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Episode 36

Hii everyone…!! I’m back again…!! Missed me and MITWAA…?!?! I know that this episode took a bit longer than expected…!! Actually, I was stuck in a situation where while returning from Delhi and on my way to my grandfather’s house, my mobile phone was stolen from the train and everything I wrote recently was in there…!! So, it took some time to get everything back in place…!! Why I was in Delhi…?!?! Well, there is a good news which I want to share with you all and you will find it at the end of the Teaser…!!

Thank you so much for waiting and loving MITWAA so much…!! I’m giving this small teaser just to warm up and to inform you all that the next episode will be posted on coming Friday and it’s going to be a Maha Episode of their proposal…!! So, here we go…

******* Teaser 2 *******


Swara: You know what…?!! There is one really interesting thing invented in this world and that is called ‘door’…!! Using it once in a while is really good for health…!!

Sanskaar: (smirking) But what to do…!! Climbing up the pipes of your home is my favorite pastime…!! And I love your window too…!!

Swara: (folding her hands across her chest) For your kind information, windows are made to let fresh air and light inside the room and not people…!! What are you doing here at this hour of the day…?!!

Sanskaar: (excitedly) Surprise…!!

Swara: What surprise…?!!

Sanskaar: (smiling wickedly) Test…!!

Swara: What…?!! Surprise test…?!! At 12:30 am…!! Have you gone nuts…?!! This is the time to go to bed…!!

Sanskaar: Who is the tutor…?!!

Swara: You…!!

Sanskaar: Then, who will decide the schedule…?!!

Swara: (making faces) You…!!

Sanskaar: (throwing his arms around her shoulders) Great…!! Now, let’s begin…!!

Swara: (removing his arm) Alright then, let’s sit apart and start…!!

Sanskaar: Why apart…?!!

Swara: Because I’m saying so…!! You distract me so much…!!

Sanskaar: Then learn to overcome the distractions…!!

Swara: What do you mean…?!

Sanskaar: Simple, for every wrong answer you will give, you will get a punishment…!!

Swara: Punishment…?!!

Sanskaar: For every wrong answer you will give, I will come closer to you…!!


It’s the day of the result and Swara is eagerly pppsearching for Sanskaar for she hasn’t seen him yet and half of the day has already passed…!!

Swara: Laksh, have you seen Sanskaar…?!?!

Laksh: No, why…?!!

Swara: He said that he has something important to tell me…!!

Laksh: Then, why don’t you ask him only…!!

Swara: Wow, Laksh…!! So intelligent…!! Stupid, if I would have met him already then why would I have come here…!!

Laksh: Hmm…!! Point…!! So, what do you want me to do…?!?!

Swara: Umm, nothing…!!

She runs to the parking lot to find him…!! Reaching his usual parking spot she finds his car missing but instead she finds a piece of paper lying over there…!! She picks it up and opens it…


When, Swara finishes reading, she finds Laksh standing in front of her…

Laksh: (smiles and crosses his arms across his chest) Looks like the ‘Treasure Hunt’ has started…!!

End of the Teaser…!!


I know there is nothing much in the teaser but I will try to make up for all this wait in the next episode…!! If you want to see anything in the next episode then comment below…!!

Now, the good news…!! Well, I know this news is not of any importance to you all but I wanted to share…!! I didn’t know it myself but I became the topper of my university and I have won the gold metal for being first in academics…!! Also, I won the achievers award for being the best student in terms of human and traditional values…!! I have the awards in my hand so thought of sharing with you all…!!

See you all on Friday…!! Till then stay blessed and happy reading…!!

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    have a blessed lyf in future ??????…kee it up…&&&..Amazing teaser …plz post soon!!!!

  8. Ayesha123

    Congratulations Stella Di. …I know how u must be feeling now ..Its a Grateful honour to be awarded..
    About the teaser it’s quite nice…but we are still angry in you. .This much Late..I waited for u night Night day..but u were nowhere to be seen..I also thought to send u a msg to be back soon..
    we will only forgive u if u give us a Jakass episode as soon as possible. .

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    Update soon

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    Teaser was awsm loved it….!!!! Plz post long chappy on friday as a treat….!!!!

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    OMG I am so so muchhhhh happy for you dii congratulation congratulation and so many congratulations to you and your family from my side you know what I miss you so much that I pray for you to come back as soon as possible
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