Mmz: arts and sculpture (chapter 3)


Hello guys…i forgot to tell u that , the temple architecture research timings were set up of year 2009, 7 years back story. Present day is different. All the characters thought this or flashbacks are there. I’ll let you know that. So lets move for third chapter. Let me know ur views.

Lakshmi took all three to university. They met poornima there. After some formal introduction poornima told them their accommodation at guest house for foreign students which was little away from from university but stood right in centre of the city. Lakshmi will lead them there.

Poornima asked,” as per ur guideline u r supposed to do ur work on UNESCO heritage site, sun temple. Right??”

Arjun replied,” of course that’s in our list, but if we get to see other sites, which will have equal importance, we will be glad to see that”.

Poornima smiled,” if u want to search here about temple architecture, remember; U will find only temples in each corner of this city. That’s why Bhubaneswar is known as ” temple city” in other words.”

Edward and Remy looked on astonished. While Arjun said,” we would love to visit then. After all we come here for that purpose and we will stay for more than 6 months.”

Poornima eyes brighten with happiness,” okay, not only city, we will help you to get information on important architecture from important places”.
She added,” four people are here who will assist you in ur research work, you will meet them tomorrow. Now have some rest”.

She looked toward Lakshmi and told her the sites should added in their list for their visit. She asked about radhika; Lakshmi told radhika went to Puri, lord Jagannath temple. Lakshmi handed poornima the report radhika prepared. Arjun wanted to see the thesis report. He wanted to see with whom they were going to work , if they were good enough to provide them data or not. As Arjun requested, poornima copied it and gave one piece to Arjun. Lakshmi took them to their guest house.

At Mishra residency

Dilip was looking tensed for some reasons. Nandini came out after giving bedridden mala, her medicine dosage. Nandini told Dilip not to worry about industry legal matters, she personally will handle everything. Dilip stared at her lovingly and thought,” I must do something very good in my previous birth that god gave me such selfless sister”. Suddenly he remembered something and said,” u let radhu go alone”.

Nandini narrowed her eyes,” I let means? Should not I? U know every year on this particular date she went there. She never wanted anyone to accompany her this date. ”

Dillip said,” u r right. But we should think about nowadays dangers”.

Nandini got angry,” why u always think about dangers first? She is a localities. Nothing will happen to her, moreover I taught her everything. “…. She said like warning,” see if anything happens to my baby like u talked, first I’ll not leave u for such absurd talk”. She went out ferocious. Dilip looked on.

Nandini had a habit she couldn’t hear anything against radhika, her baby. Even if they were related to her good, even if Dilip said. She always thought it’s her duty to see her, to care her, to protect her and she did her part very well. Nandini never said no to radhika, likewise radz never crossed limit. Nandini let her do everything in her way, yet she appointed some guard behind her being unnoticed by her whenever it’s necessary. Not always.


Arjun was going through the thesis prepared by radhika. He amazed seeing the report. He thought,” purely magical feeling. How could someone described those things like a enchanting dream!! Like we view things in real. Unlike other people who did only for work, for professional purpose. Who wrote this, that person poured heart here. I feel it in my each cell of my body”. A strange sensation created inside him. He wanted to know the person who submitted that report; so went to cover page which he didn’t care to look before. ” Radhika Mishra “, he mumbled as his lip curved in a smiling mode. He decided to meet radhika and would have her to help him.

Moreover he didn’t know where this life take him. He didn’t wanted to come here , but he came. He doubted ability of indian researchers; but he was spellbound. ‘women’ whom he thought always as betrayer , he will understand true meaning of women. He merely understand it whom he wanted for him to assist, life chosen her for different reasons. When time will pass he will understand the value of life.

Arjun called Edward and Remy, asked them if they were interested to go outside?? Both replied they wanted to rest then. Moreover they could barely understand the local language unlike Arjun. Arjun had a habit from childhood to learn different kind of languages. Though he couldn’t speak fluently different Indian languages but; he understood clearly. Arjun bid them a bye as he desperately wanted to reach near a sea beach or river bank. Sea,river, ocean ; those things gave him a little bit relaxation. He spent his time by looking Deep blue sea.

