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Recap: Tarun’s self-confession…

********** Episode 46 **********

Swara stands in front of the mirror looking at her reflection trying to analyze her an hour hard work she has put into getting herself ready for the day…!! She has never put so much effort for anyone, but for him, she did…!! Even though Sanskaar likes her inner beauty more than her outer appearance, but she herself doesn’t know why she tried so hard at it…!! Maybe she wants to look beautiful to herself when she might look at her reflection in his eyes…!!

Dressed in a white undershirt and royal blue one shouldered crop top paired with white ankle length jeans, her eyes twinkle like the water in sunshine. Wearing nothing but just a nude shaded lip gloss and mascara coupled with black eyeliner for makeup, she leaves her dark smooth tresses flowing down to her lower back with a few strands playing at her slightly bare shoulders and complementing her porcelain-like skin…!! Feeling satisfied with herself she gives a final look at the mirror and leaves to meet Sanskaar…!!

Almost half an hour later, Swara pushes the doorbell of the Maheshwari mansion and out of all people it has to be Sujata who answers it…!!

Sujata: Swara, what are you doing here…?!!

Swara: (gives a nervous smile) Umm… that… actually Aunty… I and Sanskaar…

Sujata: What…?!! You and Sanskaar…?!!

Swara: Umm… Our college is starting from tomorrow, so, we need a few books beforehand…!! I thought…

Sujata: Oh…!! So, you are here to ask him about the books he need…?!!

Swara: Yes…!! Wait…!! No…!! We were going to get the books and a few things together…!!

Sujata: Really…?!! But he is still sleeping…!!

Swara: (angrily) What…?!! How dare he…?!! I asked him to be ready by 9 and he is still sleeping when it’s already 9:30…?!! Aunty, if you don’t mind can I go and wake him up…?!!

Sujata: Yaa sure…!!

Swara smiles and turns to go towards Sanskaar’s room when Sujata stops her all of a sudden…

Sujata: No…!! No…!! No….!! Swara, stop…!!

Swara: (confused) What happened…?!!

Sujata: You can’t go there…!! You are not allowed to go to his room…!!

Swara: But Aunty…!! I need to get him up, we are getting late…!!

Sujata: Okay, you wait here, I’ll get him up…!!

Swara nods her head giving a slight smile and Sujata goes to wake him up…!!

After a few moments, Sujata returns…

Swara: Is he up…?!!

Sujata: Nope…!! He’s saying he doesn’t want to go anywhere and is refusing to get up…!!

Swara : I’ll kill him today…!!

Sujata: Alright, you can go to wake him up but you have to return in exactly five minutes…!!

Swara: Just five minutes…!! Is that enough to wake him up…?!!

Sujata: I know if you want you can wake him up in two minutes, even though I’m being generous and giving you five minutes…!! Once you’ll become my daughter-in-law, you can take as much time you want…!!

Swara’s cheek heat up crimson on the mention of being their daughter-in-law…!! All thoughts of the future hit her at once but before she could think any further Sujata’s voice bring her out of the trance…

Sujata: Why aren’t you going…?!!

Swara: Huhh…?!!!

Sujata: Why aren’t you going…?!! Your five minutes are ticking away…!!

Realizing that she has already lost her one minute in her daydreaming, Swara runs towards Sanskaar’s room…

Sujata: (shouts from behind) I’ll call you if you don’t return in five minutes…!! (to herself) Hell, I don’t want to be a grandmother right now…!!


Swara knocks at the door a few times but on getting no answer from the other side, she pushes the door’s knob open…!! She gets quite irked on seeing Sanskaar lying carelessly on the bed on his stomach, upper half of his body covered with the comforter whereas the lower half is left uncovered, his mouth slightly open and his disheveled hairs falling freely on his forehead…!!

Swara: (shouts) Sanskaar…!! Get up…!!

