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Love doesn’t make sense. you cant logic your way into or out of it. Love is all nonsensical. Each heart knows it yet it falls for someone truly, deeply, immensely, once in a lifetime.
“I want closure…….closure….closure..” Radhika clutched her hair tightly…..she was pacing left and right since past hour and half, chanting the word ‘closure’.
Sam and neil sat quietly trying to hide their amused smiles…..
Radhika was irritated, “how dare he……and why cant I think of a single way to get closure from him…”
Sam smiled a little, “I didn’t know bhai affected you that lot..”
Radhika shot sam one look, enough for her to retreat back…..she still kept pacing the room, “he affects me…..haha….affect me….hell no! Sammy, what even makes you think so….no he doesn’t affect me…..”
Neil quietly questioned, “then why have you been rubbing the floor with your heels for past hour and half muttering closure?”

Radhika was annoyed, she finally sat down, “you don’t get it neil…..he doesn’t affect me…but how dare he cheat on me….”
Sam, “are you sure?”
Radhika felt like she was pissed off from the entire world, “obviously, yes.”
Sam smiled, “Radhika, I know you better..”
Neil smiled, he played along, “so, Sammy you are implying that she is in love with Arjun…..and he affects her so deeply…that she herself doesn’t understand?”
Sam winked to him, “yeah, something on similar lines…”
Radhika was fed up….she threw her hands in air in complete surrender. She pouted, turned and dashed off to her room.

Neil smiled and called Arjun, he put the phone on speaker “its working…..she is really pissed off…..but are you sure?”
Arjun gave a sheepish grin.., “neil bro…come on….dont you agree, I deserve this much fun…..after all she kept me hanging for two years….and bro, I am still hanging…, don’t you dare tell her the truth.”
Neil chuckled, “who told you to fall for chashni? Seriously, I wont be surprised if you are left hanging for the rest of your life.”
Arjun teased him, imitating sam, “neilu jaan….”
He returned to his original voice, “neil, why do you keep forgetting that the girl you love is my baby sister….trust me, if I am hanging so are you.”
Neil shrunk back, “okay …okay…why getting hyper, future brother-in-law…..i will do as you say.”
Arjun frowned, “dude…its Arjun for you…..BIL makes me sound like 45…”
Sam snatched the phone from neil’s hand…, “that is so not how I sound bhai…….you are in serious trouble.”
Arjun, “woah…woah….calm down my baby….its okay..”
Sam sighed, there wasn’t any winning with her elder brother….her teddy bear……the great arjun mehra, who knew how to play his play pretty well both in business and outside…
Sam, “bhai…don’t you think you are a bit too harsh on Radhika…..getting an actor to keep throwing herself at you …….ignoring Radhika….making her believe that you are cheating on her….god, you are too much!….”
Arjun smiled, his baby was all grown up, “no yaar….actually, it is the only way to make her understand her own feelings…..i mean, I cant wait for her all my life and neither can I leave her behind.”
Sam teased him, “ohh, so my brother is all romantic…..lucky Radhika!”
Arjun smiled, “says the girl, who made neil fall for her.”
Neil was arjun’s best friend….and sam his little sister….radhika was sam’s best friend and neil’s little sister, the girl who had turned Arjun mehra’s head……Arjun didn’t have any problems with neil going out with his sister…, but neil’s sister, Radhika had him running on his toes always….it was payback time! Well, for Arjun atleast.

Both neil and Arjun laughed and Arjun hung up after wishing sam for the night.

Radhika was frustrated ….irritated…..hurt…..enraged…..sad….she felt like bursting……all her feelings, rage came out in the form of tears…..tears just kept rolling down her cheek one after the other……she sat all blank and emotionless….she wasn’t even attempting to wipe her tears.

Neil was shocked to find her in such a state…he had came in to call Radhika for dinner…..his heart was shattered in a million pieces seeing his baby sister like this…he felt that he had failed her….he had failed in his responsibility as her elder brother…..he had failed to take care of her like he promised to always.
In that second, he had decided it was enough….yes, the entire game was make her realise her feelings, which would only be good for her, but he wasn’t going to let that break her.

Neil decided to tell her the entire truth…..arjun’s plan….right away…. It was one of those spur of moment decisions….he didn’t know how his baby was going to react….or what Arjun was going to do to him for spilling the beans….or what was he going to tell sam… But suddenly, none of these mattered……all he could see was the crying face of his baby sister.

He moved forward and sat beside her on the bed….he softly pulled her in his embrace, filling her with his brotherly warmth and affection. He narrated the entire thing to her and wiped off her tears. To his utter shocked….he received two punches one on his stomach and other on his shoulder……he closed his eyes tightly expecting a slap from her. But to his surprise, his ears were meet with a tingling, cheerful giggling…..he opened his left eyes, looking expectantly. And there she was, his baby sister….with happily giggling away….her smile clearly making way to her big brown orbs….a laugh so infectious…that even neil joined her a second later.

