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Recap: Sanskaar loses the challenge and ends up kissing Swara…!!

******** Episode 42 *******

Swara tries to run so that Sanskaar couldn’t catch her but instead she bumps into something, or someone to be specific, and before she could fall down she finds herself encased in between Tarun’s arms…!!

To say that she was looking beautiful would be an understatement…!! Tarun, too, being a human being gets enchanted by her exquisite beauty…!! But the look of appreciation was far away from his eyes, instead they held a look of greed, lust and desire…!! Swara could feel the change of his feelings as his hold around her waist starts tightening and his eyes keep raking her entire body from her bare shoulders, to dripping hairs, shivering lips and down to her creamy smooth waist…!!

Swara feels uncomfortable under his gaze and squirms to get free from his arms…!!

Swara: Umm…!! Tarun, could you please leave me…?!!

Tarun breaks out of his trace and helps her stand straight but without removing his eyes from her even for once…!!

Tarun: My…!! My…!! Look at you…!! Swara…!! I believe you love enjoying rain and you look… marvelous…!!

Swara: (smiles nervously) Umm…!! Thanks…!! I think I should leave…!!

Tarun: But where are you going…??

Swara: To change…!!

Tarun: But what’s the need…?? You look perfect like this…!! Alright, will you answer a question of mine…?!!

Swara tries to avoid eye contact and looks everywhere but him…

Swara: What…?!!

Tarun: Are you single…?!!

Swara: (shocked) What…?!!!

Tarun: Actually, if necessary… I would have died to get you as my girlfriend…!!

“Then why don’t you…??”, Sanskaar couldn’t help but interrupt as he’s been seeing everything for a while…

Tarun: What…?!!

Sanskaar: I asked, then why don’t you die…?!! Don’t you think the Earth will be released from a huge burden…?!! Or shall I do the honors of killing you…?!! Entire humanity would be grateful to me for eternity…!!

Saying this he wraps a towel around Swara’s petite structure and turns her to face him…!!

Sanskaar: (smiles and caresses her cheeks) Go and get changed or else you’ll catch cold…!!

Swara smiles nodding her head and leaves…!!

Tarun: (shouts in a raging voice) What’s your problem Sanskaar…?!!

Sanskaar: Exactly, what’s your problem…!! Why do you always keep bugging her…?!!

Tarun: I was just asking whether she is single or not…!!

Sanskaar: What if she is not…?!!

Tarun: (confused) Huhh…?!!

Sanskaar: What if she’s not single…?!! Would you stop bothering her…?!!

Tarun: Why are you so concerned…?!!

Sanskaar smirks and with two long strides he stands in front of Tarun, towering over him and intimidating him with his height…

Sanskaar: (lowers himself a bit, smirks and comes face to face with Tarun) Why am I so concerned…?!! Because I definitely don’t like people messing around with ‘My Girl’…!!

Tarun: (gives a small laugh) Your Girl…?!! Hahh…!! I knew you had feelings for her…!!

Sanskaar: Do you have any problem with that…?!!

Tarun: No…!! No…!! Every human has got the right to dream…!! Actually, they are pretty good for health…!! You can get everything in your dreams no matter how hard it is to acquire them in real life…!!

Sanskaar laughs and keeps his hand on Tarun’s shoulder…

Sanskaar: See…!! There you go…!! You found the solution yourself…!! Then start dreaming because that’s the only place where I won’t stop you from bothering Swara…!!

Tarun: Are you trying to challenge me…?!!

Sanskaar: (mocks) Really…?!! Am I…?!!

Tarun: Don’t worry…!! Very soon she’ll herself stop you from coming near her…!! I can promise you that…!!

Sanskaar: Really…?!! All the best for that…!!

Saying this Sanskaar stuffs his hands into the pockets of his trouser and walks away leaving behind an enraged Tarun…!!


Everyone in the family returns by evening and now all are having their evening tea…

Annapurna: What’s with this rain at this time of the year…?!!

Grandma: It happens Annapurna…!! My mother used to say that winter arrives with rainfall and leaves after rainfall…!!

Sujata: But it’s Uttara’s wedding…!! What if the preparations get interrupted…?!!

