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Hii guys…!! Here we go with the new episode…!!

The whole wish-list will be divided into two parts…!! Some of the wishes will be fulfilled before confession and some after confession in the third phase…!! If you want you can also choose which wishes should go to the third phase…!!

———– ɷ SWARA’S WISH-LIST ɷ ————-

# Stargazing (people say our loved ones who are no more with us become stars, I want to talk to you Papa)

# To learn how to make cake and gift it to Maa on her 45th birthday

# To buy a new dress for Maa with my savings

# To get a scholarship and get an admission in post graduation in a prestigious university

# To have a day all for myself without any tension and worries doing whatever I want to do

# To sing in front of a large crowd

# To dance in the rain and make paper boats sail in the water

# To have a parrot and teach him how to talk

# To play with snow

# To go on a long drive

# To see sunrise from the top of a cliff

# To irritate and play pranks on Kavita and her stupid brother just to tell them that I’m not afraid of them

# To have someone out there to pat my head and hug me tightly whenever I feel weak and broken, and tell me that everything is going to be alright

# To collect fireflies and keep them in my bedroom in dark for 15 minutes

# To go to the beach along with the person I trust the most and have our footprints on the sand. Then wait and see the waves come and wash them away slowly.

# To have my First Kiss in the presence of thousand twinkling lights

———– ɷ ɷ ɷ ————-

# To go to Wonderland with Yash (as he always asks me to take him there) [FULFILLED]

# To watch five cartoon movies in a row in one night [FULFILLED]

# To eat four different flavors of ice-cream in one go [FULFILLED]

# To whistle in the class and irritate the teacher without getting noticed [FULFILLED]

# To chase butterflies in a field near a waterfall [FULFILLED]

———– ɷ ɷ ɷ ————-

Recap: Swara whistles in the class…!! Sanskaar puts a condition in front of her to give him two kisses everyday…!!

******** Episode 26 ********

Swara and Sanskaar reach the college…

Sanskaar: Swara, you go ahead, I have some work…!! So, I’ll see you directly in the class…!!

As she leaves, Kavita comes and holds Sanskaar by his collar…

Kavita: You think you are very smart, right…??
Sanskaar: Duhh…!! What’s there to think of…?? I’m smart…!! But the question here is what’s got into you that you are behaving like this…!!
Kavita: You saved your so called to-be girlfriend yesterday but now who will save you today…??
Sanskaar: (grinning widely) Really…??
Kavita: (confused seeing him smiling) What…?!?!
Sanskaar: (still smiling) You really think she will be my girl-friend…??
Kavita: I’ll pray that this never happens. But now you should worry about what’s going to happen today…!!
Sanskaar: Today…?? What’s going to happen today…??
Kavita: I know you won’t be glad to know this but Saxena Sir is going to change the seating plans for everyone because of whatever happened yesterday…!! So, that means that you won’t be sitting with her anymore, at least for the Machine’s class and I’ll make sure you don’t sit with her in the future also…!!
Sanskaar: (smirks) And you think you can do that…??
Kavita: Trust is a big thing Sanskaar…!! If once broken it’s very hard to get it back…!!
Sanskaar: I don’t think it’s that easy…!! I trust Swara and she trusts me…!! That’s why we are best friends…!!
Kavita: I think I can do that if I’m going to be the one who will be sitting next to you…!!
Sanskaar: (scrunching his brows) How are you so sure…??
Kavita: You think I’ll tell you how I changed the plan…?!!
Sanskaar: I know you are just blabbering…!! You can’t do anything…!!
Kavita: You think that…?!! But I have changed the name myself… with my own hands…!!
Sanskaar: I don’t believe you…!! It’s not possible to change it…!!
Kavita: (angrily) It is…!! Saxena Sir still hasn’t taken the print out and the new plan is still in the office’s computer system…!! And that’s where I changed it…!! So, all the best as you are going to sit next to me…!!

She leaves from there smiling…

Sanskaar: (smirks and folds his arms across his chest) Well…!! All the best to you too as you don’t know that you told me whatever I wanted to know…!! If you can change the seating plan, so can I…!!

He grins widely and runs to the office…


In the office, Sanskaar changes the seating plan on finding no one there. Just as he presses enter, Mr. Saxena comes there. Seeing him entering the office, Sanskaar hides under the table and smiles as the teacher takes the print-out of the new seating arrangement without noticing the change…!!

Sanskaar: Now, Swara I think it’s time for a pay-back…!! Well, all the best My Lioness…!!


