Mithila sisters


great cook and singer,wife of Ram.she was the pillar and lead heroine of ramayan.she was loved by mithila people.she always followed her husband in hardest time of life.never disrespcted elders,even never argued with kaikeyi and accepted the valkar vastra.being in van,she kept following his husband and never accepted ravan order.
she was the 1 woman who became single mother to his kids and ended his life by protected her swabhiman.her life was full of tests and trial but she never gave can we forget she is actually laxmi,consort of vishnu so how can she give up.

incarnation of nagalakshmi,consort of sheshnag,great painter and scholar.she was fierce not quiet like sita.when people started questioning sita on her parentage,she took a stand for her.some say,she spent 14 years painting ram sita wedding scenes and gaining knowledge on shasta but whatever was her sacrifice less,was her role not important,she wanted to accompany lakshman but stayed back on his advice but for doing that a great courage is needed,her story is quiet painful.

A woman who is married to his husband to live a happy married life but what came in her fate,a long wait of 14 years.just think generally,can’t she felt the absense of his husband,any woman has some beatiful wishes from mairraige but for her,it was just pain and wait,sita has accompanied ram then why not she,has she no desires,laving away from her beloved is just like accepting death,which she accepted without any tear,some text says-she slept for 14 years so it reduces her sacrifice but i don’t agree,for accepting sleep is like accepting death but she accepted without any 2 thought,was it less, increases her essence of sacrifice,some versions say,she took boon from nidra devi that her husband for exile period,was it not sacrifice.

inc of dakshinvarti,consort of panchajanya.great embroiderer.she was also fierce.her life is also similar,seperation from his husband but she supported.she also consoled kaikeyi,who was doing paschatap,she looked after her sleeping sister and everyone in the house,was her sacrifice less,no.

inc of vijayavalli,consort of sudarshan,speak,listen and advice good.she along with her sisters sacrifice much,though living with hhusband,she can’t had happy married but has she no desire,it is a matter to think how they consoled each other,if all have the same pain

Sita is stilled worshipped and remembers,but hardly any preference given to sisters,and sorry valmiki ji not mentioned much about the 3 unsung heroines.

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    I agree I searched for Info’s about Naga lakshmi and found some interesting info in books and articles vl post them here as a separate article soon I’m very sorry for giving wrong info very sorry bro and thanks for correcting me I read all ur ffs but never got time to comment in any all ur posts are awesome

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  5. Urmila’s role is indeed underestimated in Valmiki’s Ramayan . She is unsung lady of the Ramayan.
    She too wanted to accompany Lakshman for vanvas. It was because of Lakshman she stayed back in Ayodha as Lakshman tole her if Urmila would accompany her to Vanvas( exile) then how would he look after his brother and bhabhi . URMILA was not afraid of VANVAS , she obeyed her husband quitely. That’s why Sita herself told even 100 Sita could not equal the life of Urmila.
    Lakshman on the hand served his brother & Bhabhi as sevak & son . He made huts for them , he collected fruits for them , he even cooked for them ( Not shown in SKR) and always guarded them at night. He walked in front of them in Vanvas – if any danger , he would face & made roads to walk
    And he never slept for 14 years as Urmila slept on his behalf. Urmila was in coma state for 14 years .
    Truly speaking even many scholar & sages admit even though Ram got 14 years of exile ,it was Lakshman & Urmila who spent real VANVASI life for 14 years .Their sacrifice is greater .

  6. It is true Urmila’s sacrifice is not highlighted in Valmiki ramayan rather under estimated .
    Urmila too wanted to accompany her husband but lakshman asked her to stay back in Ayodha as he had to look after his bhaiya and Bhabhi, how would take care of his wife?
    Lakshman was a sevak + son for his bhaiya & Bhabhi . He cooked for them , he made nuts for them , he collected food for them , he walked ahead of them and making roads.
    Lakshman did not sleep for 14 years and Urmila slept on his behalf. She was in coma state
    Some sages & scholar believe that it was actually Lakshman & Urmila who spent vanvasi life. Their sacrifice is greater .

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