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Their Bond.
One Shot

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“This is preposterous. I don’t believe it. How could he? I mean, seriously? Is this the kind of thing to say so casually and so spontaneously?…he could have informed me before hand. There wasn’t any need to jump on me with this sort of a news.” Sam went muttering up and down. She paced her room.

Radhika sighed. There was no denying of the fact, that for a change, sam was right. But at the same time her dad wasn’t wrong. It was one of those situations where you can’t really choose sides. Radhika cursed her fate for getting stuck between the father and daughter. She was like the filling in a sandwich with the breads crushing her from both the sides. But guess, over the years Radhika had gained this position of hers. She couldn’t believe how similar sam was to her dad. Both were crazy stubborn heads unwilling to compromise even a little. Sam and her dad had grown distant after her mother’s death. The incident leaving a permanent strain on their relationship. The distance between them had slowly eaten their understanding. Once, the loving father daughter duo, could now, not stand within the same room without sneering, or shouting at each other.

Radhika, sam’s best friend and soul sister become the regulator and facilitator between the two. She had been sending birthday cards and wishes to them on the other’s name for years. She finally, realised that one can never control everything in life. She left it to fate.

Sam screamed, “Radhika, are you even listening to me?”

Radhika sighed, “yes, I am.”
She made her sit down on the bed.
“sam, he is your father. He wants only good for you. It’s just some random guy, go meet him for his sake. But the final decision always remains with you. Reject him out rightly, if you want to. But meet him once.”

Sam sneered, “ final decision…haha…..radhu, did my decision matter to him when he decided to sell that mansion where I spent my childhood, where my mom died? Did my decision matter to him when he decided to make me the managing director of bird song, overnight? Ohh yeah…it was to teach me responsibility….why? Because I party like a caveman. Right? Geez, why can’t he understand, going out for a party once or twice doesn’t make it a habit. And yeah….now suddenly I am greeted with a crowd of people when I came back home, who are here to apparently see him. What?! He could have told me once, but he didn’t consider it important.”

Radhika didn’t know what to say. It was a lost battle. Sam was wrenching her heart out with iron clad logic.

Radhika quietly tucked her in, “sleep, it’s late. We’ll talk about this tomorrow.”

Radhika turned to leave. But sam held her hand, “where?” she said, patting the other side of the bed.

Radhika excused herself for a couple of minutes. She hurried out and walked to samrat’s study. She wanted to make him understand sam’s stand. She knew he won’t agree and would probably end up saying that she is still a kid, who doesn’t have a sense of responsibility and would make a mess of her life. But anyway, it was worth a shot. The same happened as she expected. She walked out and went to bed.

The morning she was woken up by angry accusing voices coming from the hall. She was frustrated. Couldn’t they behave like a normal family?

She angrily stomped down, it was enough of all the immature behaviour.

Sam was literally in tears, accusing her father of playing with her life. While her father screamed at her about her behaviour.

“ back to your rooms right now.” Radhika screamed at both of them.

They both instantly scrambled. Radhika had taken the place of sam’s mother in their lives. She was a integral part of their lives. The only common thing between the father and daughter was their care and love and respect towards Radhika.

Radhika sighed and signalled for the house keeper to get her a coffee. She freshened up and asked for the breakfast to be put on the table. She sent a maid to call both samrat and sam for breakfast. They came and sat on the opposite sides. They kept glaring at each other, but opened their mouth only for the food. They didn’t want to trouble Radhika.

Radhika sighed, “ do you think I am fool to not understand this cold war?”

On not getting a reply, she continued, “fine. It is decided. Sam will meet the guy, as per your wishes uncle. But you need to promise that the finally decision would be hers.”

They both agreed.

Radhika got sam ready and accompanied her to the restaurant. Sam sat down opposite the guy her dad had selected for her, Arjun.
He was good looking, successful and respectful. The ultimate marriage material, but Radhika noticed that sam kept glancing at the corner table. A guy, in a black hoodie sat there, his fists clenched in anger.
Radhika felt suspicious. She didn’t fail to notice the longing in sam’s eyes. She felt positive that sam was hiding something. After a bit of small talk, Arjun greeted them and left. After a couple of minutes, the corner seat hoodie guy also got up and exited.

Sam turned to Radhika, speaking nervously, “radhu, why don’t you go home? I’ll join you later.”

Radhika’s doubt was confirm. Something was definitely fishy and she was determined to find what. She asked her, “where are you going?”

Sam made lame excuses saying she had some work.

After sam got up to leave. Radhika’s brain started functioning at super speed. Her thinking clouding with questions. What is she hiding? Is there some connection between the hoodie guy and sam? Or is it between him and Arjun? Why is she hiding whatever it is?

Radhika was determined for some answers and decided to follow sam.

Suddenly sam felt a arm jerking her by elbow. She turned around. Her face clouded with fear and relief at the same time. It was Radhika. She turned out and felt radhika’s piercing glare on her.

