MITWA – A Swaragini FF (Part-2)


Swara searches Laksh everywhere in pub and comes in parking area…she found him inside a car with a girl…. She knocks on the windows… Swara:R u done?(angrily) Laksh:What? N the girl started kissing laksh on her face… Swara:Oh…i m disturbing? Laksh:Dats like a good girl….you quickly knows where you r wrong.. Swara:You r coming with me or not for interviews? Laksh:Which interviews? Swara:Oh god….foreign clients r there and we need more persons for different positions of our hotel…n today it is their PI round…bdw leave it…i will cancel that…you continue… N she left from there… Here Laksh quickly comes out of the car and follows her…

In car…Swara is driving… Laksh:You don’t understand me? SwarA gives him a look.. Laksh:I know mai girls k mamle mai thoda. Swara:Thoda? Laksh:I mean completely weak…but i m professional during my work…i do whatever in my personal space but don’t comprise in my work…whole goa knew this. Swara:Umm…sorry Laksh:You should be…n otherwise the vibrant n young girls will be there waiting for me to take interview….i have to be there.. Swara:Rather than doing all this…y don’t you get married? Laksh:Tu kabse janati h muze? N still you r asking. Swara:But kabtak akele rahoge… Laksh:Y?U r there na…i m sure we can be like this for whole life without any promise and commitment. Swara gets hurt… Laksh scream…watch out swara… Swara stops car….

A girl on a cycle wearing pink salwar kameez and her face is covered by her duppata… Laksh pops out of Window and comes down… Laksh:Listen…i m sorry my friend.. But that girl ignored laksh n went forward… Here swara pops her head out of car… Swara:She ignored you…Laksh…come sit inside… Laksh:Life mai pehli bar aisi aankhe deki jismai Laksh Maheshwari ko dekke chamak nhi ayi… N he went inside ther car… They drove towards his big classy hotel… They enter the hotel… A girl comes n hugs hhim.. Girl:Remember? Laksh does not remember anything but still… Laksh:ya of course..we went for holidays in Moriches… Girl:no…we went for Maldives… just wait for me at cafe…i will be back… Swara:U recognize her? Laksh:Do you think so? He smiles.. He saw a board on which menu is written in bad handwriting… Swara:Umm..wo Laksh:What yr…i have only one condition from start when we started with one small hotel to this big ones that the menu should be handwritten…you can’t find a one person who’s handwriting is good in this huge staff… Swara:I look into this… Big Mirrors and some stuff is going in front of him….he saw a reflection of same girl wearing pink salwar n kameez…she started removing her dupatta…again in next mirror her whole face is visible…she is none other than Ragini… She walks beside laksh arranging her dupatta…her dupatta falls on his face but she goes forward again…. Swara:Oh…again…she is belong from other world than Maldives amd Moriches….she taunts him…may be she is here for new recruitment.. Laksh:Then…send her first..

Inside cabin… Ragini knocks on door… Ragini:May i come in? Laksh mesmerized by her… Swara:Sure….sit She gives her file to Swara…n Swara started looking at her form… Laksh:Name? Ragini:Ragini Prabhu Laksh:Education? Ragini:BA graduate Laksh:Hobbies? Ragini:Music…i like music Laksh:And me? Ragini gets confused.. Ragini:What sir? Laksh:You know half of the girl came here for interview to just have a glimpse of me….n you just ignored me when i was at corridor….LAKSH MAHESHWARI ko aadat nhi h iski…. Ragini:Everyone’s priority sir….i just love to see my appointment card rather than you…. Swara:Laksh,did you saw her form? Laksh looking at Ragini… Laksh:Dek toh rha hu… Swara(angrily):I m talking about this form? Laksh:Mai bhi… Swara:She mentioned here that she can’t do second shift….miss.Ragini conditions are given by company not by you. Ragini:No…mama itz just a request…i really need this job….n i really can’t do second shift…i have a problem…a personal reasons. Laksh:You can share with me…i don’t mind! Ragini:But i do sir… Swara:Sorry but we can’t recruit you then… Ragini gets upset… Ragini:Umm..itz ok mam…Thank you… Screen frzes on Laksh’s genuine face… Flashback ends as car stops near a big house…

Precap:Swara and Laksh meets…n again starts flash back…of Raglak love story…?Ragin’s dance

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  2. Sanjanaagrawal

    Can u tell me it is a swasan or raglak ff or only a raglak ff ????

