Mitegi Lakshman Rekha 7th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Vishesh saves Kanchan

Mitegi Lakshman Rekha 7th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Baldev asking Vishesh to pack the shagun envelops. Vishesh compliments his pairing with aunt. He says you would have seen these qualities in groom too, you should know about him. Baldev says the guy should have good character, heart and intentions, he should be sensible, he should manage the girl and keep her happy. Kanchan hears them. Vishesh says you forgot love. Baldev says love is just of today’s time. Vishesh gives example of Radha and Krishna and says love is since ages, just lucky people get love in today’s time, one who gets love shouldn’t miss it. Baldev and his wife get thinking. Vishesh says the list is done, I will go and do other work. He goes and sees Kanchan. Baldev says this guy always says something and goes, why don’t I understand his talk. Kanchan

says Jaggi doesn’t have these qualities. Vishesh says he has all these qualities, he doesn’t know about it.

Kanchan says we will play dumb charades. They say we will play passing the pillow. She asks them to play, she is tired and will rest. Kirti makes her sit. She plays the songs. Everyone plays the game. Bua gets the pillow. She acts like her fav heroine. Everyone claps. Vishesh sees Kanchan and thinks I know what’s going on in your heart, I won’t tell you my truth, as you can get ashamed. He gets the pillow. Kanchan says we know you are hiding a lot, its time, tell the truth to everyone. Jaggi says yes, tell her, what’s there to fear, you say great poetry. Kanchan says I m talking about secrets. Vishesh says I m a Rajkumar, a prince. They get shocked and laugh. Vishesh says see, I told my secret, my truth and you all are laughing. Bua asks him to say his poetry.

He says this is just for you. He tells his poetry, that you seem to be a riddle to me, you manage everything, but you forgot to take care of yourself. Kanchan looks at him. Everyone smiles listening to him. They all clap. Kanchan gets the pillow. Kirti asks her to tell her secret too, its her turn. Kanchan worries. Vishesh asks Kirti to ask something else, make her do any drama. Kirti asks Kanchan to sing a song. Kanchan sings a song…. Zindagi pyaar ka geet hai. Everyone plays. Jaggi gets the pillow to save Sheetal. They ask him to dance. Sheetal signs him. Jaggi does Bhangra. They all clap. Vishesh says he is an amazing guy, he lost to make others lose, he is clean hearted like a kid, he is so innocent. Baldev claps.

Kanchan checks Vishesh’s bags. The power goes. She gets scared and runs to the window. She sits on the edge. The people see her and ask her to come down. Vishesh gets shocked seeing her. He thinks what was he doing in their room. He runs upstairs. He goes to Kanchan and sits there. The people say this chef will save Kanchan. Jaggi says they are Ram Milai jodi. Vishesh talks to her and asks Kanchan is she stealing something in his room. She says why would I steal anything. He asks were you waiting for me. She says why would I. He says you had come to steal my wallet. Everyone holds the cloth for Kanchan. He says look everyone, she is stealing my wallet.

She falls down. He holds her hand in time. Everyone gets tensed. He drops her hand. She falls in the white cloth held by everyone. He smiles. Tai ji asks are you fine. Bua asks Vishesh to come down, he has done it. Vishesh goes to them. He asks Jaggi about Kanchan. Kanchan comes sand serves food to everyone. He tries to talk. He asks her why is she avoiding. She asks what’s your problem when I m busy. He says you are running away from me, as I m reading your heart. She says me too, think what will happen if I read you first. He says then you think what will happen of you when my truth comes out.

Chandar asks them to call Vishesh for Sehra. Kanchan says I will go and tell the truth. Vishesh stops Kanchan and says this won’t solve anything. She asks how will I get Vishesh. He says I m Vishesh. She gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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