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Hii everyone…!! I’m back again to bother you all with the new episode…!! Thanks for your love and appreciations for the last episode…!! It really means a lot…!!

Now, here you go with the next episode…

Recap: Swara supports Sanskaar and he announces their relationship…

****** Episode 44 *******

“I want to tell everyone that I love Swara…!! She’s my girlfriend and I want to spend my entire life with no one but her…!!”

The moment Sanskaar says this only a single word could actually explain the expression on other’s faces…


Sujata: What…?!! Why…?!!! When…?!! How…?!!

Grandma: Relax Sujata…!! The way Swara defended Sanskaar few hours back anyone could have realized that they both have feelings for one another…!!

Ram Prasad: This makes my son quite lucky that his to-be life partner trusts him so much…!! I’m happy with his selection…!!

Sanskaar: (shouts from the stage) Thanks Dad…!! You are the best…!!

Sujata: Simmy, did you know about it…?!!

Simmy: (smiles) A little bit…!! He told me he’ll be doing something like that…!!

Sanskaar: Now, I can call you mother-in-law officially…!!

Swara: One minute…!! What did you call her…?!!

Sanskaar: I have been calling her that for a while now…!!

Swara: And how come you both didn’t tell me anything…?!!

Sujata: So, why was I left out…?!!

Annapurna: That includes me too Sujata…!!

Sanskaar: Are you all going to be like this only…?!! Alright, so, we are sitting here only…!!

Saying this he pulls Swara along with him and sits on the stage itself…

Swara: What are you doing…?!!

Sanskaar: I’m tired of standing and I don’t think so that their interview session is going to finish anytime sooner…!! So, let’s sit down and answer the questions…!!

Grandma: So, how did all this started…?!!

Swara: (answers immediately) When he started picking on me…!!

Sanskaar: Excuse me…!! That’s not called picking…!! I saved you from all those bullies…!!

Swara: (rolls her eyes) Yaa…!! Right, Mr. Superman…!! Then, what about those weird nicknames you give me everyday…!!

Sanskaar: Every day…?!!

Swara: Alright, not everyday but most of the days…!!

Sanskaar: Every nickname has a story behind it and…

Just then Laksh interrupts in between…

Laksh: Bhai,
you also join us…?!!

Swara: And bring Ragini also…!!

Uttara: Yeah right…!! Let’s have a combined interview…!!

Saying this she and Aman push Laksh and Ragini to the stage…!! And now all four of them are seated in front of the rest of the family as if the four are culprits and their trial is going on…

Grandma: Now how did you both start…?!!

Laksh: I don’t know…!!

Ragini: I don’t know…!!

Both of them blurt out at the same time to which everyone present over there rolls their eyes…

Annapurna: Then who knows…?!!

Sanskaar immediately jumps raising his hand…

Sanskaar: I know…!! I know…!!

Laksh: What…?!!

Sanskaar: We helped you with the proposal…!!

Grandma: So, how did you both find out…?!!

Swara: Simple, when we saw them…!!

Ragini: (shouts) Swara, stop…!!

Sanskaar: But who can stop me…!! I can say, right…?!!

Laksh: Bhai, no…!! Please…!! Please…!! Please…!!

Sanskaar: Only on one condition…!!

Laksh: (mentally face-palms himself before nodding his head) What…?!!

Sanskaar: You’ve to do whatever I say for next whole week…!!

Laksh: Bhai, this is not fair…!!

Sanskaar: Then, I’m telling them everything…!!

Laksh: (shouts) No…!! I agree…!!

Sanskaar: (gives a winning smile) Ha ha…!! This one always works…!!

Now, Sumatra decides to speak again…

Sujata: Since, you all are together now, we got to set some rules…!!

All four of them: (together) What rules…?!!

Sujata: From now onwards in no way Swara and Ragini will go to Sanskaar’s and Laksh’s rooms…!!

Laksh: (shocked) What…?!!

Sanskaar: (double shocked) Why…?!!

Sujata: (glares at both of them) Because I’m saying so…!! Now, no arguments…!!

Sanskaar: (whines like a child who has been refused his favorite ice cream) This is not fair…!!

Sujata: Do you want me to pull your ears and drag you in front of everyone…?!!

Sanskaar: (just then smiles naughtily) But I can go to her room, right…?!! You haven’t made any such rule yet…!!

Simmy: Don’t worry Sujata, I can take care of that…!!!

Sanskaar: This is not fair…!!

Simmy: When all you youngsters can team up, then why can’t we elders…?!!

