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Hii everyone…!! IMPORTANT; PLEASE DON’T SKIP…!!! First of all, I’m really very sorry as I’m getting confused myself and confusing you all too. The part of the story after two years leap is kind of important as that is the end of the story and will take about four to five episodes to get completed. For sure, I’m not extending it but at least I need to write what I have in my mind.

Now, the reason for my confusion is that I have my next exams in twenty days and honestly I’m not able to concentrate on the story nor I’m getting enough time to do so. That’s why after giving it a thought I have decided that I’ll continue the entire story after the two years leap after my exams, that way the link won’t be broken. I told you that I’ll be going on a break after MITWAA but now I’m going before only as my studies come above anything else and if everything goes well I might have a job in my hand in a few months. But let me tell you that the break might go for about more than a month, so, please be patient enough if you want to read my story. And I know you might find it rude but please don’t message me asking for updates because maybe I won’t be able to see your messages. I’ll start the story again as and when I’ll get time and before coming back I’ll give you a small Teaser either on Tuesday or Friday after 20th of August, so, that you can get to know when will be the next update coming up. I hope you all will understand and support me…!!

This chapter is the last episode as of now before the break and I’ll continue from episode 55 after coming back. This one is like a filler and a continuation of what you all read in the previous chapter. So, here you go…

Recap: The Promise Kiss…!!!

******* Episode 54 *******

Sanskaar is driving back to Swara’s home whereas Swara is sitting on the passenger seat with a frown on her face…

Sanskaar: Now, what happened to your mood?

Swara: I told you that we should go for dinner first. See, we didn’t get to eat anything. I don’t understand how famished these people are that they ate everything so soon as if they haven’t eaten anything for ages. And it’s all your fault.

Sanskaar: How come it’s my fault? Alright, then give me my promise back and I’ll marry some other girl.

Swara: (pointing her finger towards him) Don’t you dare Mr. Sanskaar Maheshwari!! That promise is solely my property and in your words ‘I don’t like sharing what’s mine’.

Sanskaar: When did you hear that?

Swara: (chuckles) When you were threatening Sahil!!

Sanskaar: But I thought you haven’t heard that.

Swara: Stop thinking so much. And how come I’m not supposed to hear what’s meant for me?!!

Sanskaar: I don’t believe this. You’ve been eavesdropping on me.

Swara: Oh hello…!! I wasn’t eavesdropping, you said that in front of everyone.

Sanskaar: Alright. Alright. My fault.

As soon as he says this, Swara shouts…

Swara: Stop. Stop. Stop. Stop.

Seeing her shouting like that Sanskaar applies the break quickly and the car comes to an halt with a jerk…

Sanskaar: Gosh. Why do you act like crazy sometimes?

Swara: You said it was your fault, didn’t you?

Sanskaar: Huhh??

Swara: Just now you said it was your fault.

Sanskaar: So??

Swara: So, I want you to do something.

Sanskaar: (furrowing his brows) What?

Swara: I want that.

She points in front of them and Sanskaar looks at her unbelievingly…

Sanskaar: Seriously Swara!! (looks at his watch) It’s almost 10:30 at night and you want to have tea right now!!

Swara: What’s wrong in that? I’m feeling hungry.

Sanskaar: Your house is hardly five minutes away. You can have your tea over there. Look at this place. This looks so unhygienic.

Swara: Since when did you started having this princely attitude?!!

Sanskaar: Yeah whatever!!

Swara: Please Sanskaar. Please. Just one cup. Only one.

Sanskaar: What’s so special in this tea??

Swara: This is just not any tea. It’s ‘Masala Chai’. And it tastes absolutely heavenly when we have it in a ‘Kullhad’.

Sanskaar: Kullhad??

Swara: You don’t know?? Those earthen pots. Are you sure you were not in India only for a few years? I feel as if you have you have come here for the first time.

Sanskaar: (rolls his eyes) I know what’s a Kullhad Swara!! But who uses that now-a-days?!!

Swara: That’s why I stopped you here. That baba uses Kullhad to serve tea to his customers. Besides that…

Sanskaar: What?