Sanskaar enters the class and sits beside Swara…

Swara: (angrily) Why were you late…??
Sanskaar: I was doing some important work…!!
Swara: Important work…?? And what was this important work…??

Sanskaar looks at Swara hearing the difference in the tone of her voice and sees her face all red, as if smoke is coming out of both her ears. He raises his eyebrow seeing her…

Swara: I saw it…!! You sent me away and were talking to that Kavita…!! And why the hell was she holding your collar…?!!

Sanskaar smiles seeing her jealous…

Sanskaar: Oh that…!!
Swara: Yes that…!!
Sanskaar: Don’t worry…!! We were talking about you only…!!
Swara: (furrowing her brows) Really…?!?!
Sanskaar: Hmm…!! Kavita said that you don’t trust me and I shouldn’t be your friend…!!
Swara: (angrily) How dare she…?!! How can she say that I don’t trust you…?!! And who is she to decide who should be our friend…??
Sanskaar: (hiding his smile) She also said that I should be friends with beautiful people…!!
Swara: And she thinks she is very beautiful…!! Wait, let me show her…!!

She is about to get up when Sanskaar holds her hand…

Sanskaar: Easy there Lioness…!!
Swara: But…
Sanskaar: Sit down…!!
Swara: She…
Sanskaar: Sit down Swara…!!
Swara: How…
Sanskaar: Sit down or I’ll make you sit myself…!!

Swara scrunches her face and sits down taking a deep breath… Before she could say anything further Mr. Saxena enters the class…

Mr. Saxena: Now, all of you…!! Whatever happened yesterday is absolutely not appreciable…!! So, to avoid any such situation in future I’m changing your seat partners and this will be your seating plan for the rest of the semester for my class…!! As I say the name of the partners you all should get up and sit beside your allotted partner…!!

Mr. Saxena starts allotting the partners…

Mr. Saxena: Param Singh and Sarthak Sharma… Trisha Khanna and Ritika Gupta… Jyoti Rathore and Rohit Thappa… Kasturi Sinha and Rashmi D’Souza… Monika Maurya and Aashi Singh…

Mr. Saxena keeps on taking the names and with each passing moment Kavita gets excited and as her name is taken she is all set, up on her heels to run and sit beside Sanskaar…

Mr. Saxena: Kavita Mathur and (she smirks and looks Sanskaar who smirks back in response confusing her) Swara Ahuja…!! Sanskaar Maheshwari and Rohit Pal…!!

Kavita’s smile falls as Sanskaar burst into giggles…!! She realizes that Sanskaar again made a fool out of her by making her tell him everything…!! Whereas on the other side Swara is still angry…

Swara: Fantastic…!! Now, I’ll show her…!!

She smiles and sits beside Kavita on the last bench… Sanskaar sits along with Rohit on the seat in front of them…

Kavita: Why are you so happy…?!!
Swara: None of your concern…!!
Kavita: Don’t be so happy…!! That smile doesn’t suit your not-so beautiful face…!!
Swara: Then why don’t you shut your so-called beautiful mouth and sleep as you do in every class…!!
Kavita: Right…!! Why should I waste my precious beauty sleep over you guys..?!!
Swara: Exactly…!!

Kavita gives her a final glance before resting her head on the desk facing Swara and falling into a deep slumber. Soon, Swara realizes that Kavita is in a deep sleep and is not going to get up anytime sooner or later. She smirks looking at her and takes out her black and red sketch pen. Slowly, using her black sketch pen she draws a small Hitler-like moustache along with a small beard on her face; and she uses the red sketch pen on her face as a blusher. Kavita scrunches her nose feeling the sketch-pen moving all over her face. Sanskaar tries pretty hard not to burst into a fit of laughter. Swara, too, puts her hand on her mouth to prevent herself from giggling.

Soon, Mr. Saxena notices that Kavita is sleeping…

Mr. Saxena: So, students I want you all to tell me what’s the difference between a generator and an alternator…?? How about Ms. Kavita Mathur…??

Everyone turns to look at Kavita who is still asleep…

Mr. Saxena: (shouts angrily) Ms. Kavita Mathur…!! How dare you sleep in my class…?!?!

As soon as his angry voice falls on Kavita’s ear-drums she spring up from her seat and stands startled…

Kavita: Yes…!! Yes… Sir…!!

Before the teacher could say anything, the whole class burst into laughter… Swara and Sanskaar give hi-fi to each other laughing loudly whereas Kavita keeps looking at everyone trying to figure out what happened…

Mr. Saxena: (trying to hide his smile) Ms. Mathur…!! What happened to your face…??
Kavita: My Face…?!!