Annapurna: Okay…!! Okay…!! Now, enough of all these…!! It’s quite late for now, so, let’s have the dinner after that we can call it a day…!!

Agreeing unanimously, everyone leaves for the dinning area…!!



Yash is sleeping peaceful on the bed whereas Sanskaar and Laksh are standing near the window…

Laksh: Bhai, even though you came out clean but don’t you think whatever happened is not just a coincidence…?!!

Sanskaar: I know Lucky…!!

Laksh: I have a feeling that some way or the other this Tarun is involved…!!

Sanskaar: You have a feeling…?!! But I’m sure that he is involved…!!

Laksh: So, aren’t you gonna do something about it…?!!

Sanskaar: Nope…!! Uttara di is getting married to his elder brother and for sure I don’t want any problem in her married life…!!

Laksh: But if we don’t do anything now who knows he would try to pull out something in the future also…!!

Sanskaar: But what about our sister…?!!

Laksh: She is ‘Our Sister’, stronger than we can imagine…!! We don’t have to worry about her and to top that Aman jiju loves her a lot…!! I’m sure he will trust her…!!

Sanskaar: Still…!! Truth is bound to come out in some way or the other…!! So, this one will too…!! And he has already lost it as everyone trusted me including Swara…!!

Laksh: Alright…!! Don’t do anything but don’t forget the fact that our two ‘Knights in shining armor’ won’t let go off this matter so easily…!!

Sanskaar: Who…?!!

Laksh: Our two unique girls…!!

Sanskaar: Let’s hope they are not planning anything…!!

Laksh: You never know…!! Maybe they are…!!

Sanskaar: Then I’ll ask Swara before the wedding ceremony starts tomorrow and you can ask Ragini…!!

Laksh smiles and nods his head, praying silently for the truth to come out…



Swara: Ragini, where is Uttara di…?!!

Ragini: She is with Annapurna Aunty and Sujata Aunty…!! They are cross checking everything for tomorrow so that they don’t have to rush with the things at the time of the marriage…!!

Swara simply nods her head, lies on the bed closing her eyes and takes a deep breath…

Ragini: What happened…?!! You seem disturbed…!!

Swara: Nothing…!! Just thinking about whatever happened today…!! Even though everyone agreed that Sanskaar hasn’t done anything but still we don’t know how come Tanisha ended up being in that room and that too in that condition…!!

Ragini: The moment she entered I told you that I had a bad feeling about her and you know what I think this Tarun is also involved…!!

Swara: You really think so…?!!

Ragini: Of course, haven’t you noticed how he was trying to put blame on Sanskaar…!! In fact he was the first one to blame him…!!

Swara: Then, what should we do…?!!

Ragini: Why should we so anything…?!! Won’t Sanskaar be taking any actions…?!!

Swara: As far as I know him he won’t do anything that could bring any problem in Uttara di’s marriage…!!

Ragini: So, that means he won’t do anything…!!

Swara: I don’t think so…!!

Ragini: Then…?!!

Swara: Simple, we have to do it…!!

Ragini: Will Sanskaar and Laksh allow us to do anything like that…?!!

Swara: (shrugs her shoulders) Who is going to tell them…?!!

Ragini: (shocked) So, are we going to become detectives…?!!

Swara: Something like that…!!

Ragini: Like James Bond…?!!

Swara: (rolls her eyes) Yes Ragini…!!

Ragini: (excited like a teenage girl) Perfect…!! So, are we going to do fighting also…?!!

Swara: Why will we fight…?!!

Ragini: Not even a single punch…!! Not fair…!! But what are we going to do exactly…?!!

Swara smiles seeing her and narrates the entire plan to her…

Ragini: I’m in…!! But then I’ll punch that Tanisha…!!

Swara: I don’t think so that there is any need for that…!!

Ragini: No…!! No…!! Baby, you don’t understand…!! This is known as the Ragini Effect…!! It makes things quite easier…!!

Swara: Alright, then sleep for now…!! We have many things to do tomorrow starting from early morning itself…!!

Ragini: Aye aye captain…!! Good night for now…!!

Swara: Good night…!!


Next day, it’s almost evening and, Swara and Ragini are getting ready in their room and Uttara has been taken to Annapurna’s room for getting ready…!!

Ragini all set in pink and white lehenga, her hair tied up in a side braid and traditional earrings and accessories smiles looking at Swara as she helps her with all the girlish stuffs…

Ragini: I don’t understand what’s the need of wearing all these things…!!

Swara: You know, it’s good to act like a girl once in a while…!!

Ragini: Alright…!! It’s done…!! Now, I’ll help you out…!!

