MMZ-My crazy lover-One shot


Salaam everyone… How are you all?? Firstly Advanced Happy New Year to all of you… 😀
Today I have declared official holiday myself, so started writing this standalone shot which was swirling in my mind from a long time… 😉 Whenever I sit to think about THWH or misconceptions this story started colliding with them, so yeah, here it is… And also I have written this in POV style which is not new to me, but this is only my second attempt to write in this style, so if you find mistakes please just inform me so that I can better myself in my later works… 🙂 Not proof-read, so please ignore any mistakes…

Happy reading amigos… 😀
—- Arjun (POV) —-
That day I saw her in a restaurant yawning while she was listening to an elderly couple who were in their world speaking nonstop. Will they ever stop and see her? I think she was getting bored due to the lectures given to her by the couple. A guy sat beside her and started rubbing her hands so as to east her tension. But, lo and behold, she is not at all tensed instead she was bored to hell.

Why cannot the guy get that in his head? Is he her boyfriend or something? If he is then why cannot he understand that? That was none of my business actually. But the girl, she is so sweet. I wanted to roll my eyes when the couple said a joke aloud (which according to them was a joke but not for others) and laughed out even louder. The whole restaurant was irked by their nonsensical jokes and their incessant blabber. Finally the restaurant manager came up to them and very respectfully said them all to leave. Only then I took a sigh of relief. But oh wait, where is the girl? She just disappeared in thin air. Just now she is here and in the next moment she is gone.

Wait wait!! Holy Mother of God, she is just coming from the opposite end of the washroom and winked at the restaurant manager- WINKED. So the respectful expulsion was her idea. The girl is too shrewd for her own good. It was a treat to watch both the couple and the guy’s face. Their faces were pale white as paper when they were informed about the matter. I guess this is their first time to ever visit a restaurant. I’m not guessing it but I know it when I see people.

You know I’ve this seventh sense where I can just look at the guy and say his personality. Just kidding. What do you expect from a guy like me who loves to boast about himself at every possible occasion? But this time I think I over made the situation. Anyways coming back to the topic at hand, the couple and the guy took the last sips of the juice and made their exit. The girl is ever so happy to leave the place but she is not looking like one who can relate herself to such low-class people. Did I just say that word? OMG!! Thanks to the one who is above all of us that my mother is not here and I didn’t say the word aloud. Or else I would have had an ear bleeding lecture about the words which I should say and which I should not. And only in these types of situations I look very much like my father. It’s not like I don’t love him but his ethics always collide with mine and blast like a nuclear bomb.

Just like Hiroshima and Nagasaki which were suffering even today because of US atomic bomb, my mom is the one who suffers because of our collisions and disapprovals. He wants me to join his business but I’m the one who loves to enjoy life with my friends and party hard. Is it such a crime to enjoy life to the fullest? Even today I was doing the same, spending all the money which my father made from the business and he is going to have a heart attack when he sees my credit card bill. It’s not because of the high expenditure but this is the least I spent in my life. Can you believe that and all this is because of that brown-eyed girl. Damn her and damn those eyes. And my God!! I even forgot that I’ve a girlfriend and I love her so much. This girlfriend drama started off like a challenge to my father who thinks I’ve sired a lot of children because of my habits. And I wanted to prove him wrong, so I asked my best friend Pankh aka Pankhudi to act as my girlfriend. But that turned out to be best decision of my life till today when this brown-eyed witch came to my life. Pankh is a sweet girl and I cannot break her heart because of my fluctuating feelings. Even she belongs to the same class that I mentioned earlier and reprimanded myself later. Okay not really but remembered my mother’s admonitions, right? And now I’m off to my place which people call a house and my lovely mother awaits me for dinner. She doesn’t take her dinner until I reach home so I just have to reach the place as early as possible as it is already late.

When I was leaving the restaurant I saw the same brown-eyed witch talking to the guy who accompanied her. Aha!! Now this is what I call a punch, she just kicked him in his crotch and the guy fell down like a pack of cards. If I ever get any chance to meet her I’ll have to maintain a distance of at least 1 km from her. She is too dangerous man, what do you expect!! Go near her and take a lifetime holiday for my fatherhood. Not in thousand years. If my father ever gets to know about this girl, he will be jumping up and down to hitch me to this girl. Better be off and save myself. But I just can’t leave the place because she is alone. That blo*dy piece of shit left her alone. Guys like him are a black mark to our gender, you know. You have to know this and this is not at all boasting alright, I never left any of my friends who are girls alone.