She rubs her cheeks and the red color gets onto her fingers… She looks at Swara who is still trying to suppress her laughter…

Kavita: I’m sure sir that Swara is behind this…!! Otherwise how…?!!

Mr. Saxena lowers his glasses and looks at Swara…

Mr. Saxena: Ms. Ahuja…?!! (Swara stands up) Does this by chance has anything to do with you…?!! (she looks at him innocently) Yes or No…?!!
Swara: Yes Sir…!! I mean no sir…!! I mean…

And she starts laughing again…

Mr. Saxena: Ms. Ahuja…!! To the dean’s office…!! Right now…!!

Kavita smirks looking at her and Swara leaves for the dean’s office…



Dean: So, Ms. Swara Ahuja…!! Did you do it…?!!
Swara: Yes Sir…!!

“No Sir…!!”, shouts Sanskaar running into the office…

Sanskaar: I did it…!!
Dean: What…?!! Mr. Sanskaar Maheshwari, are you taking this as a joke…?!!
Sanskaar: No sir…!! I’m telling the truth…!! I did it…!! Not Swara…!!
Swara: No Sir…!! I did it…!!
Sanskaar: I did…!!
Swara: I did…!!
Sanskaar: I did…!!
Swara: I did…!!
Dean: (shouts) Enough both of you…!! As you both are the meritorious students of the university and this is the first time I have heard any complain against you, I’m not giving you any tough punishment…!! DETENTION…!! For both of you for the next three days and you’ll be given one assignment everyday…!! Unless and until, you both complete the assignment you both won’t be allowed to go home…!! Is that clear…?!!
Swara: Yes Sir…!!
Sanskaar: Absolutely…!!
Dean: Now, you both can go…!! Your punishment starts tomorrow…!!


As soon as both of them come out of the office, they again burst into laughter…

Sanskaar: (laughing) God, Swara…!! I never knew you could do something like that…!! Her face was worth seeing when everyone was laughing at her…!!
Swara: (giggling) She thinks that she is very beautiful…!! So, I thought why not increase her beauty…!! What’s the harm in that…?!! But… (she hits his arm) Why did you come here…?!! What was the need of taking the blame and the punishment on you…?!!

Sanskaar holds her shoulders tightly…

Sanskaar: Come on Buddy…!! We are best friends…!! And how can I let you enjoy ‘The Detention’ all alone…!! Right…?!! (raises his hand)
Swara: (giving him a hi-fi) Right…!!

She leans down and gives a light kiss on his left cheek…

Swara: (smiles) Thanks for being my friend…!!
Sanskaar: (smirks at her wiggling his eyebrow) Woah…!! Now I wonder what will I get if I’ll become more than a friend…?!!
Swara: (raising her brow) Nothing but a tight slap…!! I told you not to flirt with me…!!
Sanskaar: (raising his hands in surrender) Okay… Okay… I got it…!!
Swara: By the way, Sanskaar…!!
Sanskaar: Hmm…?!!
Swara: I have to discuss some questions…!! So, when are you free…?!!

Sanskaar smiles and leans down towards her face… Swara once again gets lost in his chocolate brown eyes

Sanskaar: (strikes her nose lightly) I’m always free for you babes…!! You just need to ask…!!
Swara: (blinking her eyes, coming to her senses) Umm…!! How about… after snacks… in the… evening…!!
Sanskaar: Alright…!! Now, come on…!! We have a lecture to attend…!!

Swara: (to herself) God Swara…!! What’s happening to you…?!! Did you eat something wrong in the morning…?!! Ughh…!! What happens to me whenever he comes to close to me…?!! I’m pretty sure I’m eating something wrong these days or else…!! Arghh… this is so confusing…!!

Her train of thoughts when Sanskaar calls her…

Sanskaar: Swara…?!! You’re coming…?!! We’ll be late for the next class…!!
Swara: Coming…!!

She runs to him and both of them go to the class…


At Maheshwari Mansion, all five, Swara, Sanskaar, Laksh, Ragini and Yash are having snacks…

Laksh: I’m done…!! Ragini, you wanted to discuss some assignments, right…?!! (she nods) Come, let’s go…!!

He forwards his hand towards her… Ragini smiles and holds his hand… Swara and Sanskaar look at both of them and then at their entwined hands… But before they could ask anything, both of them leave for Laksh’s room…

Swara: Yash, have you done your homework…?!!
Yash: (smiles sheepishly) Umm…
Swara: Yashiee…!!
Yash: Okay fine…!! I haven’t done it till now but don’t call me by that name…!!
Swara: Why haven’t you done it till now…?!!
Yash: I need some help…!! But I don’t want your help…!! You always scold me…!!
Swara: But…
Sanskaar: Champ, you go to Swara’s room and do the work…!! I’ll come and help you just in a few minutes…!! We have to discuss a few things before that…!!

