MMZ: Broken (Chapter 3)


Hello my lovely dearies! Thought of providing an early update. Now before u begin there are some pictures which my stupid cousin pressurized me to put up. So if u don’t like them blame her and if u don’t like the description regarding them blame my idiotic exam nerves. All in all I’m not the culprit? Happy reading:)

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“Yay! Party-time” Radhika squealed in joy at the top of her voice, raising her hands in the air and practically jumping on her seat like a kid.

“Baby sister, it certainly doesn’t come under your ‘type’ of parties. So you’re definitely going to get bored” Neil said amused at Radhika’s antics.

“Whatever. Don’t spoil my mood. And for your kind information when Radhika Khanna is invited to any party then it is bound to become hip and happening because you see big bro I have magic in my hands” Radhika finished proudly flipping her hair to the back.

Arun decided to interrupt the bickering of his children before all hell went loose but Samaira beat him to it “What party are you talking about Radhu?”

Oblivious to the entire conversation, Samaira made her way to the dining table carrying hot Aloo Parathas in a dish from the kitchen. The butler, Suresh, followed her rolling a small trolley which had other food items for the breakfast.

Arun forgetting the conversation between his children extended his hands towards Samaira asking “Wow Beta. You always read my mind! Now give those delicious parathas to me”

Samaira swiftly averted the dish away from his reach while reprimanding him “No Papa. Did you forget what Doctor had prescribed? Your last report wasn’t very satisfying. So no oily food for you and I can’t take a chance. Hence have these” She forwarded a bowl of oats and a plate laden with fruits.

Arun scrunched up his nose and gave in to the childish urge to pout but he knew the ball was not in his court. Samaira served 2 parathas to Radhika who was beaming at her flashing all her teeth while Suresh served Neil with pancakes.

Narrowing her eyes, Radhika asked “Bhaiyu, have these parathas na. I bet you will forget your firang breakfast after you taste them after all they’re the awesome creation of your lovely wife” with that she winked at Samaira who had just seated herself beside Radhika.

Arun knew why Neil never ate aloo parathas. He never did since the day his mother passed away although they’re his favourite. He didn’t know when his son will come out of that black bottomless pit he had thrown himself into, when he would accept the reality and turn back into the same Neil that was lost in those vague memories of the past. He had a belief that Samaira can heal his deep seated wounds after all who else can understand his pain more than her. But that was possible only if Neil would let his guard down and even if he hated to admit it, he did see how his son cooked up various ways to stay away from Samaira.

Arun was brought back to the present when he heard Neil say nonchalantly “No. Please Radhika have them on my behalf and become a golu-molu baby elephant”

Radhika was about to backfire at him when Samaira decided to interrupt lest it turns into a live telecast of World War III because sometimes the brother-sister duo fought like sissy little toddlers on stupid issues “ Accha Radhu, tell me about the party you’re talking about”

Distracted from her actual purpose, Radhika smiled joyfully “Oh that! Yes, you know the Banerjees’. Arey, our business partners for the last 10 years or so, well that is what Dad says. Never mind let’s move on. So they’re kinda celebrating their 30th marriage anniversary. Honestly I don’t know why they didn’t throw a big party on their 25th but it doesn’t matter right as long as you are invited to a grand celebration and have lots of fun and delicacies to eat, isn’t it?”

Samaira was gaping at her while Arun hit his head with his hand and Neil snorted listening to her weird explanation.

Not giving any heed to her surroundings, Radhika continued “So as you see they have invited or like pleaded to Daddy dearest to attend the party with his full family. That means we get to go along too and that only indicates we have lots and lots of shopping to do my sweetu cutchiepoo. So now hurry up and eat your breakfast because darling we don’t have all day you see” finishing her marvellous speech, she turned to attack on her parathas.

Samaira groaned internally listening to her plans. No matter how much she adored and loved Radhika, seriously no one can tolerate her shopperzilla avtar. She would drag you around the whole mall ruthlessly and make you try onto all sorts of weird outfits. And the best part is you can’t say no to her or if you do she’ll use her most dangerous weapon: her irresistible puppy eyes to get things done and believe it or not, that is not the prettiest of all scenarios you want yourself caught up in.

