Mitegi Lakshman Rekha 5th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Kanchan accepts Vishesh’s love

Mitegi Lakshman Rekha 5th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rajmata sharing her sorrow with Manika. She says Ananya is still upset with me, I will go and meet her. Manika says I will go, things aren’t fine between you and Ananya. Rajmata says no need, I will go. Manika insists. Rajmata says fine, just tell her that I love her a lot. Manika says sure. She thinks I will say what I want. She goes. Kanchan recalls Vishesh’s words. The girls call Kanchan their inspiration and thanks her for ending their darkness by teaching them to live without any fear. Kanchan hugs them. The ladies praise Kanchan. Kanchan thinks to keep trying. Kanchan sees Vishesh at the door and tells his words to the girls. She says learn to forget the past, don’t spoil present happiness by the past shadows. Vishesh smiles. She thinks I will accept the happiness.

Phir le aaya dil…..plays….. she goes to Vishesh. The girls ask her to come for the treat. Kanchan sees him. He happily smiles.

Manika comes to meet Ananya. She says I have come alone, did you feel bad. Ananya says no, come in. Saurabh asks Manika to sit. She says I m not able to say anything. Rajmata should have not supported Vishesh, you have a big heart to forget this matter. He says no, Rajmata showed much courage, she did a mum’s duty. He goes for work. Manika says Saurabh has a big heart like your dad, everyone respected him, unlike the family. Ananya says I know, mum and Vishesh have problem with him. Manika says don’t know, Vishesh always insults his dad. Ananya says I will talk to mum. Manika smiles.

Vishesh comes home. Kanchan comes home. They smile thinking of each other. He sits watching cricket with family. Nandan cries watching tv. Kirti says aw, heroine’s marriage is happening with hero, don’t worry. Kirti asks Kanchan to see, dad is crying seeing girl’s bidaai. Kanchan says its okay. She laughs. He asks what happened. She says nothing. Vishesh smiles and says I have won. His brother says we have lost, how did we win. Manika thinks he is smiling when there is tension at home. Vishesh’s brother asks why are you smiling when we are losing. Vishesh says no. Kirti says there is something, tell me. Vishesh says nothing. Nandan says you look different today, be happy, keep smiling. He goes. Kirti goes on a call. Kanchan smiles and thinks dad wants me to marry Vishesh, Vishesh changed everything, thanks for making me meet myself. Vishesh thinks I m very happy because of Kanchan, thanks. They smile.

Vishesh says I will tell mum, its her right. He sees a couple romancing. He smiles and goes. He sees the moon. Kanchan sees the moon and says I know, wherever you stay, you will be happy. She goes to sleep. She gets Vishesh’s message in the morning. She smiles reading the good morning wishes. She replies with a smiley. He calls her. Kirti asks Kanchan to answer. Kanchan answers the call. He smiles hearing her voice. Kirti asks her to take her along to parlor. Vishesh says no, refuse to her. Kanchan asks why. Vishesh says tell her you have imp work. Kanchan says I have to go bank, come when I call you. Kirti goes. Kanchan says you will know it, have some patience, I will call again. He thinks she lied for my love, its a good shagun. Kanchan thinks I lied that I m your fiancee, now when we have a relation, I m lying, so silly.

Vishesh surprises Kanchan on a date. She gets shocked seeing a red car.

Update Credit to: Amena

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