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MMZ- The Bodyguard – one shot


One shot

Guys, I don’t know how it is….i felt like writing it…and I did…its really messed up..bur please bear with me…
Will update PP soon, Sunday most probably…..sorry for the delay..
Hope you like this…let me know…
Happy reading 

Radhika was a bubbling….free spirited….crazy…..happy go lucky girl….courageous….righteous…..she was the type of person who believed in tackling one day at a time.
She didn’t believe in love….she felt she wasn’t made for love or relationships…..the more she talked to her committed friends the more she felt glad to be single.

Radhika Mishra, was the only daughter of the underworld don, Dilip Mishra……she was all he had in the name of family. He loved her immensely…….but he had kept his profession a secret…..he knew Radhika was just like her mother….righteous….she wouldn’t look at his face ever again if she knew what he did for a living.
She was never caged inside the estate….but her dad always made sure to send some of his men along with her, at times with her notice and at others without.

One day, she returned home early and was about to enter her father’s study to greet him, when she witnessed him talking to one of his hitmen.

She realised what his actual profession was….her voice choked up….her entire past flashed before her eyes and now she realised why her mother had committed suicide. Tears streamed down her cheek. She felt week….suddenly, her legs weren’t able to support her weight and she crashed down on the floor. A low moan escaped her lips and she fainted. The door opened a little with her weight grabbing her father’s attention.

He bolted from his chair…..he picked up and took her to her room….called the best doctor and his entire team. He was worried sick. He just wanted Radhika to wake up and to give him a chance to explain. He knew somewhere down the lane he didn’t really had an explanation….
Radhika woke up in the middle of the night and as soon as she collected her wit ….she ran away.
She ran about a mile….hidden from everyone’s view…..finally when she reached the main road. she bent down and catched her breath.

She suddenly heard desperate horns and a screech of brakes behind her. She turned with fear in her eyes.
A young handsome biker…..with a really chiselled and extremely toned body was getting off the bike. He removed his helmet and shook his head. Radhika’s jaw dropped and she found her self staring at him….she quickly averted her eyes when he looked her…all embarrassment.
Biker, “hey…are you okay?”
His eyes….his lip…his voice everything was perfect.
Radhika replied, “yes, I am fine.”
Biker, “you should be careful yaar….you almost got crushed under my biker..”
Radhika mumbled a sorry.

Biker, “you are all alone….arent you? You know naa…it isn’t safe for a girl to be all alone on a random road late at night.”
Radhika rolled eyes…her pov, “ohh so now, a random biker is going to tell me whats safe for me….yeah right..”
The biker looked at her and smiled, “sorry yaar…didn’t mean to offend you…may I drop you some where?”
Radhika smiled…..there was a positive vibe around this guy…..she felt safe, “umm, actually there is….please drop me at a friend’s place…wait, I’ll just call her.”
Radhika tried a number of times but the call wouldn’t connect, “yaar…vo actually I am unable to reach her.”

The biker smiled, “its late…may she is sleeping….you know what, you can come to my place and I’ll drop you to your friends in the morning.”
Radhika was confused….she felt safe around him…but she couldn’t trust a stranger.
Radhika asked in a small voice, “is it okay for a girl to go with a guy to his house?”
The biker smiled, “tum Mumbai wale bhi weird hote ho.”
Radhika, “tum? You aren’t from Mumbai?”

The biker smiled, “no…I am delhiwala..we people have huge hearts…now come on if you wanna…otherwise I am going.”
Radhika paused for a second then jumped on his bike, “I’ll show you that Mumbai people are also fun.”
She poked her tongue out at him. He just smiled.
They had travelled a couple of kilometres….with Radhika enjoying the cool night breeze completely….she was happy…for once she didn’t feel suffocated.

Suddenly the bike stopped….the biker looked at her, “sorry…puncture.”
She got off ….and they both travelled to a near by mechanic…
The biker handed her a couple of tea, “hey….am Arjun….and what did you say your name was?”
Radhika chuckled, “ I didn’t….anyways, see…I was travelling with you even without knowing your name… Radhika.”
Arjun smiled, “so….where do you live?”
Radhika, “juhu.”

Arjun looked at her wide eyed , “juhu has those huge bungalows…right? One really has to be rich to buy a house here in Mumbai.”
Arjun winked at Radhika…
Radhika smiled, “yes one has to….but I live a small pg..”
She knew she lied…but she didn’t want to tell everything to him….she barely knew him…
Arjun smiled, “well, I live in a cute little house….you know, it has a lovely garden in front…with all those flowers….you know what….just tie a cloth on your eyes and let it be a surprise.”
Arjun was joking….
Radhika, “ yeah….thats a good idea…..tie it …tie it.”
Arjun looked at her in bewilderment…, “I wasn’t serious..”
Radhika showed him her tongue, “but I was….now I’ll see your cute little garden with the first rays of thw sun.”

Arjun quickly tied a band of cloth on her eyes and they drove off…

Once they reached, Radhika got down…she was all excited.. “can I take it off…..can I…ohhh…I can smell the flowers!”
She removed the band and was shocked to find her father standing in front of her.
Her father came to Arjun and patted his back, “well done….you have brought her back safely…now I know why you were asking for such a huge sum of money….you are hired my boy…you have proved yourself to me….from now onwards you’ll be radhika’s bodyguard.”
Radhika’s eyes started stinging….she looked at Arjun with eyes full of pain…betrayal…she was hurt….
Even more by the fact that Arjun stared back at her with emotionless eyes.
She gave him one last look and ran to her room with tears in her eyes.
She peeked from her window and saw Arjun shaking hands with her dad….she felt disgusted.
Since that day Arjun followed her everywhere. But she completely ignored him…..her ignorance was killing him but he didn’t say and he couldn’t….being a bodyguard, he couldn’t fall in love with his protectee.

