Mmz: arts and sculpture (chapter 7)

Arts 7. Dox

After saying legends about kedar-gouri temple radz looked at Arjun who looked like enchanted. He stared temple without blinking his eyes. First of all he admired architecture of stone work and additional the folk legend. He was mesmerized, was it true a girl sacrificed herself just because his lover died. He didn’t know what magic made him to ask such wish. He closed his eyes and wished,” if wishes came true in this temple about wedding lock, I hope, I really want my dream to become true.”

Radhika patted Arjun’s shoulder to made him came out of his trance.
” what happened to u? Where u lost so deeply? Is anything bothering u??”, asked radhika with a concerned voice.

Arjun looked her deeply, what should he reply when he couldn’t confine his own agonizes. He never felt being cared, being concerned, being loved … How those emotions feel. One thing he felt thoroughly was ignorance, avoidance in his whole life. When he started to work part time, only at age of 10, just to avoid his loneliness despite having a mother and two fathers, well one step father. He had no money problem. Now this sudden change of his life, someone concerned for him, someone caring him, someone there to scold him ; how should he accept those feelings, how to react..what to answer??. Many tormented agonized thoughts running inside him making him more vulnerable or this was his first step to find his contentment ..he just looked back to radhika with a brighten twinkling eyes and smiled. He took her hands in his and asked ever soothing voice,” if I answer u, I I say u ; can u understand me? Will you be remain same for me like this?”. Though he looked hopeful still he was afraid from inside ; what if she would try to run away or avoid him after listening his story. He couldn’t bear her ignorance, in addition he never wanted her clemency or pity on him.

Radhika rubbed her other hand on his hold on her, to assure him. She looked deep in his eyes to find some kind of hurt, pain, restlessness in there. In addition some fear too. β€œwhat can made him like this”, her mind pushed her to ask him; but her heart said that was not right time. He needed some spaces, he needed some moments to come out from his confusion, to re-organize his thoughts. And who could better understand him other than her. After all a restless soul could understand,, could feel other restless soul. When both had same thirst, thirst for peace, contentment. After that long pause she said chirpily, giggling to ease the moment,” yes, Mr Arjun Albert Mehera; u know, u can say anything to me. But I think before listen u carefully, I need a good treat to fulfill my tummy which is already crying being empty. So I want you to treat me, after all u r a handful guy, I should utilize u properly”. She winked by saying all this while Arjun looked surprised and seeing her new avatar.

He was surprised at her understanding nature. Though he said he wanted to tell her something, still he was not sure; but she understood and changed topic brilliantly, but what eased his heart most was, she confirmed him, he could tell her anything. He held her hand tightly this time, yet gently and looked at the kedargouri temple again, his thoughts took another turn,” I won’t leave her, come what may!! After coming India my wishes fulfilled dramatically everytime. So she is my most precious wish from my life. I hope it’ll fulfil.”

This time Arjun to laughed, might be from his heart, for the first time and said playfully to radz,” u r such genius. I never thought to see this chirpy side of urs. Now let’s go. Today i will treat u, but; u should promise me to stay with me forever…i mean for today”.

Radhika replied,” done , lets move.. Today no visiting other sites..only fun”.

Arjun pouted,” hearing albert from ur mouth sounds odd. I am Arjun, Arjun only for u.” With that radz dragged Arjun outside of temple campus.

Outside , on road side radz smirked at Arjun by thinking. ” what”, exclaimed Arjun. ” nothing, I am just thinking how to take out money from , a money machine like u”, replied radz playfully. Before Arjun could replied anything she said to driver to go back. Arjun stare her confused.Radz told,” I’ll show u the real fun..lets start”.


Laxmi was showing some antiques, daily used item of tribal areas to Edward in tribal museum. Ed was listening her very carefully, or we could say he pretended to listening. He was busy stealing glances, lost himself in Laxmi ‘s thought. “This girl gonna death for me. Why in the world I thought of her always!! At first I thought it was some mere attraction; but what I am seeing this is going to be serious”, his mind snapped him while laxmi’s phone buzzed .