But as expected he refuses to budge and pulls the comforter over his head…

Swara leans a little towards him and shouts…

Swara: Sanskaar Maheshwari, get up this instant…!!

Sanskaar: (curses under his breath) Alright, you asked for it…!! Let’s sleep together…!!

Saying this he grabs her arm and pulls her towards himself…!! And the next moment Swara finds herself encased in between his bare chest and his arms…!!

Bare Chest….!!!!

What the holy fudge…?!!!

Realizing Swara shrieks…!!

Swara: Aaahhhh…!!

Sanskaar’s eyes shot open hearing her…

Sanskaar: Geez Swara, why are shouting…?!!

Swara: (stuttering) Wh… Where… Where is your shirt…?!!

Sanskaar: (smirks) Why…?!!

Swara: Ughh…!! Leave me…!!

Sanskaar: God Swara…!! Stop behaving as if you have never seen me without shirt…!!

Swara: Shut up Sanskaar and leave me…!! We are getting late…!!

Sanskaar: On one condition…!!

Swara: What…?!!

Sanskaar: Give me a kiss and I’ll leave you…!!

Swara: (widen her eyes in shock) What…?!! No…?!!

Sanskaar: Now don’t give me those expressions as if it’s your first kiss…!!

Swara: Sujata Aunty knows I’m here…!!

Sanskaar: That’s what I’m saying kiss me before she comes here…!!

Swara: No…!! Go and brush your teeth first…!!

Seriously, brush your teeth…!!!!

Couldn’t she get any proper excuse…!!

Sanskaar: I can’t believe this…!! How can anyone be so unromantic…?!!!

Swara: I’m not unromantic…!!

Sanskaar: Really…?!! Prove it then…!!

Swara: For that you need to get up and be ready first…!!

Sanskaar: Alright then here we go…!!

Saying this he jumps out of the bed pulling her along with him…!! Opening his cupboard he takes out a white shirt and a blue denim jeans trying to match him outfit with Swara’s clothes…!! All the while Swara keeps her eye on him and feeling her gaze on his back, he tilts his head to look at her…

Sanskaar: Do you want to join me…?!!

Swara: What…?!!

Sanskaar: What…?!! We have been in shower together before too…!! Come on, I won’t mind…!!

Swara: (smiles sarcastically) No thanks, I already had a bath…!!

Sanskaar: (making a fake hurt face) Tsk…!! My bad luck…!!

Swara: Better luck next time…!! Now, go and get ready I’m going downstairs before Sujata Aunty calls me…!!

Saying this she runs downstairs whereas Sanskaar goes to get ready for their upcoming date, or in her words, their upcoming day out…!!


After almost an hour…

Sanskaar looks at the place they have reached with an ‘Are-You-Kidding-Me’ look and looks at Swara…

Sanskaar: I never knew that they sell books at the Joggers Park…!!

Swara: Now, it’s all because of you that we are here…!! It was you who’s been sleeping during the whole ride…!!

Sanskaar: But…

Swara: No ifs and buts, just go and take five rounds of the park…!! And come back soon or else we’ll be late…!!

Sanskaar: What…?!! Five rounds…!! I just took a bath…!!

Swara: And even then you were sleeping…!! Just go…!! I’ll be waiting here only…!!

Sanskaar: What do you mean by go…?!! You are also coming with me…!!

Swara: Why me…?!! It’s you whose needs to be awakened…!!

Sanskaar: (makes a puppy pout face) But then also five rounds…!!

Swara: Jyada hai kya…?!! (Is it too much) Alright, then four and a half…!!

Sanskaar: (sarcastically) Oh…!! So generous of you…!!

Swara: Now, go before I kill you for ruining my plans for the day…!!

Sanskaar: (smiling widely) What plans…?!!

Swara: Just complete the rounds and I’ll tell you…!!

Sanskaar: Ughh…!! Just remind me not to agree on a day out with you next time onwards…!!

What a great start to their day-our cum date…!!