After waiting for a few moments and getting her breathing back to normal, she picked up her phone and called someone. And in a matter of minutes a Renault Duster was parked in front of her. Didn’t I say she cannot be related to the people who accompanied her? Now now, she didn’t take her seat in the car but instead sat on roof-rack. If I ever mentioned her to be crazy earlier then I’m absolutely right and if I didn’t then make sure she is. The guy who is driving the car came out and started scolding her but she being she just sat on the roof-rack and enjoying the night air as if she is on some country side and this is the fresh air she can ever get into her lungs.

When the driver guy asked her about something, she opened her eyes and shouted at him to start the blo*dy car. My my!! She looks cute in her Jhansi ki Rani avatar. Cute!! Who am I kidding?? I said earlier I’ll maintain a kilometre distance from her if I ever met her, chuck that and double the distance or you can even triple that. That will be the distance I’ll maintain if I ever meet her. Now I can really be off to my home. My friends are giving me weird looks as to know what happened to me. What can I say to them? That I was captivated by a brown-eyed witch?? Never ever. If they get the inclination that I enjoyed watching this girl, then it will not take minutes, no, scratch that, seconds for them to notify Pankhudi about my exploration. It’s not that Pankhudi will be jealous or something but she will stop talking to me for at least two days. She wants my loyalty in this relationship and I do not want to upset her. I sighed at how the strings of my life are in the hands of Pankhudi.

Usually I’m not a guy who does these things but if you want something you have to sacrifice something or the other, right? So I sacrificed my ever-so-lovely freedom to Pankhudi. All will call her Pankh, but I’m not at all comfortable calling her that. Enough of Pankhudi story, I need to make believe my friends that I’m just guarding the girl until someone who she trusts reaches her and take her to safety and I bet that’s not gonna be an easy task at the looks of their faces. Fine!! Be done with it. My feelings for this girl cannot entirely break Pankhudi’s heart but it can give a crack which can be cured by my ministrations like buying her lots of teddy bears. So I just said them about my attraction to this girl because of her fierce nature and nothing can ever come out of this attraction because we are not going to meet any time in the future. My friends just as sweethearts they are complied with my side of story and promised me not to open their mouths in front of Pankhudi. Thanks heavens!! Now I can really have a goodnight’s sleep.
I started my car and off I go to both the hell and heaven that is my home.

—- Radhika (POV) —-
I’m at this restaurant with this so-called boyfriend of mine. He is a ninny. He became my boyfriend because of a bet but this guy attached himself to me like a leech. Tonight I even met his parents. They both are as ninnies as this guy is. They kept talking about marriage, rituals and the strict rules they have for their daughter-in-law. Did they seriously think I’m going to be their daughter-in-law? My father will bow their heads with a magazine of bullets before they even complete asking my hand for their dumb-head son. Oh poor fellows doesn’t know what’s gonna hit them. I chuckled when this thought crossed my mind. But I being ever gracious thought to save these not-so-poor souls from death, so I made my way to restaurant manager and told him to respectfully expel the guy and his parents from the restaurant. And the manager being aware of who I am gave his consent and left to do his task. I hid myself in the shadows to see the show. Did I ever say I’m a very big fan of these kinds of drams? No? Then here I am to declare myself as a b*t*h that takes pleasure in torturing people and gets what I want.

After sipping the last drops of juice from their glasses [yeah I know Gross] they made their exit from the restaurant. I thanked the manager, gave him my credit card, paid the bill and left the restaurant. There stood the guy who I thought ninny till this minute with a fierce expression on his face. And that expression actually gave his face funny look. I laughed out loud seeing him in that way. But the guy is serious this time yaar, he came up to me, took hold of my arm and started shaking me. Do I like a cool drink to him? Shut up Radhika. Oh wait!! He is barking something. Yeah!! Literally he was barking. His spit is all over my face when he was speaking. How did I ever accept him as my boyfriend!! God knows the answer. No actually I know the answer too, because of that stupid bet made by my ever-stupid friend. And first thing in the morning, I’m going to smack his face.

