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The episode starts with Rana getting shocked by seeing Radhika and says u?She replies yes it’s me.I asked you with whom you are talking but you didn’t replied for that.He says that he is talking to some distributors.She straightly questions him by looking into his eyes”nandini di kaha hai? Muje pata hai di ne hi o gifts beje the. ”He gets tensed by that question.He says I don’t know anything about her.She asks then who sent those gifts by him.FB shown where Radhika sees Rana asking a boy did he handed the gift to Radhika Mehra…Rana would not answer anything and stands silent.She says if you don’t say anything to me I’ll find it myself and about leave from there.Rana stops her and says I cannot say anything now but tomorrow is Arjun’s birthday.Please make him happy tomorrow as he will be sad always.Radhika was about to ask something,he says that don’t ask me anything now..please.Radhika leaves from there.Rana says in his heart “ha u thought nandini had sent those gifts but the reason behind it is not known to you.”
An orphanage is shown.some children are playing with a man.He would be above 50years(his face is not shown).Children asks dadaji pass the ball fast.Some lady is shown coming there.She calls him as kaka.He says “haa Nandini “(nandu is shown)did you sent those gifts?She replies yes and asks him why he won’t go and meet Arjun for once.He says no he don’t want to see my face so I don’t want to disturb him.She says you could explain him what happened that day.He may agree to you.He asks why u don’t go to him,he may forgive you also.She gets teary eyed and leaves from there silently.Neil and Manya are shown going for shopping.Manya talks continuously and Neil gets irritated by that.But he doesn’t say anything for sam.She tries to flirt him but he maintains distance with her and he always speaks about Sam with her.He also does shopping for Sam.Manya gets irked and looks angrily at Neil.
Neil brings a gift for Sam.She asks him to show but he starts joking with her and runs from their.Sam goes behind to catch him.Apple comes suddenly and they both fall on ground.Sam takes the cover and opens it.She finds a long red gown with a golden colour belt and a black flowery design at bottom.She likes it so much.He grasps her towards him.His hand is around her waist.He says he want see his pagli in this dress.They have an eyelock.Radhika reaches home.Arjun asks her where did she went without informing.She lies that she went to temple and goes to prepare food.He follows her saying“pati parameshwar ko chodkar tum mandir ke parameshwar ke pas chali gayi.”Radhika smiles.He comes and back hugs her saying you didn’t answered anything about my Yesterday’s question.She asks which question.He says what about my date.Radhiks gets shy.He says Mrs.Mehra it has been two years we got married even now also you are feeling shy for this.She says Arjun and ask him to leave from there.He kisses her on her cheek and leave from there.They both have dinner together.Arjun goes to change and comes out.He does not find Radhika anywhere and gets tensed.He gets a call and says he is coming soon.He goes to terrace and opens the door.He finds everything dark.Just then lights gets on.He says Radhika with mesmerized eyes (Radhika is not shown)

PRECAP:Nesam’s intimation and Ardhika’s intimation is shown…

How is the episode friends.Whom do you think the man talking with Nandini and what relation he has with Arjun’s past?Sorry for late updates. Busy with my schedule and sorry to say but I’ll post my next update some what late..hope u all don’t mind……miss u and love u all……

Credit to: sree

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  1. Super see…really its amazing yaat

  2. Hey sree. Super yaar. I like rana’ s part too. Keep going buddy

    1. hi thena thanks and where is your story yaar ?

  3. Hi sree nice one….

  4. Hmmmm… Really thinking…. Maybe He is Arjun’s dad!!! Or…Nandini’s dad… Whoever… I just wanna say your episode was superb….Love it…

    1. Thanks britty

  5. update nxt chapter soon dr.can’t wait to read.

  6. Very nice.. Waiting for the next episode 🙂

  7. Thank u [email protected],hayathi,chinni,anwesha for ur compliments..

    @chinni ,anwesha i’ll try to update soon yaar

  8. Hey sree…nice episode dear…keep updating dear….

  9. Hi sree, very nice episode, thanks for update. Loving this story very much, it’s getting interesting more and more… I’m very excited for the next episode can’t wait for it. Please continue and update soon. Love you loads and very very tight hug…Take care