Swara winks at him and Sanskaar begins his rounds rolling his eyes…!! As soon as he leaves Swara calls Laksh and Ragini…!!


After buying all the books and the necessary items…

Sanskaar: Now, where are we going next…?!!

Swara: I’m feeling hungry now…!!

Sanskaar: So, to any diner…?!!

Swara: (gleamingly) No…!! Juhu Chowpatty Beach…!!

Sanskaar: What…?!!! No…!!! No…!! No…!! Not possible…!!

Sanskaar could already feel the burning sensation he had last year when Swara made him eat the golgappas on their day of friendship celebration…!!

Swara: But why…?!!

Sanskaar: You know, right that golgappas and chats don’t go very well along with me…!!

Swara: (pulls his cheek) Oh come on…!! I’ll buy a ‘barf ka gola’…!!

Sanskaar: (sarcastically) Wow, from where did I get such a generous girlfriend…!!

Swara: I know you are very lucky to find me…!! Now come on…!!

She pulls his cheek again and kisses it, dragging him holding his arm along with her…

Sanskaar: And don’t pull my cheeks…!! Not in public at least…!! It makes me feel like a baby…!!

Swara: And this ‘baby’ is only mine…!!

Saying this she hugs his arm as Sanskaar gives a lopsided smile…!!


As they reach the beach, Swara messages Ragini…

(Swa) Are you people ready…?!! ??

(Rag) Almost…!! Just an hour or two more…!! ??

(Swa) But why is it taking so much time…?!! We decided everything yesterday itself…!! ??

(Rag) Actually, my duffer boyfriend missed a couple of things, so, we are arranging for those only…!! ??

(Lak) Okay…!! Just remind me of killing Laksh tomorrow if anything goes wrong today…!! ??

(Rag) Aye aye captain…!! ??

Just then Sanskaar reaches there with their orders…!! Taking their respective plates of chat both of them sit down enjoying the waves of the sea coming by and washing their feet over and over from time to time…!!


It’s almost evening now and the Sun is on its verge of setting down…!!

Sanskaar: Are we leaving now…?!!

Swara: It’s the sunset…!!

Sanskaar: Sun sets daily Swara…!! What’s new…?!!

Swara: Tch….!!! And people call me unromantic…!! I’m saying what’s the hurry, let’s just enjoy the sunset before we get going…!!

Sanskaar: But it was supposed to be a day-out and as per me the day is almost over…!!

Swara: I didn’t say that…!!

Sanskaar: Liar…!!

Swara: Alright…!! For the whole day, let’s call it a day out and after that it’ll be the date…!! Ha ha, I’m so intelligent…!!

Sanskaar: Yeah, right…!!

Swara: Now, don’t disturb and let me see the sunset…!!

Sanskaar: Then what will I get…?!!

Swara: What do you want…?!!

Sanskaar: The same thing you refused to give me in the morning…!!

Swara: (smirks and winks at him) Done…!!

Sanskaar smiles and shakes his head finally concluding that ‘Ladki bigaad gayi’…!!

He looks at the big orb of light as it loses its intensity slowly and slowly, and slides down behind the sea as if seeking a shelter for the time being…!!

As the sky starts changing its color from blue to orange to a darker shade of red, Swara turns her head to say something to Sanskaar but stops as she finds him completely absorbed by the surroundings…!! Slowly, her eyes travel down his face taking in his manly features…!! For the first time, she’s actually eyeing her boyfriend shamelessly without getting bothered by the people around…!! She’s still unable to believe that such a gorgeous man belongs to no one but her…!!

His slightly disheveled hair as the winds blow through them, those mesmerizing brown eyes which have always proven to be her adobe, somewhere, she would love to live for eternity…!! His sharp nose and chiseled cheek bones are definitely a thing to flaunt upon…!! And finally her eyes rest upon his lips…!! She starts feeling giddy just by remembering the feel of those lightly pink full lips moving rhythmically against her lips during all those kisses they shared…!!

