MMZ – My best friend one shot……

Hieee all just struck in my head wanna share with u all these are some of my childhood memories and max my imagination hope u all will like it. Pls do comment ur views .

Enjoy the ride…..

Life is a roller coaster ride. Never knew what will happen next to us. An uncertain happening but still the memories we have will give us a small smile in our face. Im radhika thinking about all my childhood memories as tomorrow my 2 childhood friends are getting married. Short tempered neil and silent sam. Wish i see arjun and teji too there with arjun’s elder brother my partner in crime arnav but i dont want to see abi . Lol still i have the grudge which i held those days. Stupid of me.


We shifted to mumbai from Chennai when i was in my class 3. New place new language i was scared but did not show out. We shifted to a flat and i still remember it was ground floor opposite to arjun’s block. It was a 4 block flats and in between there was a play area in the flats. There he was Neil donno why but he never smiles. He was arrogant his elder sister nia was sweet so sweet but that dumbo was so arrogant and to the contrary arjun was so happy go lucky guy. He was not like neil. My first-ever friend was arjun. He smiled at me . He was also the same 3 standard and so was sam and neil . We 4 were same standard only thing was school. I was in different school whereas they were in different school. There started the problem. Neil only aim is to make me cry. 6 months ufff he made me.go all mad. Never allow me to play with his best friend arjun always argues with me and finally push me and i will ultimately cry. I hated him so much. Arjun was always his side but will also help me. Sam well she will never open her mouth to neil as she knew he will also break the friendship with her. But nia di she was sweet she made me friend and then came shyam argh stupid senior but so nice one and arnav bhai arjun’s elder brother was also my side so neil had no other choice to make me friends.

When we made our hand shake his face was as if something stiffed in his mouth stupid. But then he turned out to be a good friend. Good friend not as close as arjun. Teji was 1 standard when he came there. He was the youngest and we all took care of him as a little lamb. All went well but then the villian came in the name of old man and shouted as we were making noise and hitting the ball in the glass and the worst part was he took our ball and he did not give that back.

We will not get irritated soon but if someone messes up with the gang sorry u have to face us. We all planned and executed our plan. He complained to the office that we broke the glass but we did not, so we planned to break his glass. Arjun and neil were going for cricket practice so they had the cork ball the hard ball. Arjun was bowling and i was in the batting. Neil did fielding and arnav wicket keeper and shayam the other side fielding. Sam was sitting with teji. Arjun nodded and so was i and then we all saw each other arnav made thumps up.

This is the ball……. arjun threw the ball and i hit the ball a straight hit and it broke the glasses into pieces. He said that we are breaking the glass we did that. I took the bat and arjun took the ball and we held our hands and shyam picked teji in his hands and arnav took the stump and neil held sam’s hand. We both ran and settled in our secret place which we used to hide in ice boys and so the others settled in their secret places. We knew what will happen next so slowly me moved and all made our way to the terrace which was our meeting point to be frank our masti place.

He was literally shouting no one bothered as all knew he will shout even for petty issues the parents were waiting for a day to break his head but fortunately we broke the glasses and they were enjoying the time. He as if a six pack handsome hulk came out shirtless with a full dhothi bottom.

Man ; this is my property this is my property i will not leave u all kids this is my property.
Shyam (from terrace) ; this is not ur property it is ur father’s property so shut up. Arnav was rolling and laughing and so was all of us.
He shouted ; who spoke those words haa ??
Shyam ; haa ur grandfather.
He ; I will not leave u kids this is my property. No one came to bother him. Finally after 1 hour he left as there was no response and we shouted in happiness.
Then after our annual exams i was asked to go to my grand parents house. I enjoyed there but i missed my friends. When i came back i saw one girl standing with arjun. She was standing near him. I gave a questioning look.

Arjun ; chashni she is abi my new friend she lives here in the next flat my class mate. I gave a fake smile as after i came to this flat it was arjun and radhika neil and sam and arnav and shyam team orelse arnav and radhik and shyam and arjun. But how come he has got another girl standing near him ?? She was normal with arjun but for me it was abnormal. I used to hold his hand when she trys to come near arjun.

Radhika was laughing like a mad women. The train reached the destination. She did not know how arjun found her number as after 7th due to transfer radhika left mumbai. That was a painful day as she will leave her friends once and for all as that time no cell phones were in normal use. But somehow arjun found her number and called her and said she has to come to the marriage. She agreed to him.