Will this guy ever stop shaking me? He is saying that he made me his girlfriend because of my lavish lifestyle. You must imagine me wide-eyed now. Seriously!! This guy is a dumb-head. If he ever gets to know the truth, his topper-wala-heart will break, poor guy. Well, this is not the time to pity him. So I just kicked him in the crotch and showed him his place. That guy fell on the ground next instant. Too much sensitive for a topper, haha.
Next he made himself proper and left the place leaving me alone. Goodness gracious!! I didn’t take this relationship to next level or I don’t know what would have happened to me. Not that my parents or my friends would have allowed anything happen to me, but shame is shame to any person, right?

I sighed and called my friend who is the root cause of all this. He is a 2AM friend of mine, so after minutes of my call he is in front of me with that concerned face of his. And I’m being arrogant of all just climbed on the roof-rack and breathed in the air. He came out of the car asking about my so-called boyfriend, so I just shouted at him to start the damn car and he just did that. He is such a sweetheart, you see.

When I reached my house and went inside, he followed me and repeated the same question. I sighed and narrated the entire incident. My mother is nodding her head side-to-side which is equal to stating that I didn’t do a correct thing. Now what does she expect? Me going along in the relationship with that guy? Never. But my papa has fallen from the sofa while laughing when I said the last part that is kicking in the crotch wala part. My mother is wide-eyed now. I thought her eyes would have left the sockets, but fortunately they are in the same position. Oh wait!! Even she is laughing now. My friend Amar and my papa joined her for another round. God!! Such a lovely family I have. I sent my prayers to the one above to please make sure this family of mine stays safe.

—- Arjun(POV) —-
The next few days really went fast with all my partying, occasional visits to my father’s office which is unusual of me but I was unable to keep myself away from the office. You know the reason behind it? It is my obsession. I want to prove my father wrong again. So I started visiting the office. What started off as my interest to irk my father turned out to my obsession within few days. So yeah!! This is my new life now.

Life is such a *******. What do you expect? Me to curse? Nope, I will not because my mother is beside me. She is taking in all my expressions. Why should I not curse when the brown-eyed witch is in front of me? She is laughing at some joke that the girl beside her cracked. How can she be so happy after a break up? Or is it even a break up? Never mind. She is looking so happy with a big group surrounding her. This function is supposed to be my father’s partner daughter’s, but what is she doing here? Oh yeah!! She is standing with the girl of honour of this evening. So she is her friend. Yaar!! Where did I get myself stuck? I just want to run in the opposite direction. Huh?? But why?? She didn’t know and I absolutely don’t know her either. Not in the literal sense but I don’t know her details, right? That’s what I was saying.

Aahh!!! Holy Mother of God!! She just walked beside me and that lavender scent of hers is intoxicating. Stop it Arjun. Come to your senses man. You are acting like a teenage boy who just got his first girlfriend. She made her way to the drinks counter and ordered herself a drink.
Meanwhile I didn’t get to see the expression of my parents because I was so involved in her. Her way of holding a glass; occasional stir of the glass when she is answering someone and her posture which resembles a royal seated on her throne.

Drat!! What is my father talking to her? I just excused myself from the eye-battling girls and made way to the drinks counter. And to my luck, there is nothing more than introductions completed. My father asked her qualifications to which she replied that she completed her Bachelor of Technology and now preparing for civil services. When my father asked her why she chose to do civil services rather than Business management or Masters in Technology in very up-handed manner like he does all the time, you know what she did.

She just swirled in her chair, looked eye-to-eye in my father’s eyes and said that she will do whatever she wants to do and also if she did the degrees my father mentioned then there would not have been a further discussion with her and she wants her name to be written in history with golden words stating she is the best IAS officer India has ever seen. There is this fire in her eyes which can undoubtedly make any person flinch. But my father being a big-shot businessman didn’t flinch but returned to his chair beside my mother. What a start to my evening!! She is just like me in many ways. She didn’t take shit from people. MY brown-eyed witch. Woah!! Where did that possessiveness come from?? Anyways I think today my legs had their own mind and they started moving toward her- HER. Mark my words, today is my dooms day.

‘Hi, I’m Arjun.’ I introduced myself.
She cocked up her eyebrow and said ‘So?’

So? Like seriously, did she just say that? I’m the most handsome guy in the entire function and all she can say is “So”. No, come on Arjun, she just issued a challenge. Win her over man. Another slip. How do you think to win her over Arjun? Shit!! She is making me crazy.
I cleared my throat and ordered a drink to moisten my throat which dried up due to her answer and started talking to her again.
‘The man who asked you questions earlier is my father.’
‘So you are here to continue his question parade?’

