles down to her cabin and calls to Arjun’s desk..but he is not available at his desk and his friend attends the call and tells her that he is not available. Then Sam gives him her name and desk number as 576 and tells him to inform Arjun to call her back. But he written the number 576 as 546 by mistakenly and tells to Arjun once he comes back.

Arjun comes back to his place and calls to the number noted down in his notepad. He dials to 546 and waits for Sam to attend it but Rads attends the call.

Rads, “Hello”

Arjun, “Hey Sam”

Rads, “Sam? Sorry i think you dialled a wrong number”

Arjun, “Oh…but it is written as 546 only and my friend newly joined in HR department”

Rads, “Is it? ok let me check. Give me a sec” and she asks a girl from another cabin for Sam but no one knows it. She continues, “I am sorry…no one knows her here”

Arjun, “That’s ok fine. Thank you Miss.”

Rads smiles, “Radhika”

Arjun, “Oh..Thank you Radhika” he pauses for a sec and continues, “Hey wait wait…You are Radhika?”

Rads, “Haan yes i am”

Arjun, “Radhika from SRM engineering college in HR department?”

Rads smiles widely, “Exactly. But how you know about me?”

Arjun smiles sarcastically, “Y not? I am ARJUN”

Rads, “Arjun?” she thinks for a min and gets shocked shouts, “ARJUN…You Scoundrel? So Sam is your another girl friend is it? Can’t live peacefully without talking to her?”

Arjun, “How dare you? She is my best friend. BTW have you started brainwashing the girls here also is it?”

Rads fumes in anger and is about to disconnect the call but he shouts not to call and continues, “We both are in same company and not knowing each other. But luckily you are in different department otherwise as i said you i would have smashed your face if at all you come infront of me”

Rads anger rise high and shouts him, “Hey Enough. What you think about me huh? You smash my face is it? I will kill you before that if you come to me. Do you think i will keep quiet for your this shit…Listen…if you call me again then i will surely file a complain against you in Ombuds. Mind it. SCOUNDREL”

Rads hung up the phone and goes out to search who is Sam. Arjun stares the mobile and goes out to calm down himself. But he bumps with Neil and both gets introduced to each other.

Rads comes in search of Sam and she founds her. Rads, “Hey…are you Sam?”

Sam smiles,”Yes”

Rads, “Listen…next time if that blo*dy scoundrel your so called boyfriend Arjun calls me…then that’s it. I wont keep quiet and tell him that not to call me again” she storms out leaving Sam shocked.

Sam immediately calls Arjun and meets him in the cafeteria with Neil. She greets Neil and starts scolding Arjun for shouting at Radhika. Neil interrupts, “Hey…you scolded Radhika?”

Arjun, “why you guys are over reacting? It’s a habit for her to get scoldings from me”

Neil, “Arjun…seriously i couldn’t believe that you scolded Radhika. You know what…Our friends use to wait like anything to talk to her and you scolded such a beautiful girl. How mean you are?”

Arjun stops drinking the juice and gives a shocking reaction, “Radhika is that beautiful?”

Neil, “ didn’t even see her still? Hey Sam…you saw here right…She is beautiful right?”

Sam, “Hmm yes..very beautiful..she is so charming”

Arjun closes his eyes tightly and murmurs, “Shit…what the hell i have done? How i missed her 2 years back?. So what….Better late than never” he smiles slightly and goes with Nesam.


Sam goes to Radhika and convinces her on behalf of Arjun and makes friendship with her. Radhika also forgets everything and befriends with her..ofcourse it’s all coz of Arjun.

Next day, Arjun picks up Sam from her home and drops her in office. He tells her to go first and he will join later after a call. He sends her and waits for Radhika to come. Soon, RaNeil comes and Arjun hides himself behind the pillar and waits for Radhika to get down from the car. She gets down and walking towards the lift…Arjun hides behind the pillar and is watching her without blinking his eyes. He is stunned, mesmerised and awestruck seeing her…and he is starring her till she gets into the lift..once she goes he bangs his head in the wall and scolding himself for creating a bad image infront of her. He gets restless thinking about Radhika and he desperately wants to be friend with her. He goes to his place and his mind is filled with only one thought and that is…how to talk to Radhika.

He dials again to her desk and she picks it up, “Hello”

Arjun adjusts his throat and in soft voice, “Radhika?”

