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Recap: SwaSan’s little tea party… Sanskaar promises to get engaged to Swara at the last day of their graduation…

******** Episode 55 *******


The most powerful of all powers in the whole of the universe. No matter how great you become, time is something you can never tame. It’s like the sand in a fist. The more you tighten your fist, more swiftly it flows away. It’s an unbinding force, too far from human reach.

All one can do is treasure it… In the form of memories. Memories that we cherish for a lifetime. Memories which are the timeless treasures of the heart. And the best thing about memories is… that they are created. Created by going with the flow. Much the same way, Swara and Sanskaar too had created a lot of memories in the span of two years. They had naughty friendship moments, they had true-blue love moments. Not only they have memories of their love moments but also of their little nok-jhok and small cute fights.

The longest both of them didn’t had a talk with each other was for about half a day when Sanskaar had put a fistful of ice cubes into Swara’s t-shirt and had made a video of hers when she was struggling to get the ice out. Finally, everything went back to its normal self when Sanskaar deleted the video in front of her eyes but hardly she had an idea that Sanskaar had already saved the video on his laptop.

Even though they have been in a relationship for last two and a half years, still they behave more like best friends than lovers. As per their view, this is their love, unique in its own way.


It’s the last semester of their graduation and within five to six months they’ll be graduates with new aims and new responsibilities.

Today, after coming from the college Swara decides to take a small nap before going to the market as Yash has asked her for a few stationaries. She feels as if she has slept for only fifteen minutes when someone nudges her shoulder. Expecting it to be Yash, she keeps the pillow on her head…

Swara: (mumbling) I already told you Yashiee that I’ll bring your things after getting up.

Yash: (innocently) But I’m not doing anything.

This time someone pokes the side of her waist. Getting irritated, Swara closes her eyes even more tightly and turns her head to the other side…

Swara: (irked) Yashiee stop poking me and let me sleep.

Yash: But I haven’t done anything now also.

Swara: Go away!!

No sooner she says this the pillow on her head is yanked off and several cubes of ice are poured over her head. Due to the sudden cold impact Swara shouts and gets up with a jerk. And soon her eyes fall on him… Her ‘almighty boyfriend’ Sanskaar standing right in front of her with a bowl in his hand and a winning smile on his face…

Sanskaar: Finally, you’re up!!

Swara: (angrily) What the hell was that?

Sanskaar: Action Replay!!

Swara: What??

Sanskaar: Action Replay!! Haven’t you seen the movie by Aishwarya and Akshay.

Swara: Stop it Sanskaar!! I’m asking why did you do that?

Sanskaar: Because you were not getting up. So, I thought of giving you an action replay.

Swara: Then you could have woken me up.

Sanskaar: And what else was I doing?!!

Swara: Yeah right!! By poking me!! What was the need of this ice?

Sanskaar: Because that was the sure shot method of waking you up.

Swara: Yashiee, at least you could have told me that he is here.

Yash: I don’t know anything about you people. You guys are crazy and for sure one day both of you will eat my brain too. I pity my poor brain.

Sanskaar: Alright enough guys. Swara, I want to talk to you.

Swara: What is it?

Yash: Oh hello both of you. First get me my things and then talk as much as you want.

Swara: Let us talk for a few minutes and then I’ll get your things. Promise!!

Yash: No, I don’t trust you both. Last time I asked you for chocolate syrup for my ice cream and by the time you got me the syrup, my ice cream turned into a vanilla drink. So, first get me the things I want.

Sanskaar: But it will take just a few minutes.

Yash: Still a no. Don’t you guys feel that you have a grown up boy in your house. What will happen to his small brain?!!

Sanskaar: (chuckles folding his arms across his chest) Grown up boy with a small brain?!!

Yash: Yeah whatever. Tch… Children now-a-days I tell you!! Now go and get me my things.

Saying this he walks out of the room and Sanskaar turns towards Swara with an amused smile…

Sanskaar: Are you sure he is just nine?!!

Swara: Honestly, sometimes I doubt that too. But what was it you wanted to talk about?

Sanskaar: It’s okay. First get ready. We can talk on our way to the market.

Swara: (shocked) You’re coming with me?

Sanskaar: Of course, I’m coming with you.

Swara: No!! There is no need for you to come. I’ll get back soon and besides that I just need to buy a few stationery items.

Sanskaar: So what? I’m coming with you.

Swara: But you can just stay here with Yash and I’ll get back soon.

Sanskaar: I don’t want to. I’m coming with you as I want to talk about something very important to you.

Swara: (shocked) Important??

Sanskaar: Hmm!!

Swara: Are you breaking up with me?

Sanskaar: (shouts) What?!!

