Hey Guys….your satz back with OS this time and i dedicate this OS to a special person. Today is her Birthday and i wish her the most happiest life ahead in future and i really pray for her to acheive her amibitions with flying colors and make her parents proud of her.

A small intro about the girl whom we always considers her as a precious gift for us…

She loves to see “NEW DIMENSIONS” everywhere…from everyone and even in her life.

She takes a “REINCARNATION” and shows her friends & families that she is not a normal girl but the one who is dreaming her life to be in different level, and makes others also to admire her.

She wish to shine like a star in the field where she is pursuing,let it be education, writing or anything..else she wants her name to be addressed not only in the Earth but in
“THE MARS” too.

She loves to spend time on the “ARTS & SCULPTURE” which describes her nation’s pride, culture and tradition it follows for centuries.

Last but not the Least, she loves her dear ones a lot and ready to go any extent for them but still it’s very difficult to impress this “INSATIABLE WHITE QUEEN” unless you being a “FAITHFUL KNIGHT” for her.

I wish her to get a very beautiful life ahead..targets the toughest task and acheives that with flying colors in her life.

Rosie..My dear lovely sissy…I love you sooooooo much which i cannot express it. This is just a small gift from my side…hope you will like this.


Here you have ur gift….

MMZ – The Confession (OS)

Radhika, a chirpy beauty, charming angel who loves her beloved ones immensely without any expectations. She is the dream girl for the guys in the college but she herself has a dream boy in her life. He is none other than Arjun, who is very friendly, caring and very jovial with everyone. Adding to that he is super hot youth in their college and the girls always oogling behind him…but he never minds anyone of them who literally flirt with him. He gently avoids them and ignores them next time when he sees them around him. His only friends in the college are Neil, Sam and Radhika. He will talk only to these two girls Sam & Radhika who never flirts with him and always behave gently with him. Neil & Sam are in relation and he is so happy for his best buddies. He assumes he knows everything about his three friends but there is a matter which only he did not know still. And that is Radhika’s love…Yes Radhika Loves Arjun from Day 1 they met in the college but she never think to propose him or let him know that. Because she knows that Arjun doesn’t like the girls falling over him in the name of love and he never shows interest when the topic love comes inbetween them. Basically he hates the word love and thinks he is not made for that. Radhika knows everything about him and that’s y she is scared to tell her feelings to him. Only NeSam knows about her feelings on Arjun and even they insisted her so many time to propose him when Arjun was in good mood but more than NeSam….Rads knows in & out of she thought never to do the mistake in her dream also. It’s been 4 years of their education and this is their last semester and another 2 months are still there to finish the college. Sam is pestering her a lot to tell her feelings to Arjun before they all leave from here. Rads tries to convince her but all went in vain. Sam informs Neil too and the trio meets in the college ground in their favourite place…Neil is building up the courage in her to propose Arjun…Rads got caught up with the two monkeys who is torturing her like anything to open her heart out.

Rads body is started shivering thinking what Arjun will say and how he gonna react for what she gonna say to him. Her head is spinning in all directions and she s trying a lot to stop NeSam but they are not bulging for her and they have a blind faith that Arjun likes Radhika so he will not reject her love. But all these 4 years they enjoyed with him but still they did not understand him completely. Neil calls Arjun to the ground saying something important. Arjun also leaves his work in library and comes to ground to meet his buddies. He gets surprised seeing the trio looks him scaringly as if they are seeing some devil.

Arjun comes to him asking, “What happen Neil? What’s that important thing?”

NeSam pushes Rads infront of him saying, “Chasni wants to say something to you”

Rads is sweating badly and it is noticed by Arjun…he worries seeing her and takes his handkey to wipe her tears on her forehead. NeSam is surprise seeing his care for her…Rads is about to faint anytime feeling his touch on her…but somehow she stands there starring him lovingly.

Arjun shakes her, “Radhika….What you want to say?”