Rads, “Yes…who is this?”

Arjun, “Mm..Arjun”

Rads gets furious again shouts, “What you want? Y u calling me again and again?”

Arjun rubs his head, “Hey…i didn’t call you to scold…actually i called you to say sorry”

Rads keeps quiet and did not reply anything…Arjun, “Hey…Radhika? You there?”

Rads rolls her eyes, “Yes”

Arjun smiles, “Thank god…i heard sound like you disconnected the call”

Rads, “If i disconnect the call, then the sound will be like this” by saying that she immediately hung the reciever on the phone harshly.

Arjun bangs his head and continuously scolding him. Arjun is not the one who easily accepts the defeat…he desperately wants to talk to her…make her his friend. He waits for her in the parking lot in evening and follows her in his car till she goes to her home.

Arjun to himself, “Cha….how i missed her yar…if i would have known that she is this much beautiful…instead of hanging with those two stupids..i would have make her mine and by now either she would be with me in my car or i would be with her in her car. All got spoiled…because of my carelessness. Shit.” He bangs his hand in the steering wheel and drives to his home.

He continues following her daily without her knowledge. She parks her car in the Landmark shop and goes inside…Arjun also follows her inside and stands beside her in the music section. She looks for a CD and couldn’t find it. Then she checks with the shop incharge and gets to know that there is one piece in that. Arjun immediately takes that CD in his hand is acting to look that. Radhika finds Arjun is looking out that CD..she hesitates but asks him, “Excuse me….are you planning to buy that? Coz i also looking for the same and there is only one piece it seems”

Arjun smiles at her, “Even..i am also looking for it. But it’s ok..i will get it later. You have it” he gives a gentle smile to her and she too reciprocates him with her cute smile and is about to go from there. Arjun thinks, “Hey Idiot…this s the chance for her to talk to her…Don’t ever think that she will come and talk to have to use the chance”. He immediately calls her, “Excuse me..if you don’t mind..shall i hear the songs once in music that i will remenisce this moment with me till i get it again.”

Rads after a minute of thinking she agrees and both goes to the music room and hears the song. Arjun behaves like a gentle man…stands beside her by giving a good , “distance between her and both listens the music. Rads sight often falls on him and she thinks, “He is behaving so gently with me…so sweet of him. God how can you create a guy like him and a lofer like Arjun”

They both comes out from the room and bids bye to each other. Arjun just stares her the way she is going and prays god to give him another chance of meeting her. God hears his wish and soon gives him the chance…Rads car did not get start and she don’t know what to do…Unfortunately Arjun meets her in the parking and looks at her worrying by looking at her car. He gets so happy and thanks god for making her meet soon. He goes to her and offers drop to her home.

She hesitates initially but after he assures her safety..she gets in his car and they both leaves from there. Radhika feels safe and happy being with him at their first meet itself. She wonders how it can happen..since she not even know about him. She thinks to introduce herself. At the same time Arjun also thinks to start the talk.

Rads turns to him, “Hi..Thanks for offering me the lift. BTW i am Radhika”

Arjun smiles and immediately he replies, “It’s ok. I am Ar…” he stops and blinks for a sec then continues, “I am Krish”

Rads, “Nice name. I am working for HCL in HR and U?”

Arjun rolls his eyes left & right and bites his lowerlip thinking what to say and manages saying, “I am Working for Accentra…Developer”

Rads, “Nice” after that they continues talking to each other and she gets very impressed on his gentle nature and they both shares their number. He drops her and drives to his home by remeniscing his moments with Radhika. An unknown and beautiful smile appears on his face.

Radhika feels so fresh and happy being with Arjun and talks to herself, “I never seen such a gentleman like Krish. He is so good…and most of all he is respecting the girls…he is not like that IDIOT Arjun”

She spends her time by thinking about Arjun and msg him, “Thanks for your lift” and hides her face coz of shy.

Arjun gets a beep sound in his mobile…he too lost in radhika’s thoughts…with no interest he takes his mobile and casually looks at the person who sent the message…after seeing the name..he literally jumps on his bed and replies to her msg “It’s my pleasure”

Likewise they continues messaging each other for whole night. Next day Arjun comes office to early to avoid meeting her in the office. Sam wonders seeing him behaving wierdly and he makes her also get ready early just because he is dropping her. Sam thinks to find the reason behind this.