Swara: Please. Please. Please. Don’t do this.

Sanskaar: But…

Swara: I swear I’ll try to become a good girlfriend. Not that I’m not now but I’ll try to become even better. I’ll never irritate you.

Sanskaar: But Swara…

Swara: (sits on the bed on her knees and looks at him) See I’m up too. I’ll always listen to what you’ll say. I’ll never tease you also but…

Sanskaar: Gosh Swara, stop!!

Swara: What?!! Now, you don’t even want me to talk. But at least tell me what have I done. I mean I…

Sanskaar immediately shuts her up by pulling her for a kiss and Swara’s eyes widen up instantly. She pushes his away and looks at him with teary eyes…

Swara: Now you’re giving me goodbye kiss too. But why are you breaking up with me? I…

Sanskaar: (immediately holds her face in between his palms) Now, listen to me. I. Am. Not. Breaking up with you. You got that. I’ll never do that. Why would you even think like that?

Swara: Ragini told me that whenever your boyfriend comes to you saying ‘I have something important to tell you’, then that means he wants to break up with you.

Sanskaar: (takes a deep breath) I swear this Ragini is the biggest enemy of my love life. Next time I meet her remind me that I need to kill her before she stuffs any more nonsense into my girlfriend’s head.

Swara: So, you’re not breaking up with me?!!

Sanskaar: I think I said the same thing.

Swara: (smiling widely throws her arms around his neck) Really!! I love you!!

Saying this she gives him a small peck on his lips. Sanskaar smiles and leans towards her for another kiss when a cushion comes and hits straight across their faces. Turning around they find Yash standing angrily on the doorstep with both his hands on the sides of his waist…

Yash: See I told you. Once I leave you alone you people will never do a single thing on time. Now go before I throw water on both of you.

Swara: (chuckles and looks at Sanskaar) You go out and I’ll get changed.

Sanskaar: Okay!!

Swara: But we won’t be going by car.

Sanskaar: Then?

Swara: We’ll walk to the market. It’s hardly a twenty minutes walk.

Sanskaar: But why walk when we have the car?

Swara: Either we’ll go by walk or you’re not coming with me. You decide!!

Sanskaar: Alright. Alright. We’ll walk. Now, get ready.

Swara: (smiles widely) Okay. Give me five minutes.

Saying this she runs towards the washroom whereas Sanskaar and Yash go towards the hall.


After buying everything that’s required Swara and Sanskaar decide to return…

Sanskaar: Have you taken everything on the list?

Swara: (looking into the bag) Hmm almost.

Sanskaar: What do you mean by almost? Just take each and every thing or else that ‘Mini Version of Khali’ back at your house will kill us both.

Swara: (starts laughing her heart out) Mini version of Khali…!! Seriously Sanskaar!! Yash will kill you just by knowing the recent nickname you’ve given to him.

Sanskaar: (starts laughing himself) Sometimes I really wonder from where do I get these nicknames in my head!!

Swara: You know what even God can’t answer that as he is still in shock after creating a unique piece like you.

Sanskaar is about to speak something when a drop of water falls on his hand and he looks upwards…

Sanskaar: (looking at the sky) And looks like God has started crying out of that shock.

Swara: (confused) What?

Sanskaar smirks playfully and points upwards. Swara raises her head and a drop falls on her cheeks…

Swara (screams) Shit it started raining!!

Sanskaar: Really?!! I thought God started crying!!

Swara: Stop joking Sanskaar and run to find a place.

Sanskaar: But why? We can reach home in ten fifteen minutes. There is no harm in getting wet.

Swara: I’m not concerned about myself but in case if you have forgotten then let me remind you that we have books and papers with us. And if they will get wet then Yash will surely kill you!!

Sanskaar: Hmm… Very intelligent Swara!!

Swara: (rolls her eyes) I don’t believe this.

She grabs him by his arm and drags him to the front porch of a nearby closed shop. Keeping the bag in one corner she starts wiping the water off her dress and hairs. No sooner they reach there the rain starts falling heavily and Swara smiles hearing the pitter-patter of the rain drops. Stretching out her palms she leaves a sigh of relief as the tiny droplets of water fall touch her skin…

Sanskaar: Sometimes I really don’t understand you girls. Few moments back you were running away from rain and now you’re enjoying it.

Swara: (smiles) I was running because of the things I had. How in the world can anyone hate rain? It makes everything look so beautiful, so pure, so serene. And besides that we have several special memories of this rain. Remember how hard I try tried to win the challenge and make you kiss me?

Sanskaar: How can I ever forget?!!