God…!! Only she knows how much she wants to jump upon him right now and kiss the sense out of him…!! But, apparently she’s waiting for the right time…!!

Feeling her gaze upon him, Sanskaar gives a lopsided smirk still keeping his eyes at the horizon enjoying the view…

Sanskaar: They say staring is a bad habit…!!

Swara rests her cheek on her palm and keeps her elbow on her folded knees looking at him…

Swara: My boyfriend…!! I can stare at him for eternity and the people around shouldn’t have any problem…!!

Sanskaar: Since when did you become like this…?!!

Swara: The moment you came to my life and turned my life upside down…!! Not that I’m complaining…!!

Sanskaar: Alright then, now give me…!!

Swara: What…?!!

Sanskaar: The thing you promised…!!

Swara: Only after we visit the last place..!!

Sanskaar: Now, where…?!!

Swara gets up dusting the sand away from her clothes and forwards her hand towards Sanskaar…

Swara: The day out is over…!! Now, it’s time for the date…!! So, Mr. Sanskaar Maheshwari would you like to go on a date with me…?!!

Sanskaar: Umm… let me think…!!

Swara: (arguing like a child) Come on Sanskaar, don’t waste the time…!! We’ve to go back also…!!

Sanskaar: (smiles) Okay…!! Okay…!! Let’s go…!!

Saying this he holds her hand getting up and kisses her temple…

Sanskaar: But where are we going…?!!

Swara: You can find that in an hour…!!


After almost half-an-hour, both of them reached their desired destination…!!! Sanskaar looks at Swara being a little confused…

Sanskaar: Why are we here Swara…?!! You know that Aksa Beach is a very secluded type of place…?!!

Swara: I know and that’s why we are here…!! The thing I’m going to do can’t be done in a crowded area…!!

Sanskaar: (raises his eyebrows) What are you planning to do…?!! I won’t go with you…!!

Swara: (glaring at him) Now, don’t start again Sanskaar…!!!

Sanskaar: But what are you going to do…?!!

Swara: (holds his hand and drags him) I’m not going to do anything like what you are thinking…!! Not now at least…!!

Sanskaar: Excuse me…!! What do you mean by that…?!!

Swara: Will you stop arguing before I kill you…?!!

Sanskaar: I think going inside will be better than getting killed…!!

Swara: Good decision…!! Now, let’s go…!!

They both head towards the beach and soon they find Ragini and Laksh leaving from there…!!

Sanskaar: Wait…!! What are you two doing here…?!!

Ragini: Helping out my best friend, of course…!! Swara, don’t forget you’ve help me out in our date too…!!

Swara: I won’t, if I don’t want any of my bones broken…!!

Ragini: Good…!!

Laksh: Everything is done as you asked us to be…!!

Sanskaar: What is done…?!! Are you three planning to kill me or what…?!!

Laksh: (smiles widely) All the best Bhai…!!

With this Laksh and Ragini leave and Sanskaar looks at Swara…

Sanskaar: What…?!!

Swara: It’s said that no matter how our day has been, we must always end it with a good note…!! So, our good note for today is here…!! Now, if you are done arguing, can you please come with me…?!!!

She holds his hand leading towards one of the least occupied areas of the beach…!! As soon as they reach there, Sanskaar could feel the sudden warming of his heart as he absorbs the surroundings…!! In one secluded corner of the beach, with a dinner table set for two in the center and several beautifully crafted lanterns kept all around as the only source of light, makes him feel as if it’s their own little world…!! The white colored draperies ties all around secured with white orchid flowers gives him a feel that if there is any heaven then surely it would look something like this only…!!

Swara: This is all I could manage with my savings…!! I don’t know whether you’ll…

But soon enough she is cut down in her speech as Sanskaar turns and kisses her forehead…!! Swara smiles feeling his lips against her skin and closes her eyes…!!

Sanskaar: (smiles) This is actually a lot more than I imagined…!! Thank you so much…!!