Radhika playfully punched his arm, “hey big bro….know any bikers?”
Neil’s eyes widened, “what??…..kiddo, whats happening?”
Radhika smiled, “time for the messes to become the messers…..its payback time!”
Neil smiled, “so what’s the plan?”
Radhika smiled and started explaining, “see….arjun knows that you know but doesn’t know that I know….so lets not let him know that I know…..and sam knows that Arjun knows and so do you….so lets not even let her know….what say?”
Neil’s held his held in an overly dramatic way, “and that’s the reason why I call you know-it-all……that’s too much of knowing something..”
Radhika smiled, “neil…see, Arjun tried to make me confess by staging a drama with a girl. He could have easily proposed, but he didn’t….he wanted me to confess first….and seriously, if you didn’t tell me I would have…but picture abhi baaki hai mere bhai….now, the tables have turned….he is one who is going to confess first…..he used a girl….go get me a guy..”
Neil raised his eyesbrows, “woah! Kiddo…you are a-a…..umm, don’t you think it would be too harsh on Arjun?”
Radhika thought for a minute, “did he?”
Neil kept quiet…..radz, “well, there is your answer……”

The next morning, everything went according to Radhika’s plan… she stepped out of her house to go to work, Arjun came in his car, he pretended to not see her for a couple of seconds and then he reversed the car….well, the truth was that he had been standing at the corner of the road for past half an hour, waiting for her to come out….
He rolled down the window as he approached her, “hey radhika! Get in, will give you a lift.”

Radhika flashed him a big smile. Her pov , “Arjun mehra……you have absolutely no clue about how stupid you look, when i already know that you were waiting for past half an hour, well, which is one reason for me coming out late….ufff…Arjun, why did you have to do all this….you could have come to me just like that and could have proposed……but since you didn’t…you leave me no choice but to play the same game.”
Arjun’s pov, “Radhika, I am seeing you smile that wide after so long….you know, my heart gets happy seeing you happy…..sorry my love, but it’s you, who is going to confess first.”

Radhika smiled as a guy, having a well toned, chiselled body, stopped his sports bike in front of her. She turned to Arjun, “sorry…but my ride is here…”
She was about to sit on the bike when she turned back and looked at Arjun, speaking with sincerity reflecting In her tone, “you know, I don’t care about the past… are my brother’s best friend…and well, it wont hurt for us to be friends too……since you moved on, I might as well….i forgive you Arjun..” Saying so, Radhika climbed on the bike. She knew Arjun was staring at her all shocked, so she wrapped her arms around the biker’s waist a little too tight. Arjun stared at her, he was mad…angry…pained….he wanted to punch the biker hard on his face, for eyeing his girl…..he might have even done so, but fortunately, the biker wore a helmet so Arjun couldn’t register his face.

Arjun slapped his steering hard, ran his fingers in his hair, clutching them…..he called out to neil as he came out of the house….
Neil came and quickly eased himself in the passenger seat. Arjun asked him impatiently, “who was the guy, Radhika went to work with?”
Neil pretended to be surprised, “which guy?”
Arjun was irritated, “ buddy…..the guy on the sports biker….wearing a black jacket and jeans…the one who came to pick Radhika up.”
Neil paused for a couple of seconds, pretending to register the new piece of information provided to him, “ohh…yeah….he is a friend of hers.”
Arjun looked outside, he pressed the ignition button….the engine roared to life, and he drove like a maniac heading towards office. Neil tried to hide his smile looking outside, knowing that radhika’s plan was working.
Arjun suddenly stopped the car mid way….he looked at neil with worry, evident in his eyes, “neil….what if she forgets me?”
Neil understood, and arjun’s worry was even valid, “Arjun, this is game, you started…..”
Arjun, “I know…and I feel like punishing myself hard….how could I not see the possibility that she might actually move on?”

Neil smiled, this game was getting real, each passing second, “hey buddy….dont you worry……he is just a friend….you probably should confess sometime soon….till then I suggest, you look out for her and hope for the best.”

Arjun nodded understandably, he started his car, regaining his calm and drove to work.

Radhika was dropped outside office by the biker, he removed his helmet, and pushed his hair back with his fingers….he smiled at her, “here you go madam.”
Radhika returned his smile with a giant one of hers, the biker was teji….her and neil’s childhood friends…she hugged him, “buddy….thank you so much….you literally bailed me out of a tight spot..”
Teji smiled, “why wouldn’t I? You are like the little sister I never had…plus neil explained the entire issue to me last night….seriously Radhika, never imagined you could be so wicked.”
Radhika smiled….she chit chatted a little more with teji and then he left….arjun was just driving in the parking with neil, he saw him leave….arjun burned in jealously, thinking what took them so long to reach the office.
Radhika smiled and waved at neil, who joined a second later….he whispered in her ears, “its working…arjun mehra is burned to the ground.”

