MMZ: Broken (Chapter 4)

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Arjun was having a hard time controlling Radhika for the last five minutes. All was well a while ago. They both had exited from the party as soon as Arun left. Radhika was still in a daze regarding what happened at the party which meant respite for Arjun. The entire car journey was such bliss for him because certainly he couldn’t bear the reckless bombardment of questions that she would have thrown at him, even though deep down he knew he was at fault. But then in a whizz she got back her senses the moment they stepped down his car and from then on, it has been a hell! Not to forget as he tried to blindfold her, she started to throw balled fists and kick her legs in the air and squirm herself away from his hold. For a petite girl like Radhika, she sure had a tremendous amount of strength, just like a fighter. But then she was HIS fighter, His baby. Oh! He was madly, irrevocably, deeply in love with her but at that moment he had to keep his sweet, sugary feelings at bay and deal with the little monster, HIS monster to be precise!

“Radhika, please baby just stay still for a minute, will you?” Arjun pleaded.

“No no no! I’m not listening to you! You idiot scumbag stu-“ Radhika’s explicit verbal abuse of Arjun hanged in mid-air as he gently opened her blindfold. She blinked her eyes twice to get herself adjusted to the site around her and when she did, her mouth formed in a perfect ‘O’.

It was a beautiful garden adorned with heavenly fragrances of lovely flowers and an attractive view of trees around. In front of her a narrow concrete path, having small candles on either side, along the soft shiny grass led towards a silky white canopy. The aroma of the candles provided the atmosphere a mellow and soothing feeling. Under the canopy, two chairs with a table in between were placed. Small glowing lights were wrapped around the fences in a random but gracious manner while little vintage lanterns were dangling from the branches of the trees in the garden. The whole view was so stunning to be true that it seemed as if she was standing in paradise…

Arjun decided to break the staring contest between Radhika and the entire setting that he had arranged. “So did you like it?” he asked warmly, eagerly anticipating her response.

“Ah…Ah…Okay” Radhika stuttered a bit “Have I died? Because you don’t land up in such a gorgeous and awesome place closely resembling Heaven just by opening a blindfold, so am I dead?”

Arjun was astounded beyond imagination, no scratch that he was gobsmacked! He didn’t think of hearing this even in his wildest dreams, let alone reality, but then when your beloved has the perks of being very very very different from her entire species, you should definitely brace yourselves for hearing such idiotic remarks from her!

Placing a hand on his head, gently messaging his temples, Arjun said “Baby, you’re not dead. I have done this entire arrangement for you because”

Before he can complete, Radhika cut him off and said “Don’t tell me you are God or you happen to have a deal with him just like in the movie ‘Bruce Almighty’ where the hero gets God’s powers and”

“Chasu will you just shut up!” Arjun yelled hysterically raising his hands in the air.

“Fine. I was just taken aback for a moment. No need to act like you have just been paid a visit by Satan!” Radhika replied meekly but then complained “Hey! And don’t you call me with that funny name!”

Arjun just chuckled listening the last part. Though hilarious and sometimes over-the-top, Radhika was very sweet in her nature just like the sugary syrup ‘Chasni’. So he used to call her by tweaking it a bit to ‘Chasu’, which Radhika wasn’t a very big fan of.

“OMG! I didn’t know that the stone-faced, cold hearted business tycoon can chuckle too! I might just as well die now and end up dancing in Heaven” Radhika said dreamily.

“Radhika! What is it with you today? Why are you blabbering about Heaven so much?” Arjun asked clearly irritated that she was spoiling his surprise.

“Okay! I won’t utter nonsense now. Let’s enjoy our date honey!” Radhika said happily grabbing his arm and walking along the narrow path towards the canopy.

As soon as they were seated, Arjun clapped his hands twice and out popped a waiter out of no-where with some dishes. He placed them at the table and went away just like he had come after wishing them to enjoy their meal. Arjun had ordered everything that were Radhika’s favourites- Cheese pasta, crispy babycorn and fruit salad. Agreed the combination was weird but then Radhika was not like others too! She was unique and special in every way! Radhika was very excited on seeing the food and began to gorge on them as if she was on a hunger strike for the last 10 years. Both were silent during the entire meal. After they finished, Arjun again clapped his hands and the same waiter came with two bowls of ice-cream.

“Yay! Vanilla with choco chips” Radhika squealed elatedly as she grabbed the bowl, digging her spoon into it and enjoyed relishing the ice-cream closing her eyes.