‘Nope. I’m here with a proposal.’
She choked her drink and started watching me wide-eyed.
‘I’m here with a proposal.’
‘I understood that you ninny head. Aage bhi bolo.’
“Did she just call me ninny-head? How dare she? First I thought to offer her a job in my office to irk my father but now it will be another proposal. My brown-eyed witch, here I come.” I thought with a devilish smile.
‘You have to act as my girlfriend.’

‘WHAT?’ this time her voice is loud enough to break my ear drum.
‘Come on now girl, here I thought I’m ninny-head but you appear to be more than that.’ Said I riling her up and she is so taking my bait.
‘I’m not and my name is Radhika you dumb-head and don’t call me girl again, get that?’
‘Why? You are not a girl?’ I asked dramatically with my hands on my mouth.

The expression she gave is priceless. I’m so enjoying talking to her. It’s been a long time I flirted with any girl because of the fear of Pankhudi. But with this girl, I can be myself. Am I posing a threat to my relationship with Pankhudi? That’s secondary now. I just want Radhika to accept my proposal so that I can give my father a clean check of his qualities. And she being crazy will turn him crazy too. Then I can calmly announce my marriage with Pankhudi and live a happy life. My father will be happy because he got a simple girl as his daughter-in-law rather than a virago. Wow!! What a brilliant mind you have got Arjun. Hats-off to your brain.
After giving a thought and scanning me from top to bottom several times she agreed, I mean she actually agreed.

‘Ok sure, I will but remember one thing, even if it is acting what is mine stays MINE.’ She said enunciating the word ‘Mine’.
God!! What am I going to do now? I have a girlfriend and she will haunt me to death if she ever gets to know this. But I should take this chance; I can make Pankhudi agree to this because she too knows my father. Before that Radhika should know the truth, I took a deep breath and said

‘But I’ve a girlfriend. I’m asking you this just to show my father his place.’
‘That’s not my concern’ said she sipping her juice and continued before I could reply her ‘And also remember in the middle of acting if I get to really like you then no power on earth can separate you from me. I will snatch you from your girlfriend even without you knowing it.’
This is the time my jaw hit the floor. Where did I get myself? She is more than Pankhudi. With Pankhudi, I know the ways to convince but this girl is a stranger. What should I do now? Back out and turn my back to her at the bud itself. No my pride doesn’t allow me to do that. But if I do this, then no way in hell Pankhudi will ever forgive me. Arjun!! Come on, you can do this. She just stated a possibility; it is not like she is going to propose you tomorrow.

‘Ok! Deal.’ I said extending my hand.
She took my hand in hers and smiled wide. That handshake sent sparks to my spine and that smile warmed my heart. Clear your head Arjun, you cannot fall for her. If you fall for her, then the simple and happy life you ever thought of will be in ashes.

—- Radhika (POV) —-
When I was sipping my drink some elderly person came to me and started asking weird questions. First I was respectful but his question about my education brought my anger out. The same question was being asked by many relatives of mine and he just repeated the same, so I snapped at him. I am not a girl who disrespects elders but these types of questions relating to my personal matters bring me to edge. He left from there with a smirk on his face. Didn’t I just insult him? Why was he smirking then? Never mind. Come on Radhika, finish your drink and join your gang.

Then came this handsome man I ever laid my eyes on and introduced himself as Arjun and also son of the poor man who just got insulted by me. I got irritated and tried to shoo him off. But boy! is he stubborn. That suits his personality well. Good looks, arrogance and stubborn as hell. That final quality of his makes him hot. And so I accepted his offer without a second thought, even though I took my sweet time to answer his question I knew at back of my mind that I’m going to accept his offer.
So here I am; the official girlfriend of Arjun Mehra. He didn’t know when I said about my possessiveness that I’ve already taken him as my man. Now his girlfriend whoever she is will go through gates of fire before getting him from me.
So Mr. Arjun Mehra, here I come. Be well prepared because Radhika Mishra is going to hit you. I smirked at this thought.

—- Arjun (POV) —-
After Radhika accepted to be my girlfriend, I made Pankhudi agree to this idea that is to bring my father to his knees. Alright, I know I should not say that about my father, but what should I do when I get a father like him?
After many pleadings from my side and pouts from Pankhudi’s side she agreed to this idea. I was relieved from one tension and I need to concentrate on another one that is none other than my fire-band Radhika.
She called me one day and told me to invite her to dinner. Who does that yaar? She is inviting herself to dinner. And the most shocking thing is she wants the presence of Pankhudi at the dinner. What on earth does she think of herself? And why is she so hell bent about Pankhudi’s attendance. My father will be gritting his teeth if he sees Pankhudi at dinner. What should I do? I ran to my mom for the advice and she as usual left the decision to me. I sighed and accepted to bring in Pankhudi for the dinner. Radhika squealed in happiness and kissed me during my call. She is crazy alright.

