MITWAA – LOVE WILL FIND A WAY… Episode 43 (By Stella)


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Recap: Sanskaar’s name in Swara’s henna…!! Swasan’s outing to Victoria Memorial Hall…!!

******* Episode 43 *******


Ragini and Uttara are tying a bandage across Swara’s hand trying their best to hide Sanskaar’s name on her palm before anybody else sees it…!! Just then Sanskaar enters the room…

Sanskaar: Swara…!!

Uttara: God Sanskaar…!! There is a thing known as knocking the door…!!

Sanskaar: Yeah whatever…!! But I don’t have time for this…!! Swara, can you please come with me…?!! I need to show you something…!!

Uttara: Ohoo…!! Mr. Lovebird…!! She’s not going anywhere…!! Can’t you see we are doing something…?!!

Sanskaar: Swara, are you coming or not…?!!

Uttara: No…!!

Sanskaar: (glaring at Uttara) Do you wish to have a broken nose a day before your marriage…?!!

Uttara: What…?!!

Swara: It’s okay di…!! I’m done here, we can go…!!

Uttara: But…!!

Ragini: Let them go and enjoy di…!! They hardly have ten minutes…!!

Sanskaar: Ten minutes…?!!

Ragini: Don’t you remember Grandma has called everyone for an emergency meeting in ten minutes…?!!

Uttara: Tch…!! Tch…!! So bad for my duffer romantic brother…!!

Sanskaar: You dirty minded people…!! Can’t I take my girlfriend for some other work…?!! Why do you have your brains always running in wrong directions…?!!

Uttara: (chuckles) Look who’s talking…!!

Sanskaar: (glares at her angrily) I swear, I’ll break your nose…!!

Swara: Alright…!! Alright…!! Stop fighting…!! You wanted to show me something, right…?!! Come let’s go…!!

Saying this she drags him out of the room before he actually decides to break Uttara’s nose…!!


Seeing no one inside, Sanskaar takes Swara inside the room and locks the door…

Swara: (looks at him raising an eyebrow) What are you doing…?!!

Sanskaar: Tch…!! Tch…!! What these two have done to ‘My Innocent Girlfriend’…!! Don’t think too much…!! I’m not going to do anything like that…!!

Swara glares at him with a smirk stretched across her lips…

Sanskaar: What…?!! Don’t you believe me…?!!

Swara: (chuckles) Umm…!! Not in this situation…!!

Sanskaar: (rolls his eyes) I don’t believe this…!! I brought you to show you something…!!

Swara: Then, what was the need for closing the door…?!!

Sanskaar: Because I don’t want anyone else to see it…!!

Swara: Really…?!! What is it…?!!

Sanskaar smiles and holding her hand he takes her near a canvas covered with white cloth…!!

Sanskaar: This…!!

Swara: What is it…?!!

Sanskaar: See for yourself…!!

Swara removes the cover and gets astonished to see a new painting…!!

Swara: Sanskaar…!! This is so beautiful…!! When did you paint it…?!!

Sanskaar: At night, when everyone else goes to sleep…!!

Swara: But you never painted something like this…!! Then, why now…?!!

Sanskaar: (smiles) I want to show this to Mom…

Swara: (completes the rest) So that she allows you to continue painting…!!

Sanskaar: I really really love painting…!! I just expect Mom’s support and consent as it matters the most to me…!!

Swara: (smiles and places her hand on his shoulder) Trust me Sanskaar, after seeing this she definitely will do that…!!

Sanskaar: (looks at her with hopeful eyes) You think so…??

Swara: I know so…!! I’m proud that I fell in love with you…!!

Saying this she stands on her tippy toes and gives a light peck on his lips…!! Sanskaar smiles against her lips before pulling back…

Sanskaar: Now who’s doing things we weren’t supposed to do right now…?!!

Swara: (punches his arms) Shut up…!! And you say that I’m unromantic…!! (folds her arms across her chest) How I’m supposed to get romantic when I have a dumb head like you as my boyfriend…?!!

Sanskaar smiles and back hugs her kissing her shoulder…!! He leans towards her ear and whispers in a husky voice…

Sanskaar: Don’t insult me…!! You can never find a boyfriend as romantic as me…!! I can show it if you want…!!

Swara: (hits her elbow on his stomach) Don’t take this otherwise Mr. Maheshwari…!! Grandma might be calling us…!!