Arjun looked at her lovingly. Radhika opened her eyes and noticed Arjun staring at her with his untouched ice-cream “Hmmm, if you have no intention of eating thsat, shall I have it?” Radhika asked expectantly looking at his ice-cream. Arjun just forwarded his bowl and watched her gulp down the contents. Seriously this girl was so different from others. While all girls would be on tenterhooks regarding the topic of food and weight and would think thousand times before eating even a tiny piece, Radhika gave a damn about those stuff and lived in the present. She followed the mantra that she lived to eat. Did he say that she was exceptional?

‘Yes, Mr. Romantic. You have said that for the umpteenth time. How long to you intend on saying it, so that I can shut myself up and you can carry on with your ranting?’ His brain mocked.

“I’ll say that till my last breath. Now do whatever you want.” Arjun whisper yelled at his idiotic frenemy but it was heard by Radhika who had now finished stuffing herself “Hey! What are you talking about?” She asked looking confused.

Arjun just shook his head in negative. Radhika said “Well, bringing me to this spectacular place and making me dine to a sumptuous meal is not going to lessen your punishment in any form dear!” flashing a sardonic smile.

Alright! Arjun thought she had forgotten about it and he had never thought of using this surprise to make her forget about it in any manner. But seeing the current scenario he prayed that it should have happened! No matter how people get scared of his mere presence but Radhika could turn him into a meek mouse in front of her. And mad Radhika was even worse!

“So…As you haven’t forgotten about it, then” Arjun began but Radhika said “How are you going to repay me those tons of messages that I sent you on Friday? Not to forget, those five cups of coffee that I loaded myself with and also those annoying and meddling looks I got in the cafe as if I were a nut-case just because you decided to pull a trick of not showing up.” She finished in a single breath and looked at him sternly.

Arjun sighed “Baby”

“Nope. Don’t baby me!”

“But you did let me call you by that name till now?”

“Yes! I wanted to gobble down the food as I was very hungry. Now answer my question” Radhika demanded.

“Oh! Food is more important to you than me? So if a platter of sushi and I are trapped in a fire, you will save sushi leaving me behind to die?” Arjun said dramatically.

“If you know the answer, why are you intent on asking it again and again. And for what purpose have you made those six packs han? Only for show-off? Can’t you just use them and get away from the situation. And for your kind information my sushi neither has six pack abs nor legs, so obviously they will call out for my help. Silly boy!” Radhika said.

“Seriously, are we having a discussion on this topic?” Arjun said crossing his arms across his chest playfully.

“You changed the topic. Don’t you dare put the blame on me Arjun Mehra” Radhika said banging her fist on the table but then the faded look on Arjun’s face made her realize what she had said ‘Arjun Mehra’

“Honey, Sugarbee! I’m so sorry for calling you that” Radhika said softly squeezing his hand that rested on the table. Arjun withdrew his hand and got off from his seat. He was about to walk away when Radhika caught his wrist and stopped him from going any further.

“I’m really sorry Arjun. Please forgive me.” Radhika said as her eyes began tearing up a bit.

Arjun hated to see her in such a condition and suddenly pulled her into his embrace. Radhika buried her face in his chest while Arjun gently stroking her hair closed his eyes.

“I’m sorry for being such a wuss, Chashu. It’s just that you know how that surname makes my blood boil, how it just makes me so restless” Arjun said sighing heavily.

Radhika lifted her face to look at his pained and haggard face. She knew his past and how he got worked up at the slightest mention of it. “I promise you darling, I won’t do it again. Even after knowing how bitter your past was, I have done nothing but just increased your pain instead of healing you.” Radhika said as tears rolled down her cheeks.

Arjun planted a soft kiss on her red puffed out nose and gently stroked her tear stained cheeks with his knuckles. “You don’t have to be sorry dear. You really are my angel who had dragged me out of the darkness, who had taught me how to smile, who has become the sunshine of my life. I owe it to you and your family completely for that. So please Chasu, I’m sorry” he said.

“But it’s my fault to remind you, hence I” But Arjun didn’t let her finish. He crashed his lips against her to shut her up. Radhika didn’t respond to him at first as she was still in shock but then she too began kissing him. The kiss which had begun as a soft and an emotional one, now was beginning to turn into passionate, where the two lovers kissed each other fervently letting their emotions and feelings of distance for the last three weeks to pour out. They pulled back reluctantly to catch their breath. Arjun kissed her softly on her forehead before leaning his forehead against her. “Radhika, I’m”

But Radhika beat him to it “Arjun, you sincerely can’t kiss me like this in the middle of something so serious and you should stop doing that changing topic trick?” she said still gasping for breath.

