Mmz: arts and sculpture (chapter 5)


This is very late. Hope u guys understand.
Precap: Arjun wished from life to see radz , it fulfilled. All went to visit some monuments.

This chapter I dedicated to Ishaan..happy birthday dear..may god fulfil all ur wishes and enlighten ur path…brin di take good care of him…

On their way back from dhauligiri shanti stupa( peace pagoda) radhika invited all to her home. Just before enter the house laxmi walked faster inside, screamed on her top notch,” nandu aunty, look who are here??”. Listening her nandini came running to entrance followed by Dilip.

Dilip asked in breathing hard,” what happened? Why u screamed? Anything serious?”.

Laxmi laughed,” nothing uncle, see those are the foreign students I was talking about”. After She leaned little closer to Dilip’s ear and whispered,” aren’t they handsome uncle? I’m right.”

Before she could say further nandini shouted on radz shocking others. She dragged her towards sofa and made her sit. Then she turned to others and politely asked them to have sit. Arjun and Ed were confused, flabbergasted seeing nandini and her behaviour. Ed already thought,” this woman must have some unknown psychological problems. She dealt good with us but radz!!”. Dilip was smiling ,as if he could read their mind.

Immediately their thoughts come to halt seeing nandini came back with a towel and dryer. Without wasting time she started wiping radz hair and body, which was lightly drenched with rain. Nandini was scolding sweetly like every monther,” baby, how can u be so careless. U r grown up , still drenched in rain. What if u caught a flu. Don’t u ever think about me. How much it hurts me to see u sick. It pained if It’s late.” She was staring drying her hair. Radz felt some hot tear drops on her. Radz stood up and wiped nandini ‘s tear,” maa, don’t worry. Nothing will happen to me till u r with me. Plz don’t cry. U know ur baby can’t tolerate ur tears.” Nandini smiled and pinched her cheeks,” u know well how to change my mood”. She hugged her.

Laxmi jumped onto them and said group hug. Trio laughed while Laxmi showed her head to nandini dry her up. Without any hesitation nandini did it . Radhika went for change. But two other persons sat dumbfounded seeing that sweet lovely side of a mother. Arjun managed to held on his coffee mug, before falling. He thought about his mother and closed his eyes.

Arjun ‘s pov

I have everything but nothing. Nobody ever sweetly scolding me not to do this n that, not to drench in rain, not to go out under sun. Even after we left mr. Anuj Mehera when mom married second time, she got busy with her new husband. Still to get her attention I drenched in heavy rain, stay outside when blizzards approached but; she never asked where I was and what I did? In return she presented herself as a great mother as she never bounds me. Always leave me free. But; sometimes being forbid can give u much I hurted in my childhood,only to yearn attention of my parents.deprived of everything I lost my innocence.”

Arjun ‘s pool of thoughts stopped abruptly when he felt a pair of hand running on his head. He immediately opened his eyes to be shocked. Nandini was drying him with the help of towel. She told affectionly,” son, u seems to be understanding among all. This is foreign country for u. Still u drenched. Do not u think about ur mother. If u caught a flu then, how much ur family will be worried”.

Without thinking anything Arjun replied immediately,” there’s nobody to think about me”… He came to sense when saw nandini stared him doubtly. He corrected,” I mean u r here. U r radz mother, can’t u become my mother!;”
His eyes are hopeful. Nandini smiled,patted his head,” crazy son, every mother is a universal mother. U r also my son.”
Arjun felt contented hearing her. Her eyes reflected her selfless motherly care ,affections, love.

Their gaze averted hearing giggling sounds. Laxmi was intimating some activities of Remy’s attitude , Ed looked her constant. He liked her chirpy bubbly nature. Dilip was laughing whole heartedly.nandini interrupted them saying,” enough. Time for dinner now. Bhai how can u also act irresponsible. Com on kids.”

hearing nandini Ed stood there opening his mouth surprised. He mumbled in laxmi’s ear, ” is it any rule in India to address their husbands as brother”?

This time laxmi glared at Ed sharply. He gulped hard seeing her furious first time. He asked,” what?? M just asking, coz I don’t know?”