So Samaira decided to become the scape-goat that she does like always and let her ruin her Sunday.


After a Radhika-style-marathon-shopping, finally they returned home. Samaira literally wanted to just crash down in the bed and sleep for eternity times infinity but the torture wasn’t over yet. Now was the getting-ready part and Radhika won’t listen to her protests. As if she ever takes note of it, her brain chided.

Wanting to break away from the stress as soon as possible, she decided to get ready fast.

Two hours later

Samira was standing outside Radhika’s room who was taking her own sweet time to get ready. Unable to wait any longer she was about to knock on the door when it opened and a completely decked up Radhika stood in front of her grinning like a maniac.

“Well well, look who we have here. I must say this saree looks absolutely stunning on you babe. Makes me wanna have you right now. Don’t know how Bhai will endure till the end of the party” Radhika said cheesily.

Dressed in a saree of navy blue colour, Samaira was looking ethereal. It was simple in design but elegant looking. It had an intricate work of silver on the border and she teamed it up with a high-neck cap sleeve cutwork blouse. Her hair was styled in a messy bun and she wore large sized balis of pearls. She absolutely adored the bracelet that Radhika had picked for her which had a combination of glittering diamonds and pearls round its complete length. To compliment her attire, she had chosen a neutral look so that her makeup looked pretty much natural. She had done that too on the pretext of how much she loathed those stuff but if she doesn’t apply them then Radhika would forcefully make her do.

(Imagine Samaira wearing this saree along with those accessories)

Samaira flushed at her remark “Radhika. Zip up you motor-mouth! By the way you’re looking gorgeous too in that gown.”

Radhika wore a tulle lace gown of soft colour, the shade of light pink and she looked nothing less than an angel. Floral appliqué embellishment made of lace adorned the bust region leading till the waist. She had let her hair down with soft curls at the end. To complete her look she had chose to wear simple oval-shaped studs having a tint of peach and a clover leaf diamond bracelet which she had bought after having a long duel with another lady at the store.

(Imagine Radhika wearing the gown along with those accessories)

“I know Babe! Fine, let’s go” Radhika said as she locked her arms with Samaira and descended down the stairs.

Arun was sitting on the couch but there was no sign of Neil. Radhika asked “Dad, where’s Bhai?”

“Oh! He has already left. Now come with me my two beautiful daughters. It’s already 7” Arun said smiling.

Samaira felt a bit disappointed but then schooled her expression and they left.


The party was in full swing. Neil was just having a general talk with Mr. Banerjee and some other business associates. His eyes wandered towards the entrance and as if on que his family walked through.

Right after his father and his sister, his eyes fell upon her who had a knack for throwing his resolution out of the window and creating a surge of emotions inside his heart which he had always felt was not there anymore.

They were coming towards him. The closer they got, the more Neil felt nervous. The feelings that he had hidden for so long were back again to devour his sensible brain. The overwhelming unknown emotions tugged at his heart, the same way he had felt when he had first seen Samaira when he was 10. He just wanted to run away from there and lock himself up in a room before he does something that would make him regret.

“Hey Bhai” Radhika called out to him and they too joined the little group. But Neil’s eyes were completely transfixed on Samaira’s hazel doe eyes. He had never believed in those breezy stuff that the world seems to disappear when your soulmate is right in front of you. But currently chucking away his brain into an isolated corner he just wanted to drown deep into those eyes.

Samaira lowered her eyes. The coal black eyes of Neil seem to pierce through her soul. Since the day she had started avoiding him, he always looked at her with an unknown glint in his eyes. Seriously what was up with him and all those staring? But she couldn’t deny the tingling sensation she experienced under his deep intense gaze. Was this love!?

Great as if I would know, her brain mocked at her.

She was shaken out of her thoughts when she heard Radhika speak “Wow! Such a lovely tune. Let’s dance. Daddu you’re my partner. Bhai come on and Sammy no arguements.”