Then I approached Pankhudi with the same matter and she started asking me questions one after another. This girl should be in CBI, what is she doing here? After answers to many questions which is only ‘I don’t know’ she agreed to attend the dinner.
At the night of dinner, Radhika made her appearance in a black saree which suited her complexion so well. Along with her is Amar, her 2AM friend. He is excited as kid and was jumping up and down when I agreed to this dinner plan. What is with these people? Are all the friends of Radhika got hit on their heads? Not only Amar, all her other friends are crazy too. Natasha, my father’s partner’s daughter selected my dress as if this is my first date. God!! These girls can be crazy all the times.

Back to Radhika, she is looking absolutely hot in that saree. Had Pankhudi not been my first priority, I would have kissed Radhika right there that too open mouth kiss. This girl addled up my brain and my plans.
I took them inside my mansion and introduced all to my parents. My father who knew Radhika from before was shocked to see her in his mansion. When I introduced him to Pankhudi, all he did was give a scowl to Pankhudi and made way to dining table. I took Pankhudi’s hand in mine and told her not to worry when she looked at me.

We were all at the dining table and suddenly Radhika felt sick. So I asked our maid to accompany her to washroom. But Radhika wanted me to accompany her, so I did accompany her. When she emerged from the washroom, she looked so pale. She threw up all the contents of her stomach. And the next thing she did knocked the daylights of mine. She came up to me and kissed me full on my lips. I think that is just the spark I wanted, I responded to her kiss with equal fervour oblivious of Pankhudi just behind us. When we came up for air I saw Radhika smirking at the person who is behind us. When I saw behind, all my blood ran south. I thought Pankhudi will leave me for good. But I breathed a sigh of relief when I heard her next words.

‘I trust you Arjun.’ Said she and walked back to the dining table where all had worried looks on their faces.
When I took my place back, I was angry with myself. How can I let my mind drift like this? Why the blo*dy hell Radhika kissed me? Did she know Pankhudi is behind us? Even though Pankhudi said she trusts me there is a sick feeling in my stomach that she is going to demand answers. Why did I kiss her back? I think this is the time I’m gonna throw up. Radhika and Amar left the place after dinner. I dropped Pankhudi at her home. All during the journey she didn’t speak a word. When she got down from the car, she hugged me tight and disappeared into her house. That’s it? No questions this time? What am I going to make up from this?

—- Radhika (POV) —-

It was my plan to make Pankhudi reach the room where Arjun and I were present. She is becoming a bone in my love life. Because of her, Arjun is not living his life peacefully. She has those strings in her hand where she can snap a finger and Arjun will crumble to ashes. He doesn’t eat ice-cream because Pankhudi doesn’t like him eating ice-cream. There are many things like these where Arjun is not just himself but he is living as Pankhudi in the core and Arjun as the shell. So I wanted to liberate the soul of Arjun from clutches of Pankhudi. When I met her, I know she is a sweet girl but I’m selfish to the core. So I messaged Amar to send Pankhudi behind us when I will not return from washroom any time sooner and that too Arjun accompanying me. It was a last-minute plan I made up when I felt sick. Then I kissed him, my first ever kiss with the guy I love. And to my surprise, he responded back. Wow!! What a fortunate day, sorry correction, night it turned out to be.

I saw Pankhudi standing behind us when we came up from air, I knew only Amar is capable of sending her to this room. He is such a sweetheart. But Pankhudi got over this time. She trusts Arjun. God!! What an utter flop plan it was. I’m gonna kick myself if another time I came up with such plan.
From next day on, I ignored Arjun like a plague. He called me N number of times and came to our coaching institute another N number of times. But I’m not in a position to show my face to him. Maybe, Pankhudi is best for him. Even he voiced out many times that I’m just a way to get his father accept his marriage with Pankhudi. I’m feeling ashamed of myself now, what did I do?