Radhika smiled to herself.
Her pov, “phase one completed….phase two starts….arjun mehra, trust me, you wont last beyond phase three, I promise.”
Radhika went to her cabin and engrossed herself in work after working hard for around three hours, she heard a knock on the door, it was teji….she gave a sheepish grin…teji responded with a wink.
Radhika came out of her cabin with teji and headed towards the cafeteria….arjun fumed in anger as he watched them go….after 15 mins, he too headed to the cafeteria….his anger rose to dangerous levels, seeing Radhika laughing and giggling with teji, she even playfully punched his arm.
Arjun left his coffee half way and headed back…the sight of Radhika enjoying herself in the company of a random stranger irked him. And he decided to do something about it.

Radhika returned back to her cabin, she soon as she closed the door behind her…it opened again…she turned around, it was Arjun….he towered over her, pushing the door shut with his leg.
Radhika stammered looking at his intensity, “ar-arjun…..what are you d-doing here?”
Arjun pushed her, her back hit the wall….he held both her hands besides her on the wall, with a tight grip on her wrists, “let me make one thing clear, I don’t want you around that bastard. Understood?”
Radhika looked at defiantly , “what makes you think that you can take my decisions for me?”
Arjun pressed himself on her even more….radhika looked down realising their proximity….a red blush imprinted her face but to cover that up she spoke boldly, trying to push him, “arjun leave!… was you who cheated on me….i didn’t… had the chance and you let it go….. what the hell are you trying to prove now by asking me not to meet a guy I want to?”

Arjun shouted, “Radhika!”
Radhika instantly looked up, her eyes met his…..his eyes reflecting a hundred emotions. Radhika instantly felt scared, his grip on her wrists was getting tighter by each passing second…and his eyes showed that he was furious.
Radhika was afraid, she had never seen him so mad…so angry….so hurt….so pained ever before…there was a strange madness in his eyes.

Tears sprang up in her eyes as the pain from his grip grew unbearable….she looked in his eyes and gently whispered, “Arjun, I am scared….you are hurting me.”
Arjun looked at her, and instantly the grip on her wrists loosened…..radhika removed her hands and hugged him tight….burring herself deep in chest….and he wrapped his arms around her as if he got his most beautiful, most prized possession back.

Its strange…..we try to find solace, convincing ourselves in the every soul who hurt us in the first place…..well, it is strange maybe that’s why it is love….

Arjun placed his chin over head, he gently spoke narrating his entire prank to her…..he wasn’t going to let her go away… no longer mattered to him, who said it first….what was important was that either way, she was his.
Radhika smiled and Arjun could feel it…Radhika gently broke the hug and she passed a sheepish grin…explaining how neil had told everything to her and that teji was their childhood friend who had agreed to help. Arjun couldn’t help but smile at their stupidity…..they could have easily told each other, yet they didn’t….and which led to the entire pointless drama.

Radhika looked at Arjun and he responded with a soft gaze, both opened their mouth at the same time and muttered, “I love you.” To each other simultaneously. Their smiles widened on realising what just happened……Arjun pulled Radhika to him and she hugged him tight.
They were disturb was intruding voice, “finally!”

There he was, neil with an over dramatic hands in the air gesture….standing with sam beside him.
He was instantly met with a cushion from the office couch from arjun and a pen from radhika…he managed to grab the cushion but the pen hit the side of his head.
Sam and Radhika giggled, even Arjun smiled, “neil…don’t be a bone…just leave naa…”
Neil gave an overly dramatized 1960s expression of shock, “I am being a bone?!! After you guys played me like a violin all this while, here am standing before you being called a bone.”
Arjun smiled, slapped the back of his head lightly and wrapped his arm around neil’s neck….radhika joined in leaning in on neil, “my drama queen” she muttered.
Sam jumped on him….and the four best friends indulged themselves in a group hug.

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    1. Myra

      Thank you so so much sathya akkaaa….love you loads ? i will as soon as something comes to mind….pakka promise ?

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      Supppuuuu…..thank you so much sweetheart…..i already did ?

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    This was so beautiful!
    U always have a new concept, a fresh concept….and I love it so much…
    Plss do come up with more soon…
    Loads of love???
    Ur baby sister….

    1. Myra

      Laddooooooooo sweetie, thank you ?? and how many times, have i told you yet that i love you name? ?

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    Teddy bear thays soo cute dear. Lovely loved the drama of ardhika . Wish I was also in the drama u r the queen of os yup u r the queen of os. Lovely waiting for ur new ff love u soo much my teddy.

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