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Guys, this is a one shot….i know its stupid….but Sammy wanted me to post a one shot and this was the best I could do in a day. I hope you will enjoy it…both bad and good reviews are welcomed!
Happy reading 

Radhika mishra, the hardcore business woman was always on the go. She never had any time for love and as for family, she didn’t have any. Radhika had business enterprises all over the world and was always on the go. Radhika believed in destiny and love, but didn’t have any time for love to sparkle. Airports had become her second home.
One day, at the JFK airport, she bumped into a guy and surprising caught herself staring at home for a long time. The handsome hunk was none other than our arjun….
Radhika’s pov, “I have seen this man…somewhere before but I just cant remember where…”
She thinks hard for a couple of seconds and arjun smiles seeing her stare at him. Arjun knew who she was….but arjun was a self made man…he didn’t care for all the money in the world….he knew the value of hard work and knew that man can reach the sky from the ground only on the basis of his hardwork and determination. Arjun himself was the owner of mehra enterprises and was a busy man. But one phone call from any of his family member and whooosshh! His entire schedule gets cleared.

Radhika thought about him for a couple of minutes and then dropped the thought from her mind.

After a couple of months,
She bumped into the same guy… a totally different corner of the world.
The same thing happened after another six months and a year..
Radhika was surprised, this sort of thing never happens to her. She usually is extremely neat and not at all clumsy. But she kept bumping into this same guy all year around at different airports of the world.
Radhika still couldn’t place him. She had a feeling that she had seen him before …but she just couldn’t place where.
Radhika’s pov, “why is it always the same guy? I mean, it a hell lot of a coincidence. I must talk to him.”

Radhika, “excuse me?”
Arjun, “yes?”
Radhika, “I know…this is weird, I just keep bumping into you in different corners of the world and I seem to be inclined that I have seen you somewhere before…could you help me with that?”
Arjun smiled, “arjun mehra…mehra industries.”
Radhika smiled, “ohh….i am so sorry.”
She introduced herself and they started talking as they both had some time before their respective flights.
Radhika, “hey…do you think this is destiny?”
Arjun was taken off guard, “what?”
Radhika spoke, “you and me bumping into each other in different parts of the world…I mean, it would take a lot for this kind of thing to be a conindence.”
Arjun seemed unconvinced, mainly because he didn’t believe in destiny. But radhika was unfazed, “its okay arjun….i have met some cynical people before…but trust me, if we met again at some airport…it is a signal from the universe….it is destiny.”
Arjun nodded and they left for their separate flights. Arjun smiled, he knew it wasn’t destiny…he didn’t care for destiny. He thought of radhika be a very stupid girl to believe in it. She had him impressed by her looks and intelligence, but as soon as she spoke the word ‘destiny’ that impression went to drain for arjun. For him, she just joined the ranks of girls, who believed in the stupid illusion of love and destiny.

But to his surprise, his eyes looked around for radhika whenever he reached a airport…he just couldn’t stop himself from thinking of her words, her smiled, her silky long locks. He wanted to see her again. He desperately wanted to believe in destiny….and for that he needed to meet his radhika. He realized that he had been too dogmatic in his disbelief in destiny.
Finally, his fateful day arrived. Finally, he saw radhika at an airport in france. He went over to her. She was pleasantly surprised on seeing, “see? …destiny..”
Arjun nodded, and spoke on furl of the moment, “radhika….i haven’t stopped thinking about you and your words since we last met. I have prayed to god everyday to make me belief in destiny. Radhika, I had tears in my eyes today when I saw you. radhika mishra, I Love You!! marry me……please….please marry me radhika.”
Radhika had tears in her eyes…, “yes…I’ll marry you…arjun, yes..”
Arjun hugged her tight, radhika was crying…mumbling yes all the while. Arjun detached himself and went outside to the garden. His action shocked radhika. But to her pleasant surprise, he came back a minute later….holding a hair band made from flowers, “radhika…I don’t have a ring right now. But I want to mark u as mine. Please accept this band, I have made it myself. And I promise, to buy you a proper ring…as soon as we reach back home.”
Saying so arjun placed the band on her head. She looked mesmerizing. Her eyes were sparkling, the band added to her beauty, complimenting her long silky black locks.