Uttara: Relax, Chachi…!! I absolutely love this weather…!! It’s actually a good time to hang out…!! What say guys…?!!

Annapurna: No…!! No…!! Nobody is going out…!! I don’t want any of you to fall ill now…!!

Ragini: (exclaims immediately) Then how about a movie…?!!

Swara: (with double excitement) Horror movie…!!

Sanskaar and Laksh: What…?!! No…!! Action movie…!!

Swara: Horror…!!

Sanskaar: Action…!!

Ragini: (raising her hand) I vote for horror…!!

Laksh: Then I’m with bhai…!! I vote for action…!!

Uttara: (gives a naughty smile before looking at all of them) Horror…!!

Laksh: This is not fair…!!

Swara: Looks like we have higher numbers of votes…!! So, horror movie it is…!!

Sanskaar: No…!! No…!! Stop…!! We still have one person left…!!

As soon as he says this everyone turns their head towards Yash, who without any worries about everything going around has all his concentration on his Parle-G cookies…!! But feeling all those gazes on the top of his head, he lifts his head up…

Yash: What…?!! Don’t look at me like that…!! I’m not going to give my biscuits to any of you…!!

Saying this he hides the packet behind his back…!! Swara and Sanskaar smile and run to sit on either side of his chair holding both his hands…

Swara: Yash…!! Baby…!! My sweet brother…!!

Yash: (folds his little arms across his chest) Why are you buttering me…?!!

Swara: (smiles and caresses his head) My lovely bro…!! Just say that you want to see a horror movie…!!

Sanskaar: (immediately turns his head towards himself) No champ…!! I’ll buy you more packets of Parle-G…!! Say, action movie…!!

Swara: I’ll get you chocolates and ice creams as well…!!

Sanskaar: I’ll buy you video games…!!

Swara: I’ll buy you DVDs of all the cartoons series…!!

Sanskaar: I’ll take you out on a ride…!!

Swara: I’ll take you to wonderland again…!!

Sanskaar: I’ll get you the most fashionable dresses and shoes, so that you can get a girlfriend in addition to Choco…!!

Yash smiles and looks at Sanskaar…!! Swara, reaching the verge of losing, decides to play her trump card…

Swara: I’ll do all your homework for the entire year…!!

She says this all in one breath and no sooner she says this Yash’s jumps out of his chair hopping and clapping his hands continuously…

Yash: Horror movie…!! Horror movie…!! Horror movie…!!

Sanskaar: Traitor…!!

Swara: So, boys and girls…!! Horror movie it is…!!

Ragini and Uttara: Yeah…!! We won…!!


After the dinner.

It’s almost 11:00 pm and all the elders decide to take a rest instead of watching a movie…!! So, it’s just six of them watching the movie in the girls’ room…!!

Being unanimously decided, Conjuring 2 is put on show…!!
And now it’s been an hour since the movie started…!!

To create an environment suitable for the movie, Ragini suggests everyone to switch off the lights…!! In the dim light coming out from the television screen all the four, Swara, Ragini, Uttara and Yash, could be seen sitting on a couch…!!

All the four are so terrified right now that Ragini has hidden her face with her palms, Uttara has hidden her face except a little bit of her eyes using her dupatta, Swara has kept both her eyes on her eyes trying to peek out a little from in between her finger. Whereas Yash has used the entire cushion to hide his face…!! On the other side, Sanskaar and Laksh keep giggling looking at their expressions and stuffing their faces with popcorns…!!

Sanskaar: Tch…!! This movie is so boring…!!

All the three girls glare at him to which he just winks at them…

Laksh: Bhai, why don’t you tell us a story…?!!

Sanskaar: Then how about a real life horror story…?!!

Laksh: Excellent…!!

Sanskaar: Swara…!! Do you know about Niagara Falls…?!!

Swara: (narrowing her eyebrows) Of course I know…!!

Sanskaar: Then, it’s about a tunnel underneath the falls…!! People call it the ‘Screaming Tunnel’…!! (everyone starts diverting their attention from the movie to the story) It’s said that once a young girl used to live by the end of the tunnel in a small house…!! But one day, nobody knows how, the house catches fire…!!