Next day, Arjun goes to office early before Radhika reaches and torture Sam also to accompany him early. Radhika reaches office
meet Sam in her cabin and greets her morning. After an hour tehy both goes for Coffee and Sam finds Radhika is so happy and asks the reason.

Rads, “Sam, tell me one thing…if we are thinking about someone often means…we like them is it?”

Sam looks her curiously and asks, “Hey…what you want to know? Ask me directly”

Rads with lot of hesitation tells her meeting with Arjun. Sam, “Great yar. What’s his Name?”

Rads, “Krish working in Accentra”

Sam, “Anything else about him?”

Rads, “I don’t know…but he makes me think about him a lot”

She gets a call inbetween, “Hello”

It is none other than Arjun who calls her from Washroom from the same building. He adjusts his throat, “Radhika?”

Rads, “Yes”

Arjun, “Hi..I m Krish here”

Rads smiles..Sam signs her who is that and she whispers, “Krish”

Arjun, “What happened?”

Rads, “Nothing..My friend asks …actually we were talking about you only to my friend Sam”

Arjun, “Cool. Why i called you of my friend is looking for a job in HCL and immediately i thought about you. Can you pls refer him?”

Rads, “Yes sure. You pls fwd the resume to me. I will see what i can do”

Arjun, “Thank you so much. So…what happen to your car?”

Rads, “SOme major problem it sees. It will take another two days”

Arjun, “OKay…Radhika..i will go to my home through the way your office. So if you don’t mind i can pick you up there and drop you home”

Rads smiles, “That’s so sweet of you. Thanks”

Arjun, “Fne then. I will c you in the evening”


Arjun looks at his face in the mirror and smiles. Sam asks, “What he told?”

Rads, “He told that he will drop me home”

Sam, “And you said OK?”

Rads also surprised, “Haan…don’t know…he asked and i said ok”

Sam raises her eyebrows said, “Ok..m going to meet Arjun..he called me”

Rads gives her an angry look and turns her face…Sam smiles and goes to meet Arjun. Arjun informs her that Neil called her and Sam goes to talk to Neil.

Arjun smirks and calls to Rads desk, “Hello”

Arjun, “I am ARJUN here”

Rads gets irritated, “What you want?”

Arjun, “I just heard that you met some one yesterday and you are going to meet him today again is it?”

Rads in anger, “Sam told u is it? I will see her”

Arjun, “It dowsn’t matter who told me. But since i know you am thought of advicing you…Don’t believe anyone so easily and i no need to tell that to you. You better know it. I am sure he will take you to beach and take you to the lonely place..then after that it will be danger only”

Rads shouts, “Just shut up and your mind will think about others the way you think. It’s none of your business and you don’t need to tell me to whom i can talk. IDIOT” she hung up the phone harshly and goes out to search Sam to scold.

Arjun smirks and looks for Sam but she is going out. He gets panicked and follows her in the steps and luckily catches her in the lift and tells her, “ radhika will come and scold you…pls hear it with patience and don’t say anything”

Sam gets shocked, “What you did to her again?”

Arjun, “Pls pls pls Sam”

He sees Rads is coming and immediately hides behind the wall and Rads shouts for Sam. Sam turns to her with pout face and Rads continues, “DOn’t look at me like that..I couldn’t even scold you. It’s my mistake..i shouldn’t have told you”. She goes from there angrily followed by Sam and before she goes sam glares Arjun angrily.

Arjun gives a sigh relief after they went.

In the evening Arjun leaves before radhika and goes out from his office…takes a U-Turn and comes back to the same office entrance and meets Radhika outside. Both drives off somewhere and finally in the night he stops his car in the beach which makes radhika shocks..she remember what Arjun said.

Rads, “Krish, y u got me here”

Arjun (Krish), “Surprise”

Both walks in and rads gets tensed thinking about Arjun’s statement and asks, “Krish, where are you taking me?”

Arjun holds her hand and takes her forcefully near the water. She gets panicked but all her tense..nervous everything vanished seeing the full moon with stars in the dark. She gets happy seeing it and asks, “You got me here to show this?”

Arjun, “Hmm ofcourse. You like it?”

Rads, “Ofcourse Krish. It’s lovely and i never seen this before.”

