MMZ-2 (Episode 5)


Arjun see the beautifully decorated terrace.It was decorated with tea lights and white and red coloured pillar candles.It had square swimming pool with a 4pillars in the middle of it having a glass covering on top and on the surface of pool upto those pillars.It has white curtains with ends tied to pillars.A bed was arranged there with white bed sheet on it and a red blanket.The floor is sprinkled with red rose petals all over.Small glass candles are floating in pool water.Radhika is seen lighting the candles.Arjun totally gets mesmerized by her beauty.She is draped in White saree with red coloured border.She had simple necklace around her neck with matching ear rings.she looked stunning and Snazzy in her attire.
Radhika smiles seeing Arjun.He started walking slowly towards her. Tere haath mein mera haath ho..plays in background. Her breathe got heavy as Arjun approached her.Both are looking at each other with intense.Arjun comes more close to her.He caresses her face with his fingers.He kisses her on her forehead,eyes leisurely.He made her more close to him.He was about to caress her lips with his.Radhika turned back.Her heart beat is getting heavy.He holds her wrist and makes her close to him back hugging her.He whispers in her ears that words are not enough to describe her.Outside temperature is decreasing but temperature between them is increasing gradually.
He moved her hair to her left side.He placed a soft kiss on her neck’s nape with his hands encircling her waist.Radhika closed her eyes tighty.Her temperature is rising magnificently.He untied her blouse strings.he caressed and placed gentle kisses on her bare back.He became uncontrollable and pulled off her saree.He lifted her and placed her on bed.She was pushed against on bed.His lips were caressing her all along.He gaped at her lips now.He kissed her passionately on her lips.It was so intense.He removed his T-shirt desperately.He leaned towards her.There is no space left for air also to pass between them.She hugged him tightly.She gave herself to her loving one whole heartedly.The moon also concealed himself behind the clouds.The candles blewoff by the cold wind.Thin rain started falling making the climate more outstanding.

Nandini leaned on her bed.She was unable to sleep.She became restless thinking about Arjun and how he hates her.Old man comes to her with glass of milk.She asks him to sit.He says some times it take more time to forget.She says but somethings can never be forgetted through out the life,he don’t want see me forever.He says that without trying we should not come to any conclusion and asks her to drink milk and sleep peacefully.

Sam wakes up neil with a coffee.She says get ready soon we have to reach BS early.She says I don’t know but Radhika called me early in the morning and told to come early.Arjun in his room holding a pic and says I miss u..miss u so much…….with teary eyes.Radhika calls him and says she has a work and going to office early.Get ready and come fast.She waves bye and leaves from there.

Arjun goes to his cabin.He shouts what’s this nonsense ?(It is not shown at whom he is shouting)

Thank u for all your support friends….sorry to say but I’ll not be able to update my stories till 16th of next month.Sorry to disappoint u all….I’ll miss u all so u all

Credit to: sree

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  1. A very intense episode dr..but I will miss ur updates and narration and also mmz very much …come soon ?

    1. thank u so much harani

  2. Sree,super yaar…great applause to ur narrating buddy..ardhika passionate hot and Intense romance wow woe great dr

    1. thanks @deepa…

  3. nice romance yaar.loved it …Please continue and update soon.

  4. God… Can’t wait till next one….

  5. Hi sree, very romantic and intense episode. Loved it sooo much.Keep it up and continue writing…. will miss you sooooooooooooo much…Please come back soon and take care…love you loads and very very tight hug

  6. Superb story Sree.

  7. sorry guys I didn’t write anything about nesam’s intimation here as i wrote in previous epi.I want to show it seperately and don’t want to disturb ardhika’s moments..

  8. thank u all deariees….and miss u so much friends

  9. Precap is a grt suspense after a mind blowing episode …. But have to wait sooooooo long for the best epi isit ? 🙁 ….. PLZ try pasting it earlier. ….. Thank u for continuing this wonderful dym ….

    Nafraton Mein Mili
    Tu Muhje Iss Tarah
    Dil Yeh Sambhal Na Sakha
    Teri Baaton Mein Hai
    Ajab Sa Nasha
    Badli Yeh Manmarziyan

    Daastaan..Ek Nayi…………

    Khwaaishon Pe Likhi
    Dil Ki Yeh Arziyaan
    Kaisi Yeh Manmarziyan
    Daastaan Ek Nayi
    Khwaabon Pe Saji
    Bekaid Manmarziyaan


    Daastaan..Ek Nayi…………

    1. thank u so much devga..and thanks for the lyrics yaar

  10. Simply awsme 🙂

  11. Real ga sur superrr yAar Sree !! Nachevu !!???

    1. hey mandy ela unnav?thank u yaar..nd miss u

  12. Oh oh Sree nice and Awesome epi yaar…Precap looks interesting…but have to wait so long yaar..can’t wait…Will miss u and ur updates so pls come back soon…y buddy so busy?… I will miss ur update and u…Take care ? ❤ u loads

    1. thanks u and miss u

  13. hey sree fantastic episode dr,loved it yaar.Eagerly waiting for nxt dr.