“Woman, will you let me finish? I was getting to that point.” Arjun said shaking his head, clearly amused.

“I’m listening” Radhika said.

Pulling her closer, he smiled warmly “I’m sorry for standing you up on that day. My flight got delayed; hence I wasn’t able to reach earlier. I thought of informing you but then this surprise wouldn’t have been so special” Arjun explained.

“Oh!” Radhika exclaimed.

“Now shut your mouth otherwise I’ll kiss you again” Arjun said winking at her.

“Well, I don’t think that it’s a bad idea. You can actually because I love you” Radhika said smiling.

“But I love you more” Arjun said as he closed the distance between them giving her a small peck on her lips and hugged her again. The feeling of holding his precious angel in his arms provided him with such a bliss that nothing in the whole world can do. But the thing running in his mind was definitely not letting him stay sane ~ the actual reason of his late arrival from Germany. His past was coming to get him, snatch his loved ones soon. He will not stop at anything to protect Radhika, Neil, Arun and Samaira. Samaira, he felt guilty even at the mention of her name. She had suffered, her parents had suffered only because of his past. He wrapped his arms around Radhika more tightly, he won’t let the past repeat itself again after 22 years…


“Neil, you’re hurting me” Samaira said as she tried to free herself from his iron hold around her wrist as Neil continued to drag her to his study.

As soon as they entered, Neil shut the door and let go of her. There was bright red imprint of his fingers on her porcelain skin. Samaira looked at him baffled as his eyes glazed over with too many emotions to count. Before she could think about it, he charged towards her catching her shoulders roughly.

“What were you talking with that Yash?” Neil hissed in a voice full of rage.

“He just helped me from hitting the ground” Samaira answered.

“Oh! You like others’ touch right. That’s why you let him snake his arms around you but you pushed me away when I came close to you in the party. What happened? Do you find the other men more desirable than your own husband? Yes, you are that kind of women. You are just a selfish, gold digger and characterless woman. What more can be expected of an orphan like you? After all when they get a few chunks of the life that they had missed, they just want to grab more of it by hook or by crook. And you’re no better my wife. You-“

Before Neil could finish, Samaira slapped him right across his face. He reached for his cheek which was burning now. As he touched it, he felt something wet on his fingers. It was blood, which had oozed out from the small cut that had occurred from Samaira’s nails when she slapped him harshly.

Before he could recover from his shock, Samaira yelled at him as her eyes started glistening “How dare you! Who has given you the right to say such nonsense about me? You have only married me and then left me to be a decorative piece in your mansion. Have you ever tried to know about my dreams, my aspirations and my feelings? Have you ever tried to behave as a husband? Leave alone husband, have you tried to become my friend or at least shown me some humanity? No! So Mr. Neil Khanna you haven’t earned the right to talk about my character too. You tag me as a gold digger but tell me when have I asked money from you? You pride yourself on the knowledge of being an orphan, but have you ever experienced their life? Have you spent a day without looking at the face of your parents? Was there a day when your wishes weren’t fulfilled? Was there a day when you had cried and not slept the entire night because you simply couldn’t? Was there?

I have lived the life. Forget about the appearance of your parents, you don’t even find a trace of their existence. Every time your hopes have to take a back-seat. I have spent sleepless nights throughout my entire life, craving for a familiar feminine touch of a mother, for the strong arms of a father who would have carried me on his back around the whole house. I have craved for a happy family with my parents forever. And if that makes me characterless, I’ll happily accept it. But you, Neil Khanna, you have always been acting like a jerk, hurting my sentiments since the day we got married. Enough is enough, if you feel I’m not up to your standards, let me remind you, your father came to me and persuaded me to get married to you. But no problem, I’ll be the bigger person here. I am ready to end our relation, I’m ready to free you from this unwanted bondage. After that I’ll return back to my old life and you can go to hell!” she said firmly and left him standing there alone, slamming the door behind her.

Samaira raced towards the stairs as tears started trickling down her eyes at such a humiliation. Arun had just reached home at that moment and saw Samaira rushing towards her room. He called out to her but she didn’t stop. He decided to talk to Neil, but then he heard the click of the knob of the door of his study and he understood that he needed to be alone at the moment. Although he wanted to know what has happened between his children, but he resisted his urges and retreated towards his room with the hope that everything falls back to its own place as soon as possible.


Okay! I’m clearly up to no good, hence I’m running off to the mental asylum in Agra. But don’t worry I’ll still update the next chapter from there if only you people are interested. Till then bye-bye and enjoy:)

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    1. Adu.nupur

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