Sanskaar: Alright, but don’t blame me later on that I’m the romance buster…!!

Swara: Yeah…!! Yeah…!! I got that…!! Now, come let’s go…!!

Saying this she holds his hand and that’s when he notices the bandage on her hand…

Sanskaar: Swara, what happened…?!! How did you get hurt…?!!

Swara: I’m not hurt…!!

Sanskaar: (looks at her with worry written all over his face) Then why do you have this bandage…?!!

Swara: (looks at the bandage and smiles sheepishly) Aaahhh…!! This is not because I’m hurt…!!

Sanskaar: (folds his arms across his chest) Oh really…!!

Swara: It’s actually to hide something…!!

Sanskaar: What…?!!

Swara: Your name, that got written on palm accidentally…!!

Sanskaar: But why do you need to hide it…?!! After all I’m your boyfriend…!!

Swara: Yes, but not officially…!!

Sanskaar: Huhh…?!!

Swara: Ofoo…!! You know that…!! I know that…!! But everyone else in the house doesn’t…!!

Sanskaar: So, do you want me to announce it officially…?!!

Swara: Shut up Sanskaar…!! Let’s go…!!

Saying this she locks her arm with his and drags him along with her…

Sanskaar: No, seriously I can do that…!!

Swara: Not now…!!

Sanskaar: Then when…?!!

Swara: Later…!! When the time is right…!!

Sanskaar: But I will announce it…!!

Swara: Alright…!! You’ll do that…!! Happy…?!!

Sanskaar: (grinning widely) Happy to the power infinity…!!

With this both of them smile looking at each other and leave for Grandma’s urgent meeting…!!


Everyone is gathered in the main hall including Uttara’s in-laws…!!

Grandma: I have called you all to discuss the schedule for the Sangeet ceremony tomorrow…!!

Annapurna: But Maa, we have already made a schedule…!!

Grandma: I don’t believe you boring people. I know what you all could have possibly planned out…!! So, cancel everything that you all have planned and listen to me…!!

Sujata: Maa…!! But the auspicious ‘muhurat’ for the prayer by the bride and groom falls in between the schedule…!!

Grandma: Then, we’ll stop the performance at that time and continue after the prayer is done…!! Now, since all the problems are solved, listen to the schedule carefully…!!

Everyone has their eyes and ears all set as Grandma starts telling them what has she planned…

Grandma: Now, to begin with I want a dance from all the oldies of both the families, which includes, Durga and Annu, Ram and Sujata, Mr. and Mrs. Mehrotra…!! After that a dance by the bride and the groom…!! Followed by a performance by Ragini along with…

Ragini: (shouts almost immediately) Laksh…!!

Laksh: (shocked) What…?!! No…!!

Grandma: So, it will be Laksh and Ragini…!!

Laksh: (pouts) This is not fair Dadi…!!

Grandma: (winks at him and continues) After that, we’ll need something refreshing…!! So, I want a dance on some latest item number…!! Now, who’ll be doing it…?!!

Ragini: (shouts again) Me and Swara…!!

Laksh: Do you need to shout every time…?!!

Swara: (shouts next) With Sanskaar and Laksh…!!

Grandma: (claps her hand) Perfect…!! Now, the group performance is done…!! But other than the bride and groom, I wanted two more romantic performances…!! One will be given by Laksh and Ragini…

Laksh: (shouts at the top of his voice) Romantic…?!!

Grandma: Obviously, I don’t expect you two to do a horror show…!!

Everyone starts giggling seeing Laksh’s expressions…

Grandma: Now, Swara will give me the next romantic performance…!!

Swara: (shocked) Me…?!! Dadi, why are you giving heart attacks to each one of us…?!!

Grandma: Come on, you all are quite young…!! If your Grandad would have been alive, I bet we would have received the award for being the most romantic couple even at this age…!! So, stop complaining and decide with whom you would want to dance, Sanskaar or Tarun, as these two are only left…!! Other than this if you all want you can give other performances too…!!

Swara simply nods her head and looks at Sanskaar who in turns wiggles his eyebrows giving a mischievous smile…!!

Later, when everyone leaves, Tarun stops Sanskaar by grabbing his arm…

Tarun: Get ready to lose tomorrow as she’s going to chose me as her dance partner…!!

Sanskaar: (frees his arm and pats Tarun’s shoulders) All the best for that…!!