She took a cab and arjun messaged the address. Her heart was dancing as after 7th it was only today she is going to meet her gang. A mixed emotions of happiness, joy everything and she was smiling crying everything. She is going to meet her neil sam arnav shyam teji and of course her best friend arjun. Will they remember her ?? Will they be the same way they were before ?? Her heart was jumping in joy. Finally she came to the place. It was a mandap but not much of people.

Radhika continued ; i stepped in and slowly some turned and one came saw me and said ; chashni ?? In a doubtful voice. I nodded my head. Immediately i was hugged by her and she was continuously crying. She saw me and again hugged me and said im sam u idiot. I was out of world meeting my friend after years gave me a joy which was out of words experience i hugged her tight and we stood there for sometime. She pulled herself from me and we laughed like a maniac. Cant explain what we were going through. Neil called ; sam make sure that radhika is reaching in time……. and came and was talking to her and radhika was just staring at neil with an impossible look. He was all grown up he was so handsome not the khadoos type. Sam closed his mouth with a ladoo in her hand and he blinked.
Neil ; what sam and she gestured to look at radhika.
Neil ; yes ??
Radhika ; well my name is radhika.
Neil ; ooh ok and then realised what she said. He had tears in his eyes. He held her hands and said chashni ?? And then hugged her. Even though they fought they were friends. Arnav was running with his 2 year old daughter raksha and behind was abi running catching her.
Radhika ; when did this happen ??
Sam ; 4 yrs back.
Neil ; its good to see u chashni and she too nodded her head. Teji came rushing and hugged sam. He was now in college final year. Sam hugged him back he was still the same small lamb for them.
Teji ; sam finally that principal gave me permission yaar. I once again killed all my dead relatives. All laughed and teji saw radhika and saw sam and gestured is she ?? She nodded yes.
Radhika ; teju…….. and hugged him and picked him and twisted him.
Neil ; u never change.
Radhika ; actually no i have changed but im back to me after many years. I m me when i see u guys again. And asked about arjun. Sam controlled her smile and teji turned the other side and neil was clutching his hair.
I’m here yaar chashni. She freezed a cold air entered her spines. Her heart was beating fastly did not know what was happening. She slowly turned and saw him. He was taller than her a handsome man 6 foot tall with perfect abs and was he the same arjun who used to stand always in the ground ??
Radhika ; aaarrrrrrr
Arjun ; jun……… and both smiled. She wanted to hug him but something stopped her. Donno may be shy. He opened his arms. She broke all the rules and hugged him tight and cried ; missed u so much arjun seriously missed u so much.
Arjun ; even me to i missed u so much and now where are u ??
Radhika ; Bangalore…..
Arjun then took and introduced to arnav and abi and the cute kid was easily attached to radhika. The wedding was all done so grandly and all were always laughing talking only about their childhood. All started to leave first teji then arnav and then shyam too now radhika was about to leave as she has got some work in her office. Arjun asked her to have a ride in the car. She nodded. After they left , sam ; will he say it to her ??
Neil ; he is in love with her since when he saw her in the conference in Bangalore. HE will surely say his heart i hope she too loves him.
Sam ; hmm i donno that……
Neil ; then what will u know ??
Sam ; only u idiot. He smiled.

Arjun drove back to the old flat where they were. She was so happy held his hand tight and they were standing near the gate leaning over the car and talking each other and laughing all the time. He used this as an opportunity and said ; radhika i love u. Radhika was blank she did not know what to say. She always missed him so badly but that means is she in love she liked him he was her best friend. But she did not expect this from arjun. She was blank. She did not speak but just asked arjun to drop her to the station as she is getting late. He understood and took her to the station and she left without saying anything……

Days passed arjun did not call her or text her but she was thinking only of arjun. She did not know what to do. She wanted to ask to someone but she knew that it will end up in pulling her legs. Finally she spoke to sam.
Sam ; so what are u going to say ??
Radhika ; i donno sam i never thought him as like that but i cant hurt him too.
Neil ; chashni u r not the one who was my friend. She was bold fought with me.
Radhika ; ya arjun was there with me that time.
Neil ; yes now he wants to be with u again why are u not understanding that ??
Radhika ; so u r also taking his side.
Neil ; u never change whose side are u him or me same old threatening radhika close ur eyes and just think who is arjun to u if u feel like u love him speak out or not even then speak out he is taking my life pls save ur neil. She giggled and kept the call and closed her eyes and saw arjun. She smiled and decided to say her heart. She called arjun and he opened her cabin door. She slipped and was about to fall from her chair.
Radhika ; what are u doing here ??
Arjun ; u called me. She slapped her head.
Radhika ; u r impossible arjun.
Arjun ; and so u r chashni. So…………….
Radhika ; so what ??
Arjun ; dont beat upon the bush do u love me ??
Radhika ; yes.
Arjun ; this is not fai………… wait what did u say ??
Radhika rolled her eyes because of her stupid friend com boyfriend.
Radhika ; i said yes arjun i love u and hugged him. He immediately hugged her back with full of love.

