Mmz: arts and sculpture (chapter 4)


Hiii everyone. I am thinking to take break for some time. But the gifts u all gave me on my precious day…m ever thankful and joyful. Thank u all very much for making it special for me. So in return I can’t find anything for now, so I write a big update of this. Hope u like it .

2016, present days

A mail popped up in radz laptop

“ jagannath swami nayan pathagami bhaba tu me”

(one Sanskrit sentence which referred to lord jagannath as universal great almighty and his way of enlightment and protection to this humankind.)

“ that statue of eternal peace, that was not past, not present, not even future. That was you, only you Radhika. I left you, left India before 7 years ago; but I found u here , in my each breathe. Time, distance everything defeated in front of u. after roaming all around the world, when I reached India; I was scattered, was restless & my life was full of questions. I got u at that time as my answer. From that time I am giving answers to life till now.

I don’t know from where did I got this much strength?? Is it U or ur rich sculpture?? May be u both are indifferent. If I remember u, I see ur rich heritage in my subconscious; if I remember ur sculpture I see u. all my confusions, doubts, restlessness vanished magically. I am missing you a lot. I am waiting for u , will wait for u forever.”

Only yours

A contented , heartfelt smile appeared on Radhika’s face. Always Radhika got to see a different side of Arjun from the day he to returned Canada. She was amazed on his words. There were many ways of contacts ; still Arjun wrote mails to Radhika. According to him it was the easiest way to convey his feelings in form of words. Radhika’s trance broken on beep sound of messenger. She opened to see Arjun’s photo with his own made paintings at an exhibition. It was different looking than before. A big smile pestered on his face which shows his inner happiness.

Nandini entered Radhika’s room by saying,” now stop staring at him. If u missed him this much, if u liked him this much : why don’t u go to him??”

Radhika retorted back smilingly,” I am thinking to do that, but how can i leave u maa. won’t u miss me?”

“ she won’t. because she will accompany you to Canada.”, said mala as she entered while dilip held her carefully . mala cured up but still weak from inside. Directly or indirectly Arjun helped a lot in this.

Both Nandini and Radhika ran to held mala ,they carefully made her sit. After that as usual Nandini started her sweet scolding about mala being careless about her health. Radhika seconded that. Mala patiently heard them and chuckled. Both were amused seeing mala had something to give them. When mala gave them flight tickets, nadini was about to say something cut off by mala,” don’t say anything. I know I am her mother but I just gave birth her. It was you nadini who was her actual mother. I even don’t know what u did for her happiness I doubt if I was at ur place if I could do that or not. Once u sacrificed your happiness for us , then u did many sacrifices just for her happiness.

This is ur right nandu, go with her as a mother and do whatever u think right”….mala was sobbing by that time. Nandini was also crying by holding her. Dilip told to ease the environment,” enough ladies, please stop your emotional drama”. Nandini shot a deadly glare to her brother which made dilip gulped hard as he said,” what I meant is see, because of ur drama my daughter was crying alone. So stop it”. Nandini rushed toward Radhika immediately and took her in her embrace,” don’t cry baby. U know maa can’t tolerate when u cry. Please calm down”. She consoled Radhika like her life depend on rads only. dilip and mala looked at them lovingly and thanked lord for giving them such new bond.

At Canada, Montreal

Arjun was working in his office for upcoming arts exhibition at Vancouver. He was too emerged in his work he couldn’t notice calls on his phone. Finally, when he noticed and went back to call the person, his office room door opened.

“may I enter sir”, a voice said while chuckling.

“ dad you are such a great dramebazz. You don’t need any permission to enter. And why are u calling when u r here”, said Arjun smiling wide ,showing his phone.

“if I entered before then how can I view my son’s lost state. Arjun if u love her so much then why don’t u bring her with u”, said anuj very thoughtfully.

“ u mean by applying force. I learned many things dad , in India. And my love is not to gain something or to expect something in return. I hope u understand me”, said Arjun with the same smiling face.

Anuj moved forward and embraced Arjun in a tight hug,” yes, son . I know the feeling.”

“ thanks dad and sorry”, said Arjun still in embrace of Anuj. Anuj broke the hug and gave a sharp glare to Arjun. Arjun chuckled,” for forcing professor Ryan Strauss to send me India. If u didn’t do that may be I am still be a restless soul, having thirst for peace. Still hating u. you were right, I only understood u when I love someone selflessly.” Arjun was went on with his talking Anuj stopped him saying he was not guilty and did not do anything wrong. After few more moments spending together anuj went .

Arjun sat down again lost in his own world. A content, soothing smile appeared on his face whenever he remembered her. That was something even he could not believe himself he did extremely well in that project and got his peace & contentment after so long of was passed long 7 year ; but he will never forget her, or never forget India and its natural beauty with innocent heart. His pool of thoughts broken by his friend com secretary teji..

” can I know what made Mr Arjun Albert Mehera so engrossed and busy with his own thoughts”, asked teji curiously as his friend changed very much from past 7 years.