  10. Hi,I really wanted to see NeSam confession in the serial itself but they never showed it, even in the last episode of mm there was no FB of nesam confession. I love your story as continuation of mm show and now I can visualize each and every scene of it, I feel same when reading thena’s PLC (epis) story. Well done to you all fan fiction writers for giving us many amazing stories and keeping us happy with your hard work. God bless you… keep it up and continue writing, eagerly waiting for the next episode..Take care

  11. Very nice update ❤ it..u r making me curious to read next part..update soon ..pls
    Can I ask u a question Arjun said its have been a two years now from their marriage ? but still Rads doesn’t know about Arj birthday ?..?.. Just asked buddy..Sorry if it hurts u..just asked to clear my doubt as I am little impatient and eager person..Sorry..
    I guess it is Arjun ‘s dad…Hate Manya yaar how can she come between NeSam yaar..
    Waiting for ❤ u too buddy..we will miss ur story so update soon when u r free…take care ? budfy

    1. It’s because Arjun had never told her about it because he has a reason for not celebrating..I need show Arjun’s past relating it got revealed by Rana….Hope u understand my explanation aaliya

      1. Oh ok Sree..i understood ur explanation..i will wait for that track…All d best buddy for ur exams..

  12. *buddy..Typing mistake..

  13. Hey sree,

    Loved your story dear.

    Woooooooooooooooow, Loved ardhika chemistry.

    Dear Wanted some thing from you, Want more aradhika scenes dear, your story is very close to the real story of the serial

    So its a polite request to you to add more aradhika scenes or we really loved the twist and turns already,

    Waiting for the next part dear .

    And one song from my side For our cute couple aradhika

    Tee amo mee tee amo tu khaas hai tu khoob hai

    Loved you sree dear , Loved you all deariiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiies.

    1. Thank u for ur comment nisha.I’ll increase more ardhika scenes in my next updates for sure.But one thing can u explain me which scene is closely related to real story of the serial.
      reply soon,it’ll help me in continuing my next update

    2. and ur recommended songs are so good dear…..enjoyed a lot

  14. Sree for the first time I’m commenting here…I liked ur story…I’m also a fan of dym…..aradhika always rocks. …..

  15. hiiii sree, episode was amazing dear lots of secrets hidden in it. omg arjuns teary eyes says something…. can’t wait for next epi. and loved nesam part too. I thing that oldman has something deep relationship with arjun… whoever.. just loved your episode! !!!
    keep going on——— love you ♡♡♥

  16. I think kaka was that person whom arjun once asked sam to give money being his wife….who was shown in the starting episodes of manmarjiyan….or it may be nandu’s dad…..

  17. Hey sree,

    Loved you dear, how r u?

    Dear I start loving your story from the first Time I read it and its not about just me

    anyone could love it because you just started from that point where the serial story stop .

    And you tell your story just like an episode each and every not stretching it .

    As in book stories each and every expression has explained each and every moment explained but in serial all are in fast and up to the mark.

    YOur story make me remind that and strike to my heart and made me remember of the real story.

    But like we regularly read amena updates of the serial. This comes close to my heart.

    And Arjun ka radhika ko panauti bulaana, radhika and arjun convo. Radhika ka sam aur sab ke liye caring behaviour.

    And Most Ourdetective Chaashni After all all the time in serial she shown most her detective side yaar.

    One thing is little less (Radhika remarkable dialogues which reflects her writter side)Dear will love you more if you add it.

    Love you dear Keep writing and always smiling.

    1. aahh…thank u soo much nishu….even u’ll find our chasni’s writer side also so soon for sure…


      Everyone who are reading my stories….sorry to dissapoint u,but I will not be able to update my stories till completion of my Exams…because only 10 days are left for my exams ana i have to hurry up my preparation and leave all social sites..Even if i write in pressure i’ll not able to write what we all want and u’ll get disappointed…..
      So Iam sorry friends for this inconvenience…I’ll update my stories again on 16th of next month…till then miss u all dearieeeeees………loads of

      1. even all silent readers…miss u also alot

  18. Hey sree dear ,

    This song is for that day when you decide to live your manmarziyan .

    When you first comment on this site

    When you first ever think of writing a story here.

    When you think to write like a free bird in this big sky of writing world.

    Love you dear Listen to it and feel the magic makes you smile and leave it to you dancing on your feets.

    And for all my loviiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiies feel thissong you feel like a free bird and live yourmanmarziyan.

    Mil gayee aaj aasmano se aagayee jaane main kahan se ye kya hua

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