Laksh: Then…?!!

Sanskaar: Just the next moment, the young girl wailing her heart out runs out of the house completely covered with flames…!! She runs from one end of the tunnel to another trying to find someone who could help her…!! But…

Swara: But…?!! What happened…?!! Was she able to find someone to help her out…?!!

Sanskaar: Unfortunately, she wasn’t able to find anyone and ultimately she died in the tunnel itself…!! It’s said that whenever anyone tries to light even a matchstick in the tunnel the girl’s soul comes screaming to them and haunts them till their last breath…!!

Ragini: I don’t believe this…!!

Swara: Sanskaar…!! Laksh…!! Just get our of here and let us watch the movie…!!

Sanskaar: Are you sure you won’t get scared…?!! We can stay here to support you all if you want…!!

Uttara: Are you both leaving or not…?!!

Laksh: Alright…!! Alright…!! We are going…!!

Sanskaar: You’re coming Champ…!!

Yash looks at Sanskaar and then at the television screen before running away…

Yash: I don’t want to see…!! I don’t want to see…!! I don’t want to see…!!

Laksh: All the best girls…!!

Sanskaar: But don’t try to light a matchstick…!!

Swara: Shut up Sanskaar and go away…!!

Sanskaar and Laksh give a hi-fi to each other and leave from there…!! All three of them start watching the movie again when Swara speaks…

Swara: Ragini, do you think the story was real…?!!

Ragini: Of course not Swara…!! They were just trying to scare us…!!

No sooner she says this, all the lights and television is switched off…

Uttara: What…?!! What happened…?!!

Ragini: Don’t worry…!! Let’s go together and see…!!

Each of them holds other’s hands and gets up from their places…!! And as soon as they turn around, a matchstick is lit and they hear a terrific, heart tearing shriek…


And being the instant human response, all three of them scream at the top of their voices running in all possible directions…!! Soon enough the lights are switched on and Sanskaar along with Laksh, literally rolls on the floor laughing loudly…!!

Laksh: (laughing) Bhai…!! Look at their faces…!!

Sanskaar: (laughing hysterically) Thanks for the sound effect Lucky…!! But whose shriek was louder…?!!

Laksh: Ragini…!! No…!! No…!! Swara…!!

Swara, Ragini and Uttara glare at both of them before picking up the pillows and beating them up with all their might…!!


Next day…

It’s the Henna applying ceremony and all the girls attired in the most elegant way are sitting in the hall…!! And as usual the boys who are banned are trying their best to reach out to their girls…!!

Same is the case with Sanskaar…!! He is trying his best to talk to Swara to apologize for whatever happened last night…!! But seeing all his efforts going in vain he finally decides to message her…!!

Swara is sitting whereas the henna artist is applying a design on her left hand when her phone starts buzzing with Sanskaar’s messages…

“Hey BNG…!!”

Swara looks at the message and rolls her eyes trying to ignore it…

“Don’t be angry…!! Doesn’t suit you…!!”


“Please forgive me…!! I’ll never scare you ever again…!!”

“By the way, you look beautiful today…!!”

Swara cranes her neck above trying to see whether he is looking at her now…

“Don’t look here and there…!! I’m not looking at you right now…!!”

“So, did you forgive me…??”

“You know I love you…!!”

Swara smiles slightly looking here and there when Ragini notices her…!! Raging gets up from here place and sits beside her…!! And the henna designer looks at Swara…

Ragini: What happened…?!!

Henna designer: Do you want anyone’s name in your henna…?!!

Both of them ask at the same time but Swara could pay attention only towards Ragini…

Swara: (takes a deep breath ) Sanskaar…!!

Taking ‘Sanskaar’ as the reply to her question, the henna designer gets back to give the final touch to the design on Swara’s hand…!! Whereas Swara and Ragini keep talking further…

Ragini: What about him…?!!

Swara: He’s bothering me to forgive him…!!

Ragini: Did you both fight…?!!

Swara: No…!! For scaring us last night…!!

Ragini: But I forgave Laksh for that long back…!!