Arjun, “Great…so shall we leave?” by saying this he starts going. Rads s surprised and runs behind him asking, “Do you really got me here just to show this?”

Arjun, “Yes. Why are you asking this again n again?”

Rads, “I am sorry Krish..i thought wrong about you”

Arjun acts to be sad, “It’s ok Radhika. Anyway it’s just two days we spoke and obviously it is very difficult to trust a man within two days. No pbm” he moves forward leaving her behind.

Rads silently follwows him with a happy smile.

This continues and their relation gets strong day by day coz of Arjun’s gentle efforts. One day, Ardhika finishes their lunch outside and is leaving from there. He opens the car door for her and is about to go to his side but stops seeing Sam watching him shocked and angrily.

Arjun too gets shocked but avoids her gaze and goes to his seat and drives off from there.


@ Arjun’s flat

Sam, “SCOUNDREL…You are krish is it?”

Arjun with his head bows down, “Sorry Sam”

Sam, “I am gonna tell to her. I thought there is a person Krish who is her best friend…are you her bf?”

Arjun, “Pls sam..try to understand don’t tell her”

Sam, “Y should i not tell her. You are lieing as Krish and talking to her”

Arjun, “No Sam…I sincerely love her.”

Sam,”Do you want me to believe you is it?”

Arjun, “Seriously Sam. I love her deeply”

Sam, “Then y r u hiding your identity”

Arjun, “If i say her my name as Arjun..then she never ever talk to me”

Sam, “How long you gonna cheat her? I don’t believe you and i am gonna tell her”

Arjun, “Sam ..pls yar. Listen i always have a good impression on Radhika from college days and adding to that when i see her i literally fallen for her. I wanna marry her and am very serious about her. pls believe me. I will propose her and once she accepts me then immediately i will tell her that i am Arjun”

Sam, “hmm…you are saying that she is good and that’s y u love her…she also feel that same thing only right. She also want to love a good person right.”

Arjun makes faces, “What? I am also a gentle man only”

Sam, “No you are a fraud”

Arjun keeps pout face and Sam continues, “Arjun..i know you are good basically but i don’t want you to repeat the same mistake which you did earlier to other girls. DO love her seriously?”

Arjun nods yes..Sam, “Then if she accepts your love then will you tell her the very next moment that you are Arjun?”

Arjun nods again and Sam, “Okay fine. If you try to cheat me again then i am sure You will be sorry” she goes from there.

Arjun bangs his head and falls in the bed.

Next day, Again Arjun promises Sam that he will tell Rads about him…and he gets shocked seeing Rads coming opposite to them. Arjun runs and hides behind one car and calls Sam also to hide.

Sam couldn’t move and blinks seeing rads approaching her. Arjun pleads her to stop rads somehow. When Rads goes near her Sam, “Ar..Arjun doing some repair in the got broke down”

Rads stop approaching and signs that she is going other way..she hides her face and runs from there. Samarj lets a sigh relief.

Evening, Arjun calls Sam, “Hey My work is over..shall we leave?”

Sam, “Yeah will leave”

Arjun, “Check with Radhika also…i don’t want to get caught again”

Sam calls rads from her desk, “Radhika..when are you leaving?”

Rads, “I have some work..i will leave later”

Sam to Arjun, “You heard it right. I am coming down”

Arjun, “Ok yar…bye”


It’s a weekend., Arjun calls to Radhika’s home number and Rads attends, “Hello”

Arjun, “Hey Radhika…Arjun here”

Rads, “HOw you got my number? Did Sam give is it?”

Arjun, “Why are always Pulling Sam here…it s not a big deal to get your number..i got it from your profile”

Rads, “Why u called me?”

Arjun, “Just out of check whether it happened as the way i told”

Rads smirks, “You have a thought that all men are like you only. After that day i gone out with him so many times and he did not misbehaved with me for a min. he is a perfect gentle man”

Arjun, “Ooooppssss….he did not. Hmm well then i can decide that he is not interested in you”

Rads, “What rubbish? Who the hell are you to say about?” she pause for a sec and again, “HOw you told that he is not interested in me?”

Arjun, “So curious to know…which means are you interested in him?”


Arjun, “Hey cool…i will tell you why am saying this. Generally guys are all same in one thing. If they see a beautiful girl they love her or else they will try to take her to bed.”

