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Hii everyone…!! Thanks for the wonderful response on the last episode…!! Now, before we start, here is something IMPORTANT…

I have two very important exams back to back in just 15 days…!! At first I was planning to end MITWAA before the exams only but now I have requests for particular scenes from you all and trust me that’s what I love the most; active participation from you…!! It gives me a feel that you all are liking the plot and that encourages me to write better and better…!! It feels wonderful when you all take so much interest… ??❤️❤️

Now, below here I’m giving the names of the readers who have made a request…!! In case, I’m missing out someone then let me know in the comment box below…!! You can even make the requests now and I would love to write as per your wish…!! So, I have requests from…

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I hope I haven’t missed anyone but in case I have, then please let me know…!! Now, this means that MITWAA will be extended for a few more episodes, so, I’ll be continuing it after my exams…!! After the episode on upcoming Friday, I’ll stop and resume after my exams…!!

Now, here you go with the next episode…!! I’ll be fulfilling a few requests in this part and others in the upcoming episodes…!! I hope you all will like it…

Recap: Sahil gets a shock on the first day of the new Session…!! Swara teases Sanskaar…

******** Episode 48 *********

Sanskaar: (whispers) Why did you do that…?!!

Swara: You only said that you like joking around…!!

Sanskaar: You’ll pay for this…!! I won’t leave you now…!!

Swara looks at him to which he smirks and winks at her…!! As soon as the lecture gets over and the teacher leaves for the lunch break, Swara turns to look at him…!!

Sanskaar: (narrowing his eyes) What…?!!

Swara: What are you planning to do…?!!

Sanskaar: Why should I tell you…?!!

Swara: Because technically, in one way or the other it concerns me…!!

Sanskaar: Alright…!! Then I’m thinking of a way to punish you for getting me scolded…!!

Swara: But that wasn’t my fault, you shouldn’t have laughed so loudly…!!

Sanskaar: Oh really, and what was that you did…?!!

Swara: (looks at him an innocent smile) What did I do…?!!

Sanskaar: You… You…

Before he could complete, they see Kavita strolling right from her seat towards them and within seconds she stands beside him keeping her palm on Sanskaar’s shoulder…!! Swara feels a tinge of jealousy and if she could then she would love to burn Kavita’s hand resting on her boyfriend’s shoulder right now…!!

Kavita: Hii Sanky…!!

Sanskaar: (removes her hand) It’s Sanskaar for you…!!

Kavita: Oh come on…!! We have been studying in the same class for an year now, at least now I can call you Sanky…!!

Swara: I don’t think so…!!

Kavita: Who are you to interrupt in between…?!! And Sanky, I think we are close enough now…!!

Swara: (fuming in anger) I don’t think so…!!

Kavita: (glares at her) Sanky, don’t you think you should make new friends now and forget the old ones…?!!

Swara’s hand tighten around the pen she’s holding…!! Sanskaar realizes that one moment more and Swara could pierce the same pen right into Kavita’s eyes…!!

Sanskaar: Thanks for the suggestion Kavita but since the friends are mine, the decision will also be mine…!!

Kavita: (slides her hand on his shoulder and holds the side of his neck) Call me Kavi sweetheart…!! I think we should plan a change of our relation…!!

Swara: (gets up from seat) Why don’t you plan a change of your face too…?!! The entire humanity would be grateful on being getting rid of something really ugly…!!

Kavita: Excuse me…!!

Swara is all ready to pounce up on her when Sanskaar stops her and looks at Kavita…

Sanskaar: Kavita, I think you should leave…!! It’s lunch break already…!!

Kavita: (winks at him) Good bye, sweetheart…!!

Swara: Sweetheart, my foot…!! You… You… You bitterguard…!!

Sanskaar: Gosh, meri Jhansi ki Rani…!! Relax…!!

Swara: How am I supposed to relax…?!! Did you see…?!! How dare she touch my boyfriend…?!! That… that… ‘Karele ki aulaad’ (daughter of bitterguard)

Sanskaar chuckles seeing her like this when it hits him…

Sanskaar: That’s correct…!!

Swara stops for a moment and looks at him with a confused gaze…

Swara: What…?!!

Sanskaar: I got what your punishment should be…?!!

