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Hii everyone…!! Thank you so much for your lovely comments and I’m glad you all enjoyed the last episode…!! I know many of you don’t want this story to end but I have to…!! I have my exams coming up in a month…!! But not to worry I’ll be coming back with another story after the break and I hope you all will like it too…!! I dedicate this part to my sweetie pie, my sister – #Khusboo_Bhagat because it’s her birthday today. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR…!!! I know I’m probably one of the last people to wish you but I really wanted to wish you along with this chapter. I hope you won’t mind and I’ll write the OS you asked very soon.

Here is the next episode…!! I hope you all will like it…

Recap: Swara clears Sanskaar’s misunderstanding…

******** Episode 52 *******

Standing in front of entirely plain wall Sanskaar takes a deep breath looking at it and turns to look at Swara with a gloomy face. Swara, as she promised, is sitting on a step in one corner of the amphitheater trying to solve some problems by the time Sanskaar finishes his painting.

Sanskaar: (shouts) What type of girlfriend are you?

Swara raises her head from her books and chuckles looking at his expressions.

Swara: What happened?

Sanskaar: Here, I’m stuck and you’re laughing.

Swara: (suppressing her laughter) I’m not laughing. Did I?

Sanskaar: Ugh, forget it!! I’m not talking to you.

Swara shakes her head lightly seeing his childish behavior and gets up closing her books. Swinging her bag around her left shoulder, she walks up to him…

Swara: Okay sorry. Now, tell me what happened.

Sanskaar: I’m stuck. I’m not getting what to paint.

Swara: (in a teasing tone) But I thought you were good at painting.

Sanskaar: Excuse me!! I’m good at painting. Umm… but only when I know what to paint. Here, I’m not getting anything.

Swara: But what’s the problem?

Sanskaar: Maybe because I always painted whenever I felt like. Nobody has ever asked me to do so. Now, are you going to help me or not?

Swara: What can I do? I don’t even know how to hold a brush. How am I supposed to help you out?

Sanskaar: You can’t paint but at least you can suggest me something. What could I possibly paint over here?

Swara: What did you paint yesterday on the other wall?

Sanskaar: I painted a snow-capped hill top along with a Christmas tree and Santa on a sledge. Now, what should I draw on this wall? What else do we have in Christmas??

Swara: Then make the thing Christmas is all about!!

Sanskaar: (confused) What?

Swara: Gifts!!!

Sanskaar: You’re kidding me, right?!! You expect me to draw gifts on a wall.

Swara: So?? What’s wrong with that? You can draw some packed gifts and some opened with things peeping from inside them. And also, to add the effects you can paint the Christmas ball and stars. So, how’s it?

Sanskaar: (raises one of his brows and smirks) Hmm!! Not a bad idea!! I can draw that but on one condition.

Swara: (rolls her eyes) Now what do you want?

Sanskaar: You’ve to paint it along with me.

Swara: What? Me?

Sanskaar: Come on, only this wall. Rest of the work I’ll do myself. (smiles and rubs the back of his neck) Actually, I always wished to paint along with my girlfriend.

Swara: (smiles seeing how cutely he is looking at her right now) But I’m afraid I’ll ruin it. I told you already that I don’t know how to paint.

Sanskaar smiles and picks up the paint brush from the stool near by and forwards it towards her…

Sanskaar: Here, hold this.

Swara: But Sanskaar…

Sanskaar: Trust me Swara. When we are together nothing could be ruined.

And the smile he gives her makes her heart take a leap. No matter how strong she thinks she is, this man has the capability to make her knees go weak and she couldn’t help but fall head over heels for him over and over again. Never in her life she could have imagined that a mere smile could have this effect on her. But it isn’t just a smile, it’s his smile. It’s Sanskaar’s smile, the man she loves beyond anything else.

Enchanted like always, her steps get directed in his direction once again and soon enough she finds herself entrapped in between Sanskaar’s arms with their hands holding the brush swaying in different directions as Sanskaar starts with the painting. But she could hardly concentrate on it as his warm breath fans over the nape of her neck and on her shoulders. Swara takes a deep breath trying to calm her down and Sanskaar stops…

Sanskaar: What happened? Feeling bored?

Swara: No… I… That…

Sanskaar understands her statement hiding behind her stuttering and chuckles. Without saying anything he tightens his grip on her hands and kisses her cheek. Swara’s eyes widen the instant she feels his lips lingering against her skin for a few moments. Touching her cheeks cautiously as if its one of her most precious possessions, she smiles to herself thinking how she feels the same way every time he kisses her. But soon she realizes that they are standing right in the middle of the amphitheater. She quickly scans the whole area and sighs with relief on finding no one other than them in there.