Rads, “Just stop the nonsense”

Arjun, “I am just stating the reality Radhika. ok tell me did your friend..what’s his name…mmm haa Krish…did he propose you?”

Rads, “No”

Arjun, “See..its clear yar. He dint propose you and dint misbehave with you…then obviously it means he is not interested in you right”

Rads is shocked hearing him but composes, “It’s not necessary that all men are same”

Arjun, “I told what i thought. If he really loves you then he cannot keep quiet. Just check with him once. Bye”

He cuts the call by confusing her.


@ Beach resort,

Ardhika walking to the beach and Rads initiated the topic, “ i looking beautiful or bad?”

Arjun (Krish), “What question is this? Every one will say that you are beautiful”

Rads, “I don’t bother about others. You tell me”

Arjun(krish), “You are very beautiful”

Rads, “Then y u didn’t…” she pauses seeing him and hesitates to complete the sentence.

Arjun, “What you wanna ask?”

Rads, “Actually…”. Arjun, “hey come on..ask me”

Rads, “Krish..till now you behave with me in a very decent manner…but i felt that there is a distance in our relation”

Arjun smiles, “Ofcourse Radhika. I am your friend and i should maintain the distance right”

Rads feels bad and moves forward asking, “Krish…Our relation is only based on Friendship is it?”

Arjun smirks and jumps in excitement silently and comes to her saying, “Since you are asking me frankly..i will admit it. I fallen in love with you when i met you first time. But i thought you will not like if i say”

Rads, “Why u dint say this to me earlier?”

Arjun, “Without knowing your interest then how can i tell?”

Rads, “How come its possible Krish…Are you not getting urge to tell me…usually guys will tell immediately right”

Arjun, “Who told you this?”

Rads, “Ar…mmm i myself thought”

Arjun, “Generally guys will wait to know the girls like…then only they will say. Now i got to know your interest and that’s y i proposed you. I LOVE YOU RADHIKA”

Rads gets happy and smiles widely seeing him…she moves to him and hugs him tightly saying, “I LOVE YOU TOO KRISH”

Arjun smiles and hugs her tightly.


Next day, Radhika goes to Sam’s house and tells her that she is not coming to office today. Sam finds her blushing and asks the reason. Rads, “Actually Krish proposed me and i accepted it. Today we are going out.”

Sam’s reaction changes and bids her bye…after she goes Sam talks to herself, “Then you should tell her about your original name Arjun”

Sam immediately goes to Arjun’s home and finds him sleeping. Sam, “Not going to office today?”

Arjun, “Yeah Sam…i am not feeling well”

Sam gets angry and asks sarcastically, “Oh..not well. Hmm fine. So what your Radhika saying?”

Arjun blinks and manages, “Nothing yar….i thought of proposing her yesterday but again some thought came and stops me that what if she rejects me. So i did not do that mistake. Don’t worry…i will tell her my name the next moment when she accepts my love. I will keep your promise for sure”

Sam throws the pillow on him and scolds him, “IDIOT. Don’t act..Radhika told me everything. You did not tell her yet right. Fine then i will tell her”

Arjun, “Sam…pls yar. It’s not been a day i proposed her. I am scared that what if she goes away from me if i tell that i am Arjun”

Sam, “So? You gonna hide her is it?”

Arjun, “Sam pls give me some time yar…i will surely tell her the truth.”

Sam, “Today is the last day for you Arju…you should tell her. No more excuses.” she leaves from there angrily.

Arjun murmus, “GET LOST”

Ardhika spend good time hanging out for shopping, restuarant movie. He then remembers Sam’s warning and calls Neil.

Neil, “Hey Arjun?”

Arjun,”Where are you man?”

Neil, “Home yar. You wanna join?”

Arjun, “yeah coming”

Arjun goes to Neil and talks about his own matter as if it is someone else’s and starts scolding Sam indirectly but unfortunately Sam comes infront of them. Arjun blinks seeing her. Neil, “ she is the one you were scolding sometime back is it?”

Arjun nodded silently and Neil laughs seeing them. Sam drags him to the room and locks the door.

