Mmz: arts and sculpture (chapter 6)


Hiii guys.. Sorry for not replying in previous chapter on your comments…but thanks a ton guys for ur comments..and i saw many people thought Arjun was nandini’s son by seeing her care…but I think I mentioned in previous chapters nandini was never married. And Arjun hate his father for loving his first love till date, so indirectly he thought Anuj’s first love was responsible for their family’s broken condition. But he didn’t aware nandini was Anuj’s first love. That’s all.

Arjun was tossing and turning by thinking about radhika ‘s family. How nandini cared for everyone, how the family was bond was lovely and trustworthy. Each and every member cared for each. He never thought such family exists, but; seems India had such family oriented culture. One thing he did , just compared his family with others. By thinking about those things when he slept he had no idea. His deep slumber broke down when he heard heavy knock on his door.he opened the door yawning, wiping eyes; stood glued to ground seeing radhika there.

Then he looked at his dishevelled state and his appearance. With a thud he closed the door on radz face. Arjun mumbled himself while make over himself ,” shit.. Shit..albert u went infront of her like this. No… could u? What she would think about u? I have no sense of choices”.
” wait”, he thought something by looking up..” God, I must have gone crazy in this morning”, he was talking himself while rushed to open the door.

” are you alright Arjun. What happened to u?”, asked radhika while entering Arjun ‘s room.

” yeah, aahhh.. M completely fine. M ok. Just didn’t expect u to be here”, replied Arjun more like an explanation to himself.

” what? R u not happy me being here? I am sorry to intervene but it’s needed. When I waited for u to visit another site, Ed informed me about u. So I came …..”, radhika ‘s statement cut off by Arjun.

” it’s ok radhika. Don’t worry, I didn’t mean that. In fact I am happy to see u here, actually I was surprised. “, said Arjun calmly while thought to himself ,” how to say why I behaved like this? And what kind of dream was that which i witnessed to be turned out true , when I saw u at doorstep. Gracious, good lord I succeed to wiped off my weirdo expression.”

Arjun’s pool of thoughts came into halt when radz just patted on his hand, ” what happened Arjun? Why r u so disturbed? Anything serious!! If so lets postpone our visit to site today”.

” No…no.. We should visit site. I just wanted to tell u…tell u …m not ready yet. Give me five minutes. Ok”, explained Arjun hurriedly to hide his excitement and rushed into washroom.

Once inside washroom Arjun open the tap and took a sigh of relief exhaling deep breaths.. He smiled to himself remembering what he dreamt , about him and radz only. Nowadays he didn’t know what happened with him, why he behaved in such way but the important thing is he was happy, truly happy from heart. His dream was” he was with his father Anuj Mehera went to radz home. Anuj asked Dilip for radz hand for Arjun. Arjun’s happiness had no bound. He wanted to see radz , so went to her room ; but found empty. He didn’t know when he slept there. His sleep broke by radz who had a coffee mug for him. She smiled shyly when said ,” Arjun I am happy for us. But we should think about them”. Arjun said naughtiest,” now I don’t want to waste my time in doing this and that. I got u finally after so long waiting.” With that he pulled radz into his embrace, while she giggled. Both back to senses hearing coughing. Anuj and nandini were smiling seeing them. Anuj said,” don’t think anything else. It’s ur time now. U r important for us “.

One thing he couldn’t understand, he saw nandini first time but he was confused why he saw such dream. And the way Anuj adores nandini that is confusing. But he knew this dream something meant something in his life.

when Arjun came out washroom. Radhika was pacing around room. She said hurriedly,” what happened to u Arjun today? R u sure u r ok? U took 1Hour 18 minutes exactly for taking bath. Here this is ur coffee.” She extended her hand. Arjun just stared her and reminisced his dream.

” hurry up man. What u r looking at? We are already late. Don’t whine later me being late. Okk”, said rads like clarification.

Arjun laughed,” so u took that first day incident seriously. I told u I am really sorry for being rude at that time.”.

Radhika stare him for some time and then both burst out laughing.

Arjun complained like a kid,” why black coffee.if u prepared U should have prepared coffee like yesterday what I had in ur home”.

Radz pouted,” I saw u had black coffee always plus I thought foreign people may be health concerns. That’s why”.

Arjun felt little low when radz referred him as foreigner. He didn’t know why it hurts, when he hated if someone referred him as Indian. May be this is first stage of win of heart by India. He said seriously,” why foreigner? Don’t I look like one of u. U know I am descendant of Indian origin. So from now onwards treat me as one of ur friends.”
With that he extended his hands,” friends”. Radz smiled and accepted.

This was the first time ever in his life he started friendship from his side. Else it was others who started friendship with him and kept it up. After some random discussion both went for another historical site kedar- gouri temple.

At temple Arjun was keenly observed everything. While radz explained him about ancient pancharatha style of kalinga architecture. Radz explained beautifully,” basically this temple wad dedicated for kedareswar( lord Shiva ) and gouri ( Devi paarvati).but legend said one more story”.

“There lived a couple named Kedar (male) and Gouri (female). They loved each other and decided to marry. The society was against the union, so it led them to flee from village. During the journey Gouri felt hungry, so Kedar went for food and was killed by a tiger. Later Gouri hearing this at this place jumped into the pond. The king of Utkal( ancient name of Odisha) , Lalatendu Keshari, knowing this raised a temple named Kedareshawr or Kedargouri Temple. Still lovers come here to pray for a happy wedlock without any obstacles. The pond here is said to have some medicinal property.”

After saying things radz looked at Arjun who looked like enchanted. He stared temple without blinking his eyes. First of all he admired architecture of stone work and additional the folk legend. He was mesmerized, was it true a girl sacrificed herself just because his lover died. He didn’t know what magic made him to ask such wish. He closed his eyes and wished,” if wishes came true in this temple about wedding lock, I hope, I really want my dream to become true.”


Life says take me easy. I am like mirror, if u smile at me I will smile at stay positive,work hard and make it possible what u dreamt. U never know when I will do according to u.but finally I will always give you a satisfactory happy ?.

Precap: Realization and the blissful experience of life

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