Swara: But I won’t forgive him so easily…!! I tried so hard to win the challenge, now, I’m taking this as my winning prize…!!”

Ragini: Oh God…!! You and your logics…!! I will never get them…!! Anyways, are you done with your design…?!!

Swara: (looks at the henna designer) Is it done…?!!

Henna designer: Yup…!! Almost…!! (and applying the next stroke she smiles at Swara) Now, you can go…!! It’s done…!!

Swara: Thank you so much…!!

Ragini: Show it to me…!!

Swara: Wait…!! Is Uttara di’s design completed…?!!

Ragini: Yes…!! She is upstairs…!!

Swara: Then, let’s go to our room and we can show our designs to each other over there only…!!

Ragini nods her head and both of them leave for meeting Uttara…!!



Swara and Ragini smile looking at Uttara’s design…

Swara: Wow di…!! It’s so beautiful…!!

Ragini: I bet Jiju loves you very much and the color of the henna would be absolutely lovely…!!

Uttara: Thank you so much both of you…!! Because of you, I don’t feel that I don’t have a sister…!! Now, let me see your designs too…!!

Ragini shows her design excitedly and now it’s Swara’s turn…!! She smiles and looks at her palms when her eyes fall on it and she sits on the bed with a thump…

Swara: (screams) Oh God…!!

Ragini: What happened…?!!

Swara: Oh no…!!

Ragini: What happened…?!!

Swara: Damn it…!!

Ragini: What happened…?!!

Swara: Shit…!! What should I do…?!!

Ragini: Are you going to tell me what happened or should I kill you…?!!

Swara: (looks at Ragini) Sanskaar…!!

Ragini: Now what has he done…?!!

Swara: No, he hasn’t done anything but that stupid henna designer has written his name on my palm and that too in the middle of a heart…!!

Uttara: What…?!!

Ragini: What…?!!

Both of them exclaim out of shock and look at Swara’s hand…

Uttara: But why is his name written here…?!!

Swara: I don’t know…!! I didn’t ask her…!!

Uttara: Then how…?!!

Ragini: Well technically this is not wrong also…!!

Uttara: What’s not wrong…?!!

Swara: (gives her an angry glare) Shut up Ragini…!!

Ragini: What shut up…?!! When di knows about me and Laksh, then why not about you and Sanskaar…?!!

Swara mentally face palms herself seeing Uttara’s shocked face…

Uttara: Is there something that I should know…?!!

Swara: (lowers her head and avoids eye contact) Sorry di…!! We weren’t planning to tell everyone like this…!!

Uttara: Thank God…!!

Swara: (confused) W… What…?!!

Uttara: Finally, that duffer took a sensible decision…!! Otherwise I was expecting some weird kind of girl as my sister-in-law…!!

Swara: You are not angry…!!

Uttara: Why would I…?!! The only difference will be that from now on both of you won’t be like my sisters but my sister-in-laws…!!

Ragini: (to Swara) See, problem solved…!! Now, we have one more member on our side…!!

Swara: Exactly, only one more…!! What if someone else sees his name in my henna…?!! What if he sees it…?!! I can’t erase it also…!!

Ragini: You can’t erase it but at least you can hide it…!!

Swara: How come…?!!

Ragini: Simple, tie a bandage on your palm and tell everyone that you got a little cut…!! That way no one will worry also…!!

Uttara: Actually, that’s a very good idea…!!

Swara: So, that’s what I’ll be doing once my mehandi gets dried…!!

Ragini winks at her to which Uttara and Swara giggle loudly…!!


Swara is sleeping peacefully on her side of the bed when her phone buzzes…!! Yawning a bit and opening an eye, she tries to look at her mobile screen and rolls her eyes in seeing Sanskaar’s message at 5:30 a.m.

“Open the door…!!”

(Swara) But why…?!!

(Sanskaar) Are you opening it or should I just climb in from the window…?!!

(Swara) No…!! No…!! I’m opening the door…!!

(Sanskaar) Good…!! I’m standing outside…!!

