MMZ: Broken (Chapter 1)


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There he was lying in a pool of blood, on the floor. His face was covered in blood. She raised her hand, wanting to reach him but couldn’t do so due to those cold metal chains tightly bound to her feet. She squirmed and stomped her feet, tried breaking those iron barriers using her bare hands but it was all in vain. She was helpless. She yelled for help as hot tears made their way down her cheeks.
Suddenly the whole room started burning. Someone had ignited the fire. She could see him whispering her name, raising his shaking hand in her direction mustering up all his remaining strength. But then she saw a person with a mask approaching him with a shovel in his hands. The masked man arched his hand in a backward motion and swayed the shovel swiftly in the air ready to strike his prey. Her eyes widened in horror as she understood the stranger was going to hit him and yelled “NEILLLL…”

She was panting heavily. Beads of perspiration flowed down her temple. She moved her eyes wearily across her surroundings. Reality dawned on her that it was a mere nightmare and she was in her room, in her house, safe.

She reached out for the bottle of water kept at the bed-side table and gulped down all its content in one go…a desperate attempt to calm down her frivolous nerves.

As she began to regain her composure, suddenly an unknown fear engulfed her. She glanced at the clock. It was half past six in the morning. Where was Neil?

Her heart started pounding against her chest as all sorts of negative thoughts flooded her mind. She has to see him to make sure otherwise she would lose her sanity.

Quickly freshening up, she dashed out of her room still wearing her comfy night clothes-short white and yellow embroidered kurta teamed with a white Patiala and her hair tied up in a messy bun. As she began to glance at the hall trying to catch a glimpse of Neil, someone leapt on her from nowhere, choking the life out of her by giving her a bone-crushing hug and chirped happily “Good morning Samu”

Samaira instantly knew who it was. After all her BFF, the ‘Great’ Radhika Khanna only had the liberty to call her with such weird nicknames- sometimes Samu, Ra-Ra, Mairu, Cutchiepoo and so on.

Samaira was brought out of her reverie when the motor mouth asked with a cute pout face “Where are your manners Samu? No greetings at all. Very bad”

Samaira gave her a warm smile and said “Good morning, my Radhu Ma! It’s just that…forget it. Have you seen Neil?”

Radhika looked at her for a second and then replied with a wide smirk on her face “Ohho! Someone is already missing her hubby dearest. I think Samu, you didn’t have enough of Bhai last night, did you?” and winked at her mischieviously.

Samaira was completely astounded at her question. Her cheeks now glowed with a tint of crimson. Seriously this girl will one day be the death of her. She hit Radhika’s arm reprimanding her for her dirty remark.

Rubbing her arm, Radhika said in a fake sad voice “Arre! Why did u hit me? I’m such a cute nanha munna sa bacha but nobody cares for me.”

Samaira hit her head with her hand “Hey Bhagwan! Radhu stop your nautanki ki dukhan. Now, will you please tell me where is Neil?”

Rathika shrugged her shoulder and said “Maybe in his study…”

Before she could complete Samaira had already proceeded towards the study. Radhika opened her mouth to call her but was interrupted by the ringing of her phone. She slid her phone out of her pocket and was shocked to see the caller id. She looked here and there and trotted off to her room to attend the call.


Samaira entered the study when she didn’t get any answer even after knocking for three times. She found Neil sitting on the chair and was looking at some papers on the table. His eyebrows were furrowed and he looked tense.

Approaching him and standing at some distance, she called out his name softly.

Neil’s head shot at her direction swiftly and Samaira could see the frown on his face getting deeper.

“What are you doing here?” Neil snapped.

“I-I-I came to see if you’re alright or not” She answered weakly.

“Why? Do you want something to happen to me?” he asked spitefully.

Samaira shook her head in negative “No, I didn’t mean that. It’s just that I had a nightmare where…”

Neil didn’t let her complete “Stop your nonsense. I’m not in a mood for that. Now go get ready so that I can drop you at your work place. I don’t want to be late for office because of you”

She said in a feeble voice “It’s alright. I’ll go by myself”

“Look, don’t piss me off anymore. I don’t have the energy to argue with you on this matter. Just do what I said.” Neil said in a rude tone.

Samaira bit her lip to stop her tears from falling down and replied with her head bent low “Okay”

As she turned to go, Neil yelled “Suresh, get me a cup of black coffee now. Some people have the art of irritating me to such an extent that my head hurts. Bring it fast.”

Hurt and disheartened, Samaira ran out of the room unable to control her tears anymore as Neil watched her retreating figure with an indecipherable emotion in his eyes.


Samaira flipped over the pages of the file mindlessly. She couldn’t concentrate on her work as her mind constantly went back to the morning conversation.

Agreed Neil didn’t like her presence but he always answered her either in monosyllables or rather stayed mum but he never raised his voice at her. But today… It felt as if someone had twisted a knife through her heart. Just to maintain the peace back at home, she had hidden the reality of their relationship from Radhika and Papa. But now she had to take the matter into her hands.

She can’t bear his spiteful looks and snide remarks anymore. She can’t let her heart to shatter into thousand pieces every time by his actions. She knew she wasn’t at fault and had tried to be patient with Neil. But now she was tired of carrying the burden of the marriage while Neil was busy crumbling its very existence. She decided that just like him she would also ignore him and stay away from him as much as possible. Maybe this would be the best way to maintain their relation.