Rads closes her eyes for a sec and let out a heavy breathe gathering some courage, she opens her big browny eyes looking at him with lot of hope..her heart beats faster than ever. She struggles a lot now to open her mouth which gets sticks seeing him there…Again NeSam pats her shoulder to assure her that they are with her.

Rads gulps and looks straight into his eyes saying, “I LOVE YOU ARJUN”. she just finishes without any stammers and eagerly waits for his reactions and answer from him.

NeSam gives hifi to each other seeing finally their chasni opens her heart and tells her feelings. Different kind of feelings floating between the four people.

NeSam is so happy….Rads is so confused, tensed, nervous and more than that she is scared of him…and Arjun he is stunned, shocked and his face clearly shows the annoyance that he did not expect this from Radhika.

NeSam & Rads observes his facial expressions and their reactions also got changed when the annoyance clearly expressed by Arjun to Radhika. Radhika’s hazel eyes dwells with tears immediately when Arjun starts speaking, “I did not expect this from you Radhika. What makes you to feel like that? I thought you are my good friend but you also proposed me like other girls. I seriously did not expect this from you Radhika…till these many days you acted as a friend just to be with me. I am sorry but i don’t have any feelings for you Radhika”

Rads world gets dark within a minute by his words. She steps back and she is controlling her self not to burst out infront of him…she immediately runs to her hostel.

NeSam is in utter shock seeing this…Sam immediately runs behind Radhika to compose her and Neil stares Arjun angrily whispers, “You just broke a pure soul’s heart Arjun”. He too goes from there leaving him alone there….Arjun stares the way the trio goes and he goes back to resume his work.

Rads crying badly hugging Sam and after that she slept in her lap itself. Sam makes her sleep in the bed and comes out to meet Neil and tells him about her. They did not know how to handle Radhika for another 2 months having her infront of Arjun. But they did not know how radhika is strong. She is sleeping continuously the whole night without even getting up in the middle and even Sam did not disturb her.

Next day, Sam wakes up and looks for the time to get ready for the college. She gets up and looks for rads bed but it is empty…she gets panic and searches her everywhere in their other friends room but she is not there. She informs to Neil and both gets ready and meet in the regular place. Sam gets scared of not seeing their chasni and they both filtering Rads in the college and meet Arjun on the way. He stops them and asks the reason for their tension. Though they did not want to talk to him but still they said about Radhika…for a sec he also gets worries and when the trio is about to move to search her…they stops seeing Radhika coming from the opposite corridor. She looks at NeSam and smiles at them…she did not even look at Arjun mistakenly also. Arjun simply stares her all the while she is walking towards them. She comes to NeSam and talks with them saying, “I went out to get a project for me..Sam already got it na. Finally i got it”

Sam gives her a fake smile and looks at Neil without knowing the reason for her behaviour. Before they asks her something…she bids from them and goes away from them leaving them startled. This start continuing for another 2 months, Rads avoiding meeting Arjun and even NeSam also. She hides all her pain to herself and simply makes her busy in her personal things. The most awaited day comes FAREWELL PARTY for the final semester students. It went well and NeSam somehow tries to make Rads happy but all they got is a small gentle smile. That’s it. Next day, she goes to Railway station to leave to her home town. NeSam also goes with her though she did not call them. They both are in the verge of crying seeing her suppressing all her pain to herself. Rads hugs each and bids bye to them and get into her train. That is the last day they both met Radhika. After that they did not know anything about her. She completely desserted herself from her best buddies.


5 Years Leap,

A guy is sincerely working on his laptop and inbetween attends so many calls and answers everything. His PA is looking at him astonishingly looking at his arrogant boss typing seriously about the points for the meeting. Finally he finishes it and handsover the points to the PA and tells him, “Give it to General Manager and tell him that he has to handle it in my absence”. PA nods his head and leaves from the cabin. Suddenly he gets a call in his mobile…it flashes the name as MOM. He picks it up and responds, “Yes Mom”

Mom, “Arjun….Are you busy?”

Yes…he is none other than our Arjun who becomes an arrogant Business man. Arjun, “Mom…you called in my office timing and asking am i busy?”