Swara: Umm… I don’t want you to leave now. I mean…

Sanskaar: (holds her hands and pulls her nearer) You mean…

Swara: I mean… I want to spend some more time with you.

Sanskaar: (smiles) Now that’s a pretty good reason to have this tea.

Swara: (smiling widely) Really!!

She chuckles like a child and kisses his cheek…

Swara: Let’s go!!


Swara: Baba, two cups of your special ‘Masala Chai’.

An old man in his late sixties smiles looking at Swara and nods his head…

Baba: Swara bitiya…!! After so many days. (looks at Sanskaar) Looks like finally you found someone. What’s his name?

Sanskaar: (smiles widely) Sanskaar…

Baba: That’s a very beautiful name beta!! Both of you sit down and I’ll bring your tea in ten minutes.

Both of them take their seats on a nearby bench as Swara slowly leans her head on Sanskaar’s shoulder. He smiles seeing her taking a sigh of relief and both of them start looking at the stars reliving their some very special moments…

Sanskaar: You remember?

Swara: What?

Sanskaar: Millions of twinkling lights…!!!

Swara: (smiles and entwines her fingers with his) That is one of the most beautiful moments of my life that I can never forget.

Sanskaar: One of the most beautiful…!! Then what is the most beautiful moment of your life?

Swara: That I can’t say.

Sanskaar: Why?

Swara: Because from the second you have entered my life, each and every moment has become wonderful and worth remembering for entire lifetime. Have I ever told you?

Sanskaar: What?

Swara: That you are the best thing that has ever happened to me!!

Sanskaar: That I know. You don’t need to tell me!!

Swara: (punches his arm lightly) You’re one of the most self-obsessed person I have ever seen.

Sanskaar: But even though you love this man.

Swara: (wrapping her arms around his torso) That I do and I’m proud that I love you.

Sanskaar: Me too.

Just then Baba comes there with two cups of tea…

Sanskaar: Are you sure we can drink this?

Swara: Ugh Sanskaar. Stop being so picky. Just drink it…

She takes a sip and a smile of satisfaction spread across her lips. Seeing her smiling Sanskaar lifts the cup to his lips taking a small sip…

Sanskaar: This… This is…

Swara: Fantastic!! I know.

Sanskaar: Alright. I agree. This is a lot more tastier than I thought.

Swara: (shouts) Baba, you’re the best!!

Sanskaar: Swara, why does Baba work at such an old age? I mean does he have any family problem or something?

Swara: Nope. Nothing like that. At first I also used to think like that only but Baba says that he gets a sense of satisfaction on serving people. And the people over here absolutely love his tea.

Sanskaar: And now I understand why!!

Swara: See, I told you so.

Sanskaar: Okay. You win. Now, let’s make it fast, your mom must be waiting.

Swara: Aye aye captain…!!


Next day, Swara’s sleep gets broken as her mobile phone buzzes on the table. Getting up she opens one of her eye only to see Sanskaar’s name flashing on the screen…

Swara: (receiving the call) Sanskaar?!!

Sanskaar: Why are you so shocked?

Swara: Why are you calling this early on the morning?

Sanskaar: Because of Mom…!!!

Swara: Sujata Aunty?!! What about her?

Sanskaar: Yesterday, I told her that you were not able to have dinner and to some extent because of me…

Swara: I was joking yesterday Sanskaar. I wasn’t serious…

Sanskaar: Will you let me complete?

Swara: Okay, go on!!

Sanskaar: So, she thinks that apparently I’m making her to be daughter-in-law starve to death and now she wants me to invite you, Simmy Aunty and Yash to dinner tonight.

Swara: (shocked) What tonight?? At your house??

Sanskaar: Yup. Even though I’m inviting you but Mom will be calling Simmy Aunty in an hour.

Swara: But that wasn’t needed at all.

Sanskaar: Do you want to see your boyfriend wrapped up in bandage tomorrow?

Swara: What?

Sanskaar: I know you love me a lot, so, no arguments. Get ready by seven in the evening. I’ll come to pick you all. Okay??

Swara: Okay. We’ll be ready by then.

Sanskaar: Cool…!! Bye…!!