Swara jumps out of the bed seeing the message…!! Cautiously and without trying to wake anyone up, she opens the door only to find Sanskaar standing there in slightly warmer clothes and holding a light woolen pullover…

Swara: (whispers) What are you doing here…?!!

Sanskaar: (shouts) Why are you not talking to me…??!

Immediately Swara covers his mouth with her right hand palm trying to shut him up…

Swara: Shh…!! Are you trying to wake everyone or what…?!!

Sanskaar: (removes her palm) Come with me…!! And I’m not asking you, I’m telling you…!!

Swara: I’m not going anywhere with you…!!

Sanskaar: You’ll regret this…!!

Swara: Oh really…!!

Sanskaar: Ughh…!! Come on…!! I don’t want to miss it because of this stupid argument…!!

Swara: (furrows her brow) What…?!!

Sanskaar: You’ll get to know once you agree to come with me…!! So, decide, are you coming on your own or shall I kidnap you now because we are kind of getting late…!!

Swara: Alright…!! I’m coming…!! Don’t create any dramatic situation…!!

Sanskaar: That’s like a good girl…!! Now, wear this…!!

Saying this he stuffs the pullover in her arms…!! Swara puts it on and giving a final glance to Ragini’s and Uttara’s sleeping form she turns to leave…!! But she is stopped dead on her tracks when:

“Good bye, Swara”, Ragini says with her eyes still closed…!!

“And Sanskaar bring her back before everyone else wakes up”, says Uttara…!!

Swara and Sanskaar are quite shocked and look at both of them who are giggling quietly from under their comforters…!!

Uttara: And don’t worry…!! We haven’t seen anything…!! Our eyes are still closed…!!

Sanskaar: (smirks) Thanks guys…!!

Saying this he holds Swara’s wrist and drags her out….!!


After half-an-hour, Sanskaar stops the car…!!

Sanskaar: We’re here…!!

Swara: (gets out of the car) Where are we…?!!

Sanskaar: (smiles) Just turn around and you’ll see…!!

Even though a little confused, Swara turns around but what she sees next knocks the breath out of her body…!!

Standing in front of her in its upright glory is the majestic Victoria Memorial Hall with a light misty envelope all around…!! Looking like a perfect blend of British and Mughal architecture with a tinge of Italian style, it seems like narrating its own story…!!

Swara couldn’t take her eye off even for a second…!! Sanskaar smiles and holds her hand taking her inside while she just keeps adoring her surroundings…!! As they reach the main entrance, two grand lion statues welcome them…!! The fresh, green and perfectly groomed garden along with the placid lake surrounding it just steals her heart right away…!!

Swara instantly takes out her slipper sandals to feel the dew drops on the smooth grass blades trickle her toes…!! As the wetness visibly relaxes her out she smiles and looks at Sanskaar…

Swara: I must agree Mr. Maheshwari, you have a knack of stealing hearts…!!

Sanskaar: (smiles and winks at her) I know Ms. Ahuja…!! Now, shall we proceed…?!!

Clinging onto his arms with her free hand, Swara smiles…

Swara: It’s beautiful Sanskaar…!!

Sanskaar: This is the first mist of this season after the rainfall and how would I have let ‘My Princess’ miss the most beautiful thing in this ‘City of Joy’…!!

Swara: (smiles mischievously) Princess…?!!

Sanskaar: Yeah…!! Yeah…!! I know…!! That was really cheesy…!!

Swara: But I think I like it…!!

Sanskaar: Would you like to sit somewhere…?!! There is something more you need to see…!!

Swara: What is it…?!! Remember, we need to go back before everyone wakes up…!!

Sanskaar: I know…!! But it would just take a few minutes…!!

Sanskaar takes her near the lake and both of them sit on the slightly raised boundary wall surrounding it…!!

Swara: What are we waiting for exactly…?!!

Sanskaar: (smiles) Sunshine…!! It won’t take much time…!! Why don’t you enjoy the water for a bit then…?!!

Swara: Are you crazy…?!! Look at the weather…!! I don’t wanna fall ill…!!

Sanskaar: As you wish…!!