Mom, “Ok fine…just listen. We got a alliance from a well reputed n ur papa like it and now you have to decide”

Arjun rubs his forehead saying, “Mom..i already told you i am not interested in marriage at all”

Mom tone changes, “Vl talk once u r in home.Bye”

Arjun keeps his phone down and lost in some thoughts..he leans on his chair backwards and closes his eyes. A flash comes to his eyes…the scene rads proposed him…and how he rejects her…and the time she ignores him. He opens his eyes and murmurs, “I am sorry Radhika”

He goes to his home expecting some arguements from his mom Nandini…but the house is so silent and he is really surprised seeing the environment. Samrat sits in the couch in the hall watching news channel. He joins with his dad and whispers, “Where is your wife?”

Samrat raises his eyebrows, “Wife? She is in her room doing some preparations”

Arjun guesses it what she is doing and he immediately goes to her room and looks at her surprisingly who is doing some packings. Arjun goes to her saying, “What are you doing mom?”

Nandu without turning to him, “I am doing my work. What’s ur problem?”

Arjun, “What’s that ur work?”

Nandu, “Packing gifts for my daughter in law and for her family”

Arjun, “What the hell? Mom..i told you right..i am not intere”

Nandu immediately gets up, “Enough Arjun. It’s been 5 years now and you are saying the same dialogue again and again. I am just fed up literally. Now no more excuses and you should do what i am saying”

Arjun, “If not?”

Nandu looks in his eyes saying, “Then assume that your mom is died”

Arjun is taken aback, “Blackmailing mom”

Nandu, “Whatever..but i will do what i said. And you know that too”

Arjun goes out without saying anything and meet Samrat..even he also said the same thing to him which makes him bang his head. He goes to his room and thinks a lot of how to convince them. Then after few minutes he descends down and tells his parents saying, “Fine..i agree for this alliance”

Nandu is so happy and hugs him happily. Arjun smiles and hugs her but talks to himself, “I am sorry mom. But i will make that girl say No for me”

Next day itself they get ready for the travel which they have to reach a small town near the city and from there they have to go again interior to a village which is covered by farm fields on both the sides of the route. Arjun bangs his head thinking how come their parents take him to see the village girl.

They reached the bungalow which is the only one in that surroundings. The family welcomes them heartily and all goes inside. They gets introduced to each other.

The girl’s father Dilip introduces his wife Mala, dadaji to Arjun & his parents. All are so eager to look for the girl but they get to know that she is in their

company…Textile mills which they have owned it…ideally they are the big shot in their village. Nandu is proud of hearing about the girl’s behaviour from her parents. Arjun did not show any interest at all and suddenly his eyes meets a new person there who comes inside starring him angrily…yes angry only. Arjun finds it wierd and moves his gaze to somewhere else but still the girl looks him angrily with her red shot eyes. And it looks like she is ready to kill him at anytime. He moves his gazes around everywhere but not to her. Mala gets her and introduces her to Nandini and others as, “She is my younger daughter Rosie….i mean her school name is Sushri and we are calling her as Rosie”

Nandini shakes her hands with her and tells Arjun to look at her once. Arjun just pass a sight at her and moves his vision away immediately. Mala suggests Rosie to take Arjun and shows their house. Arjun is about to refuse it but before that Rosie interrupts saying, “Sure Maa….i am so happy to do that” she said by gritting her teeth looking at him. Rosie goes to him and calls, “Shall we go Mr. Arjun”

Mala immediately scolds her for calling his name but nandu tells her to let it be. Rosie walks infront and Arjun silently follows her. While climbing the stairs she questions him, “So Mr. Arjun….you came to see my sister right?”

Arjun rolls his eyes saying, “Hmm”

Rosie turns to look at him, “Hmm?”

Arjun stops there and blinks at her saying, “Yeah”

Rosie raises her eyebrows and again walks up and keep directing him to other rooms and asks him so many questions and even sometimes taunting him. Arjun is fed up now and thinks that, “Oh god this little devil making me go mad”

Rosie immediately turns to him and comes to him close saying, “Did you say anything about me?”