Next day, the Sangeet ceremony is about to start and everyone is busy welcoming the guests when Sanskaar goes near Swara and whispers in her ears…

Sanskaar: So, all set for the dance today…?!!

Swara: Yup…!! We did quite some practice yesterday for the group performance…!!

Sanskaar: I’m not talking about that…!!

Swara: (acting innocent) Then…?!!

Sanskaar: The couple performance…!!

Swara: (teasingly) Who said I’m going to dance with you…?!!

Sanskaar: Then…?!!

Swara: You never know…!!

Saying this she winks at him and goes to stand beside Ragini…!! After sometime, the Mehrotra family arrives but this time with a friend of theirs. A pretty looking girl almost twenty or twenty one years of age, who is introduced to everyone as Tarun’s friend…!!

Tarun: Sanskaar, meet my friend…!! Tanisha…!! Tanisha, he is Sanskaar…!!

Tanisha smiles suggestively looking at him and forwards her hand for a handshake…

Tanisha: Pleasure meeting you…!!

Sanskaar looks at her hands and then stuffs his own hands into the side pockets of his black sherwani…

Sanskaar: Hi…!!

Tarun: Oh come on Sanskaar…!! Don’t be so rude to a beautiful lady…!!

Sanskaar: (rolls his eyes) Do I look like I care…?!!

Saying this he walks away…!! Tarun and Tanisha smirk looking at his retreating figure which couldn’t go unnoticed by Swara and Ragini…

Ragini: Is it only me or this girl is actually giving a bad feel…?!!

Swara: I feel that too, Ragini…!!


The performances start and after the performance by the elder ones and the bride-groom couple, now it’s the turn of Laksh and Ragini’s couple dance…!! Laksh holds her by waist and pulls her closer as the song starts…

Pal, do pal, ki hi kyun hai zindagi
Iss, pyar, ko hai sadiyaan kaafi nahi
Toh khuda se maang lun
Mohalat main ik nayi
Rehna hai bas yahaan
Ab door tujhse jaana nahi

Jo tu mera humdard hai
Jo tu mera humdard hai
Suhaana har dard hai
Jo tu mera humdard hai
Teri muskurahatein hain taaqat meri
Mujhko inhi se ummeed mili
Chaahe kare koi sitam ye jahaan
Inme hi hai sadaa hifaazat meri
Zindagani badi khoobsurat hui
Jannat ab aur kya hogi kahin

Jo tu mera Humdard hai
Jo tu mera Humdard hai
Suhaana har dard hai
Jo tu mera Humdard hai
Teri dhadkano se hai zindagi meri
Khwahishein teri ab duaaein meri
Kitna anokha bandhan hai ye
Teri meri jaan jo ek hui
Lotunga yahaan tere paas main haan
Waada hai mera mar bhi jaaun kahin

Jo tu mera humdard hai
Jo tu mera humdard hai
Suhaana har dard hai
Jo tu mera humdard hai
hmmm.. humdard hai
hmmm.. humdard hai
hmmm.. humdard hai
hmmm.. humdard hai…

The whole hall roars with the sounds of applauses as their performance ends…

Grandma: Well done my kids…!! Maybe I’ll start thinking of marrying you both too…!!

Laksh: What…?!! No…?!!

Ragini: (glares at him) Excuse me…!! What do you mean by no…?!!

Laksh: I mean… I mean not now…!! After sometimes…!!

Ragini: Oh…!! That’s okay then, otherwise I almost started thinking of different ways to kill you.

Grandma: Now, next…!! Group performance…!! Where are my four champions…?!!

As soon as she says this the lights get switched off and, Swara and Ragini are seen gracing the center stage as the recent item number hits the music system…

Dha ni saa… Dha ni saa…
(Swara) Kaliyon jaisa husn jo paya
Har adaa mein noor hai aaya
(Ragini) Saat mare aur sathattar ghayal
Blame doon Rab ko kyun aisa banaya?
(Sanskaar) Tera jis se pad gaya paala
Acche ko ghalat kar daala
(Laksh) Tera.. nahi tera koi dosh dosh
Tera husn hi jabardast dast
(SanLak) Tu cheez badi hai mast mast
Tu cheez badi hai mast
Tu cheez badi hai mast mast
(Swaragini) Main cheez badi hoon mast
Cheez badi..
(Laksh) Nahi tujhko koi hosh hosh
Us par joban ka josh josh
(Sanskaar) Tera.. nahi tera
Nahi tera koi dosh dosh
Madhosh hai tu har waqt waqt
(SanLak) Tu cheez badi hai mast mast
Tu cheez badi hai mast
Tu cheez badi hai mast mast
(Swaragini) Main cheez badi hoon mast
Cheez badi..
(Swara) Ho ankhiyan farebi, shaitani hain
Ishq mein tere marjani hai
(Ragini) Kitna koi khud ko bachaaye
Aag dilon mein lag jaani hai
(Sanskaar) Jaadu aisa kar daala
Na hosh kisi ne sambhala
(Laksh) Nahi tera koi dosh dosh
Tera husn hi jabardast dast

