MITWAA… Love Will Find a Way – Prologue… By Stella






Hey… Hii everyone… I’m… well everyone calls me Ms. Nobody…!! So, here we go…!! Welcome to my world… SWARA AHUJA’S WORLD…!! My world consists of only two people… My ailing mother ‘Mrs. Simmy Ahuja’ and a seven years old little brother ‘Yash Ahuja’ to take care of… That’s all that matters to me…!! Unlike we, Punjabis are believed to be I’m a very timid type of girl… I like to keep things to myself…!! Now you might be wondering the reason for this…!! Well… if you have to live your life without a father… It becomes pretty difficult… and that’s the case with me…!! My father left us when I was hardly fourteen years old and our relatives from my paternal side broke all their ties with us… My maternal grandparents wanted to help us but our self-respect never allowed us to accept it…!! So we, which includes my mother, my brother and me, we all shifted to Mumbai to start our life afresh… But apparently the fate wasn’t on our sides… My mother fell ill and unknowingly the burden of the entire family came to a rest on my fourteen years old tiny shoulders… I did part time jobs to earn a living and the savings from papa were used for our education…!! So, never in my life I knew what’s fun… as I never had time for fun or for myself…!!

Right now I’m in the first year of my graduation… I earned a scholarship so that made things a bit easier for us…!! But my college life has not been a very pleasant experience…!! I never liked messing up with others so most of the time I have spent at the college has passed looking at the floor… Okay… Okay… You can say that I was not brave enough to make an eye contact with others as my look has already made me an item of pretty attraction for the bullies… With huge rimmed eye-glasses resting on my nose, head hung down with a small bag resting on my left shoulder and hairs always tied up in a messy bun they always find me an easier target to execute their dirty pranks… and I couldn’t afford to protest as they all are very rich and influential and messing with them will only result in me getting kicked out of ELITE UNIVERSITY… the most prestigious university out there… one which I could only dream of…!! So, how did I manage to get in there…?? Well, it’s just because of my merits and the scholarship…!!

So, all in all… in a nutshell I’m stuck in a university with these weird rich people and all I pray is to get out of here without creating much chaos and commotion as they already never approved of someone like me studying in the same institution as them…!! But everything took a 360 degrees turn when HE entered my life… He came and turned everything upside down… SANSKAAR MAHESHWARI… The weirdest of them all…!! He’s the son of the most influential person in the city and chief trustee of the university…!! People are said to be born with silver spoon in their mouth but I’ll say he is the one born with a platinum spoon studded with diamonds in his mouth…!! He never let go off a chance to irritate me… It’s just like I’m an iron piece and he is a magnet due to which he always comes getting attracted towards me…!!

But to be honest he is the one who taught me that everything in this world has its own importance… Just if the people call me Ms. Nobody I don’t become one…!! He is the one who found the true me…!! And I found out what LOVE is…!! He thinks I don’t acknowledge his presence but the fact is that every time he comes near me my heart betrays me by fluttering like never before… His mere presence is enough to make several butterflies dance in my stomach…!! The only thing is that I’m too timid to admit it…!! I’m scared of admitting my love for him…!! So, this is the story how anything and everything in my life changed when he entered… This is OUR STORY…!!



Yo buddies… What’s up…!! All good…?? Even though you won’t ask let me tell you… I’m wonderful…!! Life for me has always been so easy… People always considered me perfect in everything… Whether it be looks or studies or sports…!! Now you might say that I’m boasting myself but the fact is that I have always been an all rounder ever since my school days…!! But this won’t affect the fact in any way that I love adventures…!! Anything and everything different from others attracts me… And that’s the reason I found her pretty amazing…!! SWARA… she is different… in fact entirely different from others…!! She is the first girl who doesn’t get affected either by my looks or my riches… In fact she pretends that I never existed…!! That attracts me even more towards her…!!

More I came closer to her, more I came to know about her…!! For sure she is not the one I would put in the category of the girls of my type… But with each and every passing moment I found myself adoring her more and more and I myself don’t know when I fell for her…!! Well definitely it isn’t the love at first sight… But her first sight only attracted me towards her…!! A petite structure sitting in one corner of the class with her eyes stuck to the book as if she is trying to drill a hole in it… Yes… that’s exactly how I would describe the first time I saw her…!!

I don’t know why but I always wanted her to look at me… to acknowledge me… to consider me as someone of her world…!! She is the most amazing girl I have ever met…!! She considers her as Ms. Nobody just as everyone called her… Little did she know how beautiful she is both inside out…!! She supports her family… Loves her mother and younger brother…!! I salute her valor… I adore her and respect her even more than I love her…!!

So, get on and fasten your seat-belts people… for now I’m going to take you on an amazing ride…!! Here we go… with my LOVE STORY…!! This is OUR STORY…!!


Scene 1:


It’s the first year of graduation… Some people are excited and thrilled whereas some are nervous…

It has hardly been a month since the beginning of the session… One fine day during the lunch hour… Swara as usual is sitting alone on a table secluded in one corner of the cafeteria waiting for her only friend at Elite… Her best friend… Ragini…!!

After a few moments Ragini arrives… Its then when Swara lifts up her head from the table and looks at her friend through her thick glasses…

Swara: What happened…?? It took you long enough at the library… It’s almost 15 minutes past the lunch hour…!!
Ragini: Yaa… Sorry… I was actually not able to find the book…!! (Swara nods her head) Shall we have lunch now…??
Swara: I’ll bring it…!! What do you want to have…??
Ragini: Anything you like…!!