Swara: Okay, then get me my dupatta first…!! By that time I can see what should I do with my hairs…!!

Ragini: Why don’t you leave them open this time for a change…?!! You told me that Sanskaar likes them that way…!!

Saying this Ragini moves towards the bed to pick up Swara’s dupatta when she receives a message from Laksh…


Ragini: (still looking at the message) Swara, you carry on…!! Laksh is calling me…!!

Swara: Why…?!! What happened…?!!

Ragini: I don’t know but I’ll be back soon…!!

Swara nods her head and Ragini leaves for meeting Laksh…!!

After a few minutes, as Swara tries to pull up her hair in a proper style, the door to the room opens once again and believing it to be Ragini she speaks…

Swara: Thank God, you came back…!! Give me the dupatta and do something with my stupid hairs…!!

Sanskaar, who has just entered the room looks at the dupatta lying on the bed and then at Swara who is still struggling with her hairs and chuckles silently…

Swara: Ragini, are you even listening or not…?!!

Sanskaar: Hmm…!!

Swara: Then bring it here and help me out…!! I’m already getting late…!!

Sanskaar smiles and picks up the dupatta and moves towards her with slow steps…!! Carefully, he places it across her shoulders…

Swara: Ragini, what are…

The moment Swara looks at Sanskaar’s reflection in the mirror kept in front, she stops speaking right there…

Swara: Sanskaar…!! What are you doing here…?!!

Sanskaar smiles and wraps his arms around her engulfing her in a back hug…

Sanskaar: I heard that my girlfriend is facing some problems in getting ready, so, I came here to help her out…!!

Swara: (sarcastically) Oh wow…!! How considerate of you…!!

Sanskaar: Of course, I’m concerned about you…!!

Swara: Now, are you going to leave me…!! I have to get ready…!!

Sanskaar winks looking at her reflection and places a soft kiss on her nape…

Sanskaar: If you want, I can help you out…!!

Swara: No…!! You’re just wasting my time…!! Let me get ready…!!

Sanskaar: Let’s do your hairs first…!!

Swara: I said I don’t need your help…!!

But Sanskaar decides to ignore her…!! He simply removes the dupatta pulling her hairs towards one side…!! As his finger tips brushes along her shoulders towards her soft spot, she grabs her lehenga skirt trying to get a hold of all sort of feelings arousing inside her…!! She closes her eyes to avoid any possibility of eye contact with him because for sure he could read her eyes…!!

Sanskaar places the whole lock of her hairs on her left shoulders leaving behind a few strands dangling over her right side…!!

Sanskaar: Here, keep them like this…!! I don’t know about any hair accessories so you can use any of those…!! Now,

He places the dupatta over her right shoulders and leaving rest of it falling freely…!!

Sanskaar: There you go…!! Perfect…!! You just need to pin it over there…!!

He says giving her a final look from the top her hairs to her sandals…!! He smiles as she looks absolutely gorgeous in her maroon and golden lehenga along with the final touches given by him…

Sanskaar: Now, looking at you standing in front of me like this, I think I have done a good job…!!

Swara: (smiles looking at herself in the mirror) But one thing is left…!!

Sanskaar: What…?!!

Swara smiles looking at him and opening one of the drawers she takes out the ‘promise pendant’ which Sanskaar gave her a few days ago…

Swara: (places the pendant in front of him) Would you like to do the honors…?!!

Sanskaar smiles and helps her out in wearing it…

Swara: (looking at the mirror) Now, it’s perfect…!!

Sanskaar: So, don’t you think I deserve an award for this perfection…?!!

Swara: Umm…!! I think you should go, Ragini is about to come…!!

Sanskaar: Stop making excuses…!!

Swara: You are not supposed to be here…!!

Sanskaar: Alright…!! Then let me come straight to the point…!!

He smiles naughtily and leans towards her…

Sanskaar: Give me a kiss and I’ll go…!!

Swara: No…!! That will ruin my makeup…!!

Sanskaar: (rolls his eyes) You haven’t done any make up yet…!!

Swara: What if Sujata Aunty will see us..?!! She banned us from going to each other’s room…!!

Sanskaar: Well, technically this is neither your room nor mine…!!

Swara: But what if…

Before she could complete her pulls her towards himself holding her waist…

Sanskaar: Why do you keep running away from me…?!!

Swara: I’m not running away…!!

Sanskaar: Then why are you refusing to kiss me…?!!

Swara rolls her eyes and standing on her tip toes she gives a light peck on his lips…!!

Swara: Happy…?!!

Sanskaar: 10 percent…!!