(Just then Yash runs to the stage and starts dancing jumping in between them)

(SanLakYash) Tu cheez badi hai mast mast
Tu cheez badi hai mast
Tu cheez badi hai mast mast
(Swaragini) Main cheez badi hoon mast

And the song gets over as Swara and Ragini give a kiss on either cheeks of Yash…!!

Laksh: (whispers to Sanskaar) Look Bhai…!! We danced on the whole song and this Yash took away our kisses just on jumping on the last line of the song…!!

Sanskaar: Woah…!! I don’t believe this…!! Now we are jealous of a seven years old child…!!

Just after a few moments, Annapurna informs Grandma that it’s the time for the prayer by the bride and the groom…

Grandma: Now, everyone…!! We’ll be doing the prayer first and the last performance will be continued after that…!!

With this everyone proceeds for the in-house temple…!! And when no one was paying attention, Tarun spills some orange juice on Sanskaar’s clothes intentionally…

Sanskaar: (angrily) What the heck…?!!

Tarun: (smirks) I’m… I’m so sorry…!!

Sanskaar: (looks at him) Well you don’t look much sorry…!! The smirk on your face is actually contradicting your words…!!

Tarun: Alright, may be I’m not sorry but instead of wasting your time on arguing with me, why don’t you go and get changed…!!

Sanskaar: (rolls his eyes) Unbelievable…!!

Saying this he goes back to the boys’ room…!!


Sanskaar reaches the room and goes straight away to the washroom without even switching on the lights of the room…!! A few moments later when he returns back to the room in just his track pants and decides to turn on the lights, he feels someone’s presence in there…!! Seeing around, in the dim light coming in from the window, he gets shocked to find someone lying on the bed…!! Switching on the lights instantly he gets all the more shocked on seeing Tanisha lying over there in the minimum clothing possible…!!

Sanskaar panics for a moment unable to realize what actually might have happened…!! Evading all the thoughts arising in his mind, he goes near her slowly to check whether she is alright or not…!!

But the moment, he bends a little towards her, somebody flung the door of the room open and everyone of both the families enter inside leaving Sanskaar in a haphazard condition…!! Everything happens so suddenly that he couldn’t even realize that everyone standing in the room might be doubting him for something he can never do…

Tarun: (shouts) Oh my God…!! Tanisha…!! What did you do to her, Sanskaar…?!!

Sanskaar: I… I… haven’t done anything…!!

Sanskaar scans the faces of everyone in the room when his eyes land on Swara…!! Her eyes looking straight into his soul but her face emotionless…!! Sanskaar looks at her with pleading eyes shaking his head slightly as if trying to prove his innocence…!! Swara looks at him and then at Ragini, who in turn, runs quickly and covers Tanisha, lying over there almost unconsciously and whispers in her ears…

Ragini: I knew it that you are up to something…!! So, get up as soon as possible before the matter goes out of hand…!! Or else if I had to wake you up it won’t be good either for you or for the person who asked you to do so…!!

Tanisha closes her eyes even more tightly refusing to move even a single bit…!!

Just then Sujata storms towards Sanskaar and holds his shoulders tightly…

Sujata: How can you do this Sanskaar…?!!

Sanskaar: Mom, trust me…!! I haven’t done anything…!! She was lying here before I entered the room…!!

Tarun: Then, what were you doing so close to her…?!! We all saw that…!! Right, Durga Uncle…!!

Durga Prasad: I know Sanskaar can’t do anything like this but we can’t even deny whatever is there in front of our eyes…!!

Sanskaar: Bade Papa, trust me…!! I haven’t done anything…!!

Tarun: Then what were you doing up here when everyone is down there celebrating…?!!