” nothing happened. Just think about my art exhibition”, stated Arjun as he wanted to change the topic as he buried that phase of his life inside him.

” it’s fixed. This time the exhibition will be at Vancouver. I want that painting this time in exhibition and no excuses plzzz”, said teji as he wanted desperately one painting of Arjun’s which feels like alive & talking by itself..
He went away without even listening his answers. Arjun looked on his exit direction n lost in his thoughts again..

Back to 2009

After clicked many photos without in his sense Arjun stopped immediately. He was checking photographs intently when one photo made his restless heart to skip . he looked intently, in that photo, Radhika was sitting on beach looking at sunset . she was so emerged in the natural view that she did not notice when sea water come and touched her feet.her long black traces were flowing backwardly according to wind direction. Her constant stare to deep sea said tales of old age granny’s lost princess. Arjun was so immensely viewing that particular photograph he didn’t notice when Radhika went away. After few more time when Arjun looked surroundings and could not find her, he felt like he lost something . even he did not know why he felt such kind of thing? He sat down on sand there , closed his eyes and wish ,” if I can see her again , I will try to get my answer. Who are u? why u r so restless like me or I saw something wrong? But I felt some strangely indifferences when u were around me. I wish if my life give me another chance to see u, but will it?”

Edward and remy were pacing outside of guest house. Waiting for Arjun. They sighed in relief when saw Arjun came out of cab. Remy was going to say something ; but Arjun crossed them and went to his room without noticing them. Remy was hyper at such ignorance and rushed toward Arjun’s room. Just before opening the knob Ed dragged remy outside and told her to be in patience , not to interfere in Arjun’s privacy. Ed already experienced about Arjun’s such behaviours before. So he didn’t wanted to create another drama there. Remy stomped her foot, went away angrily.

Poornima went to see new students at guest house with Lakshmi. They saw Ed was standing outside thinking something very hard. Ed looked up hearing Lakshmi’s voice. Lakshmi was busy unpack something when poornima asked about their well beings and problems at guest house. Poornima told she would let them know about good rent when she will get. By that time Lakshmi came with a tiffin box and handed over to Ed ,” look mr handso….ahh.. mr Edward this is some traditional dishes of here. In hurry, we could not come up with ur continental dishes. So please help yourself with this for tonight. I will bring something better tomorrow”.

Ed chucked ,” thank u miss. No need to be worry for us. We can eat everything. In fact we love Indian dishes. U know its world famous and mouth-watering for its spicy taste. And this is first time in our life time we got such warm hospitality even till now.”

Lakshmi rolled her eyes and laughed happily.” I knew it . nobody can ever compete our ‘ atithi devo bhabah’. Its our culture”. Now time for Ed to roll his eyes in doubt. Lakshmi understood he could not understand Sanskrit. She cleared up by saying ,” it means consider guest as god”. Ed smiled .

Poornima told him to reach next day on time. They will visit some near places. Ed was still in sun temple mode as he wanted to do justification of his research only. Moreover he had less time span compared to Arjun. He had to check other site in London, Stonehenge. So he did not wanted to spend his time in other things. He wanted to clear his course first. So he politely let them know about his thoughts. Poornima smiled and told him not to worry. She instructed Lakshmi to help him with another assistant.

Next day all reached at university. Poornima asked Arjun about his view on the thesis report by her students, trainee. Arjun praised by saying,” the report didn’t felt fake . I am really sorry for doubting abilities of researchers of this place. If u have no problem , can I request u something?’

Poornima told him to ask. Arjun thought for a second ,” can I take miss Radhika Mishra who made that thesis, as my co- partner?”

Poornima nodded positively and told she also thought the same. Because Arjun had all sights on which he assigned to work present in India. She told,” there is no one better than her to explain temple sculptures so keenly and clearly.”

By that time Lakshmi reached with two more people sumit and pinky. Poornima introduced them and told them to assist remy and Edward . sumit told he wanted to be with Radhika because if Lakshmi and sumit stayed in one group , then anything can happen. Lakshmi glared sumit. He complained ,” see mam , I told u.” by pointing Lakshmi. Poornima shut both off them. When she asked about Radhika , pinky told she went as HOD called her. Poornima told Arjun to wait there and sent Lakshmi to call her. She went as she has one lecture.

Arjun sat alone in office room for a good more than 15 minute. He was irritated and cursed few words. He was a very punctual person at first and could never tolerate time wastage. He was going outside when Radhika entered with some books which covered her view saying,” I am very sorry for making u wait. Some urgency was there.” She went to cupboard and organized those books orderly.

Arjun thought ,” very good explanation. As she prepared before”. He jerked up more, “ don’t mind, but because of u we missed some precious moments. Don’t u think U should utiliz………………….his words stopped at his throat when he saw Radhika as she turned up . he was confused, astonished. He wanted to say many things but couldn’t. He couldn’t believe himself, he asked life a wish and its fulfilled, for the very first time.