Swara: What…?!! Punishment…?!!

Sanskaar: Yup…!! Now, your punishment is that you have to tell them that we are in a relationship…!!

Swara: (narrowing her eyebrows) But how is that supposed to be a punishment…?!!

Sanskaar: (smirks) Do you think that will be as easy as it sounds…?!!

Swara: What do you mean…?!!

Sanskaar: Right now, it’s the lunch break, so, everyone will be in the cafeteria…!!

Swara: So…?!!

Sanskaar: So, you have to kiss me confessing your feelings in front of everyone right in the middle of the cafeteria…!!

As soon as the words get registered in her brain she feels as if her entire world has taken a three sixty degree turn…!! She finds herself at loss of words as her eyes go big and round…!! Soon she starts hyperventilating, finding it really hard to breathe…

Swara: Hell…!! No…!! I can’t do that…!! That’s not possible…!! We might even get a detention for that…!!

Sanskaar: I would love to have the detention if it’s with you…!!

Swara: That’s not a joke Sanskaar…!! I seriously can’t do that…!!

Sanskaar: Alright then…!! If you won’t do this then I’ll go and kiss Kavita telling her that I like her…!! She already wants a change of our relationship…!!

Swara: (almost shouts) No…!! You can’t do that…!!

Sanskaar: Oh, I can, My Lovely Lady…!! Either you’ll kiss me or I’ll kiss her…!! There has to be a kiss today but which one, the choice is yours…!! Now, come on…!! The cafeteria awaits us…!!

Saying this he swings his bag across his shoulder and heads towards the cafeteria with Swara following on his heels…!!

The whole situation leaves Swara all flustered up and thinking how to manage the situation…!! She keeps thinking on her way towards the cafeteria when all of a sudden she bumps into someone…!! Raising her head, her eyes lock with the mesmerizing brown eyes she loves the most…!! Sanskaar looks at her condition and takes a deep breath…

Sanskaar: Alright…!! You got your wish…!! If you are that uncomfortable then don’t kiss me on the lips but instead on my cheeks…!! (Swara keeps looking at him) What…?!! Don’t look at me like that…!! No more relaxations…!!

With that both of them head towards their usual lunch table waving towards Ragini and Laksh who are already sitting over there…

After a few minutes, Sanskaar’s eyes land on Kavita standing near the food counter and he signals Swara…

Sanskaar: So, ready…?!!

Swara: Please…!!

Sanskaar: That’s your punishment…!! So, show me what you’ve got, Love…!!

Saying this he winks at her and gets up making his way towards Kavita…!! He turns smiling anticipating the events that are about to follow…!! Ragini and Laksh keep looking at them with confusion etched all across their faces…

Ragini: What was that…?!!

Laksh: And why is he going towards Kavita…?!!

Ragini: Swara…!! Why have you both done this time…?!!

Swara: (with her eyes still glued towards Sanskaar) I… I teased him and now he has punished me that I have to kiss him and confess my feelings to him in front of everyone…!! Or else…

Laksh: Or else…?!!

Swara: He will kiss Kavita and tell her that he likes her…!! He won’t do that, right…?!!

Laksh: You can’t be so sure…!!

Ragini: He can do that…!!

Swara: But…

Ragini: For heaven’s sake Swara, he is your boyfriend and it’s not like you’re kissing him for the first time…!! If I would have been at your place I would have already kissed him…!!

Laksh: (wide eyes) Excuse me…!!

Ragini: Idiot…!! I’m just giving an example, not saying that I’ll actually kiss him…!!

Laksh: Phew, you scared me…!!

Swara: But how can I… in front of everyone…?!!

Laksh: Come on…!! You’re braver than you think…!! Hell, I don’t want my brother to kiss her…!! Just go Swara…!!

And by that time Sanskaar almost reaches near Kavita…!! Garnering all the courage she has got, Swara gets up from her seat making her way all towards him with quick and steady steps…!!

Kavita: (smirks looking at Sanskaar) What happened sweetheart…?!!

Sanskaar: Kavita, actually I… (thinking to himself) Come on Swara…!! Where are you…?!!

Kavita: What happened Sanky…?!!

Sanskaar: I… umm… (thinks) Hell, I don’t want to kiss her…!!