  14. Thx for this lovely mind blowing episode. I really wanted to see nesam intimation episode separate from Ardhika. Nice thinking sree. Please try to update soooon if possible. Eagerly waiting for the next episode…lots of suspense in upcoming episodes…I’m getting restless, waiting waiting waiting…Love you loads and very very tight hug…

  15. Wooooooooooooooooooow. Sree.

    Loved you yaar,

    Loved the episode dear.

    And the perfect song.

    Tere haath me mera haath ho.

    Feel the song dear.
    Mere Haath Mein Tera Haath Ho Saari Jannatein Mere Saath Ho… (2)
    Tu Jo Paas Ho Phir Kya Yeh Jahaan Tere Pyar Mein Ho Jaaun Fanaa
    Mere Haath Mein Tera Haath Ho Saari Jannatein Mere Saath Ho
    Tu Jo Paas Ho Phir Kya Yeh Jahaan Tere Pyar Mein Ho Jaaun Fanaa
    Mere Haath Mein Tera Haath Ho Saari Jannatein Mere Saath Ho

    Tere Dil Mein Meri Saanson Ko Panaah Mil Jaaye
    Tere Ishq Mein Meri Jaan Fanaa Ho Jaaye
    Jitne Paas Hain Khushbu Saans Ke
    Jitne Paas Hothon Ke Sargam
    Jaise Saath Hain Karvat Yaad Ke
    Jaise Saath Baahon Ke Sangam
    Jitne Paas Paas Khwaabon Ke Nazar
    Utni Paas Tu Rehna Humsafar
    Tu Jo Paas Ho Phir Kya Yeh Jahaan
    Tere Pyar Mein Ho Jaaun Fanaa
    Mere Haath Mein Tera Haath Ho Saari Jannatein Mere Saath Ho

    Rone De Aaj Hamko Do Aankhen Sujaane De
    Baahon Mein Lene De Aur Khud Ko Bheeg Jaane De
    Hain Jo Seene Mein Qaid Dariya Woh Choot Jaayega
    Hain Itna Dard Ke Tera Daaman Bheeg Jaayega
    Jitne Paas Paas Dhadkan Ke Hain Raaz
    Jitne Paas Bundon Ke Baadal
    Jaise Saath Saath Chanda Ke Hain Raat
    Jitne Paas Nainon Ke Kaajal
    Jitne Paas Paas Saagar Ke Lehar
    Utne Paas Tu Rehna Humsafar
    Tu Jo Paas Ho Phir Kya Yeh Jahaan
    Tere Pyar Mein Ho Jaaun Fanaa
    Mere Haath Mein Tera Haath Ho Saari Jannatein Mere Saath Ho

    Adhoori Saans Thi Dhadkan Adhoori Thi Adhooren Hum
    Magar Ab Chaand Poora Hain Falak Pe Aur Ab Pooren Hain Ham

    Loved you dear keep writing.
    And like the suspense arjun is shouting on who’s doesn’t have any idear for now.

    1. hii nishu thank u so much yaar..I’ll miss u a lot guys…love u all

  16. @nandini-thank u dear
    @brity-thanks…i’try to upload in the middle yaar..if i get time…till then miss u so much
    @roma-Thank u so much dear…miss u and loads of love and many hugs to u too
    @tanya-thank u dear
    @anwesha-thank u dear 🙂
    @chinni-thank u so much yaar

  17. I think your are good narrator u can write book also . I must tell you this story is super…………………………………………………….

    1. even u too deepu…not only we but all ff writers are experts in writing yaar…

  18. Hiiiiii, one song dedication for Ardhika’s intimacy… I love this song very very much…and always wanted to see Ardhika intense romance with bg this song from movie Jab tak hai jaan…
    Saans me teri saans mili to mujhe saans aayi…..

    Love u deariieeeesss, miss you a lotttttt, eagerly waiting for nasam intense romance….

    1. thanks for ur suggestion yaar…i’ll use it in my future updates

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