Swara starts admiring the great piece of art once again when she notices Sanskaar enjoying the feel of cool water by splashing the surface of the water…!! Getting a little greedy for the same feel, Swara cups her palm dipping it inside the lake…!! But as soon as she takes her hand out filled with water, she could see a small reflection of the big orb of light which has finally started to show itself slightly…

Swara: (excitedly) Sanskaar…!! Sun…!!

Sanskaar: Where…?!!

Swara: I can see it on my palms…!!

And as soon as Sanskaar looks at his palm he gets shocked…!! Actually, shock is not the word that can describe his feelings right now seeing his name glistening on her left palm under the shinning reflection of the Sun…!! His heart well up with the warmth as he sees her smiling face…

Sanskaar: It’s beautiful…!!

Swara: What…?!!

Sanskaar: My name on your palm…!!

To say that Swara gets shocked would be an understatement as the water from her palm falls back into the lake…!!

Swara: Umm…!! I didn’t do it…!! That… henna designer…

Sanskaar chuckles seeing her going all haywire and turns her towards the Victoria Memorial holding her shoulders standing right behind her…

Sanskaar: I’m not asking for any explanation Princess…!! I have never loved my name so much, as much as I do today…!!

Swara smiles and looks spellbound as the Sun’s rays make their way tearing up the mist and hit the majestic white marble architecture, and it dazzles as the nimbus of its beauty gets magnified all over again due the glittering misty dew drops on its surface right from its dome to the foot…!! It seems as if the heavens above have conspired to enchant the entire mankind…!!

Swara couldn’t bring herself to say anything that could express even the tiniest bit of her feelings towards Sanskaar…!! So, she just takes a deep breath and leans more towards him resting her entire back against his chest…!!

Sanskaar smiles seeing her happy and wraps one of his arm around her belly, and with his free arm he holds her palm and kisses his name on it mouthing the most powerful three words…



Episode ends…!!

Precap: Not decided yet…!! (sorry ??)



Phew…!! Finally done with this episode…!! I hope you all liked it…!! I dedicate the entire last scene from Victoria Memorial to my darling frnd #viola who actually told me about this absolutely gorgeous place as I seriously have no idea about Kolkata…!! So, sweetheart this one’s for you…!! And I hope that I haven’t messed it up that much because surely I don’t wanna get killed by your hands…. ??

IMPORTANT: Now, I have given this longer update because I won’t be able to post on Tuesday…!! As some of you may be knowing that I have an exam on Sunday, so, it would be a bit hectic for me to update on Tuesday…!! So, on that day I’ll be posting my new One Shot on both the Facebook pages as I have already posted it on TU…!!

Let me also tell you all that from now on, for almost two three months, I have several exams lined up..!! I’ll try to post on my scheduled days but there is a possibility that I might miss on some updates…!! I’m apologizing well in advance as right now my first priority is to get a job and get settled…!! So, see you all on Friday…!! Stay blessed and happy reading…!!

– Stella

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  22. loved it..horror movie scenes were

  23. Gayathri.visu

    Sooo sorry Stella. I completed 32 parts only. So I will definitely comment on next part. Pakka promise.

  24. Shiksha

    Wonderful amazing… Specially loved the last scene…..
    Good Luck..

  25. Arshaanya

    Loved it

  26. Aasthag

    Heyyy!!! Hiee’s you doing..??
    I’m back almost after a year .. I have read TMRDH.. I don’t know whether you remember me or not..??
    Actually I m too excited to talk..
    I’m not on wattpad but would register and surely vote..TMRDH is very special for me..
    All the best for searching job..take care..

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    Remember me .??
    anyways ur stories are always gr8 so lets not talk abt it:::
    how r u there ?? all good??
    how r ur pretty hands … im sure they must be paining na typing soo much*pout*
    well i just feel like coming there an kissing ur palms as im just so spellbound reading this
    how do u get such awsm ideas
    each tym i read ur story it makes me feel so overwhelmed ..
    ur unique u know!

    I love u so much for writing such amazing stories
    thank u for writing this for us


  28. Neptune

    awesome yaar the way sanskaar scared her and yash’s reaction was so funny

  29. Vyshu10

    Awesome…beautiful. Loved it

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