When I was thinking I didn’t notice people who were following me. They blocked my path and unfortunately my friends weren’t there with me because I wanted some space to ponder over the things that addled up my brain. I cannot lose my career and dream because of a man, right? They got hold my hands and stuffed a handkerchief to my face. Next I know is darkness engulfing me.
When I opened my eyes, it is in a dark room with only a light flickering at the end of the room. As if somebody had sensed my movements, a dark figure entered the room and started asking about confidential matters about my father. Of course I know every operation my father undertakes but this operation what he was talking about is not in my mind. I think my father didn’t want to bother me when I was grieving over my loss. When he asked the question again, I said I didn’t know. He said that he will blackmail my father using me. Before he could complete his sentence, I spat all the cruel words on his face.

And the man laughed like maniac. He said he would never back off to kill me. I said that doesn’t matter to me if I’m alive or not because I don’t want my father to fall weak because of me. Had my hands were untied; I would have beaten the man to pulp. Only I knew how my hands were shaking while I was uttering those words. I just want my mother’s hands around me now- more than I ever wanted. Next what I heard let my nerves to calm down a little. The bullet shots and the shrieks of the goons cursing the police department. Next there was silence. And the man untied my hands and knocked me on the head. My skull was not that weak to take the blow and I will just faint. I’m conscious and was waiting for my father to enter the room. Everyone knew he is a sharp shooter in the whole department and only so no one ever dared him in shooting and this man is taking me a shield. I smirked when the door opened with a thud. The small light is enough for my father to shoot the goon point-black. I was so relieved when the goon fell to the ground.

My father came up and hugged me tight. My teeth were chattering like hell. And his war hug is doing its wonders. But wait!! What on earth is Arjun doing here?
My father went back to his duty and started collecting details of the dead bodies. Even the dead bodies scream evidence so we can get to the head that planned this operation. Arjun came to me, hugged me and kissed me tight on my lips. I was shocked would definitely be an understatement, his lips were so warm against my cold ones. My father cleared his throat and we separated from the kiss reluctantly. I blushed for the first ever time that day. And why shouldn’t I? I kissed a guy in front of my father, okay he kissed me and I kissed him back.

I think you might be wondering how my father got my location, right. It is because of my hair-clip. I wear this hair-clip every time I hang out with my friends or I am going to college. This is a safety measure my father took long back so as to protect me from these kinds of dangers.
Coming back, my father assigned his finest officers on collecting the evidence and started off with me to reach our house. But I’ll not be his daughter had I allowed him to skip his duty, no? So I made him agree on collecting the evidence and also made sure he will not leave the place without the evidence.

Next I exited the dratted place with Arjun’s hand in mine. I wanted to ask him many questions but I’m not strong enough with drug still in my body and the knock on my head. When I slightly swooned, Arjun scooped me in his arms and settled me in the back seat of his car. Next I know is waking up in my room with concerned eyes of my mother looming over me. Immediate next sat Arjun and my father. All took their hugs to hug me tight and Arjun was the first one to run out the room unable to control his tears.

‘Radhika, do you love him for real?’ came the question from my mother. She very well knows about my obsession but this time it is not my obsession but my love that one over. I heard love demands but I didn’t know this gonna happen to me. Even then I was unable to get Arjun out of my head. If he continues to stay here one more minute it will not take long before I seduce him and take out Pankhudi from his life for good.
I sighed and nodded my head in a yes to my mother’s question. Both my father and mother squealed in happiness which led my already aching head to ache even more. When I asked them the reason for their happiness, they didn’t reply and just exchanged looks which I was unable to decipher for the first time.

‘Then why were you avoiding Arjun all this time?’ this time it is my father.
I sighed another time that day. Why is this question parade today?
‘Dad! You very well know about my obsessive nature. Last time I tried to seduce Arjun in front of Pankhudi. The trust of Pankhudi made me regret the plan. But I don’t regret it completely, you see. Only because of that stupid plan, I got to know I loved Arjun and also Pankhudi is best partner for Arjun. She trusts him even after witnessing my little stunt. Papa!! Please send him away. If he stays here one more moment, I will be back and this time no one will be able to save him from me.’

—- Arjun (POV) —-
Did she just say that she loves me? My heart beat took a big leap when I heard these words. Only yesterday I came to a conclusion that I was hopelessly in love with Radhika. All credit goes to my little sister Sreee. She is not my real sister but more than that. She made me aware of my feelings.
‘Daada!!! You know with Pankhudi you were always searching for her approval in every matter. But with Radhika, you are yourself. There is no hiding about anything from her. Sach kahu toh you were never in love with Pankhudi. You were in love with the feeling of comfort you will get when you marry her. But with Radhika, you know passion. Even now, you all forgot about Pankhudi and crying over Radhika.’
‘I’m not crying choti.’ I said interrupting her.
She laughed her wonderful laugh and waved her hand dismissing my words.