Swara: (scrunching her brows) What are you doing?

Sanskaar: What? I told you that you would be nothing else other than a distraction to me. Now, it’s not my fault.

Swara: What if someone sees us?

Sanskaar: When did you become so self concerned? Remember, last time you kissed me in the middle of the cafeteria?

Swara: So what?? You challenged me!!

Sanskaar: Correction. I punished you.

Swara: Yeah whatever. I’m going now.

Sanskaar: Where?

Swara: To the topmost stair where we have that open tomb like structure.

Sanskaar: Alright, I’ll also join you there in a few minutes.

Swara: Why will you come up there?

Sanskaar: Because there is a wall right behind that tomb and I need to paint that one too. And since you’re going there I’m planning to come up there after I complete this painting.

Swara: No you’re not. I’m going to study over there, so, don’t come.

Sanskaar: And you think you can stop me??

Swara: No. No. You’re not coming there.

Saying this she runs away up to the topmost stairs and starts studying…


After almost an hour…

Swara is completely concentrating on her studies when Sanskaar suddenly comes from behind and holds her shoulders…

Sanskaar: Hi..!!!

Swara: What are you doing here?

Sanskaar: I told you I’ll be coming here. Now, let’s finish it off with this wall and call it a day. After that we are going to buy a dress for you.

Swara: (shocked) What?? Why?? I mean all of a sudden!!

Sanskaar: Sudden?!! I told you already that once I go with you to Sahil you’ll be coming with me for shopping.

Swara: You’re unbelievable.

Sanskaar: (winks at her) I know. Now, any idea what can I paint on this wall? I want to make something special over here as it’s near this tomb but I feel like I am missing something.

Swara: (thinking) Mistletoe!!

Sanskaar: (shocked) Missed-a-toe?!! Where? (looks at his feet) I have all my toes here. See.

Swara: (slaps her forehead) Not Missed-a-toe Sanskaar. Mistletoe. Mistletoe.

Sanskaar: What’s that?

Swara: You’ve never heard about that? (Sanskaar shakes his head in a no) Who says you’re intelligent?

Sanskaar: (smiling widely) I say. Now, what’s this Missed-a-toe or whatever it is?

Swara: This year the decoration team has decided to decorate this tomb with Mistletoe. It is a plant that grows on range of trees including willow, apple and oak trees. It is supposed to possess mystical powers which bring good luck and wards off evil spirits. It was also used as a sign of love and friendship in Norse mythology and that’s where the custom of kissing under Mistletoe comes from.

Sanskaar: Wait. Wait. Wait.

Swara: What happened?

Sanskaar: Only the last sentence is of my use.

He winks at her and Swara recalls whatever she said and glares at him when she realizes what he’s pointing to.

Swara: Out of everything I said you got that only.

Sanskaar: Obviously. So, why do we kiss under that plant?

Swara: It’s because…

And she stops… Should she tell him? Will he kiss her after that? Will that be too much to ask for? A kiss as a promise that he will marry her, that no matter what they will have a long and healthy life, together? Though, he has already given her that promise pendant but that was all by his own will. Can she ask that from him? Will he think that she is also becoming like those clingy girlfriends who need a word of promise and security every now and then?

Sanskaar: Oh hello Ma’am!! Where are you lost?

Swara: Huhh?

Sanskaar: You were telling me something!!

Swara: Aaa… umm… nothing. It’s nothing. Just forget it.

Sanskaar: No, seriously, tell me.

Swara: Really, it’s nothing. Just an old ritual. Nothing much.

Sanskaar: You sure?

Swara: (smiles nervously) Yeah!!

Sanskaar: Okay then. (looks at the wall again) Hmm… what should I make here?

Swara: Umm… considering the decoration by mistletoe, how about painting the wall with either the scene of sunrise or with the scene of a moonlit night.

Sanskaar: I think that would look good. Woah, my ‘sangat’ is really having a very good effect on you.

Swara: And there you go again. Accept that I’m intelligent.

Sanskaar: I’m intelligent.

Swara: No. No. Say you’re intelligent.

Sanskaar: Oh thank you. I know that.

Swara: You’re unbelievable. Say Swara you’re intelligent.

Sanskaar: Swara, praising your own self is not a good thing.