Thats it guys the glass breaking we did a gang of 7 we did it and i used it here. Lol love u all pls do comment ur views take care stay blessed and stay strong and dont forget to smile…..

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  1. Yipeeeeeeeee memories are awesome sv ???? ur gang s cute ? ha ha ha arjun wow der love super cute ?? loved it darling ?? love u ?

    1. S.v

      thank u so much suga it is just a glimpse of what we did. Love u so much

  2. Shree

    ada ponne!! nee dhaana? i kinda had the feeling when i found humor.. especially in the place wher the guy says its your fathers property.. and now its confirmed its you.. hehe.. im rolling here… omg.. friends.. jealousy… fun.. call.. wedding… meet.. confession.. realisation.. confession… too cute!!

    exams nalla pannitu come back soon.. love you

    1. S.v

      idhu naaney naaney. Adhu vandhu ennoda friendoda original dialogue same situation kannadiya odachachu naanga olingikitom appo andha loosu kathicha appo ingerndhu andha anna kathinanga idhu unga appa property unnodadhu illanu adha dhan inga use pannen annilerndhu engalukkum andha house ownerukkum sema cold war theriyuma ?? Im happy that u loved it. Love u so much muhhhaaaaaa

  3. Mica

    aawwww.. even we love you too Sv! and this sweet ff.. omg soo sweet memories

    1. S.v

      thank u so much mica. Love u so much

  4. Jessie

    Baby… this is hell cute.. Aiyo.. U literally made my day girl .. seriously.. I was in bad mood and this OS is a gift… therika vita baby.. meeting frnds after some 10 years.. nenachale santhoshama iruku.. Wonderful girl… Bear hugs… The gang meeting Rads scened.. asathal.. finala vacha paru door open scene.. hahah.. ivalo neram inga than irundhiya da,!! lol I read thrice .. avlo super.. Its not ur father’s property.. lol .. correct seiyadhata senja sonna,, seiyanum.. Enaku andha mission window break pidichurndhadu… parents were waiting to break his head.. hahah.. Arjun blore conf parthadule irundhu love panran.. hmmm.. kalakita baby… TC and loads of love..

    1. S.v

      enna achu baby naan irukara varakkum naan dhan unna paduthuven vera yaarum unna padutha vida maaten. after i left that place ippa varaikkum ellarum enga irukkangannu kuda theriyadhu no contacts bu still i have those memories of my friends.

      Yov andha house owner periya aalatam meetingla complain pannaru paathom vechu senjitom and that dialogue is the excat dialoge of my friend anna he he he avanga dhan sonnaga yov idhu onnu unnodadhu kedayadhu unga appavodadhu po naan semaya sirichenna oru akka odaney eenoda vaaya muditanga. Lol , Aama nee inga dhan irundhiya lol aama avan oru karuppu adu. U know wat idha naan romba use pandren ivan oru karuppu adu nee solli dhan love u so much and always smile dear bear my hugs dear.

      1. Jessie

        oh.. appidiya.. wish u should meet them all.. Hmm.. appo oru Arjun un life le irukanu
        sollu.. lol super.. hahah meeh..meeh.. lol.. pannu.. am happy

      2. S.v

        yov andha madhiri edhuvumey illa . They were my best friends ellarum enna vida chinna pasanga illana periya anna onnum een set illa lol its all fat namma kailla onnum illa

  5. Sweetie

    Jaan,this is too good..I was ROFL reading that ball incident.. ๐Ÿ˜€ Lovely OS.. ๐Ÿ™‚ Love you loads and take care.. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. S.v

      thank u so much a real life comedy incident. Lol love u so much

  6. Sangee

    sema S.v the gangs bond was very nice….kalakita po ..after reading i was thinking abt my childhood friends..our atrocities…etc…hugs and kisses from me…TC

    1. S.v

      sangee thank u so much see this is the strength of memory and yes atrocity pannadha vela bakki illa lol love u so much

  7. Awsome dear..loved it ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. S.v

      thank u neetz love u

  8. Oh sissy…you made me remember that good olden days…friends are nothing but a group of most crazy and wierd people to whom we can be what we are.. Rads’ words, ‘Im back to me ‘..that is so true.And your inborn talent in writing humour added more glory to the story..your gang really broke the glass?naughty people…and proposal and confession..too good..