” hello sweetheart. Now only u remember me. How can I help you my darling”, said Laxmi with a wide smile plastered on her face. Shocked with her words Ed thought,” aargh, now whom she referred sweetheart, darling.. That should be me..wait….what I am thinking? Why should she addressed me that.” His fighting between thoughts came into halt when he heard her saying aloud,” yes , my dear..i too missed our outing. We will join you once u reached CRPF square.”

Ed asked what’s the matter. She told they were going to have some fun today along with ardhika. Ed stood his mouth hung open, eyes widen,” what?? Albert agreed to do other stuffs besides research!!! Gosh, what happened to this guy, he is giving me shocks after shocks.”

After another pause, he coughed little clearing his throat,” lax, mmmm…..i wanna ask u something…mmm”.

Laxmi replied irritated,” don’t call me that lax or lux.. M I looking like a soap to u..huh…and what u wanna to ask?”

Ed gulped at her sharp tongue,” mmmmm….r u sure that radhika is not an enchantress !! ” earning a deadly glare from her he continued immediately,” I mean..i never seen albert such comfortable but; here after being with her he was normal and happy without any pretence.”

Laxmi replied while walking past the museum entrance,” so , r u not happy , ur friend becomes normal and happy truely”.

Ed immediately replied,” no I didn’t mean that…”.

Laxmi cut him off,” whatever, never say anything about radz without knowing anything. And remember one thing, rather than many up n downs she doesn’t loose her special charm, to make others feel happy. So no single word against her, even if u meant nothing, still I can’t tolerate when it’s her”.

Ed seems thoughtful, moreover laxmi’s overprotective instincts told him there was something happened with radz in past, that’s what made her behaving in such way. He gathered some courage to ask laxmi though he knew what would be the answer,” was anything happened with radz in past?”

He was expected Laxmi to blast but; what he saw he was surprised. An immediate flash of pain shown in her eyes, but quickly she wiped that emotion. She replied robotically ,” nothing, just something, we should learn from our past”.

She changed topic and dragged out Ed with her. She told Ed to let remy know about their outing, who always got herself busy in pubs, discs and movie theatres and of course boys things..but Ed thought to share this with Arjun.


Radz made Arjun to travel by sharing auto. After some distance two transgender entered . When their glances put on Arjun, they were starting to drool over him. One was literally hoping over him, while other rubbed his back from backside. They were commenting on his features . Arjun felt uncomfortable, looked radz helpless. She was trying to control her laughter but couldn’t. He felt irritated. Arjun pleaded her to change the position, ; but she denied.

Later what happened both sat numb. Next moment Arjun dragged up radz to put other side, to change their position; but it happened reverse. She landed on Arjun’s lap by his sudden pull . Both looked at each other astonished. Both transgenders with auto driver looked amazed seeing the view. Radz immediately got off to sit other side. One of them said shyly,” oooops we don’t know our hero have his girl by his side..sorry handsome”. They got off next stoppage. Still auto driver looked at them amazed. Radz felt annoyed,” what you are looking at, just concentrate on your driving”. She looked other direction while Arjun was smiling inside,” my girl”..

After they reached radz started her bargaining with auto driver for payment. Laxmi also came and joined her. Ed and Arjun was looking both girl in wonder. So to divert their attention Ed said something to which both turned and looked at him, while Arjun paid the driver as he said . When girls returned they saw auto gone. Radz nostrils flared up guessing the situation, so as laxmi. She squinted at Ed with a look, I won’t leave u.

Arjun said seeing girls furious,” now what, u girls were bargaining like it’s dry fish market. So I thought…”..

Radz raised her brows along with her index finger,” so u thought to show ur mercy. Hmmm…only because of u people they had guts. He conned and u let that happen”.

Laxmi seconded,” she is right. We know more about here. And u guys no payment from now onwards without letting us know”.

Ed was going to say something, Laxmi glared him,” u shut up ur mouth. Only u tricked us in ur talking so that happened”.