Arjun called Lakshmi and asked about sea or river.Lakshmi was happy when Arjun’s number flashed on her screen but; her face fell down immediately at his query. She told him to wait for some moments. While Lakshmi reached at their residence; Ed and Arjun stood outside.

Ed asked with a serious face,” r u serious albert? Do u really want to go? Wait for sometime. We are new here. We can go next week”.

Arjun replied deeply,” yes , m pretty sure and I want to go now. I’m thirsty, thirst for peace. Only by looking sea I forget myself for sometime. U know that.”

Ed could understand Arjun but ; travelling for 55 km just for looking sea was feeling like absurd to him. But he couldn’t understand the depth of contentment of person, only they know who experienced it. Arjun wanted to run away from city, right then. Lakshmi booked an uber car for Arjun, as he wanted to be alone sometime. She told him to come back as soon as possible.


On the way Arjun closed his eyes. His dad’s words were ringing inside his ear non stop. When he left Canada Anuj Mehera went to meet him. He didn’t want to see his face. But Ed pushed him. Though he hated his father but ; he could never deny the fact that he saw a warmth, a pure love & affection in his father’s eye. Anuj almost got emotional when he bid bye to Arjun. Anuj only said to Arjun,” u hated me Arjun for loving a person. But I never mind ur hatred, after all u r my son. U can only understand me when u love someone truly. For that one person u can fight against world. My heart says soon u will forgive me”. Before Arjun could react Anuj turned back and went away…..Arjun opened car window as he wanted to feel natural cool breeze and natural scenery of both side of road. Till now he couldn’t decipher why Anuj told his heart said he will forgive him soon.
At Puri sea beach

His car halted just nearby sea beach, little bit away from crowded place. got off and saw the view in front of him. He visited all most all around the world and its sea beaches. But it felt something different, not different from the view of outside cleanliness or anything. But a strange kinda feeling.

It was almost time of sun set. sun set at Puri is the most scenic enchanting beauty which attracts many hearts toward it. the holy auspicious bell rings and the evening worship of the sacred deity in sanctum make people’s mind & heart, calmed & contented. the serene and Sublime environment give souls of devotees a natural peace and joy. anybody can feel the purity in air.

After sitting for good amount of times by looking deeply the sea,Arjun adjusted his camera lenses to shoot some photographs. He captured the views of the beauty of nature ,sun set and crowd. He moved his camera in different angle with moving himself,suddenly he bumped with somebody and both fell down.

” just see before u move to anywhere. else people will think u r doing this purposefully”, radhika said in a calmed musical voice while made herself clean up sands which covered her whole body.

” I am extremely sorry for inconvenience. I just got busy with my work for research. so I couldn’t notice u”, replied Arjun with a guilt filled voice.

” mmm. let me help u “, he extended his hand to help her get up with her books.

She denied his help politely and got up by herself. He didn’t see her face yet as she was busy collecting her books plus her hair covered her face. once she stood erect sea breeze flowed her traces back and he could see her. he stood frozen. He saw many girls from around all over the world ; but she was different. She was not extremely fair or ultra modern, yet something was there in her captivating eyes which made him to look at her shamelessly.

Radhika walked away without looking back and sat at a silent place. Her gaze fixed on sea deeply. ” how weird, strange yet beautiful exotically”, Arjun thought. For the first time someone felt indifferent to him. Why not?? In that fraction of seconds, he read her eyes. He saw the same thirst, the same restlessness in her what he felt inside him from years. But the difference was she could hide that easily next moment. He was mesmerized not by outer beauty; but by curiosity. Next whole time until radhika present he only took her photographs without her knowledge and without his sense also.


Arjun suddenly came out from his thought to present. He looked radz photos which hanged all over his bedroom wall. He smiled widely,” today is the date, 7 years back exactly I met u. I met the way of my peace, my contentment. Still I am waiting for u.” He dialled radhika’s number as he stayed at Canada now, 2016.