    1. S.v

      aadia thank u so much dear. s we will become us when we see them. MIssing my friends donno what all those stupids doing . Ya ya not only that but many made the whole flat go mad. Love u so much my kid stay blessed

  9. Haha..Di …this incident reminded me the days ..when I WS in 5 and something similar lyk this happened with me too..wt..a shot…and our lovable toh aag laga di …childhood frndships..r the true 1…without any ego and any personal motive…this is just pure…loved it to the core…??
    Bye love u…and give this typ of surprises to us…

    1. S.v

      thank u so much ana ur words are 100 % true that will be the best and pure relationship nothing can match that. Yippie i found someone of my own kind. Lol love u so much dear. Take care and bear hugs.

  10. Brin

    I love the friendship bonding and then Arjun confessing his feeling to Radhika, Radhika later realizing she does love Arjun and confessing her feeling to him is well written it is awesome, I love it to the core. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. S.v

      brin thank u so much , Ur words always encourages me. Thank u so much love u tons

  11. semma ………awesome, mindblowing, super , amazing…..eppatima unnala mattum ippati yoosika mutiyathu……..ardhika love confessing,friendship bonding ellam super……love u da chellam…….

    1. S.v

      subha thank u dear. Adhuva varudhu baby lol love u so much and take care.

  12. Rossy

    Twin what you are??? I really in love with ur humour sense…lol…childhood gang awesome…they made me remember many things…btw they are too much innocent in front of me…lol….rofl…the bonding they maintained till grown up n changes of their nature due to time is quite natural…u rocked the floor…and Arjun’s proposal…omg…who on the earth tell like this…lol…whatever till its ardhika and Neil m okkkkk with everything…lots of love

    1. S.v

      he he he twin u always complement me with my work i should always be___________ to u i will not say that word else u will kill me thats for sure. Im a small twin so i will be this innocent only and anything for ardhika and nesam. Love u so much captain when is our next mission ?? wanna fly high. Love u so much

  13. Starz

    Loved the gang…nice humor sense you have di….. awesome memories….love you di and take care di

    1. S.v

      thank u so much starz love u so much when will u update the last part yaar wanna know how will dilip react ?? love u so much

  14. Gauri

    Loved it SV…you reminded me of my childhood my gang…missing those days… u rocked it stay blessed ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. S.v

      didi thank u so much didi im happy that u remembered ur gang. Love u so much. Muhhhaaaa

  15. Myra

    sv diiii….amazing….loved it….outstanding job you did ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. S.v

      teddy thank u so much love u

  16. Dipika

    Sv darling sorry for coming late. I read it in ofc but as i was abt to comment my manager called me so i forget to comment.. Enough of me now…this os was brilliant yarrr..u rocked braking adventure was awesome.. Haha..superb gang..n most lovely is arjun’s proposal.. He never forgot her…n the way she said yes making him think for sec..haha..cute…love u

    1. S.v

      dheeps no sorry dear. Thank u so much dear. Love u soo soo much. Muhhaaaa

  17. Such a lovely story just amazing. Good one S.v

    1. S.v

      thank u gianna

  18. Sv my sweeeeeet darling. was really superbbbb os…cute n hilarious adorable. …muaaaaahhhhhh. ..loved it to the coreeeee….love you loads. muaaaaahhhhhh Bear hug my sweeeeeetheart darling. .. โ™กโ™กโ™ก

    1. S.v

      Thank u so much roma . U r my encouragement hub. Thanks a ton. Live u soo soo much muhhhaaaaa

  19. _Ritu

    Sv …seriously u r queen of comedy ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ ur every update makes me laugh so hard ๐Ÿ˜€ nd I love u so much for dis…those childhood memories of Rads reminded me of my childhood…so much fun nd no tension of studies.. ๐Ÿ™‚ wish we can live dat moment again…loved it a lot…loads of love. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. S.v

      ritu thank u so much dear. Yup wanted to have some fun so added my experience in it , ya childhood its full of colours wish we were like that no responsibilities nothing just fun and happiness. Love u so much come soon baby u have a surprise from me love u

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