Swara: Sanskaar…

Sanskaar: Hmm…

Swara: I Love You!!

Sanskaar: Wow, what a perfect start to the day!!

Swara: Pagal…!! Bye.

Sanskaar: Bye. And I love you too!!



It’s 8:00 pm and everyone is having dinner in the dining area. The entire Maheshwari family is too glad to have Simmy, Swara and Yash as their guests.

Simmy: Sujata Ji, this invitation was really not necessary.

Sujata: Arey why not. My stupid son is making my to be daughter-in-law starve. At least, I need to take care of her health.

Swara: Aunty, it’s nothing like that. Both of us missed the dinner together last night. It wasn’t his fault. And we had something really important compared to the dinner.

As soon as she says this Sanskaar kicks her leg from under the table and glares at her…

Annapurna: And what was this important thing?

Swara: Aaa… Umm… we… that…

Ram: What happened beta?

Swara: Actually, we…

Sanskaar: (immediately cutting in between) We had tea last night.

DurgaPrasad: What tea? Instead of dinner?

Simmy: Okay, I get it. That must be Baba’s tea near our house. Swara loves that a lot.

Sujata: But are you sure there is nothing else we should know?

Sanskaar: What? You don’t believe your son? Then ask your to be daughter-in-law.

Sujata: From daughter-in-law I have an idea right now.

Simmy: What idea?

Sujata: How about we get these two engaged?

The moment she says these everyone shrieks out. Sanskaar spits out everything he had in his mouth. Swara starts coughing and everyone looks at Sujata in utter disbelief…

Sujata: What? Why is everyone staring at me?

Sanskaar looks at Swara and she tears away her gaze blushing profusely which makes him swallow a huge lump forming down below his neck…

Sanskaar: But Mom, that’s too early…!!

Sujata: But you do love each other, don’t you?

Sanskaar: Of course, I love her Mom but this is too early for marriage and all. She’s just 20 and I’m 21.

Sujata: I’m not asking you to get married. Right now, I’m talking only about your engagement.

Sanskaar: Engagement, too, is very early right now Mom. Before anything else we need to explore ourselves. Both of us need to have a settled life, have a proper desired career.

Simmy: Sujata Ji. I think Sanskaar is right. They are children themselves. They need time to get enough mature to handle a relationship.

Annapurna: And they love each other, that’s enough for now.

Sanskaar gets up from his seat and walks around the table to where Swara is sitting. All this while Swara has been watching everything having her head hung down and without uttering a single word. Sanskaar turns her around along with the chair and sits on his knees in front of her…

Sanskaar: Look at me Swara.

And she raises her head letting their eyes meet…

Sanskaar: You trust me, right?

Swara: Huhh?!!

Sanskaar: Trust me Swara, I have no one else in my heart but you. But before starting a life together, I want to have a settled life, so that you don’t have to bother for anything. I want to make sure that I can take care of our lives together before joining them. Cross my heart, I will marry you Swara, no matter what. But only when the time is right. Trust me…

Swara: (keeps her fingers on his lips) I trust you that you won’t break my trust Sanskaar. You don’t need to say anything. I love you and I’ll always wait for you. My love and support will always be there for you.

Sanskaar: Now, that’s why I love you so much!!

Saying this he kisses her forehead and Sujata comes and keeps her palms on their heads…

Sujata: If that’s what you want, that’s how it will be. I only want your happiness.

Sanskaar: And I want your happiness Mom. I promise to get engaged to Swara the day we complete our graduation. But only engagement. We’ll get married once we get settled.

Everyone agrees to what Sanskaar says as he looks at Swara lovingly…!!!

Episode ends…!!!

Precap: Two years leap…!!!



That’s all I have for today guys. Even though it was a filler I hope it wasn’t that bad.

I dedicate this part to the only person in this world who has the copyright of calling me CKD, my sisso #Prachiti_Patil as she wanted an episode like this. I know this isn’t exactly what you wanted but I’ll try to add your request in future parts.

So, farewell all of you for the time being. Don’t forget me as I’ll be back soon to bother you all with my stories once again. Till then, good bye and stay blessed.

With love,
Stella ❤️

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