  3. interesting love ragini

  4. M little bit confuse about d pairs??? can u tell me?? anyway chappy was good…thnk u..

    1. the main pairs will be Raglak and u will see Ragsan also in past. there swara will lobe laksh but laksh will think her as friend. she will not marry anyone and always love laksh. Sanskar will die cz of laksh(Sanskar wil be in coma after meeting laksh he will die) after lot of lot of argument Finally raglak will get married they will have a daughter but in accident ragini will losse her memory n she will forget Laksh she will think him as her friend. the story will end there and ragini will consider that sanskar is alive but actuall main woh dead hoga
      and raglak will like this only. this the story of a marathi movie mitwa

      1. Shanaya16

        Yes…guyz this ff is based on a Marathi movie Mitwa…. I really don’t understand y that Swasan named girl making so much issue of that….she is so rude…talking anything… Yes i saw many Raglak and swasan OS named as Jab we met,vivah,yuvraj luthre ki dulhania….so i thought itz very common to write an ff on your favourite movie…so itz not necessary to mention that…. But i was wronh Swasan i creating so much issue of that…. I m sorry mam…but still u r also not right.. N talking about gutz…i can sue you for this…n credit i don’t want to take credit….yes i want bcoz it also took efforts to write an ff… N also you can’t use your real name…as your account…u r using it as Swasan n u r talking about gutz…bullshit…if you had gutz na….you shld have registered your account and use ur real name…not a coward like you using fake id and name… And those who read my ff Mitwa…i wanna tell them..yes itz story of Marathi movie….n after this you guyz don’t want me to continue…i will stop here for sure…itz Shanaya’s promise…. Note for fake girl Swasan:Talking about talent…go n read my previous ff and OS on Raglak and Swasan…then you will come to know who is talented n who has gutz…. Miss fake account.

  5. this the stiry of marathi movie mitwa. did u mention that u are Copying the story.

    1. Shanaya16

      Yes of course…all ff naf os r based on movie or some usual story….n mam if you know the story line…plz don’t publish it…bcoz may be others finf it useless ehen they read your comment….itz a request….
      If you know it don’t share it….
      Bcoz it took lot of efforts to write an ff

      1. sorry but all ff’s are not based on films the writers write there own imagination.. even if someone inspired from movie then wo apne readers ko pehle inform karte he agar tum chahti to karti but u didn’t say cz u wanna take the whole credit on yourself isliye tumne nahi kaha pehle. apna point proof ke liye mat kaho ke sab writers copy karte. tumne kaha nahi air jab mein ne kaha to badi sophesficated baaein kar rahi hon. agar tumhe itni si bhi honesty hoti toh tum pehle keh deti. phir bhi agar tum mein ho toh next update mein kaho ke yeh ff ek movie inspired from movie with name of the movie aur tumhe ise Swaragni ke liye write karna hain.

        agar tum mein guts hoga to but i think u dont have that’s why u didn’t tell this before. if u tell this theh u r honest but if u didn’t then u r a coward. dekhte kitni honest ho tum.

  6. Soujanya


  7. Awesome

  8. It was good…different

  9. Raglak scenes are nice, don’t bother about negative comments, sometime negativity also needed for our improvement

  10. Akshata

    Awesome update, dont worry we are with you. even i know the entire story but i am loving your ff dearly and i am so excited to read the next update. dont stop and do continue. keep smiling.

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