Swara: Alright I lose. Now, will you please finish that painting first?

Sanskaar: Yeah right. After that we have to go for shopping too.


Swara looks at the place he brought her to with wide eyes and then at Sanskaar…

Swara: Here again?

Sanskaar: What do you mean by again? The last time you visited this place was almost an year ago. Now, no arguments. Come on.

Saying this he holds her hand and drags her inside the showroom. The moment they enter Ragini and Laksh greet them.

Sanskaar: Lucky, what are you doing here? I was expecting only Ragini over here.

Laksh: Why? Can’t I come here?

Ragini: Of course, you can but technically this is my mom’s fashion house.

Sanskaar: But, seriously Lucky, what are you doing here?

Laksh: Don’t even ask me Bhai!!

Swara: Why? What happened?

Laksh: Why don’t you ask your best friend instead?

Swara: (looks at Ragini) What have you done this time?

Ragini: (shrugs her shoulder) I have not done anything.

Laksh: Really?? Then who gave my name as a volunteer for becoming Santa in the Christmas celebration?

Ragini: (smiling naughtily) Oh, that…!! But that’s a good thing. I like Santa very much. And here I’m going to help you out with the dress. We even need to make a fake tummy for you to give the perfect feel for Santa.

Sanskaar: Don’t tell me that they chose you!!

Laksh: Bhai…!!!! From which angle do I look like a Santa?

Sanskaar: You don’t look like an ogre either but she made you that too.

Laksh: I seriously wonder whether I’m her boyfriend or personal entertainment box!!

All of them let out a laugh seeing his sulky face and Laksh folds his arms across his chest angrily.

Ragini: Alright. Alright. Sorry. Come on, let’s help them out in searching a good dress.

Laksh: Okay. But, I’m still angry.

Ragini: Trust me you’ll look really cute as a Santa.

Laksh: I don’t believe this. Come on guys, let’s go.

Both of them move ahead towards the section of newly arrived dresses and Swara smiles looking at them…

Swara: They look really cute together!!

Sanskaar: (throws his arm across her shoulder) Really?!! Then what about us?

Swara: What about us?

Sanskaar: How do we look together?

Swara: What do you think?

Sanskaar: I’ll say, together, we look cute, wonderful, hot, s*xy, fantabulous, and…

Swara: (cuts in between) Okay. Okay. I got it. Enough. Let’s see the dresses or else we’ll get late.

Sanskaar: Let’s go, love.

In next fifteen minutes, Swara has almost twenty five dresses stuffed in her arms. She looks at them unbelievingly and then at three of her friends standing in front of her as if they have accomplished the most difficult mission of their lives…

Swara: You expect me to wear all these?!!

Sanskaar: Do you want more?

Swara: Are you all crazy? This will take me more than an hour to try all of them.

Sanskaar: Then I say you get going right now and start trying them.

Swara rolls her eyes shaking her head as she makes her way towards the trial room. As she leaves Sanskaar looks at Laksh and Ragini…

Sanskaar: Guys!!

Laksh: What?

Sanskaar: Do you know about that Missed-a-toe plant? Something like that…

Laksh: What plant is that?

Sanskaar: I don’t know Swara told me about that.

Ragini: Wait a minute. Do you mean Mistletoe?

Sanskaar: I guess. Why do we kiss under that plant?

Ragini: She didn’t tell you that?

Sanskaar: Nope. I asked but she said that it’s nothing important. But I felt as if she wanted to say something!!

Ragini: Maybe she didn’t want to force you to do that!!

Sanskaar: How come forcing come in here? It’s not like we haven’t kissed before.

Ragini: But this one is not like any simple kiss Sanskaar. This one is special.

Sanskaar: What special?

Ragini: It would be better if you try to find that out yourself.

Sanskaar nods his head and later choosing the perfect dress for Swara they all set out for their respective places.

Episode ends…!!

Precap: Christmas celebration. Prom. Sanskaar gives Swara the promise kiss under the mistletoe plant.



So, that’s it for today friends. I’m so sorry for not being able to post yesterday. I won’t be telling the reason as that will make me the tragedy queen ??
At first I planned to add the Christmas scene here too but then I thought to add that entire Christmas party in the next episode only. I hope you all might have liked this one. ANY SUGGESTIONS FOR THE SONG FOR PROM DANCE??

Thanks for reading. See you all on Tuesday. Till then, stay blessed and happy reading…!!!

With love,
Stella ❤️

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