Sam, “I am not gonna believe you anymore Arjun. If i trust you again then i am the stupidest person in the world. Whatever it may be i am seriously gonna tell her about you”

Arjun gets irriated and shouts her, “Just shut up Sam. What do you think about me? Listen…i love her seriously and whenever she calls me with the name krish i am the most who gets hurt of cheating her. I am not happy being with her saying lies…even i feel bad but i can’t tell her the truth just like that. Am sure she will hate me to the core. Just give sometime to me…i will sort out.”

Sam did not say anything but goes from there.


Radhika’s parents calls her and tells her about a marriage proposal but she denied it saying that she is in love. Initially they are shocked but later they accepted to meet him and tells her to get him home. Rads gets happy and immediately calls Arjun (Krish) to meet her in the park.


Rads, “ know what…my parents are ready to meet you. Will meet them today evening. Are you happy?”

Arjun is acting to be happy but he is not really. he feels bad for cheating her and somehow manages to compose himself. He gets restless and Rads looks at him worriedly asking, “Why are you looking upset Krish? Any problem?”

Arjun gives a heavy breathe, “Radhika…pls don’t get angry on me for whatever i am saying”

Rads, “What happened Krish?”

Arjun, “I hidden onething from you to make you love me but i cannot continue this relation by hiding it and at the same time i cannot tell you what it is. Pls don’t ask me…it is better if we go apart”

Rads is shocked and tears rolling her cheeks, “What are you saying Krish? Why are saying like this? Pls tell me what it is?”

Arjun, “Pls Radhika..don’t ask me anything. Will just break up our relation. I can’t say anything else”

Rads, “Don’t do this to me Krish. Do you even think how much it will hurt me?”

Arjun, “Pls radhika..try to understand”

Rads, “You are also like others only Krish. You also cheated me and you are thinking selfish about yourself. Not even think about that you are hurting me badly”

Arjun, “No radhika..pls dont say that. Till yesterday i was selfish only but not anymore. I cannot cheat you any more by hiding it but pls don’t ask me what is that. Will go away”

Rads, “Krish…pls i love sincerely. I will forgive you whatever you did…trust me. Pls tell what it is?”

Arjun, “No Radhika. You cannot forgive me if you get to know about it”

Rads, “Pls don’t do this to me Krish…you are hurting me badly”

Arjun, “JUst stop it radhika. Y can’t u understand”

Rads shocked seeing him and says, “So you are also a cheater. Just go from here Krish”

Arjun, “Radhika”

Rads, “I said just leave”

Ardhika goes apart in different directions. Rads completely avoids him and cries thinking about her moments with Arjun. Arjun also missing her very badly and hurts himself for hurting her.


It’s been 10 days now and they both are badly missing each other…Arjun completely hides himself from Rads eyes. One day he was talking to Sam and gets to know about radhika and thinks to call her. Sam stops him saying, “Don’t call her Arjun..if you call her also she will not talk to you..she hurts the name Krish more than anything now”

Arjun calls her, “Hey Radhika…Arjun here”. Sam gets shocked seeing him.

Rads silently responsed, “Yes Arjun”

Arjun, “Hey..usually you will get angry hearing my what happened?”

Rads, “Arjun…can you tell me one thing?”

Arjun, “Yes…ask”

Rads, “How you told me earlier that not to believe Krish”

Arjun, “Nothing just like that i told. Why what happened?”

Rads, “I hidden onething from you to make you love me but i cannot tell you what it is. He said like this and broke up with me”

Arjun, “Hey i am sorry Radhika. I know how much it hurts you”

Rads, “It’s ok. Krish also proved that he is like other. he did not love me truely”

Arjun, “Radhika…i think he loved you sincerely”

Rads, “No need to compose me by saying this Arjun”

Arjun, “Not just for composing Radhika. He himself come and told you that he hidden something right. He did not want to hurt you by hididng this and that’s y he admitted his mistake. He felt guilty of hiding it from you and that makes him to tell you. Just think”

he keeps the phone and looks at Shocking sam, “WHAT?”

next day Rads tells the same thing to Sam what Arjun spoke to her and tells her that she understands everything clearly and want to thanks Arjun. Sam smiles, “Call him”

Rads calls Arjun, “Hi Arjun”

Arjun, “Hey Radhika…how are you?”