‘Okay, you are not crying but you feel her absence, isn’t it?’ When I nodded my head in approval she continued ‘Did you ever feel Pankhudi’s absence?’ I pondered over the question and actually never felt her absence. I nodded my head in a NO. Before we continue further, my phone chimed and the news I got from other side of the phone drained all the blood from my body.
Radhika is kidnapped. This should be some sick joke. Only moments before I saw her in the campus then how come she was kidnapped in this short span? I informed Amar that I’m reaching the campus but he said to reach Radhika’s house instead. I did the same taking my leave from Sreee. I even broke all the traffic rules to reach Radhika’s house faster. When I reached there, Radhika’s father was instructing someone to trace the location of Radhika.

How can they trace Radhika without having any tracking device with her? When I asked the same, Amar said about the hair-clip that has a chip to track her location. I was relieved to know that Radhika will be found soon. This time I’m gonna kill her if she ever try to leave me. I’m gonna protect her with my life from now on. She is not only a daughter of Inspector General of Police but also my fiancé. I mentally slapped myself because of my stupidity. What is the matter at hans and what was I thinking? To propose her amidst all this chaos? Well she will kick me when I will propose her. What will I say to her? How will I ever propose to her when I was the one who brain washed her all the time that I’m interested not her. I’m such a idiot.

I asked Radhika’s father if I can accompany them to the spot when they traced the location. He agreed without any further questions, I guess he figured out my concern for her and how much I need to see her alive. When we reached the spot all I could was house that is in dark. The officers with whom I came were walking as silent as possible. So I mimicked their moments. When I reached the final room all I could see was Radhika, my Radhika with a gun pointed to her head. She provided the distraction her father needed to shoot his pistol by moving to right side where the goon looked over her for a moment. When the goon is dead, Radhika’s father hugged her tight and next came my turn. I ran to her and kissed her hard. Does she think of a hero, even if she thinks about being a hero, she is mine now. Mine to hold, mine to love and mine to cherish.

After reaching Radhika’s house, I called Pankhudi and narrated the entire matter and also said her that our relationship was over for good. She didn’t feel disappointed even for a second. And in turn she surprised me by saying she got her soul partner in the form of Aditya. Hadn’t I not called her, she would have called me. This actually came as a relief to both of us. There will no regrets for both sides.

I came out of my thoughts when my girl is blabbering about sacrifice in love and all. So I made my way to her room. When I reached her room, her parents took this as cue and left the room. I proposed to her and narrated all about Pankhudi and her Aditya. She squealed in happiness and hugged me tight.

Arjun groaned because of the pounding in his head. He didn’t sleep a wink for four days. He was blessed with a son only fifteen before. He woke up at late night when Radhika kicked him from the bed when her labour pains started. And from that day he slept very less. And this night his son is smiling when he took him in his arms. Radhika, his love is sleeping peacefully on the other side of the bed. He didn’t want her to wake up because of their son. So he took his son and left to the balcony. Radhika woke up to an empty bed, she lost her sleep when their son was born and body was like a working clock. She woke up when she knew their son will wake up for milk. When she didn’t see both her husband and son, she searched the first place her husband could take their son so as to not to disturb her sleep. Balcony.

There he is, her handsome husband with their son in his hands saying some incoherent story and also listening to the mumblings of their son. She was content with her life. What she thought to the end of her life turned out to be best beginning of her life. She even passed her civil services prelims exam with flying colors and was waiting for mains results. Arjun told her that they can wait a little longer for the baby. But she being stubborn wanted a baby before she made it to her interview. So here is her son exact copy of her and his father. Her life could never be so blissful.

Finally her CRAZY LOVE gave her best gift of her life.
Uff!! Finally completed typing this well-postponed OS yaaron…
Sreee is none other than our cutest writer Sreee of MMZ planet… Nanad ji, I hope you liked your role in here…

I will start reading the stories on TU after 7th of Jan, my exams will be completed on that day and I’ll be free for a week or so…
Do let me know your views from the comments section below and I’m really sorry if it’s not to your expectations…
Love you all and have a great day ahead…

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