Mitegi Lakshman Rekha 6th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Kanchan prays for Sheetal’s happiness

Mitegi Lakshman Rekha 6th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rajmata seeing Vishesh’s childhood pic and smiling. She meets Ananya’s inlaws family. Saurabh says you didn’t need to do this. Rajmata says this is called luck. Saurabh says Ananya would have told you everything, we got Shivangi’s alliance for Vishesh. He shows Shivangi’s pic and says she is more dear than my own sister, I want you to accept Shivangi as we accepted Ananya. Rajmata says its big thing that you got the alliance, once Vishesh comes back, I will talk to him.

Kanchan asks Kirti did she feed Phupha ji. Kirti says yes. Kanchan asks where is the cook. Kirti says don’t know. They see Vishesh playing with the kids and serving food to guests. Kanchan goes to talk. He goes. Saurabh says we have come to talk, Shivangi will be going Singapore, when

there is no problem, I think we should do roka. Rajmata agrees. She says but I have to meet Vishesh, please understand, he will take time to time, but…. Saurabh says Vishesh obeys you, if you like Shivangi, I m sure he will also like her, if he can’t come, we can do roka with his sword.

Ananya says I will convince mum. Saurabh says no, its about two lives, Vishesh or his mum has a right to decide without any pressure. Rajmata nods. Vishesh cuts the onions. Kanchan comes to him. He says you have come to apologize to me. She says yes. He explains her that she needs to lessen her sorrow, she will feel light. She says I told you, there is nothing like that. She goes. Kanchan says there is one way to stop you, I will answer you in your way. Saurabh and family leaves. Ananya asks Rajmata to give the answer soon, she has told Saurabh that everyone listens to her in her Maayka. She goes.

Devyaani says the girl is nice, Vishesh’s wish should be know. Rajmata goes. Devyaani’s husband asks her not to say in anything. She says I left everything to her. Vishesh goes to Baldev. He sends Jaggi. Jaggi tries to impress Baldev. The van doesn’t start. Kanchan asks what happened. Baldev says the can got damaged. Kanchan thinks to find out if Vishesh is a mechanic or not. She asks Vishesh to see the car. Vishesh and Jaggi ask each other. Vishesh worries and says Kanchan trapped me. She asks what happened, are you tensed, shall I get water. She smiles. He struggles. She says learn to look inside yourself, I know you are not a mechanic, who are you, what’s your truth. He picks the tool. The wires connect. The van starts. He gets surprised and says its done. Kanchan gets shocked. Baldev praises Vishesh. She thinks he will get after me again now, I have to get his kundli. Vishesh thinks I got saved now, I have to do something.

Sheetal gets Kanchan. Kanchan says I m not with you, its about Baldev’s life. Jaggi asks what about Sheetal’s life. Kanchan says you think they will accept Jaggi. Vishesh says we have hope. She says I won’t create a hurdle, do anything, I won’t help, I will wish that Sheetal gets her love the right way. Vishesh says its enough, who will value love if it comes easy, we have to try else we will regret forever. She asks will you get Tajmahal by words. He says you don’t know me yet. She says yes, I don’t know you, I will always keep an eye on you. He asks promise. He says its good, we both are hiding something, we have to see how far our secrets take us. He jokes.

Kanchan says I have to find out. She sits near the window. She gets scared of darkness and falls down. Vishesh holds her hand.

Update Credit to: Amena

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