Even Mr and Mrs Banerjee too coaxed their guests to go on the dance floor. Even before Samaira could contemplate, Neil who was completely knocked out of his senses, extended his hand out “May I?”

Samaira’s eyes widened in astonishment but then she slowly placed her hand in his. Neil put one of her hand on his shoulder and took the other one in his own, clutching it tightly. It felt so right, as if their hands were made for each other. Neil pulled her closer by wrapping his free hand round her waist. Samaira was completely dumb-founded by the sudden change of events and they started dancing.

(Okay m the last person u should approach for describing dance moves, so just listen to the song- Mujko Barsaat Banalo and imagine NeSam dancing as closely as they can? )

Radhika and her father were enjoying themselves dancing in an animated manner but things were not so great on the other side. Samaira and Neil were breathing heavily after their sensually close dance. Neil pulled her closer literally leaving no air to pass through them. Samaira gulped and looked at his eyes dark as onyx. She was perplexed at the unfamiliar emotions that Neil’s touch evoked in her. She wanted to stay in his arms forever but she wanted to run away from his reach too. Neil leaned his forehead against her and brought his lips dangerously close near hers. Unable to take in her overwhelming feelings anymore, she lightly pushed him aside and walked away from him as fast as she could.

Due to lack of attention to her surroundings, she bumped into someone thus losing her balance and fumbling on her steps. She closed her eyes in anticipation of hitting the hard marble floor but then she felt a pair of arms wrapped around her. She squinted her eyes open and looked at the stranger. Samaira quickly straightened herself. The stranger smiled “Are you okay?”

Samaira wanting to get away from the awkward encounter nodded her head and thanked him. But the guy asked “Can I get you a drink? After all you can repay me with that privilege for saving you,right?” smiling warmly.

Before Samaira could reply, a deep voice spoke from behind “Yash Singhania”

Samaira turned to see who it was. A tall, well built man with extremely sharp striking features walked towards them. She recognised him from the picture she had seen in Neil’s study- he was his friend…

“Arjun Malhotra” said Yash and nodded still keeping his smile intact “Well, how are you?”

Arjun said “What do you expect? But don’t you think you should try your luck with someone else?” furrowing his eyebrows.

Understanding his implication, Yash replied “Why is there any problem?”

“You always have the habit of poking your nose in others’ matters. I’m warning you for your own good stay out of this, it would benefit you a lot unlike those business contracts that you have lost while clashing with my company” Arjun said through his gritted teeth.

Meanwhile Samaira was shaking her head to and fro between the two of them unable to comprehend their conversation. Just then she saw Neil along with Radhika and Arun making their way through the crowd towards them steadily.

“Arjun. When did you reach Mumbai?” Neil asked as he engulfed him in a hug.

“At the right moment” Arjun said looking at Yash.

Neil followed his gaze and then stared at Samaira whom he had seen talking to Yash a few moments back. Without saying anything more he grabbed Samaira’s wrist and told his father that he was going home. He didn’t wait for his approval and strode out of there dragging Samaira with him.

Sensing that something wrong was going to happen, Arun decided to follow them but then stopped looking at Radhika’s confused face. They had been in the party only for one hour and he knew his daughter wouldn’t be ready to move out from there so soon.

As if sensing his dilemma Arjun said “Uncle, don’t worry. If you don’t mind, I shall drop Baby- I mean Radhika back home” while Radhika looked at him shocked.

“Thank you so much my boy. Radhika enjoy and don’t trouble Arjun too much. But do return before 10:30” Arun advised her placing his hands on her shoulder while Radhika nodded in affirmation.

As soon as Arun was out of sight, Arjun intertwined his fingers with that of Radhika and tugged at her hand whispering softly “Come with me dear”. Radhika just followed as right now she wasn’t able to process what was actually happening.

As the duo made their way out, Yash looked at them intently “Arjun Malhotra. What is your game plan actually? Need to dig on that as soon as possible” he said…


Please don’t throw jutta chappal at me if this chapter was too cheesy. I have gone bonkers it seems but I’ll try to come up with a better one next time. Till then take care and keep smilingJ

Credit to: Nupur

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