Arjun nods his head as No and says, “Whose room is that? Shall we see?”

Rosie extends her hand on his way stopping him, “That’s my sister’s room and no one is allowed to go inside except me”

Arjun just nods and turns to go back but she stops him asking, “Have you loved anyone before?”

Arjun is stunned by her question and the next moment he remembers Radhika’s face and her confession. He closes his eyes tightly and a drop of tear falls down in his cheeks…he immediately wipes it before she sees him.

Rosie pats his shoulder, “Mr. Arjun…i asked you something”

Arjun composes himself saying, “Why u want to know?”

Rosie, “Because my Sister loved a guy before”

Arjun turns to her in a speed and his face lits up with so much of brightness which she could see it. Rosie, “Are you happy for this?”

Arjun, “Why not? Actually you gave me a very good news. You know like your sister i also don’t have interest in this marriage and my parents compelled me to come here”

Rosie, “Who told you my sister is not interested in this marriage? She agrees for it”

Arjun is shocked and dumbs seeing Rosie with full attitude and he says, “U told your sister loves someone”

Rosie, “Correction Mr. Arjun, she loved and now she moved on in her life and is ready for the marriage”

Arjun face falls hearing it and is about to go down silently..Rosie again stops him saying, “Come..i will show you my sister’s room”

Arjun refuses saying, “It’s ok. it’s her personal room and you told na no outside is allowed”

Rosie, “It’s ok. I have a POA to allow others”

Arjun blinks, “POA?”

Rosie makes faces, “POWER OF ATTORNEY”

Arjun rolls his eyes and follows Rosie to that room…Rosie opens the door and makes him enter first said that she will come now. She goes from there leaving him inside and Arjun lets a sigh relief seeing her going and turns to move on..he stares the room everywhere and gets shocked, stunned and his face becomes pale seeing the wall there fully decorated with his pictures in different frames. All are his college pictures from day 1…he goes towards the wall and rolls his fingers on each of the pictures remembering the day.


Down, A car comes and stops with a creeche sound, a naive girl gets down from that and walking inside the house. She is looking damn good in her simple elegant Magenta color crepe saree. She is surprised seeing so many members at the hall…she greets them and Mala introduces her to Nandini and Samrat. She excuses herself from them and goes to her room by climbing the stairs. Rosie is watching all this from one corner near the power board and when Rads opens her door and steps inside..Rosie turns off the main switch and goes outside the room.

Rads gets shocked seeing the power cut and she knows where the match box and candle..she walks in the dark and gets the candle and match box near the side table and lights up. She holds the candle in the stand and is walking further inside the room but stops and scares seeing someone’s presence there. Her legs slips into something and she points the candle light to the floor and is looking for something and she gets shocked seeing some one is standing there. She points the candle to the feet and slowly rising it up till light reaches his face and she looks on boggled seeing Arjun in the candle light. Both eyes are stick to each other starring, Rads feels like it is a dream and she tries to shove it away and move further but gets hits by his strong chest and she takes two steps back coz of the shock and realisation about his presence. She breathes heavily and her old memories starts flashing in her mind. Tears drops down from her cheeks and Arjun wipes it with a gentle smile on his face.

Arjun, “Radhika”

Radhika is shaked by hearing his voice after a long 5 years..she couldn’t handle this moment anymore and is about to go from there but he holds her wrist stopping her from going. Soon the power also comes and Arjun clearly looks at her pale face..which losts all her charm and beauty by now. She ignores looking at him and asks, “How come you are here? and What are you doing in my room?”

Arjun, “You won’t ask why i came here?”

Rads keeps silence and he continues, “I came here to see you…the girl whom i m gonna marry”

Rads turns to him in shock, “WHAT?”