Radhika excused herself,” I am really sorry for late. But , its true if I had not urgent work I wouldn’t be late. Even I don’t want to be late.” Before Radhika could tell further Arjun said urgentl,” mmmm… actually I am sorry for my rudeness. That’s what I actually didn’t meant from heart. Don’t take it wrong way. Please.”

Radhika smiled ,” its ok . don’t worry.” She extended her hand ,” Radhika Mishra”. Arjun shook his hand robotically,” Arjun albert Mehera”. Even he was not aware by himself that he took his name Arjun , why didn’t know.

“ Arjun!! nice name”, Radhika said making Arjun came out of his trance. He did not get angry or complain her not to called by him this name. he was too shocked in a way by her chilled , composed behaviour. What he saw yesterday at beach is that wrong?? No!! he clearly saw her restlessness, then how come she was so normal while he was not.

Radhika asked Arjun which site he wanted to visit. To which he replied what she would like to show him. Radz stare at him , he composed himself and said ,” sun temple was important. But I also wanted brief knowledge about other important places.”

Radhika immediately listed every place details according to Arjun’s time. Most important time she left for sun temple, lord jagannath temple, lingaraj temple and some tribal area visit. She told Arjun they will visit dhauligiri and sisupalgarh for a brief visit. She joked if he wanted to see each temple intently then may be his whole life span would not be sufficient. They both went away.

Both reached at sight. Lakshmi and others reached there before .they were taking snaps of the place . Lakshmi came to them and asked reason for their late. Radhika told the reason and said them if they finished their work , they can go. Lakshmi told she won’t go by leaving her. Ed also seconded that. But remy was already tired , she wanted to go. So sumit & pinky left with her though they did not want.

Arjun was amazed seeing Radhika’s knowledge. She patiently replied Arjun’s each queries . she suggested him to wrote down those things very briefly. Arjun asked her to told him again as he wanted to spend more time with her. He even don’t know why??

She told,” importance of Dhaulagiri was the rock edict bears the testimony of Kalinga war in 261BC & early history of ancient kalinga. Emperor Ashoka engraved this rock edict. The peace pagoda was built by Japanese monk. A temple here dedicated to lord Shiva near river bank of daya.” As Arjun asked for more Lakshmi told while laugh,” this much will work seeing ur time span. If u will be after this pagoda this intently, what will u do when u will see sun temple , its each stone speaks different story”.

Arjun stood silent without replying anything. He was looking Radhika who talked with Lakshmi for another destination broken fort sisupalgarh. Lakshmi whispered,” radhu, see he is so much handsome. but at same time equally boring also. How can a man be so silent. I wonder How his mouth doesn’t forget words to pronounce. “ Radhika chuckled hearing her friend.

Lakshmi continued ,” if only he talk I will tell him many things. “ she pulled radz to her and said,” don’t u think we both will make a good pair”. This time radz laughed a little loudly. Arjun and Ed looked at them perplexed. Radz controlled herself some how and smiled . in return Arjun also smiled . now Ed looked Arjun doubtly,” this man also knows how to smile warmly? Another wonder.” But the next moment Ed thought he would faint surely when he heard radz called Arjun as Arjun, not albert. And importantly Arjun even did not reacted. Rather he went to her high speed . Ed thought,” if Arjun gone mad , some magic was here in this place. Arjun hated his Indian name”.

Lakshmi saw Ed situation and shouted ,” u wanna enjoy alone in deep thought. Seems like albert’s silence disease infected u”. Ed laughed heard hearing her, while Arjun glared her. She gulped hard and suggest to have some spicy gupchup( golgappa). Radz jumped on gupchup name and both friends ran to vendor. Arjun stood amused seeing them and thought if it would be right to ask radz about her restlessness now or later. Ed squinted Arjun intently from along time.

Arjun asked,” what”?

Ed replied,” nothing, I just wonder what gotten into u. u behaved differently; but in a good way.”

Arjun retorted ,” r u crazy? Or lost ur mind?”

Ed rolled his eyes,” same thing I wanted to ask u. is it love at first sight?”

Arjun literally shouted this time,” what ?? r u seriously lost it. God !! u and ur imaginations, put a full stop at that. If u keep saying those absurd things again I’ll definitely ripped up ur mouth.

As Arjun went away Ed laughed. ,” this place has some magic seriously. It can change people within some moment. And I sensed that change not inside u albert , but inside me also.” He looked at Lakshmi who was eating happily. At next they went to sisupalgarh fort. At their time of return there was light rainfall. Both Radhika and Lakshmi loved rain, so they enjoyed it fullest .

Give a break to ur life . don’t wait for it to make , u make it by urself. Because life is only little happen to us, but major we made it. Be not afraid of live, don’t run away from it. Believe that this is worth living and ur belief will help create the fact.


Precap: Arjun meets Nandini and got to know what is actually called a motherly love. Visiting other sites

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