Don’t dwell in past neither dream ur future, just live in ur present. Life is about creating yourself not finding urself. Its very little needed to be happy but we make it complicated. Life is not a problem to be solved it’s a reality to be experienced. Both restless soul when understand the true meaning of life they will get their solace. New journey was started. Lets see where it take us!!!

Precap: I asked life for something and the most unexpected thing happen!!! It accepted my wish for the first time

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  1. Brin

    Outstanding episode, love it to the core, brillent writing, you rock it, eagerly waiting for the next update. πŸ™‚

    1. Rossy

      Thanks brin…will update soon…when will u update???

      1. Brin

        Mother’s diary is posted, you can start reading. πŸ™‚

  2. Jewel

    Nice chapter rossy… Loved it…. Ur writing is really beautiful…. This story giving a different feeling. When I am reading I can visualize that easily. Feels like I am also there with them. Waiting for next one….

    1. Rossy

      Thanks jewel…will try to bring out that feel more….will update soon ?

  3. arti viswanathan

    Outstanding dear… I loved it will be waiting for next episode to update it… And brilliant writing dear rossy

    1. Rossy

      Thanks aarti…will update soon

  4. Wowwww awesome, marvellous episode. …rosieee my sunshineeeeee. ….ur words r soooooooo mesmerizing. …very beautifully narrated n very thoughtful incidents. …arjun read rads thesis n dumbfounded…couldn’t stop praising her hard work n intelligence of Indian researchers….wowwww….arjun’s restlessness pulled him towards rads n both found their solace n peace around sea beach…the atmosphere of the beach n temple’s bell sounds n purity of air….I can feel it as I’m watching it….u explained it so lively…ardhika first meet was awesoooooome…very beautiful scene….n arjun lost in her beautiful eyes…..took her pics secretly….lol…so sweeeeeet…nandini’s love n care for rads so lovely. …. arjun n anuj meet was very emotional….n now 7 years later, present…arjun has rads lots of photos in his room…precap is very interesting n exciting. …I’m loving this story very very veryyyyyyy muchhhhhh…in fact your every story makes me crazyyyyy for it….it’s incredibly beautiful…..keep it up honeyyy. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads. muaaaaahhhhhh Bear hug my sunshineeeeee. ..take care….stay blessed n happy always. ..β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘ πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜€

    1. Rossy

      Hehehe di…my life….u know unless ur blessings I can’t do it even…ur care, ur love affection, always stayin by my side in my up n down…both times …despite of our loooooong time zone difference…ur insist to write on….to continue…make me happy and emotional always…so credit also goes to u….i never forget ur staying beside me in those scary days of mine…oooo….jyada senti me sab nikal rahithi…ok…hogaya…baad me personally ??

  5. Dipika

    Wowwwwwww u stole my heart once again.. M speechless how beautifully u wrote this… U know i felt very happy… It’s calm my soul very much… Those last lines were showstoppers yarrrr.. Yeah its not finding who we r but creating ourselves… N their meet it wasn’t filmy.. It was soooo natural n beautiful yarrr.. No overreacting or anything… M damn sure this story gonna rock.. N the way u described puri beach i just wanted to see it right this moment.. Queen u r going to take me to this beach once i visit odisha.. Pakka?? Arjun restlessness i can feel tht.. But y rads was restlessness.. N y 7 yr gap.. Thy aren’t together? Oh m damn excited post soon dear… Lots of love

    1. Rossy

      Heroine m glad it reached u n u felt calm…my heart filmy is good…and no, I’ll not take u our beaches, hamare sands khatam Ho jayenge…lol…rofl…?? why asking?? Of course I’ll take u to there…radz restlessness is later u know, n why they are staying apart also…hehehe…but ab shanti se yeh padho