Sanskaar: I…

Tarun: If I hadn’t realized that Tanisha is missing then we might have never been able to catch you red handed…!!

Sanskaar: Don’t you think Tarun that you are taking things too far…!!

Sujata: Shut up Sanskaar…!! You don’t have the right to argue…!!

Sanskaar: But Mom…

But before he could say anything else Sujata slaps him hard across his face shocking everyone present there…

Annapurna: Sujata, what are you doing…?!!

Sujata: I… I don’t know what’s wrong with this boy…!! Why don’t you listen to me…?!! Every time he ends up doing something stupid…!! And on the other side… these lifeless things…!!

Saying this she throws his painting kept on the table…!! Sanskaar looks as the painting falling down along with the cover and a lone tear trickles down his checks…

Sujata: I was proud of my son but never had I imagined that a day like this will come…!! I feel like… I…

Sujata raises his hands again and Sanskaar closes his eyes anticipating the pain on his cheek all over again…!! But his eyes get shot open as the slaps lands and a gasp escapes out of everyone witnessing the whole situation but to his astonishment he couldn’t feel the pain this time…!!

Turning his head, he gets the shock of his life, as Swara stumbles into his arms due to the impact of the slap she took on her cheek in order to save him from further humiliation…!! Instantly, he holds her shoulders steadying her up…

Sanskaar: What are you doing Swara…?!!

Swara: Sujata Aunty is elder to me, so I can’t stop her hands…!! But this is the least I can do for you…!!

Sujata: No need to take his side Swara…!!

Swara: (stands in front of Sanskaar facing her back towards him and holds both his hands) Aunty…!! I’m not taking his side…!! And I know that you are behaving this way because you are a little disturbed right now…!! But do you really think that he can do something like that…!! To be honest, I shouldn’t be telling you this…!! But he is your son…!! He is a part of your own soul and you must trust him more than anyone else…!! I know some times he acts childishly, but every time he has a reason for whatever he does…!! He is my boy… I mean… he is my best friend…!! I know he can’t even think of doing anything like that, let alone doing…!!

Tarun: But how can you be so sure when everything is in front of your eyes…?!!

Swara: Sometimes whatever we see can be deceiving too…!! I don’t know what happened here…!! All I know is I trust him with all my heart…!! And whatever happens, this trust can’t be broken…!!

This makes Tarun shut his mouth…!! And soon Laksh speaks up and stands with them…

Laksh: I trust bhai…!!

Ragini: (smiles and joins them) I trust him too…!!

Uttara: I know my brother is a little duffer but I trust him enough that he can never play with any girl’s dignity…!!

She stands next to him and keeps a hand on his shoulder to which Sanskaar just gives a thankful smile…!!

“I trust him too”, a voice comes from behind and everyone turns around only to find Grandma standing behind with an unreadable expression on her face…

Grandma: (smiles) I trust my Son…!! I trust our morals and the values we give to our children…!! We have only taught our boys to respect a lady…!! And my Sanskaar is the pride of our family…!! He is my most precious gem…!!

Sanskaar looks at everyone with his tear filled grateful eyes unable to find any words to thank all of them and especially Swara for trusting him…!!

Swara tightens her grip on his hands and averts her gaze towards Sujata…

Swara: And Aunty…!! What’s wrong if Sanskaar loves painting…?!!

Sanskaar: Swara…!! No, not now…!!

Swara: (gives him a side glance and smiles a little) Trust me Sanskaar…!! You can’t find a time as appropriate as it is now…!!

Sujata: What’s right in that…?!!

Swara: If you’ll see the painting he made for you, then maybe you’ll start thinking in a different way…!!

Sujata: For… for me…?!!

Swara nods her head slightly looking at the painting lying on the floor right now…

Laksh: I’ll get that…!!

Laksh picks up the painting and places it carefully back on the table…!! Sujata moves towards it and as she removes the cover, an indescribable feeling arouses in her…!! Tears start streaming down her cheeks as she looks at it, for she could have never imagined that Sanskaar would paint ‘HER’…!!