Her chain of thoughts was broken when her assistant Nalini walked into her cabin. Nalini said “Hey Sam! Where are you lost?”

Nalini was a good friend of Samaira at her office. Samaira just nodded her head and said “Nothing Li. Tell me when is the next appointment?”

Nalini replied excitedly “Sam, I came to inform you about that only. The 4:00 pm meeting is cancelled. So now we can go home”

Samaira smiled at her enthusiasm. She got up from her chair and said “Okay then let’s go.”

“Yay!” Nalini yelled running out of her cabin.

Samaira gathered some files and grabbed her purse. She has to reach home fast to decide her next course of action…


Do you think Samaira’s nightmare was just a fleeting dream or does it hold any importance in the near future?

Can you guess why Neil is behaving like a jerk?

Till then bye-bye and keep smiling:)

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  1. I like it very much.Awesome,dear.Plz keep goinp.Update nxt asap,plz.I’ll not b able to comment till 30th july bcz of exams bt i’ll surely read them.It’s totally different..

    1. Thank u so much umama?
      No problem dear you can comment whenever u r free…I myself have exams so might be a bit irregular from now as far as the updates are concerned. But ll surely make it up to all the readers soon:)

  2. Sammy

    It was good nupur …eagrly waiting for next episode 🙂 🙂

    1. Thank u so much sammy?
      I have replied to u in d previous chapter and ll be waiting for ur ff:)

  3. wow nupur first update superb yr amazing I love this sam n neil is really a jerk bt I like him……….plz update soon I will be waiting eagerly

    1. Thank u so much amita for liking it?

  4. Hi hi?…nupur dear it’s awesome. For your 1st q I guess yes b 2 Q I can’t answer.The episode was a dhamaka

    1. Hehehe…thank u so much bhabya?
      Neil is definitely not a jerk but he is broken and there’s a big reason behind his behaviour. You’ll get to know it soon dear:)

  5. Kavina

    I loved it. I think Neil saw Sam with someone and the dream is going to turn real.

    1. I’m not able to get you as I have a thick skull sometime but the dream ll come true with a lesser gruesome effect…I can assure of that. Thank u do much kavina?

  6. S.v

    Neil is cold towards sam why . This question is from my side too . Is the dream has an effect in their life and btw when are u gonna introduce arjun ?? Update soon nupur .

    1. Thank u so much S.v for commenting?
      Neil has a reason to be cold towards Sam but u ll soon know why. Can’t reveal much or it won’t be called a mystery ff anymore…hehehe
      Arjun’s intro already done!

      1. S.v

        I might have missed that sry . And thanks for the reply.

    2. No problem dear:)

  7. amazing episode..arjun?…eagerly waiting next one …….thank u .tc

    1. Thank u so much subha?
      Arjun’s intro already done and only entry is remaining:)

  8. Sweetie

    Nice one Nupur..I love Radhika..What a dialogue she has used for Sam!!?Waiting for the next..Stay blessed and keep smiling.. 🙂

    1. Thank u so much sweetie for commenting and the wishes?Same to you too dear!
      I wanted to show a different shade of RadSam. Usually Sam is the daring one and Radhika the submissive one. So I thought why not swap their places. Trust me when I typed that particular dialogue I mentally face-palmed myself but then let it be as I felt it might give some insight into Radhika’s character. Sorry for blabbering and boring the hell out of u. You too stay blessed too:)

      1. Sweetie

        Hey Behna..You didn’t blabber anything dear..Loved to know why you swapped the personalities of Rads and Sam..I love them in any shade..Hehe..?

  9. Brin

    Awesome episode, waiting for the next update. 🙂

    1. Thank u so much brin?

  10. Suga

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    2. Thank u so much suga?
      Your profile pic is so cute:)

  11. Dev

    Short bt nc nupur

    1. Thank u so much dev?

      1. It was short? Blame it on my lazy fingers will try to post a longer one next time?

  12. Very good nupur…waiting to know why Neil behaved like this n who called rads…Arjun???

    1. Thank u so much rossy?
      Good guess! U ll soon come to know the reason behind Neil’s behaviour soon!

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    Tats sam.. yay..almost everyone here guessed ri8..happy on tat.. who was on call with Rads.. Arjuuunn .?! N d dream was scary.. with mask n shovel.. gosh.. wish 2 be a dream itself.. n Neil behavior..guess he thought Sam 2 be a gold digger or sumthin lik tat.. hmmm.. u kept Arjun’s intro in waiting… eager 4 nxt one…

    1. Thank u so much jessie?
      Yup everyone has guessed it right. I know the dream was a tiny bit scary but it has some connection to the real life but in a less gruesome way!

      Neil has another reason to stay away from Sam. M not revealing anything now, u ll get some hint about it in the next one and more when I explain Neil’s erratic behaviour probably chapter 5 or 6! Arjun’s intro already done only his entry is remaining?

      1. P.S. Are u a fan of happy feet or penguins? Just curious from your profie pic:)

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  15. awesome dear..Neil behaving rude with to see a different side of him..guess Arjun called rads..waiting for nxt

    1. Thank u so much ritu?
      Glad to know u liked the way the characterisation are portrayed. I have tried to make them a bit different than the way they were in the original show. Good guess dear!

  16. just too good nupur

    1. Thank u so much gauri:)

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      Hope u like the upcoming chapters too

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    1. Thank u so much roma di for such a lovely comment. I ll be updating the next chapter today. Hope u like that too?

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