Kavita: Do you want to say something…?!!

Sanskaar: (closes his eyes and takes a deep breath) Yes…!! Actually, I like…

And that’s all he could say before Swara twirls him around holding his shoulder and in a blink of moment he finds her lips on his own, catching them for a brief kiss…!! Loud gasps, sounds of utensils falling on the floor, hooting and cheers all could be heard at once…!! As they break apart just after a few seconds, Sanskaar opens his eyes giving a 440 watt smile…

Swara: I Love You, Mr. Boyfriend…!!

Sanskaar: Well done…!! But I think the kiss was supposed to be on my cheeks…!!

Swara: (smiles back) But I think this one was better…!!

Sanskaar: But you shouldn’t have done that…!!

Swara: (confused) Why…?!!

Sanskaar: (leans towards her and whispers huskily in her ear) You seriously have no idea how much I want to kiss you right now…!!

Heat rises up Swara’s cheek making them crimson red but before she could say anything Kavita stomps their way…

Kavita: What the hell was that…?!!

Sanskaar: (passes his arms across Swara’s waist and kisses her forehead) A way to introduce my girlfriend to all of you…!!

Kavita: Girl… Girlfriend…?!! That’s not possible…!!

To say that she was shocked would be an understatement…!! Her face burns red with fury and anyone could say that a minute more and one might even see smoke coming out of her ears…

Sanskaar: (smirks) I’m afraid it is…!!

Kavita: But you were going to say something to me…!!

Sanskaar: (pretends like thinking) Really…?!! I was…?!! Umm… I think I forgot…!! Maybe some other time…!!

He shrugs his shoulder and Kavita storms out of the cafeteria burning with rage…!!


After the college gets over and everyone starts leaving, Sanskaar holds Swara’s wrist and drags her along with him…!!

Swara: Sanskaar…!! Where are you taking me…?!!

Sanskaar: Library…!!

Swara: But why…?!!

Sanskaar: For getting you books…!! You need to get the best grade this year too…!!

Swara: Today is the first day of the session…!!

Sanskaar: So…?!! I still have the average marks more than you…!! You need to work harder this time…!!

Saying this he drags her to the library…!!


After almost half an hour, both of them make their way towards the parking lot with two bundles of books, each of them holding one…!! Almost every one has left for their homes and the few ones who are seen here and there are also heading their way out…!! Both of them reach the place where his car has been parked…!! Swara moves towards the driver’s seat keeping the bag and books on the back seat but before she could enter inside, Sanskaar comes and stands right behind her closing the door…!! Swara turns around and finds herself encased in between the car’s closed door and Sanskaar’s two well built arms…

Sanskaar: You know what, I wasn’t expecting you to actually kiss me in front of everyone…!!

Swara: As if I was having any other option…!! For sure, I wouldn’t have let you kiss her in front of everyone…!!

He moves closer to her pressing his body lightly against hers…

Sanskaar: Well, I never knew that you are that possessive over me…!!

Swara: As if you are not…!! And how dare she touch my boyfriend…!!

Sanskaar: (wiggles his brows) Jealous…?!!

Swara: (folding arms across her chest) Of course, I’m jealous…!!

Sanskaar: Well, I was wondering whether it would have been better if I would have kissed her…?!!

Swara: (glares at him) Don’t you dare…!! And I know that you love when I kiss you or you wouldn’t have asked for it…!!

Sanskaar: (raises one of his brow) True…!! You are so intelligent Swara…!! (she smiles a little bit hearing this) So, will you kiss me now…?!!

Swara: Huhh…?!!

She looks at him and finds Sanskaar looking at her with eyes full of expectations…!!
But Sanskaar senses her reluctance…!!
Maybe…!! Maybe, he can’t ask her to kiss him whenever he wants…!!

Sanskaar: (looks away taking a deep breath) It’s okay Swara…!! I was just joking…!!

But he was not…!! He wanted to kiss her badly since their brief kiss back at the cafeteria…!! Somehow, Swara senses his disappointment and looks at him…

Sanskaar: (smiles) Now, come on…!! Let’s go…!!