But he did…!! The moment she held him for the first time in her arms in the hospital and kissed his palms…!! The moment she felt like a complete woman…!! The moment she realized the essence of being a mother…!! Whether it be the small smile gracing her lips or be the tiny tear drop threatening to fall down from the corner of her eyes, everything was so beautifully depicted…!! His tiny small hands trying to reach out to her as if he trusted her more than anything else in the world…!! Even though, his eyes were closed at that time, she could feel him staring straight down to her heart…!! Never in her life she could have imagined that something could be so fragile, so delicate…!! And the words written down below made it the most beautiful painting in the world…


She remembers that Ram clicked this picture back in the hospital…!! But that was just a photograph but this which is in front of her right now is like she is reliving the moment all over again…!! She feels as if that ‘lifeless thing’ has made alive the most beautiful moment of her life…!!

She looks at her son with a tear stricken face and starts moving towards him with slow and steady steps…

Sujata: Why do you do this always…?!!

Sanskaar: I love you Mom…!!

Sujata: Why don’t you listen to me…?!!

Sanskaar: I love you Mom…!!

Sujata: Is it necessary to fall in some or the other problem every time…?!!

Sanskaar: I love you Mom…!!

Sujata: (starts crying again) I’m sorry…!!

Sanskaar immediately wraps his arms around her taking her into a hug…

Sanskaar: (caressing her hairs) Shh…!! It’s okay…!!

Sujata: I’m sorry…!! I… I trust you…!! I trust my son…!! I’m such a bad mother…!!

Sanskaar: You are the best mother…!! I couldn’t have asked for any better…!! I love you Mom…!!

Sujata: I love you, too…!! I love you more than anything else in this world…!!

Sanskaar: I know that…!! After all I’m absolutely adorable…!!

Sujata: (hits his chest and breaks the hug) You started with your jokes again…!! But, if you haven’t done anything, then what happened to Tanisha…?!!

Ragini: Aunty, you leave that to us…!! We can take care of that…!!

Annapurna: Are you sure…?!!

Laksh: Absolutely Maa…!! I think you all can leave…!! If necessary, we can take her to the hospital too…!!

Ragini: Maybe, she was too much drunk and decided to rest over here…!! I don’t know from where she got wine bit I saw her drinking an hour ago…!!

Grandma: So, the matter is all sorted out then…!! Now, it’s time for the last performance…!!

Annapurna: Maa, do you still want the last performance…?!!

Grandma: Of course…!! There is no way I’m cutting down on my demands…!!

Sujata: So, Swara, with whom will you be dancing…?!!

Grandma: Looks like our Swara has already made a decision…!!

She smiles thinking the way Swara has been holding Sanskaar’s hand the whole time while supporting him and says…

Grandma: Swara…!! Sanskaar…!! I want you both on the stage in next ten minutes…!!

Both of them nod their head and the elders leave the room…!! Now it’s just Tanisha with the four of them…

Laksh: Ragini, did you really see her drinking…?!!

Ragini: Nahh…!! But if she can lie then why can’t we…!!

Sanskaar: Now, what should we do…?!!

Ragini: How about waking her up first…?!!

Swara: Let me do the honors…!!

Saying this she picks up the jug and empties it completely on Tanisha’s head…!! She sits up straight with a jerk and looks at all of them furiously…

Laksh: Wow…!! She’s up…!!

Tanisha: What the hell do you think you are doing…?!!

Sanskaar: Paying back…!! I think we are done here…!! Let’s go…!!

Swara: And yes, don’t forget to change your wet clothes before leaving…!! Hope to never see you again…!!

Saying this all four of them leave her fuming behind…


Right now, Sanskaar and Swara are standing in the middle of the stage as the beautiful romantic song starts playing…

Enna sona kyun Rabb ne banaya
Enna sona kyun Rabb ne banaya (x2)

(Sanskaar pulls her closer than she expected and holds her waist tightly as they both start moving rhythmically with the song)

Aavan jaavan te main yaara nu manawa
Aavan jaavan te main yaara nu manawa
Enna sona, enna sona
Enna sona oh..

(Sanskaar: Thank you…!!
Swara: For what…?!!
Sanskaar: For not letting your trust break…!!
Swara: I told you that I trust you more than anyone else…!!)