All the people at the airport were clapping!

Radhika was smiling and tears were flowing down her cheeks…she hugged arjun tight nad whispered in his eyes, “arjun, this band is more precious to me than any ring will ever be.”

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  1. Awesome Myra 🙂

    1. Myra

      Thanks gauri di!!

  2. S.v

    Awww cute update myra. That was a cute sweet lovely awesome adorable any words pls im searching for words to describe the cuteness of the update. Myra loved the Destiny’s play. Lovely myra soooooo lovely.

    1. Myra

      Thanks s.v. I am so glad you liked it 🙂

  3. Sammy

    Very fast …arjun .I like it ..thanks Myra ..and now I am really smiling ..and iam pampered by my family and you all so much these two days . That really .I am showing my 32 teeth . Thanx Myra for such a beautiful gift u dear ..and the airport love was really good . ..fab job dear .:-) 🙂

    1. Myra

      Hehehe sammy 🙂 ..i m so happy you liked it…after all i wrote it only because you wanted me to…stay blessed always dear 🙂

  4. Dev

    Aww cute os myra

    1. Myra

      Thanks dev 🙂

  5. Brin

    Awesome story Myra. 🙂

    1. Myra

      Thanks brin 🙂

  6. Fabulous one dear:) Loved it so much?
    Can u tell me the name of d ff u write. Will definitely read them after my exams i.e after 26th July:)

    1. Myra

      Thank you so much nupur….i am currently writing passion project and have completed our story….both are on mmz.

  7. Jessie

    Myra.. this is soo cute n lovely..and d head band..wah! How thoughful.. loved it yaar..

    1. Myra

      Thanks jessie..!!

  8. Dipika

    Wow myra this soooo awsome n romantic os..u have this skill of tiny thi gs to connect n make a beautiful thread of love.. I just loved this soooo much..waiting for ur nxt u..stay blessed

    1. Myra

      Thank you so much dipika…love you… 🙂

  9. So cute dear..its lovey n sweet..ur specialization without complications very sweet story..i admire that lot…

    1. Myra

      Ohhh thanks rossy..!!

  10. Sweetie

    Hoyee hoyee Arjun tho super fast nikla yaar..I love you and marry me at the same time..Not bad haan..Bandha kahi bhi jaaye romantic hi rahega.. 😀 Awesome one Myra..Stay blessed and lots of love.. 🙂

    1. Myra

      Sweetie…..not bad haan….glad you liked it 🙂

  11. I m sorry to say it was stupid Buddy …….u disappointed me …….sorry if you felt bad but this wat I want say

    1. Myra

      Shreya…no….i dont mind…rather i am happy, that i have critics as well. I am sorry to have disappointed you….hope i will satisfy you the next time.

  12. Kavina

    Loved it

    1. Myra

      Thanks kavina 🙂

  13. This one was too beautiful and sweet Myra….u made my morning so cute…thnx for that..keep writing more and more would love to read and ya u also told u will come up with one on nesam too…m waiting for that as well…love

    1. Myra

      Thank so much ritu…..vo actually i am bit partial to ardhika….but will surely write on nesam…soon… 🙂

  14. Awesome Myra. Girl, u write too good. I mean ur imagination. Its outstanding. Those cynical thots of arjun n everything. Lovely OS dear ?

    1. Myra

      Thanks thena 🙂

  15. Awesome Myra, it was very beautiful os loved it to the core, enjoyed it a lot. Love u dear

    1. Myra

      Thanks gianna..!!

  16. wow….amazing…..loved it

    1. Myra

      Thanks subha..!!

  17. Hey Myra Di…OS is full of cuteness and truly destiny play s an important role,we can’t predict our future, we are only puppets of destiny.
    First I thought Arjun like Radhika and purposely bump with her to get her attention but destiny played it’s part well and brought them together …
    Love u Di…take care 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

    1. Myra

      Thank you so so much aastha..!!! Love you loads…

  18. O myra…it’s a sweetest story I ever read…very beautiful. ….keep it up honeyyy. you loads. ..muaaaaahhhhhh

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