Arjun, “I am saying the truth and you know what…even i did not know that i am coming to meet you only”

Rads smirks saying, “If you would have known that would have not come here right”

Arjun feels bad and he knows why she is saying that..he takes the candle from her hand and kept it on the table and cups her face saying, “I am Sorry Radhika”

Rads tries to free herself from his grip saying, “I don’t want any sorry and all..just leave from here”

Arjun, “Why?”

Rads, “I won’t marry at all. Pls go from here”

Arjun, “You were already ready for the marriage na..and you are saying no now just becoz it is me”

Rads, “I was about to say my disinterest to the guy who is coming to see me but i even not aware that you are coming here”

Arjun, “Why u want to say no Radhika?”

Rads, “That’s none of your business. Now just leave”

Arjun, “I know the is because you still love me”

Rads, “Bullshit…i am not anymore…don’t make angry and leave right now”

Arjun, “Why are you refusing it…if you don’t love me then y u have these pictures still with you” he said by pointing the pictures on the wall.

Rads keeps silent and he continues, “Even i came here to say No for this marriage…but it is a sweet surprise for me to know that the girl is none other than You”

Rads is about go but he pulls her to him saying, “I am sorry..i know i hurted you so much…but the day you start ignoring me…i started falling for you”

Rads couldn’t able to believe him and stares him simply..he continues, “True Radhika..even Nesam knows it that i started missing your presence..your cute antics..your smile… your care for me…i missed you like hell and then i realise my feelings for you and scolded myself of being a idiot till that and finally when i thought to confess my feelings to you on the farewell day…you were not there and next day also i searched for you and checked with NeSam too but all they showed is only hatred to me. They somehow told me that you left us forever. I behaved like a mad and all these years i just lived my life like a machine. Each and every second of my every cells of my body reminds me about you only Radhika”

Tears oozing from her eyes non-stoppingly and she couldn’t control it more…she takes his hands from her cheeks and moves away from him saying, “I don’t want to hear anything”

Arjun again pulls her by her waist saying, “You should Radhika”

There is a deep silence in the room and it is only filled by their breathes….and finally he confesses his feelings to her, “I LOVE YOU RADHIKA”

Rads stands like a doll without moving anywhere and he continues, “How..when i don’t know…but i have fallen for you. I REALLY LOVE YOU RADHIKA…TRUELY, MADLY &
DEEPLY. I don’t have courage to lose you again from my life. I won’t leave you also untill you accept me and forgive me”

Their trance gets disturbed by a voice interrupting them saying, “That’s not possible Mr. Arjun”

It’s none other than Rosie, who comes inside and disturbs them. Arjun looks her shockingly and Rads wipes her tears and goes to her sissy. Rosie continues, “If you need my sister..then you should need my permission Mr. Arjun”

Arjun looks at Radhika and expects something from her to say but she stands quiet looking at her sissy.

Rosie waves her hands saying, “Look at me. Because i am her decision maker and she gives that POA to me. Even my parents also cannot stop me in this”

Arjun looks for Rads answer but Rosie stops him saying, “Only i will take the decision.”

Arjun immediately comes to her saying, “What you want me to do to marry your sister?”

Rosie and Rads…the two Rsquare looks him shockingly and Rosie said, “Don’t think it will be so easy to do …to get my sister. You tortured her a lot and she suffered a lot too. I saw her crying the daily and for all that pain..i will take revenge on you first. If you full fill my revenge and makes me happy then i will think about it”

Arjun blinks and Rads is hardly controlling her laugh and he with a determined face, “I am ready to bear any punishment for Radhika”

Rosie glares him and takes them out to the elders and tells them all her decision. Initially Nandini & Samrat gets shocked but once they all know about Ardhika’s past…Nandini itself suggests some ideas to Rosie to torture Arjun.

After a long discussion and refusals by Rads parents…Rosie announces to everyone that, “Mr. Arjun will stay in this village in our guest house and work for our Textile Mills as a supervisor under my surveillance. All his work will be given by me only and no one should interfere. This will be for a month and i will tell my decision after a month”

Arjun is agreed for it and he is ready to take up the punishment from that day itself. Rosie chuckles seeing him urge and starts instructing him about his responsibilities. She stops Rads and Arjun meeting also.