Ed stood silent while Arjun smiled and said innocently,”but don’t you have all good people here. After all it’s India”.

Radz and Laxmi were looking at them astonished. What should they say!! Laxmi said,” good lord, who told u that Mahan aatma? Every place in world had good and bad people. So I guess India include in world.”

Radz extended her hand,” guys now, give me ur wallets…immediately before u do ur another “Dana- dharma”. Give it to those who are needy , not to those who try to con, try to steal.” Laxmi glared Ed from corner of her eyes. Both guys immediately took out their wallets and gave to radz, before they exploded again, while Ed joked,” ooh, what a relief!! Today girls gonna treat us.”

Their bitter sweets banters stopped when remy approached them. She was little bit drunk. Radz and Laxmi looked at each other seeing remy, giving weirdo expression to each other. Because they were not acquainted with such situations. Remy drank a little, but acted to be heavily drunk just to lure both guys, especially Arjun. Nobody ever ignored her, like both guys did; though they were friends from 10years. The fact which pricked her most was, how guys were easily interact with girls. She had a special hatred toward radz . Though Arjun never talked with her other than necessary, but he was same with other girls in Canada. But here he was openly interacted with radz, always went behind her. When they were at dorm , if he spoke anything that was related to her. She thought radz would be the reason , if Arjun broke his friendship with her.

She went near Arjun and acted to be faint in his arms. All looked shocked ; but Arjun and Ed knew her before. Guys interacted something through eyes and told girls to wait for some moments. They went to their dorms ,decided to leave Remy. Otherwise she might be a big hurdle in their outing.

On their way of returning, Ed asked Arjun without any circling,” what do u think about that girl, radhika?”

Arjun became thoughtful on sudden question of Ed,” what should I think about her, m still not clear !!”. He sighed hard looking up sky.

Ed guessed his confusion,” Albert, u know u looked more happier, more contented when u were with her. Important fact there’s no pretence in ur smile, in ur laugh. I had never seen u so much happy , like u r after coming to india.”

Arjun face looked brighter, like his all confusion washed away. Now everything looked clear in his mind and heart too. He hugged Ed with happiness. Ed just said,” I always wanted u to be like this.”

Laxmi and radz were waiting for guys. Laxmi was lost in her deep thought, remembered her conversation with Ed. After many battle inside her heart , she decided to ask radz,” dear what u think about Arjun?”

Radz was shocked hearing such question from her,” nothing, he was just my colleague, partner..maximum my friend”.

Laxmi closed her eyes to hide the pain she had in her eyes and asked in little hyper,” will u ever let go of ur past and move on in life. Don’t u know if u won’t move on, I can’t forgive myself”.

Radz wad stunned,” relax dear, I am very much ok with my life now. And why do u feel guilty, u had nothing to do with my fate. It was already written”.

Radz always changed the topic , when laxmi asked her something seriously. But this time laxmi wouldn’t back off. She move closer to radz and said more like plead,” why radhu, why u have to torture urself like this?? U know u can change ur fate. And i will make to change it for u”.

She paused for sometime and the next moment she hugged her tight without bothering it was a crowded place, people might be watching them like it’s something funny.she. Whispered in low yet clear voice,” I really want u to be happy radhu, to live like us, back to your old self”. Radhika stood statue without figuring what to reply………

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    Rossy the chapter is awesome…. Ardhika part that was really nice. Rads understand his pain and confussion. And he wished for be with her always…. And that scene in auto…. What happened to rads in past. How lax is related to that?? I am curious to know that… Waiting for next…..

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    Rossy darling superb, outstanding, fantastic and excellent episode…. I loved it… I liked all scenes… And what happened to radhika in her past post it soon…. Tc loads of love

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    Beautiful narration Rossy, the emotions were so well expressed that it felt as if they have come to life. That auto scene was too funny, laughed like anything. Eager to know what’s Rads past.
    Stay blessed and amazing always

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    Thank you so much for those chapters Di,love you loads and take care.. πŸ™‚

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