Enna sona kyun Rabb ne banaya
Enna sona oh..
Enna sona oh..
Enna sona, enna sona
Kol hovein te sekh lagda ae
Door jaave te dil jalda ae
Kehdi agg naal rabb ne banaya
Rabb ne banaya rabb ne banaya

(Sanskaar: Thank you again…!!
Swara: Not what for…?!!
Sanskaar: For supporting me when I needed it the most…!!
Swara: So, does that mean you are impressed by me…?!!
Sanskaar smiles looking at her and rolls her resting her body on his left hand side)

Enna sona kyun Rabb ne banaya
Enna sona kyun Rabb ne
Aavan jaavan te main yaara nu manawa
Aavan jaavan te main yaara nu manawa
Enna sona, enna sona
Enna sona oh..
Taap lage na tatti chaandni da
Sari raati main os chhidkavaan
Kinne dardaan naal rab ne banaya
Rabb ne banaya rab ne banaya

(Sanskaar: Well Ms. Ahuja, you finally got to impress me…!!
Swara: Don’t I deserve a prize then…?!!
Sanskaar: Of course, you do…!!
Swara: What…?!!

Sanskaar smiles again and rolls her back towards his right hand, holding her waist again)

Enna sona kyun Rabb ne banaya
Enna sona kyun Rabb ne banaya
Aavan javan te main yaara nu manavan
Aavan javan te main yaara nu manavan
Enna sona, enna sona
Enna sona oh..

As the song gets over, Swara asks again…

Swara: Sanskaar, what’s my prize…?!!

Sanskaar: This…!!

Saying this he pulls her closer and kisses her forehead standing right in the center of the stage…

Swara: (shocked) Sanskaar…!!

Sanskaar: (smiles) I don’t think I’ll be able to find a moment as perfect as this to announce it to everyone…!!

Swara: What…?!! No…!!

Just then Laksh, Ragini and Uttara shout cheering him up…

“Yeah…!!! Way to go Sanskaar…!! We are with you…!!”

All the elders glare at them to which they just shrug their shoulders…

Grandma: Well, I think I have already guessed what you’re going to say but it would be wonderful if you could tell us yourself…

Sanskaar: (smiles and looks at Swara) I want to tell everyone that I love Swara…!! She’s my girlfriend and I want to spend my entire life with no one but her…!!

Swara looks at him as a tear drop start forming down the corner of her eyelashes but the smile on her lips could easily tell everyone what she’s feeling right now…

Swara: I never expected that my prize could be so beautiful…!!

Episode ends…!!



Sorry…!! Sorry…!! Sorry…!! I know I have messed up this episode pretty badly and right now you all might be feeling like killing me but giving it a lot of thought as to what Swara could do for Sanskaar, I ended up with this only….!!! Everyone can do cheesy things for you but if someone stands by your side when everything seems like going against you, then that person is the one who could love you with all his heart…!! Right…?!!

But even though if you were bored then please forgive me…!!

Now, the IMPORTANT announcement…

1) The countdown for MITWAA has already started and this will be a 50 episodes long ff…!! Episode 50 will be the epilogue…!! So, keep showering it with all your love and support for these are the last few episodes…!!

2) I told you that I’ll be extending Mileya Mileya but I’m not getting what could be written in that…!! I thought of doing so as a few of you requested me to do so but honestly, I don’t want to make any unnecessary extension…!! So, I thought it would be better if we start with a new season, with a new story…!!

3) After MITWAA, I’ll be going on a break…!! I’m not sure for how long but I’ll return back with ‘DESTINY : THE THREAD THAT BINDS’ which will be an improved version of You are my destiny…!!

So, I expect your support in my decision…!! Thanks again for bearing me all this while and kindly ignore the typing errors as I couldn’t do a proof reading… ??

– Stella

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  1. Awzm…lovd it dr..
    plz updte soon.

    1. Stella

      Thank you so much… ??

  2. Sagarikaa

    Hey Stella ! Please include ”dekh lena”
    song from TUM BIN 2 movi

  3. Sagarikaa

    Hey Stella ! Please include ”dekh lena” song from TUM BIN 2 movie.
    Its my first request so please fulfil it.

  4. Sagarikaa

    Hey Stella ! Please include ”dekh lena” song from TUM BIN 2 movie.
    Its my first request so please fulfil it.

    Its really a great and melodious song by arijit singh and female version by palak muchhal.

    1. Stella

      No need for any please dear..!! I would love to add this song… ❤️❤️

  5. Beautiful..loved it❤❤
    Bt I’m sad as it is gonna end soon..??
    Plz plz come back with a new swasan ff..?
    I hv nt read ur first ff..hv been reading ur stories from soon I’ll read ur very first

    1. Stella

      Thank you so much Kumu…!! I’m glad you liked it… ??
      I’ll be back very soon with the new story…!!

  6. Vyshu10

    Awesome??? loved it. Emotional

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