Mitegi Lakshman Rekha 4th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Vishesh convinces Kanchan

Mitegi Lakshman Rekha 4th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with the play going on. Sheetal and Jaggi become Tulsi Maa and Vishnu. Kanchan looks on. Everyone praise the play. The lady says character and purity of girls are everything, its imp to stay in limits, today’s girls don’t understand this. Everyone claps. Vishesh says I have to tell something. Bua asks him to come. He says Kaki, the story has some other meaning and we derive another meaning, Tulsi Vivaan is a story of women’s victory, but listeners made it a story of women’s defeat, Laxman did put the rekha/line to stop Sita, but to stop the animals and devils from reaching her, the line was made to secure women, but the men make such line to stop the women, such men are stained, the line should be sketched for men, so that women stay secure, then I will believe this

Laxman Rekha has power.

Kanchan looks on. Bua says he has said such a wonderful thing, clap for him. Everyone claps. Vishesh sees Kanchan. Sheetal says I also have hope now. Jaggi says I will take my bride. They see Kanchan. Kanchan asks how could you do this. Jaggi says we both love each other. Kanchan says Baldev found many alliances for you, why didn’t Jaggi come then, this relation is forming by difficulty.

Sheetal says I love Jaggi a lot. Kanchan asks why didn’t you say this before, think about your dad. Vishesh comes and says she thought for her dad, so the matter got worse. Kanchan asks are you with them, I had a doubt on you. He says listen to me. She asks why, you think its a joke, you are a liar. He says enough, listen to me if you love your sister, Sheetal is silent for her family’s respect, its not Sheetal and Jaggi’s mistake, Jaggi lost when Baldev refused, Sheetal told this to Baldev, he rejected Jaggi who is from other community, he didn’t even meet Jaggi and had put pressure on Sheetal to marry someone else, she agreed for marriage for his happiness, Jaggi was committing suicide, its good I reached on time. Kanchan says I can’t lie. Vishesh says we didn’t take the support of lie, sometimes lie said for truth is not wrong. Kanchan gets surprised.

He says Jaggi and Sheetal would have eloped and married if they had to cheat, some people don’t take decisions on right time. Kanchan asks what will you do, will you break everyone’s heart. He says we came to join hearts. Kanchan asks what’s his identity, what does he do. Vishesh signs no. She asks who is he. She says I don’t know your name, will you decide for my sister’s life. Jaggi says he is Rajkumar, I mean his name is Rajkumar, he is a mechanic. Vishesh holds his head and says look Kanchan, its no use to know about me, we are not going to make Sheetal run, we won’t ruin the family pride, its never too late. He says I want to be away from this. He says give us some time, don’t tell anyone, just think from heart, if you feel we are wrong, we will leave, I m sure you will stop us, a moment is enough to change life. Kanchan goes.

Its morning, Sheetal’s haldi is done. Jaggi signs Sheetal. Kanchan looks on. Bua tells about rituals. Sheetal gets sad. Kanchan says nothing will change, your fate and my decision won’t change. Jaggi stops Vishesh and asks what’s happening, Kanchan’s heart will not melt. Vishesh says don’t go on her anger, see her love for Sheetal, her heart is very beautiful, she will understand. He gives a drink to Kanchan. He compliments Bua. The man complains about the drink. Vishesh sends Jaggi. Jaggi manages the situation. Vishesh asks the man to enjoy cool air by the fan. The man likes the juice and calms down. Baldev smiles. Jaggi sees Sheetal and smiles. Vishesh says Jaggi is very smart, he knows respecting elders. Kanchan thinks he doesn’t look a mechanic, he is hiding something, I have to find out.

Bua says we have mehendi in hand. Vishesh asks shall I apply mehendi to you. Kanchan asks who are you in reality. He gets a cake for her. She gets angry and slaps him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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