Mix & match fan fiction based on my favourite characters of Indian serials

This fanfiction is a love story between adi and jeevika and they are separated as finances and now they meet again with new people who also happen to be their sisters and brothers how love grows again between the hatred
Fan fiction
Tere ishq mein
Manik from kyy
Aditya from Pkdh
Jeevika from ehmmbh

The story starts with a park scene
Jeevika is playing with little pihu (adi and her daughter)
She suddenly gets a call and goes to attend it
It's manik (husband) who asks her how is it going
When suddenly her duppata get stuck in someone's watch
She turns around and sees aditya Kumar (ex fiancé)
She is startled when pihu comes running to her saying 'mom aap kahan Reh gayi thi' aditya is startled
She tells manik that she will call him later
Then she turns to pihu asking her to go play on the swings as she is coming and pihu goes
Aditya shockingly asks who is she and why is she calling you her mother
Jeevika irritatingly answers that girl is my daughter and why do you care
Adi asks is she my daughter
Jeevika rudely says yes
Flashback is shown
6 years ago
Aditya picks jeevi up from her house and they go to eat ice cream
While eating ice cream she tells him how excited she is for their marriage which is tomorrow and suddenly it starts raining
Adi and jeevi take shelter in a cottage
Jeevika feels cold and he offers her his shirt and she takes it
Adi then starts kissing her neck and their eyes meet and he kisses her lips
After they are done adi takes her to the floor and takes off her dupatta and get intimate
Flashback ends……

Aditya meets manik and recognises him as bhai and they hug while jeevika watched shocked

This is my first please comment if u like it or not
And what changes should I make in it
It is romantic fan fic which portrays their past and present to complete the story

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  1. interesting

  2. what was that……I’m still in a shock…..I mean it was nice beginning…. but little bit confusing…. 4 me it was shocking as there was manik but without nandini……it was a little indigestible….. u know as I’m 1 of the craziest fan of manan…….but still best of luck….. really looking forward 4 the ff………

  3. Please manik and nandini should be paired…please..we manan fans can’t accept any other pairing apart from manan…please..

  4. What manjk know about this

  5. cant imagine manik as others husband other than nandini…. u can place raman instead of manik………….

  6. The story is nice dear… but I’m a mad mananholic! Besides I’m a virika n aditya n Pankhuri lover too! More than these 2 I really can’t see manik with someone else!! It’s just nandini with him and I can’t take anyone else! And plzz plzz make it virika too! Just a humble request! Otherwise I found your story Damn interesting! ! The pre cap is awesome!
    Cont soon!
    Best of luck☺

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