Mitegi Lakshman Rekha 4th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Vishesh supports Kanchan

Mitegi Lakshman Rekha 4th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kanchan seeing Vishesh and taking letters from him. She goes to her room. Vishesh cries seeing her. He says you are pure like a temple prasad…., like any spiritual Ved….., like chandan….., you can’t be spoiled by anyone, you are pure like tulsi, it was not your fault, don’t lower your eyes, you would be thinking I m showing pity, no, you are not weak, you are strong. He says if you can’t punish the wrong doer, it doesn’t mean you will punish yourself always. He goes on his knees and says I used to love you before, today I worship you. Kanchan cries seeing him. He says I m proud of you Kanchan ji, you have showed much strength, you think this is your weakness, you fight with your pain every day, you break down and prepare to fight with the pain

again, everyone doesn’t have this strength, I don’t have it, you have been trying to heal this wound alone, now we will try together, you are not able to return from that cross road, I will stand with you till you want, we will walk together and move on, learn to forget the past, don’t refuse present happiness because of past shadow…. He goes. Kanchan cries aloud.

Vishesh comes home and sees Rajmata seeing an old photo album. She says you were so young and lovely, I used to forget world’s sorrows when I took you in lap, I can’t return or change your childhood. He holds her hand and smiles. He sees the childhood pics. He says Ananya is short tempered since childhood. She says yes, I know she doesn’t know the truth, I m her mum, its strange, I have saved her from the pain and hidden the truth, this truth has become a wall between us, she regards me wrong. He says one day Ananya will understand your pain. He recalls Kanchan. He thinks like I lessened mum’s pain, I will support Kanchan to lessen her pain. Kanchan thinks of Vishesh’s words. She hears the door bell and goes to see. She calls out Nandan and Kirti. She sees a letter under tulsi plant. She reads Vishesh’s letter.

He writes…. Tulsi is the most purest, you are such pure for me, one incident couldn’t break your existence and courage, why are you letting that decision come between your life’s beautiful decision, I want to be with you all life, don’t know if next birth happens, but I want to name my entire life to you, I love you and can’t love anyone else, even if I don’t get you, you will always be same for me, whatever you decide, tell me without any hesitance, I love you Kanchan ji, if you say yes, I will make breakfast for you every day, you have seen my cooking skills, don’t smile and think of the answer, only yours, Pappi. She cries.

Kanchan sees Vishesh. She tells his lines to the girls. Vishesh asks Kanchan will she come with him on a date. She agrees. She gets shocked seeing the same red car and recalls the incident. She gets scared and gets back. He looks at her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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