Rads, “A lot better. Arjun you really helped me to come out from my trauma. I never think that you will do this to me”

Arjun, “Hey i never think anything wrong about you. I always considered you as my friend only. But you only thinking wrong about me”

Rads, “You never behaved well with me Arjun..and i wanna know why so many girls were there in your life Arjun?”

ARjun, “Hey don’t imagine me as a womaniser ok. I am not that bad ok…all those are on college time just for fun i did all that..but i know my limits and i never did bad with anyone. I always think that after college i will my own girl and promised to be sincere with her. I am not that bad as you think”

Rads smiles, “Yes Arjun. you are not that bad. And i am very happy of having this conversation. bye”

Arjun gets upset, “Bye”

Radhika’s parents again asked her about Krish and she asks two days time. She called Arjun immediately and shares her problem with him.

Arjun, “What you gonna do now?”

Rads, “I can’t forgive him easily Arjun. he hides something from me. I hate him”

Arjun, “Radhika listen. Are you perfect in everything? No right. You are imperfect in few things and when you can forgive your own mistakes then y not him?”

Rads realises what he said and asks, “What do i need to do Arjun?”

Arjun, “Give me his number and i will talk to him to meet you tomorrow. Infact i will take him with me to meet you”

Rads gets happy, “Thank you so much Arjun. You did a great thinng what every true friend will do. I am so happy now that i can meet Krish tomorrow and of course i will meet you also. Thank you so much Arjun. Bye”

Arjun, “DOn’t say thanks an all. It’s my duty as a friend”

Rads, “But how can i identify you Arjun”

Arjun, “I will come Blue jeans with black Shirt”

Rads, “Fine..will meet tomorrow. Bye”

Arjun, “Bye”


Next day, Radhika gets super happy and goes to the place where she supposed to meet Arjun & Krish. She waits for him in the park and gets happy seeing his face first and then gets shocked seeing his dress and is speechless. She remembers what she spoke to Arjun and his confession of cheating her and Arjun’s advice to her for accepting him. She cries remembering all those and stares him without blinking.

Arjun hesitatingly comes to her and she whispers, “Arjun”

Arjun, “By now you would have got to know what i have hidden from you. I am sorry for hurting you …will you forgive me?”

She keeps her fingers on his moouth before he completes the sentence. He holds her hands saying, “I LOVE YOU RADHIKA”

Happy tears oozing from her eyes and she replies, “I LOVE YOU TOO…ARJUN”

Arjun hugs her tightly and she too reciprocates the hugs smilingly.

*************************THE END************************************************

So girls how is this a looooooooong OS. It is adapted from a Movie. I loved this concept and i wanna give it with Ardhika version so i am here with this lovely script. Enjoy reading and pls give your comments.

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  1. Jnana

    I’ve seen this movie for around 10 times…… But my fate …. Couldn’t see the climax…… This is what happens with me always……. Well, it was awesome dear…….

    1. Sathya

      Thank I jnana… It’s so awesome movie

  2. Dipika

    Wow satzzzzz this so beautiful.. Never at any point i feels like it was adopted from any movie..u did brilliant job..there was perfectly written everything… Omg..arjun is such player..he plays well n make her understand all the things… Kabhi krish to kabhi arjun…superman..i just loved this..n yess indeed it was sooo cute yarrrr..hats offf..thanks for writing it .love yo tonsssssd…muhhha

    1. Sathya

      Thank u soooooo much dipu darling ???? that was a wonderful comment dear…. I will send u the movie link with English subtitles…. U should watch it… N m sure u will like it.

  3. Brin

    It was so perfect, love it to the core, you nail it, well done. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Sathya

      Thank u soooooo much brin

  4. S.v

    ayyo arjun sathyama sollu that one is leelai right ?? Karthick/Sundar is arjun/Krishn and karunai malar is rrrradhika and suja sam and vicky is neil. Ayyo tats my fav movie i still have with me unaku onnu theriyuma all the time reading i was speaking the dialogue all by my self azagu adhuvum malar ayyo all the scene put together u made it my fav movie and songs and now this has my fav jodi onnu kuda nee miss pannala i loved it to the core. Now im jumoing and sry for the small comments my hand is terribly bad love u so much and pls make more of these os love u u made me smile wide. Love u so much.