She stammered, “yo-you-you here?”

Radhika spoke with a icy chill in her voice, “the same can be asked for you samaira.”

Sam felt goosebumps, she didn’t fail to notice radhika’s icy demeanour….and the fact that she was out with a guy, she knew nothing about, just added fuel to fire.

She knew it was a total waste to lie to Radhika anymore. So she spoke the truth with earnest eyes, “radhu…I know you are angry….you know, you have all the right to. I am going out with a guy, you have no idea about.I kept lieing about it. I kept ways to sneak out and I just kept you out. Trust me, I didn’t want to put you in a tight spot and that’s why I didn’t tell you.”

Radhika pointed her finger at the guy in the hoodie, “you is he?”

Sam gave him one look and he removed his hoodie, giving Radhika his classic dimpled smile. Sam looked at Radhika, “radhu. He is neil. Dad’s long standing business rival, Vikram Rana’s son. I knew dad would never, not even in my wildest dreams allow me near him. And if I told you, then you morally want to tell him. But wouldn’t be able to. Hence, I didn’t tell you. Sorryyy…”
Sam came forward to hug her but Radhika stopped her. She sighed. “I wonder what trick you have next up in your sleeve to piss off your father.” She muttered.

Sam felt a thin layer of water starting to cloud her vision. She took a deep breathe in effort to control her tears, “radhu, believe me, he isn’t like the rest. I really love him. And he loves me.”

Radhika turned her attention to neil, who was standing all mute. “name.” she barked.

Neil seemed befuddled, “radhu, she just told you..”

Radhika cut him off in the middle, “just answer the damn question. Will you? All its Radhika for you.”

Neil was taken aback, “neil r-rana.”

“qualification?” she asked.

Neil looked at her bit more confidently, making efforts to not allow her to intimidate and dominate him, “ IIT Bombay and then post grab, from stranford university, USA.”

Radhika smiled, well-educated he was, “so….do you love my sam?”

Automatically a cute dimpled smile crept up his lips on hearing the question, he spoke in a whisper, “more than anything or anyone else.”
Sam smiled hearing him and looked at Radhika with pleading eyes. Radhika kept a straight face, sucking out all emotions from her eyes.

Neil continued in his normal voice, “I will kill myself before even thinking of hurting her.”

Radhika chewed her bottom lip a little, “umm, okay….so does your parents know about this?”

Neil, “yes they do.”

Radhika quickly questioned, “and they are okay with this?”

Neil smiled, “dad was a bit reluctant at first but then he noticed how much more dedicated and focused I had became since I fell in love with sam. And finally he agreed.”

Sam sighed and Radhika turned her sharp gaze at her, before suddenly turning around and leaving.
Neil stood behind her befuddled, “yes that a yes? Or a no?”

Sam slapped her forehead and hurried behind her. When sam reached home, Radhika had already changed and was in her room. Sam knocked twice and on not getting a reply, she welcomed herself in.

Radhika was sitting near the window, the street light glazing her face. She looked deep in thoughts. She jerked up when sam touched her shoulder. Sam kneeled down in front of her. She gently coaxed her, “what happened radhu? See, this is why I hid him from you.”

Suddenly, the tears which were caged in radhika eyes jumped out, she hugged sam tight, sobbing on her shoulder.

“go sam…run away…..neil is your true love….go away before your dad sucks him too.” She spoke between sobs.

Sam was bewildered, what the hell was she talking about, “what do you mean?”

Radhika composed herself a little and broke the hug, she cupped her face, “Sammy, when I came back, I tried to convince your dad regarding neil…hoping that he too like neil’s dad kept your best interest ahead…but he didn’t agree, he even threatened me,…

Sammy,…your mom…..your mom didn’t die in the car accident…Sammy, your mom killed herself because of your dad’s indifference. She just couldn’t take his ignorance, attitude and avoidance anymore.”

Tears streamed down, sam’s cheeks. Radhika wiped them with her fingers. She attached her forehead to sam’s.
She gently whispered, “she took a promise from me. That I will always protect you and keep you happy. Sammy, go…..neil will keep you safe and happy. I could see that in his eyes.”

Radhika abruptly got up and wiped her tears. Gaining her composure back, she returned to the being the Radhika, who always had things under control. She spoke sternly, “sam, I talked to neil and explained the entire thing to him. He would be reaching here any second to take you with him and I even talked to his parents. Sammy, you will get all the mother’s love, you deserved from his mom. I promise, you’ll be safe and okay. Here.” She said handing over a suitcase to her, “all your things packed.”

Sam got up and turned Radhika to her side roughly, “and what about you? I’ll go…but do you think, dad will leave you when he gets to know, you helped me run away.”
Radhika removed sam’s hand, “I will be okay. I am going back to where I came from. My apartment.”

Radhika’s heart pained to have lied to her. It wasn’t true. The apartment no longer existed. She had sold it a few years back, thinking that she wouldn’t need it ever.