  6. Sathya

    INCREDIBLE WORK. You penned it everything so beautifully and mesmerisingly. You know what….you are making me to plan a travel to Odisha…you are making me to come there and enjoy all these serenity which you mentioned in your story. And most importantly…i too loved looking at the sea for so long time and i will never think about the timing and all. Three things i like the most and i will forget myself seeing that is
    1. Sea/River (I just stare the way it is flowing…there is some beauty in it which will always gives you a fresh mindset when u look at it)
    2. Red Sky (The time when the sun will give you the color which will make you forget everything and hook up to stare it)
    3. And roses (I just forget myself admiring the beauty of it. )

    Sorry to bore you..i just moved on to some other track when i read the lines you mentioned about the sea. It is brilliant piece of work Sissy. Hats off to you. Post the next soon. Love you πŸ™‚

    1. Rossy

      I intend to make u sissy for travel here…hope m successful lil bit…n u bore me?? what was that?? Dare to say again…yup…those three natural things were everlasting beauty…though I love every flower..not itchy flowers..hehehe…n moved to other tracks when reading this…it meant a lot for me…thank u very much sissy

  7. Jessie

    Oh my god!!!! Am getting too ur story now…like seriously…the place where Arjun recalls his dads words and temple bells n seaview the best…I did get images of Ardhika ones…and yea..he saw the same restlessness in her eyes…wow!! Nandhini is over protective.hope it doesn’t turn bad for Ardhika’s love in future.. Arjun..Arjun…u made him admirable with those words….mein kya kahun…the thirst inside you still create some like that..send me one…as I am already tagged as idiotic for having that ..I know Rosie…the feel u have looking sea for hours…My god..!!!!! Am astonished reading that part…the 2nd part is my fav… the narration of last part goes well dear…Absolutely reachable…Arjun and Radhika one…hold on to that…I tell u…I felt it.. and and..precap and ur words on life..????? the best.. I liked the words of precap…here I find Arjun to have a shade of am not falling for him Instead gonna stand next to the character and enjoy the ride….love u loads ..TC….

    1. Rossy

      Jazzzy….my gratitude…m obliged by hearing that u felt it…calming to my heart…yes dear both have their thirst for peace, contentment…and why u want restlessness?????? don’t u like first part…lol…i m planning to hang u with a temple bell…so that u can ring it every time when u want and and will make sure a sea was near there…lol…jazzzy my imagination…scared ?….hahaha….when it come to u , m out of my sense n in joking mode always

  8. S.v

    did u ever read my mind ?? always ?? coz i was thinking that first scene was he was taking picutes of her kind of oh my gosh i am out of world ok he is my fav too i donno why are u doing this to me ?? haa martian and him oh god oh god oh god he is my fav now what should i say scenic beauty and the incredible heritage of our country will make any one go mad and so was i. I love those old fashioned ancients sculptures and also i love to take a beach view walk god i was just living those moments with ardhika well i can fulfill my desire to visit many places with the help of u and i was thinking that he was taking pictures of her and how come this then the last para gave me enlightenment goodddd this is my peace again u can calm down me i am soooo gagagaga lalalalala cant expalin the feel i have wanna hug u tight muhhhhaaaaaaa thank u thank u for making me go all mad love u love u love u

    1. Rossy

      M a mind reader now…lol…twin I knew u thought of those photo shoots…u love this version of Arjun also…after Martians…lol…yup…me too sweet…i love those sculpture and old architecture most…m always amazed to see how they made such thin meat n clean works…even on a small stone…quite intriguing…always dream if I could see that live…ufff me n my different directional weird dreams…

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    1. Rossy

      Hold on dear Krishna…Arjun was not gaga’s a different feeling and will be a different scenario according to title and plot..thank u very much

  10. mindblowing…..

    1. Rossy

      Thanks dear

  11. Starz

    Di…u r back.waited for it….loved the post to the core…. love you and take care Di…

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      Yup dear…will update mars soon…ur science

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    1. Rossy

      Meena….meena….meeena….see my excitement seeing u here again…update both of ur stories soooon?

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