Swara smiles slightly getting up from her chair… She adjusts her loosely fitted t-shirt and faded jeans… With quick paces she reaches the counter and places the order… She comes back to her table after five minutes with the lunch tray in her hand…!!

No sooner she takes the first bite, a tissue paper comes flying out of nowhere and hits on Swara’s head before landing on the table right beside her plate…

Ragini: (angrily) What the hell…!! (turns around) I knew it… It could be no one other than you Kavita…!! What’s wrong with you…!!
Kavita: (mockingly) Stay out of this Ragini…!! I was talking to Ms. Nobody…!!
Ragini: Stop calling her that…!!
Kavita: Oh God…!! I don’t understand Ragini that being one of us why you always keep sticking to her…!!
Ragini: For God’s sake… I’m not one amongst you… and I’m glad that someone like Swara is my best friend…!! So, think ten times before you say anything to her…!!

Swara clutches Ragini’s palm signaling her to stop arguing…

Ragini: (frustrated) Why Swara…?? Why you always let them get an upper hand on you…??
Swara: I have no other option Ragini… I have to finish my graduation with a merit so that I can apply for a scholarship for my post graduation…!!
Ragini: I know that but…

Before she could complete Kavita cuts in between…

Kavita: Forget it my dear… that’s not going to happen…!!
Ragini: Excuse me…!!
Kavita: You will get a scholarship for your post graduation only if you are the topper of the batch…!!
Ragini: She is already the topper, genius…!!
Kavita: (smirking) But not anymore, my not so genius friend…!!
Swara: W… What do you mean…??
Kavita: Oh wow… Somebody pinch me Ms. Nobody spoke…!!
Ragini: (glaring) Stop exaggerating Kavita… and tell us what do you mean…!!
Kavita: He is coming…!!
Ragini: (furrowing her eyebrows) Who is coming…??
Kavita: Sanskaar… Sanskaar Maheshwari is coming back…!!
Ragini: (shocked) What…!! (the spoon falls from her hand)
Kavita: Best of luck darling…!! He is coming tomorrow…!!

She smirks before leaving the cafeteria…

Swara: (confused) Who… is… Sanskaar Maheshwari…??
Ragini: (taking a deep sigh of disappointment) Sanskaar… He is the son Mr. Ramprasad Maheshwari…!!
Swara: The one who is the trustee of the university and a renowned businessman…!! (Ragini nods her head) But what does that have to do with my scholarship…!!
Ragini: Remember what Kavita said…?? (Swara looks on) That you have to get the first position for getting the scholarship…!! (Swara nods her head) So, here we go… I have known Sanskaar since kindergarten… We have studied together until the day he left after 10th board examination…!! I don’t know why he is coming back but trust me Swara its not at all good for you… Ever since I know Sanskaar no one has been able to outrun him in intelligence…!! He has always been the topper…!! And if it’s the same case now then… Don’t get me wrong… But your chances of getting the first position are very less…!!
Swara: So what should I do now…??
Ragini: (nods her head) Let’s see… He is coming tomorrow naa…!!

Swara nods her head as the words “HE-IS-COMING-TOMORROW” keep ringing in her head…!!

Episode ends…!!


Hi frnds… First of all a very very big sorry for not updating last week… I was very ill and was not even able to get up from the bed… So, I had to rush back to my home and was not able to inform you all…!!
I just wanted to tell you that I’m putting YOU ARE MY DESTINY on hold…!!

Yup… You heard me… But plzz pay attention I’m neither ending it nor stopping it… Just putting it on a hold for the time being…!!

There are two reasons for me doing so…

1) I know the story is a complicated one and different from other stories… That’s why I asked you all in the beginning itself whether I should continue or not… Even after that I get low responses on each episode…!! Instead of appreciating the present track some are worried about the things which will take time to unfold… The story has just started and it will take time… I know I have readers who like my story and appreciate it… For you guys only I’m not ending it instead putting on hold for sometime…!! Now u all must be thinking that I’m angry but trust me I’m not… Just a bit discouraged and disheartened…!!

2) Actually the story needs utter attention and I’m unable to do so bcoz of my classes… I can hardly manage two days a week… Everyday I have 10-12 hours of continuous classes in which we are made to write almost 9-11 hours… I don’t get a leave on weekends also… As most of u are students u might understand my situation… My mind gets completely blank and my hands refuse to move… The stress of making a better future and getting a secure job has increased so much pressure that it has started affecting my health… Plus if you are the topper of the batch with 96% of marks expectations do increase… Right…??

So for the while I have decided to write another story… One with much simpler concept… So that neither it tosses ur brains upside down nor mine… 😀

The title of the ff is… MITWAA (LOVE WILL FIND A WAY)

And for my readers of You are my destiny… Don’t worry I’ll not leave the story on a cliffhanger… I’ll finish what I have started… I just need sometime…!!

P. S. : I have not written this to gain ur sympathy or something like that… I just wanted to make my point clear to all of you…

I’ll be posting on my scheduled days i.e. On Tuesday and Friday… I hope you all will support me in my decision like always…!!

Thank you so much for bearing my blabbering… That’s why I love you all…!! 🙂 :*

So here is the prologue… I hope you all liked it…!! Let me know what you feel about it…!!

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