MMZ-2 (Episode 3)

Its morning.Radhika wakes up.She doesn’t find Arjun anywhere.She searches for him.Arjun stand in the corridor and is teary eyed.Radhika comes there and asks him what he is doing there.He hides something by seeing her and wipes his tears.He asks her whether she need to ask anything.She says maa is asking when we will come Rishikesh for Ankush Bhai’s marriage.He says we’ll go next week and goes to get ready without speaking properly to her.Radhika thinks that something is fishy.Neil brings coffee for Sam and wake her up.She hugs him and takes the coffee.He says Piyali asked them to come early and asks her to get ready fast.Ardhika and Nesam reach Birdsong.They both go and greet Piyali.She explains them about the project and ask them to get ready for presentation and leaves from there.
Sam handovers the gift to Radhika and says they’ll prepare the presentation tomorrow and ask them to think about that.Radhika leaves to her cabin.She opens the gift and sees a pen with a golden nib and a watch in it.She thinks who must have sent it and finds a letter along with it.She reads the letter.
“Congratulations Radhika for your success.I hope you both are happy together.This pen is for you because your thoughts and words are really equal to gold.Give the watch to Arjun.Its his favourite watch.Have a happy life…………
Your well wisher”
Radhika thinks about past receiving the gifts for Arjun on the same day but she doesn’t know the reason and sits thinking about it.Arjun enters the room and asks her about the presentation.But Radhika is lost in her thinking and does not give any answer.He snapped before her and asks where she has been lost .Radhika hides the letter by seeing him and says she was thinking about presentation.He looks at the gift and ask her who has sent them.Radhika looks on.
Nesam is in cafeteria and Manya joins them.Manya asks Neil whether he can come out with her in evening.He says Sam and I are planning to go out.Manya taunts him that ya you will go with your wife only,who am I to come between you both.Sam says we all are family and Neil will come with you.Neil agrees and leave from there.Radhika comes to someone’s house.A man is seenfrom back talking over phone. ”He says work is done and ends the call.”Radhika asks him with whom he is talking.The person turns back.He is RANA.He gets shocked seeing Radhika in front of him.

PRECAP: Arjun searches for Radhika and finds her nowhere.He gets a call and says he is coming soon..

Sorry friends for late updates and making you all wait.But busy with my classes and preparation.Hope u enjoy today’s epi..leave ur comments.I’ll update my other story soon…Love u all and missing so much.Have a nice day…

Credit to: sree


  1. Ong yaar sree after a long tym u decided to rite !!! Hey yaar u alwas ask me but I never tell u a crrct ans !! I m from a telugu place n I am telugu !!!

    Hey wat abt u ??? From whr n wich languge ???

  2. hey sree thnx alot dear! !!!!
    awesome episode. lots of suspense in our mmz. eagerly waiting for next episode….
    nesam ardhika both are awesome pair, miss you …

  3. Brity

    Episode was goddy….. But Who is RANA?? And is the present the reason of Arjun’s crying?? I think The person who sent it is none than Nandini… Anyway Thanks Sree..

  4. mamatha

    nice update
    please update the episodes as soon as possible ……………….
    thamil vijay style lo sollanumna ” i m waiting”

  5. d

    hai sree, n all manmarziyans gid mrng guys…
    story was soo interesting sree, is arjun crying for priya mehra ??r nandini ??????
    y this manya so jealous of sam yaar neil was her sis hubby now y she don’t realize it…
    nxt episode thvaraga post cheyava sree……….

  6. nisha

    Hey deariiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiies,


    Loved you dear .

    YOu give us so many suspense thriller .

    Yes , I remember Rana, Who does all the wrong deeds of nandini.

    But is not bad from heart. I heart convo between radhika and rana in the serial. Sweet convo about arjun.

    But your story is getting interesting day by day.

    Well done dear Keep going . We are taking so much interest in it.

    A song not related to the couple but I listen to it and liked it.

    Listen to it by your own interest deariiiiiiiiiies. A jagjit singh gazal for the gazal lovers.

    Close your eyes an listen to it and feel it by heart.

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.