Arjun works as a supervisor in the mills and all the other workers gets shocked first and later supports him. He behaves well with everyone there and the village people starts respecting him and liking him. Rosie is often visiting the company and watching him. He is working there happily with other workers and others also enjoying being with him. Rosie is somewhat satisfies but she continues it for the month.

Finally the month wait is over, Arjun finished his revenge task givne by Rosie and he happily comes to their home and surprises seeing Nandin & Samrat there. He hugs them happily and looks for Rosie & ofcourse Radhika.

Then to his surprise, Rosie gets Radhika wearing a silk saree and adorns her with a jewellery…comes down saying, “So Mr. Arjun…now you got promoted to the post of my Jiju. I will call you by that name. So Mr. Jiju, you passed in my tests and i am satisfied that you will keep my di happy. I already told my decision long back to everyone except you…so today is your engagement. Go and change to your dress and come back fast. You can’t make my sissy wait for long”

Arjun immediately runs from there and comes back in a min like a magic. Rads chuckles seeing him and they starts their engagement ceremony. Ardhika exchanges their rings to each other and stares at each lovingly. After that they get some time alone…he takes her to her room and hugs her tightly. He murmurs in her ears saying,
“Can you propose me again? I am really dying to listen it again from you”

Rads gets blush and hides her face in his chest but still he forces her and she looks into his eyes, “I LOVE YOU ARJUN”

Arjun smiles widely saying, “I LOVE YOU TOO RADHIKA”

Arjun gets a message in his mobile and he looks at it. It is from Nesam who sends FB message and he takes a selfie of their picture and sends it to him.

They both spends some private moments together after a veryyyyyyy long years and he makes her to be in his embrace only till they goes down. Rads couldn’t believe it that finally she gets her love back with everyone’s support. She hugs him tightly and kiss in his chest and he too reciprocates it. He cups her face and kisses her forehead by showing his love on her.


That’s it guys. And Rosie my dear sissy…hope you like your role and the plot of this ff. Let me know ur views dear.

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  1. Brin

    Fabulous story, beautifully written, Rossy’s role awesome, love it to the core, you nail it, well done. πŸ™‚

    1. Sathya

      Thank u so much Brin dear πŸ™‚

  2. It was the very cute os..I enjoyed each and every word…thank you Sathya

    1. Sathya

      Thank u so much Dev πŸ™‚

  3. Jewel

    Superb story sathya…. I like rossy’s character very much… And this was a cut and beautiful story…. Loved it

    1. Sathya

      Thanks a lot Jewel…:)

  4. Jessie

    Satzzzzzz…..its so lovely yaaa…our Rosie’s dream…to torture Arjun…lol…u made it happen…she would be happy now…hahaha…each and every part wonderfully described..I liked Rads aftr confession one..lovely..both indulged themselves in business to forget the pain…hmmm..touching!! Loved it…love story ho to aise..Rosie rocks…taunting…scolding..planning… punishing…finally agreed for marriage..POA..lolzzzz…she got that…. He worked there for his love…haayeee…how sweet….so much love haan…Satz…u rocked it girl…Rosie…hope ur wish came true…happy birthday once again!!

    1. Sathya

      Thank u so much Jaazzzz….yeah i wanna make it more worse but time did not permits me…so i stopped with little…she wants to punch also it seemss….Yes i want to make rads strong after the rejection…i should have made more scenes there like ignoring Arjun…but it will leaad a big OS than this… But u know what guys nature is …. if they feel they are getting ignored then only they will start looking at it more keenly and this happens with Arjun also. she has that POA always…lol thank u so much deear ….love you πŸ™‚

