MMZ-2 (Episode 2)


The episode starts with everyone enjoying in the party. Radhika and Neil are talking about the award function. Arjun comes there. Neil teases him saying Romeo couldn’t leave his Juliet for a single moment and asks him if he minds if he stay there.Radhika blushes by Neil words. Arjun says he won’t mind it but your Saminder singh will mind it if you’ll not go to her. Neil smiles and leave from there. Arjun puts his hand on Radhika’s waist saying his panoti is not at all caring him and starts praising a girl that she she is gorgeous,mind blowing etc:- and feels if he could go to a date with her. Radhika feels jealous and gets annoyed. Arjun teases her saying Radhika “kuch jal rahi hai kya?”Radhika removes his hand and was about to leave just then Arjun holds her hand and grasps her closely towards him. A man(only his shadow is seen) gives money to a boy and asks him to give this gift to Radhika Mehra.

Sam and Manya are seen having a talk. Sam ask about her sudden visit to Mumbai as she never turned up in these two years even though they asked her to return. She replies that she is missing them a lot and says there is something which I have to take with me along. Sam says what and gets puzzled. Manya asks her is she not happy seeing her. Sam says not like that, she was just asking normally. Neil interrupts them and flirts with Sam. Manya gets irked and leaves from there.S he holds her close and kisses on her cheek and Sam hugs him. Sam says she is feeling hungry and they go to eat.Manya sees all this from distance and says “Sam you have taken everything of what is mine and now I’ll not lose anything more for you” and sees angrily at Sam. Radhika asks Arjun to leave her. He holds her more firmly saying is she not interested to know who is that girl. He says she is now infront of me.Radhika looks around and see no one.Then he whispers in her ears that she is in his hold now and asks her if she will come for a date with him.Radhika looks at Arjun.They have an eyelock.He makes her more close to him that even air can’t flew through them.kwaishon pe likhi plays background…….He goes to kiss her,just then his phone rings interrupting their romantic moment.He goes to attend the call.

The boy comes and gives the gift to Radhika and says somebody asked him to give.She takes the gift and sees a greeting card congratulating her.When she was about to open the gift Sam and Neil comes and takes her for dinner.They also ask Arjun to join them.Radhika keeps the gift aside and leaves.They all complete their dinner.Arjun and Radhika come to their house.Arjun goes to change.Radhika realises that she forgot the gift in the party and calls sam.Sam says tomorrow she’ll get it to office and greets her good night.She sits on bed and fall asleep.Arjun see her sleeping .He sits by her side and covers her with blanket and kisses her on her forehead.He leans back and thinks about their first encounter and their marriage etc:- and smiles….kwaishon pe likhi plays

PRECAP:Radhika sees a letter along with a gift. A person is shown from backside and talking over phone that he had done the work.Radhika asks him with whom he is talking?

Sorry friends for a late update,not getting time because of my exams.I’ll try to update next part very soon.Hope u give ur comments so that I can develop my story more interestingly.Have a good day…love u loads..

Credit to: sree

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  1. Hai sree. Nice episode. .ardhika always cute… All the best for ur exams…

    1. thnks aradhana

  2. It amazing

    It didn’t get the precap

    Who does radhika ask ”with whom ur talking” ????????

    It really suberb

    Loved d ardhika scenes n nesam

    I thnk manya was taking about niel
    I don’t get it how can 1 hate her own sister!!!!!!!!

    Love ur story

    Pls update d next epi soon

    1. It will be revealed in next episode..thnks for ur comment

  3. Pls can some 1 tell me how to update one’s story

    I wanna no the procedure

    I also want to try my hand at it 😀 ;-):-) ;-D

    Msg from Team:

  4. If u have exams take ur tym

    Its about ur future ………….

    By d way wat r u studying………..

    Sorry if ur hurt by my words

    1. Hey there is nothing to hurt yar…But I cnt say about my studies.It should be kept secret……Iam sorry don’t mind it…

  5. Sree ur story is so interesting. ..continue the story

    1. Thank u so much lulu…

  6. Nice sree

    1. thank u devi

  7. really nice episode

  8. Sree… Love your stories Buddy… Keep it up… And Yeah ,, BEST OF LUCK For Exams….

  9. Hi sree, very very nice update. I love your story very much. Please continue… Eagerly waiting for the next episode… also do good in your exams too, best of luck..Take care

  10. Nice epi Sree…waiting for next part yaar…Ardhika’s moments r always cute and precap looks interesting and whose that Man.. Eagerly waiting to know…
    All the best buddy for ur exam..and Take care ?…love u too ? yaar…
    I hope u don’t mind calling u buddy and yaar…

    1. ofcourse not yaar and thnks for ur wishes

  11. its nice ….sree

  12. Hello shree,its awesome yaar…very interesting…keep rocking yaar

  13. Hey sree yaar ur toooooo gud !!! Keep ritin dear !!!

    1. hey mandy are u frm telugu states

  14. Awesome buddy,your story is going to be superb

  15. waiting for nxt episode buddy.continue ur story.

  16. @sree- hiiii dear epiaide was amazing dear.
    omg arjun ask radhika for a date in passionate manner then eyelock scene…. superb yarrr! !!!!! continue it.
    we are eagerly waiting for next episode. plzz update soon if possible… and best of luck for your exam 🙂

  17. thnk u so much guys for ue compliments and wishes…I’ll update my next episode very soon

    1. @Lavanya,brity,Roma,Aaliya(Muskan),Akhila,Deepa,Mandy,Tanya,Chinni ,Zara..thnk u so much guys

  18. hEY SHREE, Loved today’s episode.

    Loved you dear.

    Keep writing .

    You have such a beautiful words with a beautiful thought keep writing dea.r

    Always Loved you all from my heart.

    Loved you dear. Good bye can’t be able to write or comment or to read any one stories here.

    So sorry .Loved you all.

    1. what hpnd Nisha?Why u’ll not be able to come? We all miss u so much u BYE

  19. Hey tanya , you didn’t update your story today.

    Can’t be able to comment .

    Dear LOved you By heart start loving your story tooooooooooo much.

    Can’t be able to read or to comment anyone story now.

    Soooooooooooooo sorry.

    Loved you tanya ,loved you all.

  20. Loved the episode. If u r having exam then its okay. Give ur exam and then update story.

    1. Actually Iam preparing for my exams.They r in next month..So it is becoming late

  21. hai sree, I’m waiting for epi 3.

  22. hey sree, amazing try buddy. sooooperrrrrrr. arjun’s teasing taunts r all sooooo goood…

  23. Hey sree awesome epi yaar keep going deary 😀

  24. hey sree update nxt chapter buddy

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