Yash nods his head and goes to guest room…

Sanskaar: Swara…!! Let’s discuss the questions first and then I’ll go and help Yash…!!

Swara nods her head and both of them head towards his room… They are about to reach his room when Swara’s eyes fall on something in the corner of the hallway… Her eyes widen the instant she realizes what she’s seeing…

Swara: Shit…!!

Sanskaar: (looks at her and then in the direction she’s looking) Double shit…!!

They first look at each other with eyes and mouth wide open, and then at Laksh and Ragini who are standing in the corner kissing each other intensely unaware of other’s presence over there…

Swara: (shouts) Laksh…!! Stop eating my best friend’s face…!!

As soon as they hear her voice, they spring apart standing in two different corners completely embarrassed…

Sanskaar: (giggles at their condition) God guys…!! At least think we have Yash here and we absolutely don’t want him to witness your PDA session at a tender age of seven…!!
Laksh: (embarrassed) Bhai…!!
Sanskaar: What Bhai…?!! And I never knew that you are interested in boys in that way…!!
Ragini: (whines like a child) I’m not a boy…!!

Everyone laughs looking at her…

Ragini: And Sanskaar…!! Don’t laugh so much…!! If someday I find, I’ll also be saying the same thing… “Sanskaar…!! Stop eating my best friend’s face…!! ”

Swara’s eyes widen and she blushes profusely as soon as she realizes what she meant…

Sanskaar: Don’t worry…!! You won’t get to see anything…!! I won’t let you…!!
Ragini: Oh really…!! We will see…!!
Sanskaar: We will see…!!
Swara: Oh God…!! Shut up both of you…!! It’s nothing like that…!! (to Laksh and Ragini) But seriously, when did this happen…?!!
Laksh: Umm…!! We don’t know…!!
Ragini: It just happened…!!
Sanskaar: Alright…!! We won’t be disturbing you anymore…!! We have a few questions to discuss and after that I have to go to Yash also…!! So, Swara shall we…?!!

She nods her head… Sanskaar smacks the back of Laksh’s head…

Sanskaar: But find yourself a room this time…!!
Laksh: Bhai…!!

Sanskaar giggles and takes Swara to his room…


Swara and Sanskaar are studying in his room when Laksh comes in running there…

Laksh: Bhai…!! Bhai…!! Bhai…!!
Sanskaar: What…?!! What…?!! What…?!! Done with your intense make-out session…!!

He giggles…

Swara: Sanskaar…!!
Laksh: Bhai…!!

Both of them shout at the same time and hit both his arms…

Sanskaar: Oww…!! (rubs his arms) Looks like I have extremely violent people around me…!!
Swara: You deserved it…!! Seems like they really like each other…!!

She looks at Laksh and he smiles…

Laksh: Yeah…!! I really like her and I want to propose her to be my girlfriend…!!
Swara: (smiling widely) Really…?!!
Laksh: (nods his head) But I want you both to help me out…!!
Sanskaar: What…?!! You want us to propose Ragini in place of you…?!!
Laksh: God Bhai…!! No…!! I’ll be proposing her…!! I want you both to help me out in preparing for my date…!!
Swara: (excitedly) Date…!! When…?!!

Sanskaar smiles looking at her excited and beaming face…

Laksh: After two days…!! Will you help…?!!
Swara: Of course…!! I would love to…!!
Laksh: (looks at Sanskaar) Bhai…?!?!
Sanskaar: (grins widely) Looks like we have a ‘Date’ to prepare for…!!
Laksh: Thank You…!!
Swara: You are the best…!!
Sanskaar: (smiles) I know…!!

Both Swara and Laksh jump onto him happily, engulfing him into a bone-crushing hug…!!

Episode ends…!!

Precap: Detention and preparation for the Date…!!


So guys…!! How was it…?!! I hope you liked it…!! I would like to dedicate the part of prank on Kavita to my wonderful reader ‘MYNALOVE’ from telly updates as it was basically her idea with and I presented it with little bit of modification from my side…!! I wanted to post this part on Friday but somehow it got delayed by a day…!! Next update, most probably on upcoming WEDNESDAY or THURSDAY…!! Till then Happy Reading and Stay blessed…!! Love you all…!!

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