mixtures (episode 2)


hiiiiiiii guys!!!! this is me priya again
I m really very happy and equally surprised to see such a response which I leakst expected thank you so much for ur support.
one thing which I want to make it clear is that there will no relation between my ff and krishnadasi serial that is the concept of devdasi .but characters are same and both the families (aryan’s and aradhya’s ) have grudge between each other due to the elopement of Saras (aryan’s aunt) for which aryan’s family think that aradhya’s mom helped.
and then one more thing is in my ff the frndship will be between laksh, swara ,ishani,and aryan.the remaining will be a grp as I don’t want girls as a grp and all boys as a grp.

OK now I will start the story….
the boy gets up and comes near the girl
boy: hey u stop shouting…pls be quite.
but she doesn’t stop.
so the boy shuts her mouth with his hand… the girls asks him to take his hand through actions…
boy: OK I will take but u should stop shouting…
and he takes the his hand back as soon as he took back..
the girl: hey u who R u?? why did u bring me here?? how did u change my dress??what happened last night??? where am I?? which place is this?? Y R shirtless???
she asked everything in one go…
boy: relax relax relax I will tell u what happened last n8 actually…..
fb is shown.
a girl is drinking sitting in the pub. a boy comes there a sits near her and orders a shot..he still did not notice that girl sitting her she is drunk already she was wiping her tears and initiated the conversation between herself and him..
the girl: hi I I m ragini …
the boy looked up to see her face as the voice was so sweet… once saw her face he was mesmerized by her beauty (of course anybody can fall for our ragini ?) he was just lost in her beauty again that sweet voice made him to snap out of his taught…
boy: oh hai I m laksh
girl: gud why was u staring at me am I beautiful???
laksh was shocked to see a girl talking like this with a unknown boy but casually let out a laugh..
laksh: of course ur and no one can take off their eyes from u when once they saw..
laksh thinks oh shit what have u told that to a girl she is gonna kill me
but the reaction of ragini is just opposite to that that surprised him.
ragini: oh really thanks for ur compliment…but I don’t think so…
and a drop tear escaped from her eyes while telling it but she immediately wiped thinking no one should notice but laksh noticed.but before he could ask something she gulped the shots if was ordered by him. he widened his eyes in surprise.
ragini: I m not that beautiful so that u R looking at me like this …
laksh let out a laugh and told:no not like that actually u drank my drink…
ragini: oh I m sorry…
laksh: it’s OK for this and all no need sorry.and there should be neither sorry nor thanks between friends….
laksh: Y not???
ragini:of course…
and both talk about some random stuff… while having a drink.
then ragini took her phone which was buzzing for long time.
the otherside was girl speaking
girl:hey laado thank God u took the where R u why we’re u not taking ur phone ah??
ragini can hear someone saying give the phone to me aaru…
now some guy is speaking
guy:what do u think of yourself ah?? that we all R just like that isn’t it…..yes we will accept u have gone through so many things and ur sad but we all ur frnds right u can share anything with us na??? but u won’t… now tell where R u?? why didn’t u inform any of us and went??
he yelled at her in one go..
ragini: sanky listen to me once.. u all know that now my life is like hell due to that fellow..even I don’t want to take his name blo*dy rascal. and how can u ask that u all R nothing for me… u R my besties whom I share everything but in this I don’t want my sadness to spoil ur time that’s Y I did not tell that I going out.and moreover now in this situation u will not listen to whatever I tell so now I m safe nothing to worry about me so don’t worry and sleep I will there in front of u when u open ur eyes in mrng.I m with a frnd, a new frnd. but he is not important to me than u all.understand….
ragini did not wait for sanky’s reply immediately she hang up the phone after she told all the things as she know he will not leave her simply…
scene shifts to house we’re ragini stays
aradhya:what happened sanky what did laado tell???
sanskar: she is drunk …I don’t know where she is. but the sounds in her surrounding sounds like is in some pub or club not sure and she is telling she is with some new frnd and I really worried for her but she is telling me sleep with out thinking about her..how can she???
while telling this a tear escaped from his eyes.aradhya who was standing there like a statue by listening this does not know what to do?? ranveer who just entered understood the situation came in and hugged sanky… aradhya who wants to make the situation just laughed seeing the position
aradhya:oh my God R my frnds that type Chi…Chi…Chi…
ranveer who understood that she trying to make sanky to smile joined her..
ranveer:when u would hug ragini we told anything that means u R….
aradhya:U ….. how can u tell me like that ah?? idiot…
ranveer: thank you for ur compliment… 2 feet dinosaur…
and he simles like a idiot (but always our ranveer is cute …am I crct??? ????)
aradhya:what me?? a 2 feet Dino what do u think of urself ah??
ranveer:of course I am hot, handsome and there R not enough words in English to compliment me… am I right??
aradhya:Ya of course no words R there as …..
sanky cut off her before she would complete
sanskar:guys, guys ,guys calm down…OK now I m OK so enough of ur acting… OK as ragini told now everyone go and sleep she will come in mrng.ok….
both stood their as if a child is caught when it was stealing something
both nodded in yes having there heads down and ran to there rooms giggling.
sanky nodded his head as if he knows everything and went to his room.
scene shifts towards pub…
as soon as ragini hang her phone a loud sound was heard …. she turned around…
she was surprised to see laksh standing in the dance floor….
he dances for the song ladhiki beautiful kar ki chull and points finger on her when that line comes in middle of the song laksh drags ragini to the dance floor she too danced well…
then after the song finished they both came to the counter sat on the chair and burst out into laughter….
then after sometime ragini was fully drunk and laksh was not too drunk as he was busy in staring at ragini’s beauty.
ragini:OK I have to leave so nice meeting u …so bye..
laksh: OK bye but I think ur too drunk so shall I drop u…
ragini:no thanks I will go by myself and I am alright…
laksh: OK bye wish too meet u again soon…
ragini simled and went out…..
to be continued…..

if ragini went from the pub then how could they be sleeping in some hotel in that position????and intro of laksh’s frnds….and why all the frnds are staying in same house will be out soon…..

thank u so much for reading and commenting my previous update hope I will get the same response today also so frnds I will be waiting for u comments….. and about yesterday’s result:
so hope ragsan fans doesnt get disappointed and if so I am really really so sorry and this sorry is whole hearted…again I m saying I m not a very good writer…
whatever how is today’s update guys….
and one more sorry if it is lately posted….

Credit to: priya

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