MITWAA… Love Will Find a Way – Teaser 1


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Episode 18




Sorry guys, its just a teaser… I’ll give the full episode on Friday…!!

********* Teaser 1 *********

It’s lunch-time… Sanskaar enters the cafeteria and walks straight towards their regular lunch table

Sanskaar: Ragini…!!
Ragini: Yes Sanskaar…!!
Sanskaar: Where is Swara…?? Its lunch time and she’s still not here…!! She didn’t come in the morning also and neither is she receiving my call…!!
Ragini: She didn’t tell you…??
Sanskaar: What she didn’t tell me…??

Ragini: That she won’t be coming today…!!
Sanskaar: Why…?? Is she not well…?? Did something happen…?? I mean I can take her to the doctor…!!
Ragini: Sanskaar… Stop…!! She is fine…!! It’s just that…
Sanskaar: What is it…??
Ragini: Umm… even though I’m not supposed to tell you this but…
Sanskaar: Are you going to speak or not…??
Ragini: (takes a deep breath) It’s her father’s death anniversary today and she considers herself the reason that he is not here…!! So for the whole day she’ll keep herself locked up in her room…!!


Sanskaar gets up from his seat…

Ragini: Where are you going…??
Sanskaar: To get Swara out of her room…!!
Ragini: It’s impossible… She won’t come out…!!
Sanskaar: Don’t doubt my talent babes…!!

He winks at her and leaves…


What is Sanskaar planning…?? Will Swara come out of the room…??

Stay tuned to find out…!!



I don’t have words guys to tell you how much obliged I am to have such wonderful readers like you…!! You all are so caring and co-operative that sometimes I think myself whether I’m worthy of so much love or not…!! Thank you so much for understanding my situation…!!

As most of you suggested me to continue I have decided to post one episode per week as it’s really very hard for me to write episodes after attending a class of 13 hours in which we are made to write nonstop for at least 11-12 hours…!! To be honest my eyes are drooping closed even while writing this teaser…!! My schedule now-a-days is seriously too hectic for me to handle and the only place where I find my solace is with you all people…!! And that’s the reason why I love to write for you all…!! You all can decide whether you want the episodes on weekends or on Fridays…!! I’ll be posting Episode 19 on Friday…!!


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