He removes his arms from her sides and turns to go towards the passenger seat but soon Swara grabs his arms and with one swift moment she pins him against the car and before he could say anything, she leans in and for a moment Sanskaar’s world freezes as her lips adjust in the curves of his lips…!! On their own accord his eyes get closed as his arms find their way to her waist and before he realizes he finds himself participating in the kiss…!! While his hands form small circles against her waist, her hands play with his smooth jet black tresses as they both deepen the kiss…!!

As they break apart and Swara opens her eyes, she finds him staring at her in disbelief…

Sanskaar: What has happened to you…?!!

Swara: What…?!!

Sanskaar: You are getting bolder day by day…!! Not that I’m complaining but…

Swara: Maybe, it’s because of you…!! It’s said naa ‘sangat ka asar’…!!

With this she pecks him once more before they set out sitting in the car…!! Little did they know that their entire moment has been witnessed by two eyes, to be precise, Sahil’s eyes…

Sahil: Not good, Swara…!! Not good…!!


Next day, Sanskaar rings up Swara telling her that he would be coming a little bit late as they have a meeting back at the office…!! So, Swara decides to go a bit early to get some time for studying in the library…!! But she hardly had any idea that Sahil has also reached early as he has an early morning extra class…!!

As she enters the college and walks down the empty hallway, Sahil grabs her waist from behind and with his free arm he shuts her mouth before she could shout for help…!! He drags her to an empty classroom and shuts the door…

Swara wiggles in his iron grip as he pins her next to the wall…

Swara: Sahil, what are you doing…?!! Leave me…!!

Sahil: What happened Swara…?!! Yesterday when you seemed to enjoy this position very much with Sanskaar…!!!

Swara: (looks at him with wide eyes) You were spying on us…!!

Sahil: I wasn’t planning to do that but now…

Saying this he holds both her wrists on either side of her head…

Swara: Sahil, you are hurting me…!!

Sahil: I don’t give a damn Swara…!! Do you have any idea how I felt seeing you kissing him like that…?!! Oh, how much I wished to be at his place at that time…!! Gosh, you are damn hot kisser even though you are just twenty…!!

Swara: You are pathetic…!!

Sahil: I don’t care…!! Never mind, if I couldn’t have your first kiss, you still have something very precious with you…!! And I definitely won’t let that scoundrel, your bastard boyfriend to have that…!! I want you ride high on pleasure, screaming my name all night…!! A night with me, that’s all I want…!!

She looks at him gulping down the huge lump forming in her throat…!! She wants to shout but shuts realizing that there won’t be anyone there this early…!! She has to be strong for herself…!! She can’t let such low life people have an upper hand on her…!!

Swara looks at him with eyes full of hatred…

Swara: Till now, I thought you were pathetic and you need help…!! But no, you are hopeless…!!

Sahil: You can curse me as much as you want…!!

He smirks looking at her as he moves his hands on her waist upwards dangerously close to her br*asts…!! And that was all she could tolerate…!! Without a single warning she kicks him hard, somewhere he could have never expected…!! As Sahil stumbles holding his precious manhood she punches his face and the next moment he rolls on the floor grumbling with pain…!!

Swara: Don’t you ever dare badmouth my boyfriend again…!! He is everything for me…!! My first crush, my best friend, my first love, my first kiss and without any doubt he will be the first person to make love to me…!! A loser like you can never have me…!! Don’t take women as weak or that they need someone to protect them always…!! If we want we can show you your true place…!! Just remember, if it hadn’t been a woman, you would have never been in this world in the first place…!!

Saying this she kicks him for one last time…

Swara: And if you don’t want to lose your ability to have children in future, then don’t you even dare come near me or Sanskaar…!!

Saying this she opens the door and runs out of the college as fast as she can…!! For the first time she knocked out a person…!! Only she knows how much scared she was and still is…!! But she had to be strong, for her and for Sanskaar…!! And without a second glance back she runs straight back to her home…!!

Episode ends…!!

Precap : Yash’s birthday celebration planning…!!



I hope you all liked it…!! #Sakshi_Mehra, #Tooba_Innocentsoul and #Rashmi_p, I hope I was able to write as per your wish…!! Do leave your feedbacks in the comment box below…!! And please note there hasn’t been any proof reading, so kindly ignore the typos…!!

See you all on Friday…!! Till then stay blessed and happy reading…!!

With love,
Stella ❤️

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