    1. Sathya

      Mikka Nandri sv avargale ??? yes it is Leelai movie than. Enaku romba naalave itha ff ah elutha aasai… But then I already have so many on queue so then decided for OS. Love u too dear

      1. S.v

        aamala ff aah irundha epdi irundhurukum ayyo avanga fight aparam suja and malar meet and vicky pilaka paiyan and cafeteria talk adhukaparam karthik malarah first time sight adikaradhu avanga fone convo aparam sundar enrty music world and avanga confession then avanga love proposal sujaukku theirya varadhu adhukaparam shopping mall scene with malar’s friends(karthik exs) adhukaparam hmmm haa sanda (kutty one) then periya sanda adhukaparam he convinces her with the help of himself finally black shirt kaki pant. Pathiya i said na manapadamah theriyumnu. Adhu dhan idhu. Lol wish we read that in a ff. Ayyo kelapi vitutiye maa aasaya love u so much

  5. Its even in Telugu movie called lovers …..osum buddy

    1. Sathya

      Yes buddy… Thank u so much

  6. Hey this is leelai movie shiv pandit I love a song oru kili oru kili actually all the songs are good n the movie too ?

    1. Sathya

      Yes candy… It’s Leelai movie only. Thank u dear

  7. Jessie

    Gosh…this is super.. I like this than s movie.. I have missed catching most of d movie though..tat guy running to catch her glimpse after everyone praises her tat one is insane. Karunai malar avalo azhagu.. guess its Jagan who says tat .. Arjun…krish.. wah… I was just visualizing d scenes.. fab… TC n.loads of love

    1. Sathya

      Awww Jessie u made my day by ur comment darling…. Muaaahhhh ???… No it s santhanam who says that karunai malar is avlo azhagu. Thanks a lot dear

  8. Aadia

    Akkaaa,it’s too good..really interesting concept.. Loved it.

    1. Sathya

      Thank u so much aadia dear

  9. Sweetie

    Lovely one dear Sathya.. ๐Ÿ˜€

    1. Sathya

      Thank u sweetie dear

  10. Myra

    Outstanding job. Satzz akkaa….loved it…..amazing…! Muahhh ?

    1. Sathya

      Thank u so much Myra dear

  11. Rossy

    Sissy this is great…though Arjun was impossible. Lol…at first he has gone mad with her beauty then tried to act Krish, then justified everything and became…he is really something ??

    1. Sathya

      Thank u my dear pyaari sissy… Yes arjun is really impossible… If he decides that he wants something then he will not sit quietly till he gets it…. Lol

  12. Tara

    omg di…
    this is out of the world………
    i guess u should be a script writer…
    super awesome this was.. enjoyed every bit of it..

    1. Sathya

      Thank u Tara…. Actually this OS I have taken from a movie called Leelai… So the credit should go for that director…. I was thinking to write this ardhika version just coz I love this movie a lot. N many thanks for ur comments

      1. Tara

        um is it a south movie?? coz i never saw it…
        but it was great to read it ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. Super dear

    1. Sathya

      Thank u dear

  14. Gauri

    sathya darling hats off seriously you are writing so many diffrent stories that i feel you have a big store house of stories…….this one was really cute…..he finally felll for the girl whom he hated…..just wow….u are brilliant darling… youโคโคโคโคโคโคโคโคโค alll these hrts for u keep smiling

    1. Sathya

      Gauri….. I was desperately waiting for ur comments from yesterday….. ???? thank u so much dear… N yeah actually it is a Tamil movie name Leelai… It a wonderful movie… I really thought to give that for ardhika n I think I did justice to the movie. Love u dear…. I will keep those hearts safely

      1. Gauri

        and it was indeed beautiful ๐Ÿ™‚ sorry for being late

  15. Dev

    Oosm os buddy….im gonna c d movie now….n sorry late ayiten….culturals in colg… galatta n koothu n all

    1. Sathya

      Thank u so much dev

  16. Hemalattha


  17. awesome…

  18. _Ritu

    Wow Sathya.. ๐Ÿ™‚ it was fab dear…though I didn’t watch dat movie bt reading dat on ArDhika was too lovely… Loved it to d core..good job dear…loads of love. ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. Awesome, marvellous satzzzz …what else can I say…you’re simply outstanding. …keep it up honeyyy. Love you loads. muaaaaahhhhhh Bear hug my sweeeeeetheart darling Satzzzz โ™กโ™กโ™ก ๐Ÿ˜‰

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