Swara: Then shall we have the dinner…?!!

Sanskaar: Tch…!! How can you eat so much and still maintain that figure of yours…?!!

Swara immediately punches his arm glaring at him…

Swara: I was saying this because we might get late…!! Now come on…!!

Both of them have their dinner in their own created world…!! And as soon as the dinner gets over, Swara smiles and sits in front of his chair on her knees…!!

Sanskaar: Swara, I know I said that it’s a secluded place but that definitely doesn’t mean that there is no one seeing us…!!

Swara: I don’t care…!! (Sanskaar smiles looking at her) That day in Kolkata you gave me your promise pendant, today, I want to give you something as my promise…!!

Sanskaar: (gets overwhelmed hearing this and only thing comes out of his lips) Swara…!!

Swara smiles and takes out a wrist band, nothing too fancy, just a simple wrist band with ‘SS’ engraved on its top…!! She ties it around his wrist and smiles holding his hand…

Swara: I know I can’t give you anything fancy but…

Sanskaar immediately engulfs her in a bone crushing hug and kisses the top of her head…

Sanskaar : This is the most wonderful gift I have ever received…!! I love you so damn much Swara…!!

Swara: I Love You more than I can ever express…!! You are the best thing that has ever happened to me…!!

Sanskaar: (breaks the hug and kisses her forehead) Now, can I ask you for one more thing…?!!

Swara: (smiles) What…?!!

Sanskaar: Can I have a dance with the love of my life…?!!

Swara nods her head as Sanskaar takes her hand for the dance…!! For that moment Swara forgets everything, surrendering herself completely not only by her body but with her soul too as the music takes their feelings to a much higher level…

main baarish ho jaaunga
tum baadal ho jaaogi
dekh lena.. dekh lena..

(I’ll become rain,
and you’ll become a cloud.
You see.. you see.)

itna tumko chaahunga
tum paagal ho jaaogi
dekh lena.. dekh lena..

(I’ll love you so much,
you’ll go crazy.
You see, you just see..)
kehta hai sun, ye dhoop kinara
tera hua, main saara ka saara
dekh lena, tere honThon pe hamesha
main hansta hi rahoonga dekh lena..

(listen, this edge of sunshine says,
that I’m wholly yours now.
You see, I’ll always be smiling
on your lips…)

dekh lena.. bheegi jo teri aankhen
aankhon se main bahoonga dekh lena..

(You see, if your eyes get wet,
I’ll flow from your eyes, you see..)

hmm.. dil to hai har seene mein
hai pyaar lekin mujh mein
sabse zyada dekh lena

(there is heart in every chest,
but there is the most love in me, you see.)

apni lakeeron mein
main likh lungi khud hi tumko
hai mera vaada dekh lena

(in my lines of fate,
I’ll write you myself,
this is my promise, you see.)

kehta hai sun, ye dhoop kinara
tera hua, main saara ka saara
dekh lena tere honThon pe hamesha
main hansta hi rahunga dekh lena…

As the song gets over Swara hugs him all over again whispering in his ears…!!

Swara: Now, the thing you have been asking for since morning…!!

Sanskaar: What…?!!

Swara: Don’t and dare call me unromantic ever again…!!

With this she places her lips on his as if sealing the day with their love all over again…!!

Episode ends…!!

Precap: First day of the new session at the college…


Phew…!! So, finally done with the episode…!! I know I’m pretty late in posting this part but I don’t know from where this swelling occurred in the wrist of my right hand, even though it’s not that prominent but the occasional pain is really pissing me off…!! I’m finding typing on the mobile really problematic…!! So, Kindly ignore the typing errors…!!

I dedicate this episode to all my readers who have been asking for Swara to do something for Sanskaar…!! I hope you all liked it…!! Do leave your feedbacks and comments down below as they really mean a lot…!!

See you all on Friday…!! Till then stay blessed and happy reading…!!


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