Sam still seemed sceptical. But assured her. She grabbed her suitcase, and led her down the back stair case. There, he was leaning on his car, waiting for sam.

Neil quickly took the suitcase from radhika’s hand and looked at her with grateful eyes, “are you sure that you don’t want to come with me?”

Radhika nodded her head in negative, “no, I’ll be fine.”

She hugged sam and neil.
She looked at neil emotionally, “ she is your responsibility now. Please don’t disappoint me.”

Neil replied with earnesty dripping in his voice, “never.”

Radhika watched them leave. She sighed, grabbed her own bag and walked out wandering. With hopes in her eyes and warmth in her heart. She hoped to find the kind of love sam had found in neil. True Love.

Another one shot….done…finished…..

how was it??? I hope it wasn’t boring as nesam part wasn’t too long…

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  1. Starz

    Superb…short and sweet…..not at all boring…. loved it…. love you and take care….. Queen of os??

    1. Myra

      Thanks a lot starz….love you loads

  2. ?????
    Myra di????
    U always make me cry na….
    U write so good…how???
    Pls come uo with part 2 na…plssssssss….part 2 where Radhika is meeting her true love…Arjun…
    Pllsssssss….pretty please…with cherry on top and chocolate sauce and extra cream….
    Love u?

    1. Myra

      Cherry on top and choc sauce and extra sauce…woah….!! I will surely think about part 2…..
      Ladddoooooo……love you so much!
      By the way, laddoo, do you read my ff as well? I am asking because you seem to know about them, yet i never see you there…

      1. No dii…actually when u started ur ff, my exams jus started, and I didn’t want to start with any new ff, when i already have so many old ff’s to read. But will surely start reading when my exams get over. And already I am super excited for part 2, tomorrow is my b’day, and I will be really happy if you post it?

  3. Jessie

    A completely different!! Myra.. this is brilliant..I just loved reading it…Rads is amazing…TC n.loads of love…

    1. Myra

      Jessiieeeee diii ?? thanks a lot

  4. S.v

    teddy i loved it and i agree with ladoo find a true love for radhika i want part 2 for this dear pls lovely one teddy bear u r the queen of os love u s o much

    1. Myra

      Sv diii….love you so much…thanks….will definitely think about a part two.

  5. Boring? Are u serious, this was just marvelous, the sweet bond btn Sam and Radhika was just too a we some. Loved it a lot. Stay blessed

    1. Myra

      Tysm gia diii ?

    2. Myra

      Thank you gia dii ?

  6. Ria

    Hey Myra di,
    I guess you’re elder than me. Anyways, this one was so emotional. I kinda feel sad. But, the shot was extremely nice. Hope you can post more one shots like these.?

    1. Myra

      Thanks a lot ria…..sweety i already have lots of one shots….do check them out 🙂

      1. Ria

        Myra di, I’ve read almost all of them but, I didn’t comment. I’ve commented only on that jealousness one and this one. Hehe..But, I live your OS’s so, I wanted you to write more.

  7. Dev

    Awesome yaar myra….was just off d board….truely good ….were samrat as villian n radz literally sandwich ……now sam is happy ….as u askd wats gonna happen 2 radu….cant wait 4 d nxt buddy….update fastly…..
    Love u lolike always…..hugs….tc

    1. Myra

      Thanks a lot buddy 🙂

  8. Brin

    Awesome shot, a request please could there be a second shot for this story, like to know where Radhika will go, will Nesam get married, eagerly want a second shot. 🙂

    1. Myra

      Thanks brin di ….sorry, i havent really thought about second shot….guess, some stories are better left untold 😉

  9. Rossy

    Interesting…superb…it was the bond between rasam…emotional…can u pls update second shot??

    1. Myra

      Ty rossy….i havent really thought about a second shot 🙂

  10. Pls darling give radhu a proper ending ?

    1. Myra

      Will surely think about it!

  11. Gauri

    Myra u are a genious….and loved it it was so beautiful and the bond they shared was priceless…waiting for more one shots 🙂 love u

    1. Myra

      Thank you so much gauri dii ?

  12. Jewel

    nice shot myra… loved it… i am also requesting u to write part 2 for this…. plzz…

    1. Myra

      Thanks jewel….will think something for it. 🙂

  13. Sweetie

    Lovely shot Myra.. 🙂

    1. Myra

      Thanks sweetie 🙂

  14. Hey Princess of OS,again a lovely one shot..and really meaningful title..can you write another part of this??

    1. Myra

      Thank you aadia!

  15. Shubhadha

    Lovely shot myra…waiting for next one.. take care dear..

    1. Myra

      Thanks shubhadha 🙂

  16. mindblowing……….

    1. Myra

      Ty subha 🙂

  17. Awesome. …muaaaaahhhhhh

  18. _Ritu

    Myra its amazing dear…RaSam part was heart touching…bt plz post d second part..I really want to read Rads story nd what Sam’s father did after dat..loads of love. 🙂

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