He smiles remembering how Swara even created a rainfall for him and how it actually starts raining as she finishes dancing and then later how they completed her next wish…


Just then something strikes him. Shuffling through the bag hastily he takes out three sheets of paper and forwards them towards Swara…

Swara: (confused) What?!!

Sanskaar: Let’s make paper boats.

Swara: What? Now?

Sanskaar: Last time we only had the rain dance not the paper boats and in no case I’m going to leave any of your wishes incomplete. So, take these papers and lets make boats.

Swara takes a sheet of paper from his hand. Sanskaar smiles and starts making boat…

Swara: Sanskaar!!

Sanskaar: (still concentrated on getting his boat right) Hmm.

Swara: Why do you love me so much?

Sanskaar: (raises his head) What kind of question is that? Do we ask stars why do they shine? Or do we ask flowers why do they bloom? No, right?!! Much the same way I don’t why I love you so much. I just… Do!! And besides that we agreed on completing all the wishes together. So, start making the boats now.

They make three small paper boats together and make them sail in a small stream of water formed due to the rainfall. As they wait for the rain to stop Swara speaks…

Swara: I need to see my diary today.

Sanskaar: Why?

Swara: I need to see how many wishes do I have remaining to get completed.

Sanskaar: Two!!

Swara: What?

Sanskaar: You have two wishes remaining. First, to play with snow and second, to get a scholarship and get admission for post graduation in a prestigious university.

Swara: You remember?

Sanskaar: (smiles) Yup!!

Swara: Sometimes I feel what have I done for you when the list of what you have done for me goes on increasing.

Sanskaar: I told you already Swara. You don’t need to do anything for me. Just stay with me. Always. That’s more than enough.

Swara: You know… You’re the best thing that has ever happened to me.

Sanskaar: (smirks) I know!!

Swara rolls her eyes and smiles looking at him…

Sanskaar: Now the important thing!!

Swara: What?

Sanskaar: The important thing for which I came here.

Swara: What is it?

Sanskaar: Do you know about the ‘International Talent Hunt’ competition held every four years? (A/N: This is not any real competition, it’s totally my imagination)

Swara: I have heard about it but I don’t know much.

Sanskaar: As I expected. So, listen. As the name suggests it’s a talent hunt organized all across the world every four years. This year almost 300 prestigious universities are participating in it and every university will accept 100 students with full scholarship which means

Swara: Thirty thousand students will get selected from all around the world!! God Sanskaar, this sounds so cool…!!

Sanskaar: Yup. So, tomorrow you’re filling the form.

Swara: What? Me?

Sanskaar: Yes, you!!

Swara: There is no way I’ll get selected.

Sanskaar: And why is it so? You have a beautiful voice Swara. There is a purity in your voice. There is something new in the way you sing the songs and that’s the reason Nightingale drove me so crazy.

Swara: But Sanskaar…!!!

Sanskaar: You are participating Swara and trust me you’ll get selected. The best students in the field of music will be accepted in the ‘Manhattan School of Music’. Getting selected in that institute will give an exposure to your voice and trust me that will take you to new heights. You’ll be able to give a better future to Yash. Moreover, you just need to fill the forms tomorrow. You’ll get enough time to practice.

Swara: (thinks about something) And what about the ones who get selected in the field of fine arts?

Sanskaar: (furrows his eyebrows) Why are you asking that?

Swara: First tell me.

Sanskaar: Umm… ‘The University of Arts, London’.

Swara: (exclaims with joy) Really!!

Sanskaar: Why are you so happy about it? When did you develop liking towards fine arts?

Swara: It’s not for me.

Sanskaar: Then?!!

Swara: I’ll fill the participation form only if you’ll fill it along with me.

Sanskaar: What? Me?

Swara: The way you feel purity in my voice, much the same way I feel purity in your paintings. Your paintings have the feelings no words can ever express.

Sanskaar: But…

Swara: So it’s decided. Either we are filling the forms together tomorrow or we are going to forget that this Talent hunt is even happening. You decide!!

Sanskaar: So, you’re not going to listen to me?

Swara: No!!

Sanskaar: You’re going to force me?

Swara: Yes!!

Sanskaar: You’ll make me fill the forms?

Swara: Definitely!! And you don’t have any other option.

Sanskaar: So…

Swara: (kissing his cheek) So, we are filling the forms together tomorrow. Now, come let’s go. Even the rain has stopped.

Sanskaar: (smiles) Aye aye captain, as you say!!

Holding hands, together they walk back towards Swara’s house.

Episode ends…!!!

Precap: Not decided yet.



So, this is it for today friends. I hope you all liked it. As you all wanted to know I’m planning to write almost four more episodes. Thank you so much for reading.

See you all on Sunday. Till then stay blessed and happy reading…!!

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