  5. Dipika

    Satz darling i always like the way u writes about emotions..itd always like i m experiencing the very emotins in me…rads praposes.. The time wht she was going thru..u penned it well…superb..n after that how strongly she behave.was the my fav act from her..we can’t force someone ti love us or not show it..right..after how Arjun falls for her n missed her..brilliant… Our rossy’s entry was so rocking.. Wow..always in punching meet in dark room..n his confession.. Wow..main marjawa for that…after how our rossy turn our hero into helps her..n final confession.. So cute..i love this os so much…u knw na how briefly i read it yesterday… Rossy surely gonna love her it perfectly suited to u girl….tons of kisses for u..muhhhha

    1. Sathya

      Dipu…my proof reader…thank u so much for ur lovely comments..m overwhelmed dear :). yes u r correct..we cannot force someone to love…and that’s y she completely avoided him..coz even she cannot handle his presence anymore…to secure her she gone forever..but fate has other game and made them meet with each other…lol.

      Arjun likes her but not love…but when he feels that she is trying to move on..he couldn’t handle that ignorance…his male attitude arises and he starts missing her…there he realised his love …i thought of elaborating it but no time at all…u know na..still i think i managed somehow…

      Lol Rossy is always a action herione…how can she leave a person so easily afterall he rejected her πŸ™‚ Thank u so much for being my support dear πŸ™‚

  6. aaaah…sissy my satu sissy…first of all a big lovely hearty hug for u….wah…kya intro thi meri…even i don’t know..but u forgot my favourite DARK….leave that…thank u very much sissy…thanks for let me feel m beloved …chellam- kutty relation…awwww… wanna make baby cry…lol…and in this whole scenario i found u to be play radz, me by me and ur versoon arjun….lol…i loved my role…superb…me make dance arjun on my tune…wah….wish i could give him two three punches for making u sad….lol…m in my dream land only….lets fly to mars now…or paradise land….kutty with her chellam…semma…romba…hope m right this time…now m spell bound so could not speak anymore…..feeling like m on heaven

    1. Sathya

      rosie…sissy…u like it ..that’s enough for me..i succeed in my attempt. A big hug for u too dear πŸ™‚ i purposely avoided the Dark part…you should be limelight dear not in Dark…ur knight also ….
      Awwww you made me fly saying i played Rads role…oh god…its a surprise for me actually…lol…
      Do u really need to punch arjun…oh no…but still u made him go mad by ur antics…lol..i am ready to fly anywhere with u…Mars or Paradise anywhere…but first preference is that i can meet my Martian na.. lol

  7. arti viswanathan

    Awesome sathya darling.. I limed the way radhika said I love u arjun… But then arjun refused and nandini and smart’s blackmailing arjun just awesome… And Rosie is so cute to take her sisters revenge from arjun. And finally another happy ending but what happened to n exam that’s not written…

    1. Sathya

      Thank u so much Arti darling…that’s every girl’s nature to get shiver while Rosie is cupid to take her sister’s…Actually i really forgot about NeSam here…thought not to give much importance for them.

  8. arti viswanathan

    I mean nesam dear….

  9. S.v

    awwww my sister is best she can never stand if weak is being crushed and where on earth u get these cute cute os sathya ?? ayyayooo i am sooo much in love with this my rossy made him work ha ha ha haaaa poor arjun yet he won the heart to make radhika his that is the point coz she is hard core rock but soo soft heart wow these days i am becoming poetic these days waa sv waaa ok not me toady its her birthday and my dear cupcake happy birthday to u and i loved this part of making arjun to do as per ur words wow. Love u both so much muhhhaaaaaa

    1. Sathya

      Thank u so much SV dear….etho thonuchu ma..eluthinen…enga irunthu vanthucho… Yep Rosy is like playing double role..whenever it needed Action role…or else it will be softy softy.

  10. Myra

    satzz akka….no wonder you titled it as the confession….
    loved to the core…a realistic touch it had…..
    love you……update ETL soon…..desperately waiting….

    1. Sathya

      Thank u so much Myra dear…lol…the story developed after fixing the title only..i am going in a reverse way. First Title and then the Story frame. Thanks a lot for ur words. ETL will be soon.

  11. Nice ….Superbsis ….:)

    1. Sathya

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