One night, while coming back from a party…Arjun was looking at Radhika in the middle rear view mirror…she was heartbroken…..he was feeling guilty himself…he hadn’t seen her laugh like that night ever since…she was truly and completely herself that night…and he destroyed it.….

the driver hit sudden breaks due to which Radhika jerked up and her head hit the window……seeing her hurt, Arjun lost control and opened his car door rushed back to her side…she had a minor cut on her forhead. He was all worried. Bur Radhika cut him off with a blunt I am okay.

He was hurt but he didn’t say…he quietly went back and sat down.

Back at home, Arjun knocked Radhika’s door….he came in and saw her wound. She jerked his hands of saying its okay.
Arjun’s anger increased, “its is not okay. Just keep quiet.”
He pushed her and made her sit on the bed while he cleaned her wound.
Radhika looked at him….he had tears in his eyes….she gently spoke, “why do you keep playing with my feelings?”
Arjun looked at her but kept quiet.
Radhika was angry now…she pushed him, “answer me…..damn it.”
Arjun looked at her and answered with an equal vigour in his voice, “ you want to know naaa….haan toh listen…..when I took up the assign…I knew nothing about you….but that night…..i fell truly and deeply In love with you the second I saw you……..but couldn’t say anything till day…because I am your freaking bodyguard…..”

Radhika just stood numb ….not knowing how to reply…Arjun shook her but she didn’t reply…
Arjun pushed her till her back hit the wall…he put his arms around her locking her and whispered, “I love you! Answer me damn it!”
Radhika looked at his eyes….there were filled with a hundred emotions…..her heart was thudding wildly on having him so close….she kept her palm on his chest and seeing his heart racing madly as well…she knew he was saying the truth… she whispered softly, “I love you too..”
Saying so, she looked down.
Arjun smiled and hugged her tight…..she buried her face in his chest…all shy…and he…he looked like a person who had found the ultimate happiness…
Thus, began the cat and mouse game….radhika and Arjun used to sneak out together behind her father’s back…….this continued for a couple of months..
Until, one day…one of her father’s men saw him hugging her good night….he reported it….
Dilip Mishra took it as a challenge to his ego……how dare he…how could he even think of falling in love with Radhika…

The next morning when Arjun entered……a shouting match was going on between the father and the daughter.

When Arjun entered, dilip started clapping loudly….he spoke all sarcastically, “from a regular bodyguard to my future son in law….seems like you planned it well in advance….*he pointed a finger at him* Arjun mehra….how dare you even think of my daughter….you tried playing with my family’s name…..i will destroy you….”

And within a split second, he took out his gun and pointed it at Arjun……he fired!
Radhika ran and pushed Arjun away…took the bullet in her chest and died on spot….
Dilip crashed down on the floor….cursing his fate…..cursing himself for killing his own daughter.
Arjun had tears streaming down his cheek with Radhika’s head in his lap….his Radhika never looked so lifeless….he cried and cried..

It took Arjun 5 years to come to face the reality…..he left the crime world behind. He opened his own gym…he worked hard the entire day and cried himself to sleep each night with radhika’s photo in his hand.
Well, Every love story doesn’t have a perfect ending..
Rotten eggs and tomatoes are accepted wholeheartedly!

  1. Oh god Myra u rocked it
    U were just ammmmmaàzzzzz8iiinnnggg
    Loved it
    TKe care

  2. No rotten egggs my love 😀 only hugs and kisses for u ..mmuah.. 😀 even though the ending was emotional 🙁 i liked it very much 🙂 😉

  3. Kavina

    Loved it

  4. Brin

    Awesome OS 🙂

  5. Starz

    wow it is fabulous. and freaking good..i liked it …even though the ending was emotional i loved it …love u ..take care and have a nice day

  6. Mica

    huaaaaaa,,,, i hate you myraaaaa !!! you killed my radhika huhuhuhu
    but i luv luv luv your story..

  7. Sammy

    Amazing Myra ..I thought arjun will die too as this story is similar shown in yeh hai aashiqui …but arjun lived …i mean I was crying so sad ..but still Myra fabulous job .:-)

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  9. S.v

    Myra it is like heavy heart. Why did u gave this beautiful love story this ending. It is paining . Yup in reality all stories dont have happy ending. U r seriously superb with this plot. Love u so much for this plot. Love u so much.

  10. Its awesome myra bt I never thought radz wil die I felt miserable…… y sad ending ????? Its pains alot dr bt its really gud…… 🙂

  11. Jnana

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  12. Lakshmi05

    Superb os Myra dear. But ending was so sad. U r really amazing dear.luv

  13. Mehr

    This is soo similar to an episode to yeh hai asshiqui. Good attempt !

  14. Mehr

    This is soo similar to an episode of yeh hai asshiqui. Good attempt !

  15. Jessie

    Awesome story.. the ending made it realistic.. but its sad!

  16. Hey Myra..dont take me wrong but I really prefer honesty in story..this story was completely similar to yeh hai Aashique episode..m sorry dear m silent reader of mmz and swaragini ffs and I felt really irritated when I see someone copying anything…in swaragini ffs also I said that and I also said the same thing to Suspect nxt door writer of mmz ff..plz try to come up wid ur story..sorry if I hurted u

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