Swara lifts her up again and gives a light kiss, a little longer than the peck before…

Sanskaar: 25 percent…!!

Swara: Just go away then…!!

Sanskaar: Tch…!! Look at this girl…!! Can’t even kiss her boyfriend properly…!! If Kavita would have been at your place then I’m pretty sure that she would have showered kisses on me…!!

Swara takes a deep breath glaring at him and before he could say anything else she pulls him towards her holding the collar of his sherwani and claims his lips in a toe-curling kiss expressing her anger along with her love…!! Pulling back she glares at him again…

Swara: Don’t you dare mention her name again…!!

Sanskaar: (gives a winning smile) 75 percent…!!

Swara: Gosh…!! Still 75…!! I don’t believe this…!! Now, I don’t know what’s 100 percent for you…!!

Sanskaar thinks for a while before speaking again…

Sanskaar: I think I know…!!

Swara: What…?!!

Sanskaar looks at her but this time the emotions his eyes hold are something Swara has never seen…!! It’s not the love she has seen every time nor it’s the naughtiness…

Before she could even interpret his emotions Sanskaar removes the dupatta from her shoulders and places it on her head much the same way as a bride’s veil…!! He pulls her again for a kiss but this time it’s different from all the kisses he has given her ever…!! This one has all sort of emotions she could decipher but she finds herself losing slowly as his scent engulfs her mind, body and soul…!! She closes her eyes as their lips move in sync…!! She tries to pull him closer but stops as he parts away…

She looks at him with an unwavering gaze as Sanskaar smoothens her loose hair strand…

Sanskaar: (smiles kissing her forehead) Now, it’s 100 percent…!! I just wanted to know how it would feel kissing you as ‘my bride’…!!

Swara just couldn’t believe what she heard…!! Did he just call her ‘His Bride’…?!! She fails to express her emotions as words aren’t enough…!! She looks at him with tear filled eyes…

Swara: What….?!!! What did you call me…?!!

Sanskaar: My bride…!! Now, don’t give me that look as if you had no idea…!!

Swara: But this is the first time you’ve mentioned it…!! Thank you so much…!!

Immediately she engulfs him in a hug to which he replies instantly wrapping his arms around her back…

Sanskaar: I love you…!!

Swara: I love you more than I can ever explain…!!

Sanskaar: Alright…!! Now, I know that I’m a perfectly adorable boyfriend but I think we should go before anyone else comes to call us…!!

Swara: (breaks the hug realizing that she’s late) See, now I’m late because of you…!!

Sanskaar: Well, you are not that late…!!

Swara: Okay now go…!!

Sanskaar: Okay…!! Okay…!! But are you going to do something today which I don’t know…?!!

Swara: (acting innocently) No…!! I’m planning to just attend the marriage…!! Nothing else…!!

Sanskaar: (smiles and kisses her forehead again) Alright…!! Then get ready…!! I’ll be waiting downstairs…!!

Swara nods her head and Sanskaar leaves…!!


After half-an-hour, Swara and Ragini are eagerly searching for Tarun and as soon as they spot him, both of them block his way ahead…

Tarun: (trying to ignore them) What are you doing…?!!

Swara: What happened Tarun, you are praising and complimenting me today…!!

Tarun: I think Aman bhaiya is calling me…!!

Saying this he turns around to leave when Ragini speaks…

Ragini: We know that it was you…!!

Tarun: (stops in his tracks and turns around) What…?!!

Swara: (folds her arms across her chest) We know that it was you who asked Tanisha to go to that room and it was you who planned to disgrace Sanskaar…!!

Tarun: (stutters) I… I think you are mistaken…!!

Ragini: We have proof…!! Tanisha told us everything herself in the morning…!!

Tarun: That’s not possible…!! She’s my friend and will never speak anything against me…!!

Ragini: But you know what, the Ragini Effect can make anything possible…!!

Tarun: What…?!!

Swara: (smirks) Ragini’s one punch and she blurted everything out…!!

Ragini: And we recorded the whole thing…!!

Tarun: (smirks) Do you both think that you can fool me…?!!

Swara: Then why don’t you try us…!! But let me assure you that the results won’t be much to your liking…!!

Ragini: So, confess everything in front of everyone as soon as the marriage rituals get over…

Swara: Or we’ll show the recording to everyone else…!! Let’s go Ragini, the ceremony is about to begin…

Saying this both of them leave from there whereas Tarun keeps looking at them trying to find a single hint that both of them are just trying to make a fool out of him…!! But to his dismay, he couldn’t find any…!!

Episode ends…!!

Precap: Tarun’s self confession…



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