Laxmi replied ,”actually nandini aunty is Dilip uncle’s sister. Radz mom was bed ridden from her childhood coz of some misfortune. So nandini aunty decided to take care of her without getting married. But truth is I never see any lady as lovely, as caring like her. She’s lovely yet possessive . She sacrificed her own self, but loved radz more than anything.”

This time both Arjun and Ed stunned listening about nandini. They are shocked because they never thought someone is such caring and loving, when people nowadays are so much after money they don’t have time for their own children. Arjun felt something pricking him badly. He saw nandini was arranging dinner while patting radz in-between and smiling with her.

All joined dining table. Laxmi pouted when nandini feed radhika by her hand. She laughed and extended one bite towards Laxmi. She happily ate it. Randomly nandini stretched her hand to Arjun’s mouth, who was in deep thought, again stunned seeing her care. He sat frozen. But nandu thought otherwise. She said lowly,” I am sorry son. I forgot big city guys have issues with cleanness and they don’t eat by others hand.” She was about to back her hand , Arjun grab her hand and ate food from her hand. Some drops of tear came across in his eyes unknowingly. For the first time he felt motherly care without any intention. He just couldn’t believe he would get such hearty wishes,care ,motherly love which he craved for, in india the country which he hated.

This was most memorable day of his life. An unknown strong bond built inside him. Instantly he liked nandini, his another wish from life if he could have a mother like nandini. He was envy of others before but this time it’s different, he doesn’t jealous of radz having such lovely family but; he wanted if they both could share that care and affection. That was a day he only thought something randomly anytime, be it about radz or nandini. His trance again broken by Ed who was telling him to leave as it was 10 O’clock already. Arjun stood up and asked politely,” can we see radz mother, if u don’t mind plz.”

Dilip smiled,” yes son, no need of permission. ”

Nandini took them. Mala slept silence with all medical equipments attached with her. Radz sat near by her and said her daily activities.she caressed her mother in between. Nandini told,” this is her regular duty to talk with her mother, sometimes mala responded, sometimes not. But my baby won’t stop. Her dedication gave us results after all. Doctor said she will woke up, because her brain woke up. It was paining son, seeing one of your family member lying like this.” Arjun was just comparing his family with this family.

At the time of returning nandini told them to visit often, considering home as their own. All bid bye and good night, went to their own dwellings.
On the way Ed asked,” albert, do u think same what I think?”

Arjun just nodded.

Ed continued,” I never see such family. Even after seeing them my whole craved for such selfless affection. ”

Arjun in his mind,” that’s what I want also. But I don’t know why I feel so connected to nandini aunty”.

Ed said,” I told u , this place , specifically India has such magical effect I only heard but experienced now. ”
He closed his eyes to reminiscence his moments with laxmi.

Arjun was lost in his way. At first he wanted to know radz because he witnessed her restlessness once, which she hided perfectly.but it’s his curiosity and sole interest now why radz has restlessness like him even after having such a lovely family. He tried to deviate his mind from her, only to concentrate his research, but everytime he failed. She was a great puzzle, a big question to solve. Arjun never pulled toward any girl like this, but today he pulled toward two new ladies. But having a different kind of emotions, one motherly another mysterious.

After made radz sleep nandini went to sleep beside her, when she found a paper box was placed on lamp table. She opened and saw radz childhood photos,albums. She smiled while remembering her childhood antics. Her hand stopped abruptly when she turned up pages. She was numb. Her hand started trembling. She took out photo and caressed lovingly.
Nandini mumbled holding that photo,” how are u? I am sorry I couldn’t remember u. Now my heart and soul occupied by baby only. We never meant together Anuj, but our love never die. I don’t why but that guy , Arjun reminds of u”.

Life told us to be independent, make our own without being pressurized by anything. Because you can’t bring back yesterday, you can’t look into tomorrow, so the only gift was given to us by life is present. So live life in present without having any burdens.
Courtesy: Roma di
Thanks di for ur views on life.

Precap: Another temple visit..Arjun’s new found feelings

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